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Hi omg I love your blog so fucking much! I'm new to the fandom and wanted to know some blogs to follow.

hello hello welcome to the ~gang-gang happy to meet you!!!!!

hang on lemme whip out my mobile app so i can just list all the ones i love lmao

@ihaveabadreputation is my bff, pen pal, my adventure buddy, and the brian to my shawn and i love her with my whole heart. she’s also a brilliant writer, but she’ll write something with a big ass cliff hanger and then not make a second part for three months lmao

@illumeshawn will fuck you up with her series like The Ellen Show and A Higher Education ripped me apart. and then she’s just fabulous as a person and also shares my love for Sidney Crosby which not many people know of, so we’re #bonded.

@babyshawwn is wonderful and so sweet omg like her heart is just so pure and so good and she writes so amazingly and i have also heard she writes really good smut (i’m not a smut person myself, i more skip over it and read the fluff at the end lmao) so if you’re into that then she’s a babe.

@happylittlecoffeebean i kind of new but i’ve read all her stuff and it’s so cute and good and i love it and her url just makes me so happy ugh

@fairfieldct i just recently discovered (i think she might be new not sure???) but her writing is so amazing and cute love love

@permanentguitar i’ve read her bullet lists and they will mess u up like this is just a warning lol they’re so good and she is so amazing and yes thx

@wordsandshawn the classic, my OG for shawn writing. first shawn blog i ever followed and has never ceased to blow me away. she did a Moments series a couple months back and i still go back and read it when im sad sometimes and just everything she puts out is so well thought out and well executed and great.

@mend-es has my heart and forever will be a fave. her writing is amazing and she’s so sweet and yes thank you for your existence bb

@nike-shawn also one of the OG’s i followed. She’s phenomenal and she is such a good writer and a great person and i love her to pieces.

@shawnandzoestories has created this magical amazing world with her writing and it’s so amazing go delve into it and get absorbed by her writing magic

@mendescutie MENDESCUTIE IS A CUTIE. i love her to bits and her blurbs K I L L M E AND I JUST DIE ALL THE TIME  

@welldamnshawn gets me every damn time. her writing is just so wonderful and amazing and i’m addicted. Like i don’t usually go search people’s blogs for their writing, but like i will actively find myself searching her blog to see if she’s updated

@illumninate amber my girl. the only other person who knows about Raisin’ Canes. a phenomenal writer and a sassy friend that i love so much

@shawnmreads is a good one to follow, because if there’s ever something really good written by someone you don’t follow, they’ll reblog it and you can read it and that’s high key how i stay up to date in the world of writing. 

@thugshawn makes AMAZING gifs and edits and they’re so funny and pure and amazing and just happy and i love love love love lovelovelvoe their blog so much

@shit-to-kinda-okay is a forever favorite. Georgia, you’re the bomb, love you. her writing is amazing and the URL is by far the best on this website just sayin. 

@raineshawn is a great writer and such a funny amazing person!!! i’ve edited/helped with some of her stuff before and it’s just amazing like i died while reading them like someone actually had to resuscitate me

there are so many more that i’m missing but this is getting really long, so i feel like this is a good starter pack!!!! also like look at the people i reblog from and follow them because they’re also amazing. 

but if you ever see @ftsgerald on here don’t follow her she’s a cunt-sac that drinks milk from a bag. don’t follow. 


okay im rambling now bye thx

As much as I enjoy reading fanfic and seeing situations where Hiccup kind of rolls his eyes at all of Jack’s antics, I realised something. I want him to be happy. Like, it’s not like he’s not happy like that, but I want him to kind of accept that side of him.

Like, Hiccup openly laughs at Jack’s jokes or attempts to flirt, casually slings his arm around him and doesn’t pull away when Jack does something ridiculous, he lets go properly in front of him and just rambles for years about a latest project, is more willing to try something new and accept something everyday, where he plays along with Jack’s dramatics every once in a while. Something where Jack unlocks that exploring, rebellious side of him. A side where Hiccup feels like he can do anything.

I want Jack to no longer retreat into his hoodie or his own personal space and instead he just instantly gives Hiccup a call or a text and tells him how he feels, eventually Jack gets used to the feeling of Hiccup’s arm around his waist or the casual kisses on the cheek and feels comfortable with the touchiness, I want him to realise when he can be serious with him, when he can be silly, when he can be insightful. Where Hiccup unlocks the personal side in him. A side where Jack feels like he can be anyone.

I want their relationship to make an impact on each other and for their world and self views to change for the better after meeting one another because I feel like they are definitely capable of that. Not just for them to be sort of flirts, sort of one-sided and stuck in one place.

nt’s fic recs (12/?)

i’m killing time, and time’s killing you by kaavyawriting

“’You do that on purpose, don’t you? You act like you hear me speak just to annoy me. And to rub salt into the wound, you’re always utterly contrary to whatever I say. ‘Oh, Thorin, enjoy a book instead of that drivel on television,’ I suggest, and you quote Austen at me only to toss my things aside and lay on the couch like the metaphorical potato.’
Thorin 'I can quote Austen at the drop of a pin’ Durinson didn’t hear him. Of course.”

Teen+ // MM // Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield // Modern AU, haunting, faux character death, WIP

(08/05/15: Love Up Fic Writers Month)