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That's so unfair! I shouldn't find that British motherfucker so hot, and you only made it worse for me to not picture him teasing and flirting with me. Jokes apart, can you imagine a meeting between Lucifer, Crowley and Ketch? It would be so filled with sassiness ! I really want the writers to do that.

Sassiness and sexiness. I’m sorry !! I didn’t want to like him either. I tried not to. But then it happened. It’s the accent. It’s always the damn accents lol !

Fic Writer Appreciation (Multi-Fandom Edition)

I’m a shameless multi-fandom person, so I can’t just recommend fics in a single fandom. I’ll try to label the fandoms as best I can though just in case. 

captainsummerday: One of the resident queens of my heart and soul (and internet soul sister), who writes lovely, hilarious, and just in general epic Grant Ward/Skyeward (Agents of SHIELD) fics. And her vids… Oh. My. Stars. And. (Nonexistent). Garters. Cap is one of the reasons I haven’t left AOS fandom entirely, so seriously just check her out if that is one of your flavors. 

kayleepetey: One of my oldest friends online and the person that drags me/gets dragged into about every fandom we can find. We started out in OUaT together and have migrated through Agents of SHIELD and Arrow/Flash together. I am biased as her beta (and her mine) but her stuff is awesome and I cannot recommend it enough. 

vesperass-anuna: The great and powerful mama dragon of Agents of SHIELD. This woman writes some of the best Grant Ward/Skyeward fics around. Seriously. 

dust2dust34: Actual fic goddess Bre is a gift to Arrow fandom. Sexy, interesting, feels-inducing, and just generally brilliant Olicity–and one of my favorite Bratva AUs–are all in her epic wheelhouse. 

yespleasehawkeye: Relatively new to Arrow and Olicity, but DAMN what an entrance. Feels, fluff, sexy sexy, and even all three in perfect measure. You will regret nothing. 

seetheskyaboveus: Another gift to Arrow fandom with her lovely Olicity AUs. Check the writer out and even give her a hug, she deserves it. 

supersillyanddorky06: One of the most prolific and inventive writers in Arrow/Olicity fandom. Like wow…do you sleep? Or have you surpassed the mortal plane of existence because your brain is that inventive? I’m legitimately curious. So many amazing AUs. Epic Bratva AUs, Al-Sah-Him AUs, and just in general the most passionate treatment of the Olicity relationship around. 

writewithurheart: I cannot say enough about the “Once More (from the Top)”/”Do I Look Like a Barista to You?” Olicity fics or “The Mark I Bear.” Seriously. You made my brain short-circuit with sheer awesome. 

so-caffeinated: Again, a queen of the Olicity AU. Her Firefly/Arrow AU is a gift to mankind, and her “Stop the Presses” verse is literal perfection. You make my brain melt with sheer awesome. 

thatmasquedgirl: Another member of Arrow fandom who I am legitimately concerned about if they sleep or not from sheer numbers of awesome and varied fics. Literally, just look her up and spend like a week or a month reading her, it’s time well spent. 

sarcasticfina: This woman has made me cry. Multiple times. And yet I read her fics again. And again. And I adore them. Such good Olicity. Reading in bed or a soft place (with tissues and/or chocolate nearby) is essential. 

sailorslayer3641: Oooh chile… An Olicity writer that shares my passion for N’awlins… What do you think would happen but me falling stupidly in love? Steamy, sexy, and Southern flair all over the place. Must reads. 

melsanfo: The Olicity “Masquerade” AU is ruling my life at the moment. Such an interesting Vampire AU. 

I know I’m not hitting all the awesome writers out there, and I am so sorry if I didn’t mention you but have expressed my love in either likes or kudos elsewhere. I am pressed for time to just write this bit of admiration. But I wanted to throw some love at the amazing writers out there that have legitimately made my experience in fandoms something incredible. 

Never stop writing, I beg of you. Your minds are beautiful and I thank you for sharing them with us. 

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