the wrath of the first lantern

The Nuctemeron of Apollonius of Tyana

The First Hour: In unity the demons praised God, losing their wickedness and wrath.

The Second Hour: Through duality the fishes of the Zodiac praise God, the fire-serpents entwine the serpent-staff and the lightning becomes harmonious.

The Third Hour: The serpents of the serpent-staff of Hermes are thrice-entwined. Cerberus opens its triple muzzle, and the fire praises God with lightning’s three tongues.

The Fourth Hour: In the fourth hour the soul returns from visiting the graves. It is the time the four magical lanterns are lighted at the four corners of the circles. It is the hour of enchantments and delusions.

The Fifth Hour: The Voice of the Great Waters glorifies the God of the heavenly spheres.

The Sixth Hour: The spirit remains immobile; it sees hell’s monsters advancing upon it, yet it is fearless.

The Seventh Hour: A fire imparting life to all soul-beings is directed by the will of pure people. The initiate stretches forth their hand and suffering passes into peace.

The Eighth Hour: The stars speak to each other. The soul of the suns responds to the sigh of the flowers. Harmony’s chains render all the creatures of nature in agreement with each other.

The Ninth Hour: The number that may not be revealed.

The Tenth Hour: It is the key of the astronomical cycles and of the rotation of humanity’s life.

The Eleventh Hour: The wings of the genii move with a mysterious rustle; they fly from one sphere to the other and convey the messages of God from world to world.

The Twelve Hour: Here the works of the eternal Light are being fulfilled by the Fire.
The Parallax Express
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     It figures, really. Just when the Green Lantern Corps really starts to recover after the Wrath of the First Lantern, something has to come up. And, just as one might expect, Sinestro seems to be the source of it.

[ Hal panics. Sinestro is tired. Ollie doesn’t approve. Tim can’t catch a break. Ever. ]