the wounded of society


The little asteroid in your chart that represents healing. Take note Chiron is hard to draw up, some sites and charts don’t always pick it up. The one I like to use is through Chiron can talk about healing from “past lives” and other times it is considered where you are naturally wounded in life. I am going to concentrate on the “wounds” in life and issues one might have to overcome, as well as how one can heal. 

Aries Chiron: The wound is in the ego. They may have low self-esteem, shy away from conflict and individualism. Healing comes from concentrating on the self. Finding assertiveness and confidence. Once healing starts they can push others into action, encourages confidence, challenges others identity.

Taurus Chiron: Wound in security. Might feel uprooted and unstable throughout life. Insecure in their own strength. Healing is all about finding inner security. They help others by being strong and stable for them.

Gemini Chiron: All about wounds in communication. Finds it hard to express themselves, connect, and can never seem to find the right words. Can easily be misunderstood, prefers to observe and worries their intellect will be judged. Healing comes from expressing themselves, they must find their voice and not fear wounding words or misunderstandings. Helps others speak their mind and find their voice.

Cancer Chiron: Wound is emotional, especially with facing abandonment, coldness, or unhealthy attachment in life. Associated with having stress directly linked to the body, an unhealthy mind/heart will produce physical sickness. Healing comes from finding their inner mother, learn self-nurturing, compassion, healing, and protection. Healing comes from learning healthy detachment. Helps to nurture and protect others. Encourages others.

Leo Chiron: Struggles with self-expression, wound is in the ego, can lack confidence and empowerment. Associated with head vs. heart issues. Healing comes by finding outlets and tools of empowerment, must develop their confidence. Then they can help empower others.

Virgo Chiron: Associated with pushing oneself too hard, nervous energy, anxiety, harsh self-criticism, easily used by others. Healing comes from self-acceptance, helping others on their own terms, and by learning tolerance. Has the ability to serve others in a meaningful way and shows others balance between judgment and tolerance.

Libra Chiron: Wound is centered on self love and loving others. Gives into self-hate, losing identity, selfishness, jealousy, insecurity. Is prone to giving in, being manipulated, and abused for the sake of a relationship or approval from another. Healing comes through self-love, putting their needs first, learning what others need. Teaches others how to love.

Scorpio Chiron: Has a huge association with trauma-driven wounds. Their dark side takes over subconsciously. Fear of the world and themselves. Associated with sexual abuse. Has a connection with past life trauma. Associated with family spread or community trauma. Healing comes from accepting the past and facing their dark side. Helps others to face their inner darkness and trauma. Could help a community overcome their darkness. 

Sagittarius Chiron: Wound is in their belief system and mind. Might be discouraged or suppressed by a belief system. Loses their morals. Could be closed-minded, associated with corrupt morals, might have hatred towards a belief system.  Healing comes from learning a new perspective. By exploring their own and others beliefs. Helps to open others’ minds.

Capricorn Chiron: Wound has to do with authority and quiet suffering. Struggles with authority figures, finds it hard to gain their own authority. Might be apathetic or cold to others but more cold to themselves, too much control in their life, struggles with power.  Healing comes by finding their inner authority and/or learning to sympathize with others and themselves. Shows others how to take charge of their destiny, shows a different way to sympathize with others.

Aquarius Chiron: Wound is based on not being accepted into society. Easily feels outcasted, rejected, alienated, maybe even a scapegoat. Healing comes by accepting their individualism, learns to feed their needs first before society. Helps others essentially say forget society. Pushes individualism.

Pisces Chiron: Wound is spiritual. Lose their own imagination/creativity, finds it hard to set firm beliefs, inner conflict with beliefs. Heals by integrating their beliefs into their daily life. Helps others to accept and learn their own divine system.

Dear Addict

Dear addict,
Dear alcoholic,
Dear meth head,
Dear crack whore,
Dear anyone struggling with addiction,

I am writing you this letter
in the hopes that you someday come to know
just how beautiful you really are.

I mean,
has anyone ever told you
just how much you deserve to heal?
Has anyone ever said to you,
“My God, my God,
even with those track marks,
even with those sunken, sullen eyes,
even with that tired heart,
I am so glad that you are still here.”

Dear addict,
Did you know that you are
not a bad person even when you use?
Did you know that just because
your problems are more obvious,
it does not make you any more different?

Dear addict,
Dear leech on society,
Dear open wounds,

Do not feel like an infection
just because your soul
is so inflamed.
Do not pick your skin tonight.
Do not tell yourself you are worthless
even after stealing all of your mother’s
money from her change purse.

Do not plan your funeral on the street
next to the subway because
you do not have to die tonight!
Because I know those dirty, blistered feet
just need to rest, and they can rest here.

Close your eyes.

Dear addict,
I love you.
Dear addict,
You are not your problems.
Dear addict,
I’ve seen you rise once before.
Dear addict,
You have a future.

Dear addict,
look now to the mirror.
Never have I seen a sewer rat
with such hopeful eyes before.
Never have I seen a piece of garbage
with such a loving, beautiful family.

Dear addict,
Do you see what I am seeing?

Dear human,
you are worth every single hour you will spend
You are brighter than any star
you were born from.
You are more loved than your
aching, broken heart leads you to believe,
more than you can even imagine right now.

Dear mother, father, brother, sister, lover, best friend,
Do it for yourself.
Do it because you deserve the treatment.

Patiently yours,


Episode 7 was the definition of the beauty of Bughead. They are not just a high school attraction or a silly crush or, in Jughead’s case, just repressed feelings that needed air to breathe and eventually die out. They are those two brilliant kids with amazing qualities and a set of morals that lacks from today’s society but they are both so tortured and wounded and think that there is nobody out there to care for them, or even to notice, until their paths cross again and they form that beautiful union that keeps them sane, you know? They are the epitome of compatible, even if they look totally direffect at first sight. Good students, good kids, loyal, unprejudiced, caring, having so much to give to others but taking nothing in return. That’s the beauty of them. That they go beyond any silly high school fling and are there for each other in the good but mostly the bad, because they know each of them has each own demons and each own dragons to slay alone. Betty’s support throught the episode wasn’t just because they shared a kiss or two and she liked it; it was because Jughead is her person, her anchor and she will be always there to pick him up, just like he did and would do for her in a blink. Their connection goes beyond infatuation; it’s pure, once in a lifetime love and nobody can convince otherwise at this point.

A Olicity Historical AU:  Touch can be so much more than just, physical.

A/N: Thank you so much to the incredibly wonderful @quiveringbunny for making this fantastic edit for my story. I love it.

I’m sorry for the delay in getting this chapter posted.  Thank you for being so patient with me.  I hope you enjoy it.  Also, one of my lovely readers correctly pointed out that Felicity should be addressed as Lady and not Miss., my apologies for not catching that.  I’m usually much better at details…I have corrected all previous chapters. 

Previous chapters can be read HERE or Ao3.


Chapter 3

Felicity’s body hummed with low key adrenaline as she lay in her sky blue silk draped canopy bed.  Thank goodness William had brought her straight to their London townhouse after she had pled a migraine.  The house was quiet and still, in the early morning hour, unlike her mind.

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Title: Óhræddr 

Fandom: Vikings

Characters: Ragnarssons and Njæla

Pairing: Named OC Njæla x Ubbe Ragnarsson

Warnings: Mentions of rape, abuse, torture, blood, violence, sex and cursing.

Rating: NSFW [some chapters]

Summary: Njæla is the daughter of Rollo and Siggy, since her father’s betrayal and him abandoning her, she being cast out by the society of Kattegat. With an abused soul and wounded pride she leaves to live alone in the mountains far away from the memories of a family she once had. When the news comes of the destroyed settlement in England, the Ragnarssons convince her to return to her once home. With Ragnar’s returns to Kattgat, Njæla gets pulled in a game of politics, betrayal and revenge. 

Words: 1350

Note: I do not own the GIF nor the characters of History Vikings. The timeline of the episodes can be slightly changed

                                        Vikings season 4 episode 10

                           Since the day of my birth, my death began its walk.                                                      It is walking toward me, without hurrying. 

The strong spring wind still had the bitter undertone of winter in it. Harsh waves of cold wind hit Njæla’s face as she sat on top of one of the mossed stones that was still damp of the morning dawn. Her legs were cold and her muscles were clenched tight to her body, if someone attacked her now she would have no chance. Her fingers were strapped tight around her bow and she breathed out slowly, watching the damp clouds of her warmth fade away.

Njæla did not mind the waiting, she had built a patience in the past years that even the Sun envied. She only regretted the cold, nothing burns like the cold.

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Black man

I am sometimes perceived to be things that are inconceivable
and incomprehensible, in my perspective anyway
I am often the suspect of many devious subjects
I guess I am subjective to objective prejudice
predisposed to you and I, accordling
formally known by the complexities of my skin tone
my complexion reflects the unknown and misunderstood
apparently I am only deviantly good for a certain sector of society
mildly harsh words wounds scars woven in these inconceivable notions
of who I am
I am a black man


French Red Cross medals

Originally known as the Société française de secours aux blessés militaires - French society of help for wounded military peeps, shortened as SSBM or SBM - the French Red Cross was founded in 1864and issued several different medals during the various wars its home country was involved in.

  • First row : Medals issued to French female nurses associations c.1879 -left- World War 1 -right.
  • Second row : Medals issued for meritory conduct to SBM personnel c.1914-1940.
  • Third row : Commemorative medals issued to all active SBM personel at the end of WW1, with the special Lyonnaise variation on the right.

Confederate Troops On The March- Frederick, Maryland, Sept. 12, 1862

This is one of the most historically valuable photos ever taken of the war

Because it is the only known photograph that shows Confederate soldiers on the march in enemy territory. (Maryland was indeed enemy territory to them, because slave-holding Maryland elected to remain in the Union.) What’s haunting about this photo is that, statistically speaking, before the end of the month one-third of all the men in that picture would be dead, wounded or missing. 

The photo is the property of the Historical Society of Frederick County (Maryland), and no larger size is available.

The Evil Within - Sentence Memes

  • “You ever have the urge to just jump when you’re on a high place, or the subway rolls by? Imagine if you had that urge for a minute straight… then two minutes…”
  • “I’m not worried about stopping it; I’m worried about not wanting to stop it. Some part of me wants to turn. I don’t know why, and I can’t reason it away… It’s like instinct.“
  • “Clean slice all the way. No cure for what I’m going to do to you.”
  • "What do you fear, little one?”
  • “Enough games. Just stop running.”
  • “We must be collectively losing our minds!”
  • “I don’t know what I am. But it’s definitely not okay.”
  • “Keep your emotions out of this. He/she brought this upon him/herself. We gave them a chance.”
  • “There are some things here that are to remain in the dark. Especially for you. You’re asking too many questions.”
  • “And you trust them? Don’t kid yourself, you’re just as expendable as the others are.”
  • “You concern yourself so much with your appearance, but your mind….That’s all what truly matters.”
  • “Are you injured? What happened here?”
  • “We can’t have you acting on your own. You will follow us.”
  • “I can’t help you if you leave me in the dark. And you need me to help.”
  • “Trying to make me feel sorry for you?!”
  • “Did you actually think if you locked me away, I would just cease to exist? Out of sight, out of mind? You did, didn’t you? Well, you were never out of my mind.”
  • “I created this world. You cannot keep me in here.”
  • “You attacked me… I’m sorry but you’re tainted now.”
  • “Will you be able to live with yourself, knowing what I’m going to make you do?”
  • “Despicable you say? Coming from the person using victims to further your own research? The irony of this situation is amusing.”
  • “Too bad they dragged you into this. Either way, you’re mine… To do with as I please.”
  • “Who do you think you are? I know who you are. I know what you crave, what you fear…”
  • "It isn’t so much as seeing, as it is about feeling normal.”
  • “They existed together, but saw things in their own way.”
  • “You’re the worrying type I see…”
  • “I’d like to think you’re on my side, but conviction must be proven with action.”
  • “Have no illusions: it will be dangerous.”
  • “But their consequence is of little value. In regards to your mission, your partner is expendable.”
  • “Run all you want. You can’t escape. Like everyone else that crosses us, we will hunt you down.”
  • “We must have that boy/girl. Thet will enable us to change everything.”
  • “I needn’t remind you the consequences for failure. Loyalty, is a sensitive subject for us. Trust is such a valued commodity in today’s world.”
  • “Was your waste of a life something you wish to return to? Are you not grateful for what we have done for you? We gave you a new life. Why turn your back now?”
  • “Time has a limit, and we are approaching that point. If you’ve outspent your usefulness, I suppose we can find someone more suitable…”
  • “Have you ever felt abandoned by the ones you trusted?”
  • “You ran because you were weak. You were afraid.”
  • “You’ll experience things that won’t seem real, but you have to stay focused. It will take you awhile to get your bearings, but you’re better off than the others.”
  • “He/she can’t be trusted. They will turn on you. They all will, once they know what you’re after.”
  • “People need a curator and my ideal will be just that; ushering in the next step of humanity.”
  • “Hey guys, what the fuck? Is anyone there?!” 
  • “You agreed to this, don’t forget that. Nothing we are doing is malicious, it’s only proper protocol.”
  • “Mother would sit in her chair, rocking back and forth, killing time. She barely spent any time with us. I wondered why she even had children at all.”
  • “It was like a punishment. Nothing I ever did was good enough for them. That’s why when I left, they just didn’t care. They never came looking.”
  • “You’re only a tool. I doubt they want damaged goods.”
  • “We’re all their pawns; eventual victims. They ripped me apart and took what they needed.”
  • “Do you think their all-prying eyes can’t see you in here? They’ve been watching you…”
  • “No! None of this is real! You aren’t real!”
  • “Society is wounded. People are suffering… hopeless… Just as you were, before we saved you. My vision can now do the same for everyone.”
  • “We gave you a reason to exist. And this is how you thank us? Where will you even go when you leave?”
  • “They’re coming for me I don’t know how, but they know everything.”
  • “Fuck you. I’ve had enough of this, I’ll kill you right here.”
  • “You will be the first. You will bow under this fear, or you will die.”
  • “This world might be a nightmare, but I’m not afraid of you anymore.”


Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

  • Amazon: 4.8
  • Goodreads: 4.26

The civil war. A beautiful woman at the height of selfishness. The love and death of home and land. Society wound up so tight an improper wink could undo you. Destruction, tragedy, political corruption, truth, lies, life, death, love, loss, big changes, new beginnings, intermingled with never ending cycles. All of this helps make Gone with the wind what it is: an epic novel that will never be forgotten, that will forever be loved, cherished, and discovered with delight by new readers for ages.

Scarlett O’Hara is far from the typical heroine. She’s easier to hate than to enjoy, her thought processes are understandable but leave the reader cold. Her motivations are for the sake of survival, but her climb toward the top still leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Even before she does what she has to because she ‘has to’, she’s not likable.

Margaret Mitchell did a unique thing by taking an unlikeable woman and making it her story. It’s sort of a destructive, moral lesson tale that you can’t look away from, a literary train wreck impossible to ignore.

Gone with the Wind is over 1000 pages, and inside those pages the author manages to somehow cram an amazing amount of events while expertly shuffling intriguing inner dialogue and emotional moments that soared without growing boring, dull, or lagging the tale. Her writing style is easily absorbed, she had a natural knack with dialogue, and the scenes merged together flawlessly.

by guest reviewer Erin

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The fundamental human right, the presupposition of every other right, is the right to life itself. This is true of life from the moment of conception until its natural end. Abortion, consequently, cannot be a human right – it is the very opposite. It is a deep wound in society.

~ Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Says Abortion is “Deep Wound,” Opposite of a Human Right, Zenit, September 10, 2007 ~

anonymous asked:

(1) What makes me really mad is that they writers apparently think that Quinn's story was at the end, that there was nothing to tell anymore. IMO, they had created a situation for Quinn which had great potential though. They could have send a very powerful message by showing how a soldier wounded by war and society was worthy of love and respect and was able to overcome these new obstacles. That would have been a great story.

Instead they exploited his character to write Dar into a corner as a clichee villain who IMO is beyond redemption. What story is there left for Dar? He better rot in prison and not come back next season. What story is there left for Saul that isn’t repetetive? Saul’s death would have been a great new challenge for Carrie. We’ve seen her lose a lover before. So, nothing new here. And they better not give Carrie a new love interest in the next 2 seasons.

They could have, that’s not in debate. I thought the character of Quinn was more re-energized this season that he had in a while. 

The challenge will be finding a story to tell with Carrie and Saul that holds the audience’s interest and is not a rehash of prior years. They’ll need some new characters though, that’s for sure. 

What white people are really asking for when they demand forgiveness from a traumatized community is absolution. They want absolution from the racism that infects us all even though forgiveness cannot reconcile America’s racist sins. They want absolution from their silence in the face of all manner of racism, great and small. They want to believe it is possible to heal from such profound and malingering trauma because to face the openness of the wounds racism has created in our society is too much. I, for one, am done forgiving.

bohemiaprophet  asked:

This isn't so much as a question but a statement. I want to be the first to apologize whole heartedly for the anti Semitic messages you receive. I was the son of a large scale aryan group in the USA and I've seen how these people function and work. They throw threats out to you because their ideas are dying. They are anonymous because no one exists to back them up. They steal Jewish culture and claim it as their own and I'm crying while I'm typing and telling you that I'm so sorry for it all.

Don’t worry about it! Actually, I receive the antisemitic messages with a bit of amusement - the idea that someone wasted a few moments of their life to compose such a message and send it to my inbox is almost ludicrous. In fact, I have a personal policy not to block anyone from my blog. Why? Because I believe that it’s very likely that in our modern globalized world, the people who send these messages won’t be abe to hate forever. The people who send the messages themselves may eventually come around and want to honestly learn about our beautiful culture. If everyone has blocked them out, then who can they turn to and learn?! Every person has the potential to be good and do good - and in Judaism we learn that no true evil could descend from above (and since everything comes from above, there cannot be true evil in the world, only hidden good).


How can you help us turn everything around? Focus on your 4-cubits. Make the space around you an open and positive one, conducive to learning, and promoting education about the different cultures of the world. In order to combat antisemitism, it’s important not only to reblog posts about antisemitism, but also to reblog posts about the beauty of Judaism and the Jewish people. Be very careful not to reblog blood libels, even if they don’t seem like blood libels.

What is a blood libel? A blood libel is a piece of false (even slighty false) information that is spread out in order to incite against a population or a community. In Midieval times, non-jews would jump at any excuse to butcher jews. One of these famous antisemitic canards included claiming that the jews used the blood of non-jewish children in order to make their food. If a child in a non-jewish community died of disease (or sometimes they would kill a child for this purpose) they would break into a jewish household and stuff the body of the child into the oven. They would claim that the jewish family killed the child, and demonstrate the obvious proof - the body of the child being in the jewish family’s oven. This would start a pogrom - violent uprising - against the jewish community.

How does that apply to us now? The Blood libels of midieval times have tons of modern counterparts. There are TONS of posts which have been circulated on tumblr which would fall into that category! Every post which carries antisemitic canards (jews are a secret cabal which controls the media, the banks, etc) is a blood libel, and reblogging it helps to spread it, and to incite people in the long run to violence against the Jews. Every post you see which says “Israel Opens Dams and Floods Gaza” is nothing more than a blood libel - Israel doesn’t have dams anywhere near Gaza. Every picture you see about “what Israel is doing in Gaza in 2014”, which turns out to be a picture of wounded children in Syria in 2012. Secular society tends to tie the jewish people and the jewish state together, and every time you spread something, you risk endangering your jewish next-door neighbor in Paris, Milwaukee or Toronto (or any other city in the world!).

Check Your Posts! If you aren’t sure whether a post contains antisemitic canards, check with blogs like @jewish-privilege  or @returnofthejudai who have experts who can help you identify these ideas. Make sure you TRIPLE CHECK your information, and make sure it is coming from reliable news sources (i.e. NOT from anything like The Daily Stormer, or Electronic Intifada). It is stunningly easy to leap from “f*ck Israel” to “F*ck zionists” (whatever zionism is) to “F*ck the jews”, to “Hitler killed half of them and left the other half so we would know why he killed half”… So Every blood libel that gets reblogged strengthens the position of white supremacists, and normalizes their opinions. If you want to defeat them, you have to defeat antisemitism. If you want to defeat antisemitism, you have to defeat blood libels. If you want to defeat blood libels, you have to listen to Jewish voices.

Megamind [ENFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Megamind is always coming up with new possibilities and ideas. He is a fantastic inventor, utilizing everything in his environment to create new contraptions and devices. He is also quite optimistic, always looking for new possibilities and never settling down in one place for too long. He breaks out of jail, he decides to be a super villain, and when he wins he’s initially ecstatic because of the new possibilities and embraces them all; however, he suddenly finds himself bored because he’s stuck in a status quo and his possibilities dwindle down. He then comes up with another new possibility - creating a new super hero to fight - and ends the film embracing yet another identity and path by becoming a hero. 

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Megamind is a sensitive soul; almost every choice he makes is based on emotion. He is wounded by his classmates rejecting him and responds by becoming a super villain; he’s wounded by society rejecting him, and responds to Roxanne rejecting him with petty anger and a desire to return to his old ways. He makes almost all of his decisions based on emotion - he blows up the statue because “it just brings back too many painful memories”. He tends to keep his emotions to himself, however; when he’s really sad or interested in someone he doesn’t articulate it. He keeps quiet about his crush on Roxanne and Minion only gleams it through observation; he doesn’t want to admit how much being rejected hurts, and deals with his emotions internally.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Megamind is a genius when it comes to organizing his immediate environment. In his very first scene, he plans out a scheme to escape from jail that requires a lot of calculation and quick sizing up of what’s going on around him. He tends to bark orders at other people, especially Minion, and has a lot of practical ambition as well, aspiring to be in charge of the city. His Te in school allowed him to utilize a practical solution to the dodgeball scenario, but one that caused harm to others and only isolated him more.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Megamind’s past affects him strongly, and he gets depressed whenever his Si takes over. His history as the kid no one picked for gym class still haunts him today, and when he runs out of new possibilities after Metro Man’s defeat, he starts longing to return to the familiar status quo. When he gives up on Hal/Titan, he returns to the old jail. He shows nostalgia for Metro Man’s decision to hide in his old “Sh-ool” House.

Human beings are forgetting how to give gifts. Violations of the exchange-principle have something mad and unbelievable about them; here and there even children size up the gift-giver mistrustfully, as if the gift were only a trick, to sell them a brush or soap. For that, one doles out charity, administered well-being, which papers over the visible wounds of society in coordinated fashion. In its organized bustle, the human impulse no longer has any room, indeed even donations to the needy are necessarily connected with the humiliation of delivery, the correct measure, in short through the treatment of the recipient as an object. Even private gift-giving has degenerated into a social function, which one carries out with a reluctant will, with tight control over the pocketbook, a skeptical evaluation of the other and with the most minimal effort. Real gift-giving had its happiness in imagining the happiness of the receiver. It meant choosing, spending time, going out of one’s way, thinking of the other as a subject: the opposite of forgetfulness. Hardly anyone is still capable of this. In the best of cases, they give what they themselves would have wished for, only a few shades of nuance worse. The decline of gift-giving is mirrored in the embarrassing invention of gift articles, which are based on the fact that one no longer knows what one should give, because one no longer really wants to. These goods are as relationless as their purchasers. They were shelf warmers from the first day. Likewise with the right to exchange the gift, which signifies to the receiver: here’s your stuff, do what you want with it, if you don’t like it, I don’t care, get something else if you want. In contrast to the embarrassment of the usual gifts, their pure fungibility still represents something which is more humane, because they at least permit the receiver to give themselves something, which is to be sure simultaneously in absolute contradiction to the gift.

In relation of the greater abundance of goods, which are available even to the poor, the decline of gift-giving may appear unimportant, and considerations on such as sentimental. However, even if it became superfluous in a condition of superfluity – and this is a lie, privately as well as socially, for there is no-one today whose imagination could not find exactly what would make them thoroughly happy – those who no longer gave would still be in need of gift-giving. In them wither away those irreplaceable capacities which cannot bloom in the isolated cell of pure interiority, but only in contact with the warmth of things. Coldness envelops everything which they do, the friendly word which remains unspoken, the consideration which remains unpracticed. Such iciness recoils back on those from which it spread. All relations which are not distorted, indeed perhaps what is reconciliatory in organic life itself, is a gift. Those who become incapable of this through the logic of stringency, make themselves into things and freeze.

—  adorno

I’m not trying to speak over the Latinx community, but I am part of the lgbt and trans community and… I wrote something:


A club named for a brother,

A heartbeat that’ll never go out,

No illness or disease,

Can take our family from us,

If they’re remembered in a name,

But violence,

A murderer with a gun,

Mass shooter the media calls terrorist,

When they’ve been baying for our blood,

Adds more names to a list of the fallen.

Fight hate with love, I hear

With gunshots still ringing in my siblings ears,

Love thy brother while he cuts my throat?


My family is hurting,

Wounded and dying,

Fighting for their lives,

When days ago they fought societies laws,

The actions of the many,

Designed to target the few,

remove their safety,

How safe are we now!

Groups are turning secret,

Communities in mourning, hiding,

Because the world isn’t welcoming,

We don’t even get human rights,

Not without a fight.

That says it all,

They dont think us human,

But we’re still here,

And we’ll fucking show ‘em.

A lovely person messaged me this morning wanting some clarification about the anti-Reylo post I made last week. And, as some of you already know, I’m too wordy for messenger sometimes so she graciously agreed to let me put her question and my response in a post:  

“Alright, deal! I guess I just don’t understand fully how their relationship would be abusive if he were to be redeemed? Because at this point I feel like he’s being manipulated by snoke and therefore not really “himself”? I understand how it is right now though. Sorry if that seems like I’m being an abuse apologist or anything, I promise it’s completely unintentional and I really just want to be more educated on this”

I mentioned this on messenger but I want to say it again. I don’t think you are being an abuse apologist. An apologist wouldn’t come to me and ask me to explain where I’m coming from, which you did. So I’m going to answer you as best I can, and please let me know if I’m not being clear.  This got long so I’m putting it under a cut.

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