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“Is everyone going to be okay in VLD season 2?”

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The Great British Bake-Off Drinking Game

Take one drink every time:

-someone makes a sexual innuendo

-a contestant sits in front of the oven looking sad

-a really bad pun is made

-you see a gif-worthy facial expression

-Paul gives an evil smile

-Sue and Mel act like a couple

-one of the hosts eats food off a contestant’s station

-a contestant acts smug about homegrown ingredients

-a contestant receives a handshake from Paul

Take two drinks if:

-Paul and Mary disagree

-Mary gives a look of silent disapproval

-”soggy bottom”

-multiple people in the tent pronounce a word very differently

Take three drinks every time:

-you don’t understand a familiar word due to thick British accents

Finish your drink if:

-there is a total disaster on one of the contestant’s bakes

-one of the HOSTS wrecks the contestant’s bake


“So…” You began rather timidly as you placed your elbows on the table between you and Barry; folding your hands around you coffee cup and glancing toward Cisco who was busy at the counter, ordering a Flash flavored drink from the Jitter’s barista. “Remember that thing you asked me last week?”

“Yeah…” He answered before twisting his face up with a cringe-worthy expression and forcing a pained smile purely for your benefit. “Kind of hard to forget getting rejected by the girl of my dreams…”

“Ask me again.”


“Go ahead…” You urged with a bright grin. “Ask me one more time.”

“Uhh… Okay… Do you, um…” He stammered before awkwardly spitting out, “Do you wanna give this a shot?”

“I’d like that.”

“Seriously?” With a luminous smile gracing his features he said, “I’d like that too…”

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Request: Imagine Barry asking you out and saying no and then when he asks again you say yes. Nice blog!

“She is worthy.”

IMAGINE: Being the only one worthier enough to hold Thor’s hammer.

You let out a small giggle, as you sipped your adult beverage. Yet another fail to lift Thor’s hammer, this time from Steve. Maybe none of us are worthy, you thought to yourself.

“Lady (Y/N)! Come and try to lift the might hammer of the thunder god himself, Thor!” he boomed, and your rolled your eyes at his egotistical attitude. Handing your drink to Natasha, she gave you a little wink as you strode over to the table.

“Let’s just get this over,” you muttered to yourself, squeezing your eyes shut and pulling. What you weren’t expecting was the weight in your hands afterwards. Shocked gasps flitted through the air, and your eyes shot open.

“Odin’s beard,” Thor mumbled in awe. “She is worthy.” his expression mirrored your team mates expressions- awe and jealously.

The room was silent as you starred down at your hand. “I’m worthy.”

Surround yourself with people who give you the freedom to express your feelings and emotions, without making you feel bad for doing so. When someone takes the courageous step to open up about what’s going on in their mind or their heart, they deserve to be heard and replied to with kindness and reassurance that their feelings are valid and understood. It takes a hell of a lot to build up that courage and make the decision to be vulnerable, please do not ever make someone feel as though they’re better off being silent, or that their feelings are “too much” of anything to be worthy of expression. I can say with confidence that, most often times, people do not decide to speak up because they’re looking to fight or offend. People are almost always looking to be understood. Pride yourself in being able to listen without the intent to retaliate and in being a safe haven for the sentiment of others, especially those whom you love.

What I really want to do is take my design development background and just build buildings for women.

white woman, in Boulder, at Spruce Confections

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Daily Affirmation 244.

This is for all the aces who are not celebrating marriage equality, because their relationships are still not recognized as valid by straight people and LGBPQ+ people alike. For the aces who will not have marriage equality until they are safe from being forced into sex to avoid having their marriages annulled. For the aces for whom marriage equality means nothing because they do not want a marriage, and for the aces who are being erased from this victory even though finally being able to marry their partner means the world to them.

Your feelings are worth expressing, and worthy of acknowledgement. You have not been forgotten, and you deserve better than what you are being given right now.