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The Great British Bake-Off Drinking Game

Take one drink every time:

-someone makes a sexual innuendo

-a contestant sits in front of the oven looking sad

-a really bad pun is made

-you see a gif-worthy facial expression

-Paul gives an evil smile

-Sue and Mel act like a couple

-one of the hosts eats food off a contestant’s station

-a contestant acts smug about homegrown ingredients

-a contestant receives a handshake from Paul

Take two drinks if:

-Paul and Mary disagree

-Mary gives a look of silent disapproval

-”soggy bottom”

-multiple people in the tent pronounce a word very differently

Take three drinks every time:

-you don’t understand a familiar word due to thick British accents

Finish your drink if:

-there is a total disaster on one of the contestant’s bakes

-one of the HOSTS wrecks the contestant’s bake

anonymous asked:

can i have a s/o begin silly with Zenyatta, reaper, mcree using their catchphrase something like: zenyatta is kinda sad and s/o say "come here and Experience Tranquility" with open arms, the reaper s/o trying to sneak up on reaper(failing miserably) and saying "death comes" in most sweet tone, and mcree... i have no idea :D maybe the s/o answering the time saying "its high noon"?


It’s not often that Zenyatta admits to being sad. Every negative emotion is carefully weighed and judged by its usefulness. Grieving for Mondatta is deemed worthy of being expressed, both to validate others’ feelings and to show respect to his old friend.

But there is no sense in being a burden to his loved ones for something as inconsequential as a moodswing, and so he pretends that nothing is amiss when he greets you and your current hosts, an omnic couple who are honored by having Zenyatta stay with them, that morning over breakfast only you are actually eating.

“These are the best pancakes I ever had.” you claim. They’re really not but your hosts have been so self conscious over their cooking you have to reassure them somehow. And really, considering they don’t need nutrients themselves they’ve not being doing that bad a job.

“We can bring the leftovers for you to ‘snack on’ later.” Zenyatta says and it’s as endearing as ever to hear him use terminology that is exclusively human. Omnics don’t snack, but he adores the concept of humans eating just for pleasure as much as you adore him sometimes losing control of his limbs when he devotes too much of his mind to his philosophising and forgets he has a physical body to maintain.

Shortly after breakfast you set out towards the local community center, to help out with whatever needs doing and forming new connections while you’re at it. Working with people is such an integral part of Zenyatta’s life you couldn’t get around it if you wanted. He talks to humans and omnics and makes no differences between the two and knows their needs like he knows his own. Better than his own even.

“Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” you say over mid-morning pancakes, between helping a young single mother with her newborn and school children with their homework, something they’ll often not have at home.

“All is well.” he says and that’s when you know he’s upset. Usually he wouldn’t have missed the chance to make a quip about the world in general having something wrong with it.

“Spit it out.”

His shoulders sag and he gives up the pretense of happiness.

“I suffered a bad dream last night, nothing more. I do not wish to wallow in it. Or talk about it.” he adds when you open your mouth to ask about the contents of his dream.

“Fair enough.” you say, pulling out a pen from your bag and writing on the back of your hand, without letting him see.

“I guess sometimes you really just have to move on and … “ you pause for effect long enough until he knows you’re going to make a bad joke of the kind he’ll never get enough of. “… embrace tranquility.”

You show your hand, tranquility written on it, and Zenyatta laughs so hard his voicebox glitches. He hugs you, hiccuping through his giggles, bad mood all but forgotten.

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I think Aidan Gillen, Rory McCann and Emilia Clarke are the worst actors on Game of Thrones. It’s too bad that two important characters are portrayed by bad actors on a show with so many good ones. Aidan Gillen is simply THE WORST - every time he opens his mouth I positively cringe, he’s that bad.

This is just my completely subjective opinion.

blazing arrows | pt. 5

❝The majority calls me Cupid, but, you can call me Jimin—I believe I owe you some debts for a mistake now long overdue.❞

⌲ genre: fluff, angst, future smut, & supernatural, au.

⌲ member: jimin feat. jungkookie

⌲ word count: 7.2 k

⌲ warnings: future mature content & shit tons of swearing.

↠ description: Stuck in what seemed to be unrequited relationship with Jeon Jungkook who just so happens to be in committed relationship with someone else as well, your heart was fragmented beyond any repair. So what exactly happens when you enter your room at 3 in the morning to find the culprit of your hellish misery, counting his gold-tipped arrows on the foot of your bed—wings outstretched and all?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | ongoing

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a month later.

“You look happy.”

If Min Yoongi’s looks could kill, there was no doubt Kim Taehyung would’ve been dead on the spot. Face planted on his damned two packet Splenda, two quarter teaspoon vanilla, and three spoons of cinnamon induced complicated ass coffee, you hoped to yourself as you stared incredulously at the boy across you, wondering how preposterous his previous remark was, no doubt a meme-worthy expression plastered on your face, own mug stopping midair.

“Well, I didn’t exactly spend my time moping and crying myself to sleep, Tae, for your information,” you rolled your eyes, putting down the glass on the table, Where the hell was Park Jimin?

“I just thought—y'know, it’s been like a month since—”

“Shut the fuck up, Taehyung,” Yoongi groaned, “Doesn’t mean she got her heart broken she has to deal with that shit, crying and isolating herself from the rest of the human race, which, if I’m not mistaken, something you did when that girl from your university who you claimed to be your girlfriend asked who the fuck you were.”

Taehyung pouted, scooting himself closer to the window to distance himself from Yoongi who was rolling his eyes, the younger one protesting all his might to defend his close-to-none dignity. Throwing your head back, you were left with nothing to do but laugh at Yoongi’s mock expression to Taehyung who was muttering incoherently about how he ended up with friends that has a rock for a heart and another with a solid fucking ice.

What Taehyung said after all hit you. If the circumstances would have been different and whatever happened with Jungkook, well, happened, you would’ve been miserable as miserable could ever get—you wouldn’t have been happy and probably soothing your heartache away with nothing but series marathons that would probably run for three days without the word “sleep” in your vocabulary, enveloped in a sea of trash of junk foods and several tubs of ice creams, along the undoubtedly snot-filled tissues you would have thrown wherever and the long list of missed calls and gazillion unread messages from friends and family that wondered if you had disappeared from the face of the Earth.

And it really would’ve been like that if it weren’t for a certain sweet fluffball named Park Jimin.

Days ensuing that one shitty day, Jimin had tirelessly made sure that not even a drop nor a faint trace of sadness was made known to your haze-filled brain; cooking you breakfast every morning—despite your fervent request for him not to after finding the numerous stack of burnt pancakes on the garbage bin and how the kitchen was absolutely and utterly trashed—but you were really grateful for the mini pancakes that had whipped cream on top, shaped into miniature eyes and lips that smiled at you every morning, taking home take-out coffee from your favorite coffee shop that was not even remotely close to your neighborhood after his so-called “jog” that has fallen into his tight routine now, along the bag of chocolate cookies that was sold on the other end of town from where the cafe was, little notes attached at the bag with Jimin’s adorable scribble of a handwriting and the tiny animations he never forgets to put in the corner.

As much you deemed it corny and a little bit cliched, you can’t deny that the numerous random little notes that Jimin leaves every where in the house—may it be in the corner of the milk carton inside the fridge—the little notes now had their own little space in the corner of your dresser box.

“Have you ever talked to him? You know, since then,” Yoongi asked, biting on to his brownie.

“Twice,” you shrugged, “The last one was last night actually. He asked me about our Christmas party tonight. The little fuck actually asked if I was fine with him being around, like shit, we’ve always celebrated Christmas together, like hell would I let out little falling apart break that. And, this is where it gets interesting. He asked me about you two shitheads. Have you been ignoring him?”

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charm me. (m)

Pairing : Jin x Reader

Genre: Smut + Gryffindor!jin

Description: You have a test in charms tomorrow, and you know that you’re completely screwed, but luckily your boyfriend Jin, who is an expert in the subject, offers to help—however you quickly learn that he might actually be a bit too good at them. 

Word Count: 2,012 

A/N: This was requested to be a fluffy/smutty drabble, but it turned into just a short smut, I’m sorry. And hardcore HP fans please do not take me seriously for using these charms as plot devices for my sexual mind. I know it’s ridiculous, but it was just so fun to write lol. 

“I’m going to fail!” You groaned out in defeat as your head fell back against the sofa.

“You’re being a bit dramatic now don’t you think?” You turn your head to face your boyfriend Jin, quickly shooting him a nasty glare at his lack of sympathy.

“Yeah, well that’s easy for you to say. You could probably fail tomorrow’s charms test, and still be passing the class.” You whine.

“Actually I could fail the next two tests.” He chuckles, and your annoyance only grows further.

“Okay, well I’m going to the library, because sitting here with you obviously isn’t helping anything.” You quickly stand up from the couch, getting ready to leave Gryffindor’s common room, but as soon as you take a step forward, you’re immediately pulled back down.

“Jin, I need to study—” You begin, but he quickly cuts you off.

“I’m going to help you study.” He says it with a sweet smile as he begins to rub his hand against your back in comforting circles.

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Henry Turner

Worry, angst, fear, relief, fluff, love

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “If you wouldn’t mind… Could you possibly write one with Henry Turner were the reader literally "falls” (like faints)deathly ill while doing something with Henry and his parents (maybe Jack?) with just like a high fever, shivers, coughing blood, knocked out… And he is like on a rampage to make her better and is freaking out and the three adults don’t even know how to help… And idk. Maybe you can chose if she lives or dies? All I know is I am craving angsty fluff.“

Word count: 960

gif is not mine.

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Character/Pairing: Dean x Reader
Quote: “I know it breaks your heart//Moved to the city in a broke down car//And four years, no call//Now I’m looking pretty in a hotel bar//And I can’t stop//No, I can’t stop” - Closer, the Chainsmokers
Requested by: Anonymous

You stared across the small table separating the two of you. Between you, it felt like an insurmountable obstacle, an ocean of space. “What am I supposed to say? Am I just supposed to forget the past four years?”

Dean refused to take his green eyes off your face. “I don’t–I don’t know. Can’t we just start again right here?”

“I uprooted my life, Dean. I had about $400 in my bank account and a car that barely limped its way over the city limits. And you didn’t come after me. Four years. Not one call from you. Nothing. I think that pretty clearly said it all.”

His lips parted as if he was about to speak, but no sound left them.

“Now I’m here, and you’re here–and you want to be–what? Closer? More? Don’t you understand that it has taken the last four years for me to rebuild my heart without you?” You looked at him sadly. “I wanted to be more then, and I can’t give you that now. I’m sorry.”

Dean couldn’t take his eyes off you, drinking you in, breathing you in, desperate to make you understand. But he couldn’t find any words worthy to express the regret, and guilt, and weight of all that had happened.

When he didn’t speak, you stood to leave. “Goodbye, Dean,” you said. You took a final look at him sitting there in his suit and tie, and felt a sharp pain in your stomach. Despite trying to prepare yourself for this day, arm yourself against seeing him again, there was still that unexplainable magnetic pull toward him. You started to turn away. 

“Wait,” he said suddenly, breaking from his stillness and standing abruptly to catch you gently as you turned to go. “Please.” His eyes raced over your face. “You have to know that every day we were apart I wanted to–to pick up the phone and call. Hell, I wanted to drive here and storm back into your life. You have to know that.”

“But you didn’t,” you said sadly. You broke your gaze from his and leaned in to place a soft kiss on his cheek. “Take care, Dean.”

He watched you turn and go, and his heart broke again as you chose to walk out of his life, but he wouldn’t let this be the ending. 

“Is everyone going to be okay in VLD season 2?”

Originally posted by justalittletumblweed

“I wanted to check in with you to ask you - how good are you at receiving? If you’re anything like I used to be, then you’re probably not that great, whether it’s receiving gifts, complements, support; in fact, just about anything. However, when it comes to giving, I’ll bet you do that really easily. You’re probably the first one your friends go to for advice, support, insights, and so on. You’re probably the one with the shoulder that everyone cries on.

This was me some years ago. I was always there for everyone else except me. I was always giving to everyone else, except to myself, and if someone gave me a gift, whether it was a compliment, or courage, or support, or even if someone paid me money for my work, I’d feel obligated to do twice as much, just to prove to them that I was worthy of what they had just given me.

Then one day, I got diagnosed with cancer.

I remember that on the day I was diagnosed, there was a small part inside of me that said “Now I get to take care of myself.” It was as though the disease had given me permission to start taking care of myself!

Something inside of me had always believed that it was more honorable to give than to receive, so I spent years giving and giving of myself, until I reached a point where I became so drained that I could no longer give anymore. My body then developed a disease to “allow” me to be able to receive!  

I wish I knew then that I don’t need a disease to give myself permission to receive, and to take care of myself. I wish I knew then that I am supposed to love myself, because I am deserving, and worthy, and an expression of God/The Universe.

I now understand that being able to receive is just as important as giving, because by receiving, we are giving ourselves the message that we are deserving, and worthy of all the gifts that life has to offer. We are also sending the message to the givers that they have important gifts to offer.

Our “giving” and “receiving” channels are symbiotic, and needs the opposing force to function optimally, much like yin and yang. Without one, the whole system would collapse. Much like masculine and feminine energy – without one, the whole of humanity wouldn’t exist.  It takes both to multiply and grow, and neither one is more positive or negative than the other.

Since recovering from the disease all those years ago, I have allowed myself to receive the gifts that the universe has to offer me. Being open to receiving has energized me in a way that allows me the pleasure to give even more!

When we truly love ourselves, we allow ourselves to receive graciously, and as a result, it allows us to share even more abundantly. I love sharing my work and my message, because I want people to know what I wish I knew then – in this case, that you don’t need an illness to give yourself permission to receive support, love, joy and abundance!”

- Anita Moorjani, newsletter May 2017

Remember This

Summary: “As long as I remember you, you will never be lost to me. You will never be lost again.”

Characters: Kim Taehyung x Reader/You

Genre: Wedding Planner!AU, v angsty, as usual

A/N: im back from the dead! show this some love pls <3 requested by @myeonggu here

The rules for your job are fairly simple. There are only two.

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Thoughts on Spirit Work

I was having a private conversation with another Tumblr user which branched off into the topic of spirit work. I felt some of the opinions I expressed seemed worthy of being shared publicly, so here’s my take on spirit work…

What is a Spirit?

In my understanding, a spirit is [basically] the energetic imprint of a physical manifestation. Spirits can be residual energy of things that are dead, or dynamic energy of things that are still very much alive. In fact, these seemingly opposing life and death energies overlap one another in a way, but I won’t get into all that here. Spirit is ultimately what animates physical form– everything has a spirit in my belief, some more subtle and dormant that others. 

What is Spirit Work?

Spirit work can be defined as so many numbers of things– from working with deities to communicating with plants and animals to conjuring the dead. It typically involves consciously convening with some type of spirit for whatever reason. 

Everyone is Different

Everyone communicates with spirits in different ways and in varying intensities. Some people are acutely receptive to them, hence the many convincing stories of unmistakable spirit encounters. But for most people, including myself, it’s a subtle sense that is usually easier to ignore or “shut off” than acknowledge and sustain. In all honesty, I don’t do much spirit work, as in actively communicating, working, and building relationships with spirits– it doesn’t come naturally for me so it requires a lot of practice and effort that I don’t always have energy for, so it’s not a huge area of focus for me at this point in time. But many times it just sort of happens, either spontaneously or inherently as part of my practice. 

My General Method

When I do actively attempt to communicate with spirits it is usually just a process of meditating for a few minutes– clearing my head and getting in a receptive and objective state of mind. I usually have particular spirit in mind I intend to target, but I try not to declare that intention/make that connection before I clear my head. Once I feel “open” enough, I typically burn sage or other herbs and evoke the nine directional powers, reinforce protections, etc, then state my intention and try to make a connection.

How I Sense and Communicate With Spirits

How one communicates with spirits typically reflects how they sense them. I am a “feeling” type. I can feel them, somewhere deep within my chest, but very rarely do I ever “see” anything I feel confident calling a spirit. The people who often have the most convincing experiences tend to be “seeing” types it seems. My partner and his son are receptive to seeing spirits– they could probably be considered “naturals”. I’m not usually as receptive as they are, even in my “feeling” aspect; I usually have to actively tap into it, hence the use of the little meditation ritual I described. Even then, I don’t always get results. But how they communicate to me is in direct relation to how I sense them. I feel them– sometimes it’s an empathic impression of pure emotion, other times it’s loosely articulated thoughts, spontaneous imagery, or vague concepts that I have to translate into words to make sense of. It’s all very internal and “feely” for me though, which makes detection a bit obscure.


Now, discerning whether or not I’m actually communicating with a spirit is tricky for me. I can be rather skeptical (especially of my own experiences– ironic, right?). But there have been a handful of occasions when I just knew, half of which happened before I began actively practicing any kind of spirit work. From my experience, the best way to develop confidence in your own judgment is to really get to know yourself– your thoughts patterns, your emotional tides, your behavioral tendencies, etc. Being intimately familiar with your own internal processes is tremendously helpful when distinguishing between a thought/feeling/vision that you created (i.e. your “imagination”) and externally influenced extrasensory information (i.e. a message from a spirit). If you can identify the space where your thoughts and ideas originate (a skill best developed via meditation), it becomes a thousand times easier to determine when you are in fact perceiving information communicated by a spirit.

Making Pacts? 

It is never necessary to make any kind of pacts in order to communicate or work with spirits. While it can be helpful in certain circumstances, especially once you become further acquainted with the practice and the spirits you work with, it’s never something I would recommend to anyone who isn’t entirely confident in doing so. 

anonymous asked:

So,,, I love ur international idol and Victor/Yurio hcs, so for some angst (if thats okay) could I ask how they react when, while away on work, they hear their s/o has gone into shock and sent to the hospital? If that's okay!! Thank you very much!!

OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS. I LOVE WRITING ANGST AND HURTING MY OWN HEART. I’ve only had mostly fluffy things and I really love angst and not knowing how things end and stuff like that. I’m glad you like my other headcanons (Which can be read here). Thank you for this request!  (and thank you for being so polite omg tbh some people don’t say please or thank you when requesting things and I’m kind of like ???? manners pls) Also, these headcanons are not like my other ones; they’re not going to be as funny, since they’re angsty.

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • It’s another night of separation for you and Viktor, and it’s been almost three weeks since you’ve last seen him
  • He’s at your shared home and you’re in Switzerland for a photoshoot of sorts
  • maybe for sexy swimwear???? idk you decide wink wonk
  • He’s getting ready to give you a call to tell you goodnight and how much he loves you
  • But, to his surprise, you call him before he could dial your number
  • He always calls first, so it’s a surprise to him. But he’s noticed how tired and stressed you’ve seemed over the phone the last week, and your ‘i miss you’ texts have multiplied considerably in number
  • Viktor’s surprised expression changes to a knowing smirk real quick
  • “Heheh they must be excited and can’t wait to ‘say goodnight’ to me omg you sexy animal”
  • He answers the call with a “Hey, baby~”
  • But the reaction he is looking for isn’t what he gets at all
  • The way his smirk falls into a devastated expression is worthy of being in a movie
  • but this aint acting; no Oscar for this too-real performance
  • Your manager is who calls him; they say you were walking to your hotel after the photoshoot and a huge crowd of paparazzi came out of nowhere
  • There were no bodyguards around, and your manager was the only one there with you
  • A photographer from the crowd had grabbed your arm and scared you more in the already-stressful situation, and you immediately had a poor reaction
  • Your manager noticed how pale and sweaty you looked, and managed to get you away from the crowd and into a small store
  • Inside the store, your manager barely touched your cold, sweaty hand before you went into psychogenic shock, passing out and falling to the floor
  • The employees of the business called an ambulance when you didn’t respond for a while, and you were still receiving treatment
  • Viktor keeps the phone while he rushes around, packing a bag and getting his jacket
  • He bombards your manager with questions
  • “Are they awake yet? Can I talk to my love? Who’s taking care of them?”
  • He tells your manager to get you a room at the hospital, and that he’ll be there before the sun rises
  • Viktor rushes to the airport and gets on the first plane to Switzerland. The wait for the flight to leave isn’t long, but he’s shaking the entire time
  • He continues to text your phone in hopes that you will answer, but to no avail
  • The entire flight is torture, and he accidentally snaps at a flight attendant who makes a comment about his composure
  • When he finally arrives in Switzerland, he’s able to get to the hospital you’re at quite quickly.
  • He looks like a maniac, frantically sprinting through the halls of the hospital trying to find your room
  • And when he does find you, the sight of your cold, pale skin brings him to tears
  • Seeing your beautiful body lifeless in a hospital bed is too much for him to handle
  • He sits in a chair next to you and holds your hand while he sobs into the blankets covering you, murmuring apologizes about not being there and for not protecting you
  • After a few hours of crying, he notices the natural light has changed in the room
  • He looks out the window at the bright pink sunrise, holding your limp hand in his warm one
  • Viktor knows you need to rest, but he just wishes you were awake to see it

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • Yuri is sitting alone in his room with his music blasting into his ears
  • He’s being all pouty and cute because he misses you while you’re away
  • He really tried get his schedule to work out, but it just couldn’t happen this time :(
  • You were in France to shoot a designer perfume commercial, but Yuri had to stay back due to his skating
  • The phone ringing interrupted his brooding, but a less-annoyed expression crossed his face when he saw that it was you calling
  • When he answers the phone and it’s not you, he gets angry
  • Your manager tells him in the phone call that you came into contact with your allergen by accident
  • The lunch you had on set contained the allergen, and you immediately went into anaphylactic shock
  • The crew immediately called an ambulance, and your manager did the best they could to keep you breathing and calm for as long as possible
  • It was difficult to keep calm, since people were panicking in trying to get a grip on the situation
  • By the time the ambulance had arrived, you were barely capable of breathing on your own and your face had swollen significantly
  • Your manager said you are currently in a room at the hospital, and you responded well to the treatment
  • Yuri’s anger really set in when your manager told him you hadn’t woken up yet, and the incident had happened almost six hours earlier
  • “This happened six hours ago, and you didn’t bother to even give me a hint that something was going on? You really are a piece of shit.”
  • When your manager apologizes,Yuri promises to see them in a few hours and hangs up the phone
  • Yuri marches through the airport with his quickly packed luggage, and gets on a full-service flight to France
  • He scowls the entire trip, and even glares at the flight attendant that gives him his complimentary cookie
  • In France, he takes a taxi to the hospital you’re at without leaving a tip for the driver
  • Before heading up to your room, he stops at the convenience store to get you some gifts and himself a snack
  • Yuri comes into your hospital room with a bunch of balloons and a kitten stuffed animal in his hands
  • When he sees you in the hospital bed and on oxygen, he can feel his heart split in half
  • He carefully sets the balloons in a corner and takes a seat in the chair next to your bed
  • The kitten stuffed animal is carefully placed on your stomach, and Yuri gently moves your arm so you’re cuddling it against your body
  • He can’t help but smirk to himself about how cute you would look if you weren’t at a hospital recovering from a near-death experience
  • The blank expression on your face and beeping of monitors hooked up to you haunt him; they make him want to be sick
  • He wants to be sad, but he can’t control his anger once your manager enters the room
  • Yuri stands up from his chair and charges at your manager, pinning them against the wall with his forearm across their chest
  • He stands on his tiptoes and yells right into your manager’s face
  • “You shithead! You are such an incompetent fuck! This is your fault! You know about their allergy! This wouldn’t have happened if you would’ve done your fucking job right! Once this is all over and (Y/N) is back home safe, you’re going to be out of a fucking job, because I’m going to fire you!”
  • He then grabs the collar of your manager’s shirt and shoves them out of your room before quietly closing the door behind them, making sure not to wake you while you rest
  • Yuri takes his seat beside you and holds your hand, letting a few tears of anger and sadness fall down his cheeks
  • Oh, how he wishes you would wake up, so he can see your beautiful smile again
  • It’s only been a day or two, but it feels like an eternity since he’s last seen it
11. Monpire X

If monsta x were vampires and how you’d meet them!

Shownu: Puppy eyes. That’s the first thing you remember. Puppy eyes and a shhhh and a you’re okay. Soft as the street lamps on the ground. Vampires aren’t supposed to have soft eyes. Vampires aren’t supposed to lift you so gently and hold you so safe and so close. Not like a bear but a snake. You see those puppy eyes switch the minute there’s a threat and you know the meaning of a leader. The meaning of being protected. Your fear goes. Silent and quiet from that night on he’s hesitant and keeps his distance but you give a thank you in the form of a note and one day you see him smile. A guardian angel.

Wonho: you knew vampires were gorgeous but hot damn. Hot damn hot damn. He keeps staring at you and it’s kind of creepy but it’s kind of hot except that he tries to lean against a pole and it breaks and then it’s silver and you end up giving medical attention to a nasty burn on his side. He keeps coming and he can’t be doing this on purpose that must burn. Then it’s not hot it’s just funny. Then every time you see him you’re laughing and he can’t seem to keep It together and any facade has been dropped. Suddenly he just shows up whenever he wants and you let him in like it’s whatever and you start liking that smile when it’s smiling fangs and all.

Minhyuk: The my best friend is now a vampire what the hell do I do? that idiot who ran out into the sun and burned his hand? That idiot who showed up at your job needing medical aid and you couldn’t really say no. You wrapped their hand and they still wanted ran back out. The one who doesn’t really know the meaning of keeping he whole vampire thing secret. The one who keeps cutting his lips with his fangs? Keeps starving himself because he pukes when he sees blood. The one who asked you to accompany him when the vampire pack in the group wanted to meet.

Kihyun: ‘I’m so sorry this idiot tried to bite you im going to reprimand him the moment we get back to the base.’ It was late, you were coming home from work and everything happened so fast. Babysitter of the pack, literally holding back a vampire three times your size while apologizing to you and offering to bring you pies as a peace offering. Pies. You’ve gotten a little tired of the sudden increase of vampires and suddenly he’s in the store chatting and ranting about idiot vampire fledglings. You mention his name and any trouble disappears and ever since that night you know better than to question why. You also know he makes a really good cherry pie and has a nice laugh.

Hyungwon: ‘I know I almost bit you but’ in my defense you woke me up and in your defense he scared the hell out of you when you were taking the trash out. You hit them so hard you thought you knocked them out when really they fell asleep on you. Try lifting a 150 lb vampire off your shoulder at midnight. Oh did he mention he can’t go outside after? So now who’s stuck in your house begging for food when they wake up? This guy. Who’s begging for retribution for the nasty cut you can’t even see every time they show up at your job? This guy. Who actually prevents another vampire from biting you by saying you’re his? This guy.

Jooheon: red hair. That’s the first thing you spot. Blood red hair. He’s actually a little intimidating when he approaches, fangs shining and all. Until you realize he’s hitting on you and aren’t vampires supposed to be charming? And brooding? Why is he performing the most cringe worthy facial expressions and was that a wink— he won’t stop bothering you and he can’t take a hint but you’re grateful one day. One day some guys take the hint too seriously and you’re being bothered and you see a flash of red. Blood red. They’re gone, you’re safe and you’ve never been so happy to hear such aegyo. You won’t admit to warming up to it either.

Changkyun: no he didn’t save you, you saved him. From a dumbass imitation and he owes you boy does he owe you. He couldn’t even sink his teeth in, ah fledgling, sweet sweet fledgling. He made a habit of letting them poke your skin just for you to shiver and swallow your fear but they leave him to his business and he apologizes. For a fledgling he’s got manners, for a vampire he’s a little humane. He apologizes for dragging you into things. He swears it’s the last you’ll see of him but you happen to be very clumsy and you hurt yourself quite a lot. Well he’s nice to be around. He smells gentler than he looks and he won’t hurt you.

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❝ it’s just anger ––– makes you feel like you can change the outcome. ❞

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    ❝  Indeed. It can be hard to.. grow out of.  

Anger is something he understands, and understands intimately; an old bedfellow still far too close for comfort even centuries later. It isn’t actually something you outgrow, just something you slowly adapt to. The heat of it becomes so normal that it begins to feel lukewarm at best.

   ❝   It is foolish to let it govern your decisions. Anger isn’t useful on the job. Especially not for someone in your position.    A fact, not an insult. It varies, but rage is something you suppress until you’re worthy of expressing it. As a guard, a common soldier?    You are to be a blank slate. Nothing more, nothing less. Remember that.  


“So…” You began rather timidly as you placed your elbows on the table between you and Barry; folding your hands around you coffee cup and glancing toward Cisco who was busy at the counter, ordering a Flash flavored drink from the Jitter’s barista. “Remember that thing you asked me last week?”

“Yeah…” He answered before twisting his face up with a cringe-worthy expression and forcing a pained smile purely for your benefit. “Kind of hard to forget getting rejected by the girl of my dreams…”

“Ask me again.”


“Go ahead…” You urged with a bright grin. “Ask me one more time.”

“Uhh… Okay… Do you, um…” He stammered before awkwardly spitting out, “Do you wanna give this a shot?”

“I’d like that.”

“Seriously?” With a luminous smile gracing his features he said, “I’d like that too…”

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Request: Imagine Barry asking you out and saying no and then when he asks again you say yes. Nice blog!