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Full House pt. 4

The next installment of my Rockstar energy drink induced probably stupid story…. I don’t know where I was going with that. Anyways. Here’s chapter four…
As you ran you could hear three sets of feet after you, one was definitely Wilford and the other two were probably Bing and Anti. You risked a turn of your head to see who was closest and seen the pink headed buffoon close behind, you cursed and turned a corner only to run into a broad chest. You fell to the floor and looked up to see another version of Dark, Host, and Wilford. He most looked like Wilford with the sides of his hair shaved and the top longer part dyed, the main difference being that this one’s hair was white and he had two huge wings trailing behind him, you didn’t have time to stare as Wilford came up behind you panting.

You quickly shuffled behind the man in white ,that you could only assume was Light, to put some distance between you and your kidnapper. Light seemed to catch on quick and took a more assertive stance, “May I ask what exactly is happening here?” he asked, his voice was smooth like Darks, but kinder, there was something about him that simply made you want to trust him. Wilford huffed and looked at me, “ I’m just trying to talk to her” he said taking a small step forward. Light in return gently pushed you back and spread his wings hiding you from Wilfords view, “Well, she doesn’t seem to want to talk. So why don’t you leave her be. The poor thing is frightened out of her mind” He said, you could tell from how he spoke that he was a ‘Pen is mightier than the sword’ kind of guy. You heard Wilford growl and heard two other sets of feet shuffle just around the corner, no doubt the other two were listening in, “Wilford. You brought her here against her will, what did you expect to happen, for her to jump into your awaiting arms?” Light asked, there was a long pause and you heard Wilford pull something from his pocket, “Move aside angel boy” He growled, Lights wings grew rigid, tense.

You knew enough about body language to know that Wilford was threatening him, now you being the brave person you were (Pfft, sure), pushed Light out of the way, as you took a step forward, Light took your arm to stop you. You pushed his hand off your arm and looked down at the ornate knife in Wilfords hand. You glared at the pink man and crossed your arms, “What. You wanted to talk so talk.” You said sounding far more confident then you felt. Wilford smirked at you, “Well my dear, I never got a proper conversation with you-” He started, you held up a hand, stopping him. “ I’m trying to be polite, but if you move that knife a centimeter closer to me I will tear you apart” You stated, your gaze never leaving his. He slowly put the knife away and you continued, “You never got a conversation with me, Sir, because you broke into my home knocked me out, and took me to a strange place filled with strange people. I didn’t even get my morning cup of tea/coffee! I have literally stabbed someone over that, and right now I’d have no problem stabbing you, you pink haired, egotistical ass!” You exclaimed, The four men stared at you in a mix of awe and fear. Bing and Anti burst into fits of laughter, Light looked impressed and Wilford was a mix between impressed and scared. Once you realized what you said, you felt heat rise in your face, and you pushed past the men to get out. You needed to go back outside, maybe Host was still there and not broken. You just had to get away from these crazy….entities!


You opened the door to the back yard and walked over to the bench where the Host was, the bench was empty, ¨faex..¨ You muttered and sat down, ¨Do you always swear in Latin?¨ a voice asked from behind you, You turned and sighed, ¨Usually, better than cursing in english…What do you want Wilford?” You asked. You were done with running from him. He sat down beside you and held his hands in his lap, it was a few minutes until he spoke, ¨Someday you’ll thank me for kidnaping you¨ he said, you looked at him, ¨And why is that?¨ You asked, he looked at you, “Because, my dear, You hated it there. We’ve been watching you for awhile, and you never once seemed happy. You never invited people over, never went out to parties. You went to work and came home. You were miserable. You’re so important, so special, but you refused to see it, so I brought you here. Against your will, I’ll admit, but be honest. You’re happier here then you were there, correct?” He asked. You looked down, and huffed a laugh. “yeah… it’s been fun. I’ve met more people today that actually wanted me around then I’ve met in three years” you admitted softly.

You looked up suddenly, “What’s up Hosty” you muttered, Wilford looked at you, eyebrows raised, you simply pointed behind you where the Host was walking out from behind a tree, muttering a narration under his breath. Wilford looked at you “How did you know he was there?” he asked, you shrugged smirking a bit, “ Host isn’t the most silent person I’ve met” you stated, Will nodded and sighed, “I think i need to got talk to Light…He’s still mad at me for threatening him with a knife, I mean, it was an accident…I swear” he said as he stood and swaggered his way back inside.

Host soon took his place and you two sat in comfortable silence for a while, at one point you broke the silence with a question, “What was your name before it was The Host?”, He sat still for a long time before turning toward you, his bandages saturated in blood. “The Author. I used to be called the Author” He said, he smiled sadly. You frowned and reached to touch his bandages, his hand shot up and grabbed your wrist tightly “The Host does not wish for   Y/N to touch his bandages” He spoke in the third person with an almost panicked voice, your eyebrows knitted together, confused. “What happened to you? What happened to the Author?” You whispered, he looked away and was silent for a long while, “The Host-I…I do not wish to scare you away with such a story” He whispered, you sighed, “I’m sorry, it must have been horrible for you to have changed your name…does this particular story involve what happened to your eyes…?” you asked cautiously. He stiffened and slowly reached up to touch his bandages where his eyes should be. You nodded, “I thought so… do… do they hurt?” You asked, he looked at you, “Sometimes, when I over use my power. But the worst is the mental pain…The fact that when I wake up every morning, I can’t see the sunrise, or when at night I can’t see the stars or sunset. It hurts more then anything that I can describe everything in perfect detail, but can no longer see these things for myself. I know you are looking at me, and that you look sad, and I can even pin point everyone in the house at this moment…But I can’t see the colour of your eyes, or Googles shirt. I know the colours, but…i can't…”He sighed and you put your hand on his gently.

The sun was beginning to set and you got an idea, “The sun is beginning to set”, you started, The Host looked up “As it descended into night, the receding sun cast an array of colour across the sky, On the horizon line lay a fiery red, that could warm even the coldest of hearts, above that lay a pink that would put a certain mustached man to shame with its brilliance, Then it faded into a purple that reminded one of the most beautiful lavender, the sky turned into a cobalt blue that made the sea boil in its jealousy. Beyond that the stars started to faintly glisten in the sky as the moon silently peeked out from its hiding. It was a beautiful night and Y/N was glad to share it with the Host” You finished describing the scene and looked over at the Host, Streams of red ran down his cheeks as he turned to you, “Thank you….so much” He whispered, you smiled and wiped away the blood. “Everyone deserves a sunset. Including you.” You said. He smiled at you brightly.
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