the worst thing is that some of the sweaters he had in photoshoots are actually his

Shutter - part 1 (A Lay series)

Gengre: fluff

Characters: Yixing X You

Description: You book a photoshoot with big time celebrity/actor/musician Zhang Yixing and you don’t expect to be so affected by him. You also don’t expect his reaction to you.

A/N: this will be two parts. Fluff here, smut later.

Shutter [M] Part 1 part 2

“I can’t come to your party tomorrow, I have a shoot.” You were loading clothes into your dryer, holding your phone to your ear with your shoulder.

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Fire and Ice, 1

This is a few pages from the Model AU fic I wrote back in April.  Currently it is about 50K words long and about ¾ of the way done.  The fic will be centered around Dennor and Prumano.

As is, I’m kind of gauging how I will proceed with this fic—but I wanted to ask if this is something that you guys would want to see finished and posted, based on this beginning few pages.  It’s a different kind of story than what I’ve written in the past, with a few heavy themes, two of which I relate to on a very personal level.  Let me know your thoughts?

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