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[text] When I’m not with you, my heart hurts.
[text] At some point, the phrase “I’ve hit rock bottom” became less of a figure of speech and more of the general state of my life.
[text] I thought being with you would make me happy - I was wrong.
[text] I should have known that when you said you still wanted to be friends, you didn’t mean it.
[text] So, what, are you just not going to talk to me ever again?
[text] How did we go from talking every single day to … this?
[text] You know, you not answering my calls or texts is a testament to how much of a coward you really are.
[text] I don’t like to leave loose ends and I realized I needed to live up to my own problems and insecurities.
[text] You owe me a fucking apology.
[text] We used to be best friends - where did it go wrong?
[text] I can’t be without you. Please don’t do this to me.
[text] (He/she/they) told me what you said, you asshole.
[text] What the hell is wrong with you!?
[text] Why the fuck would you do something like that?
[text] Thank you for finally showing me the truth about you. The truth is, you’re a dick.
[text] Fact: You’re adorable. Also fact: You stink at board games. But I love you.
[text] I’m a hopeless romantic with the sex drive of a married politician. I’M DOOMED.
[text] Can you and your overnight guest maybe keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.
[text] I’m bringing home frosties. I need to talk about butt stuff.
[text] Listen, I may be naive, but I know what it means when they send that eggplant emoji.
[text] I think after tonight I’m 85% lesbian
[text] So at what point of the night are we going to decide everyone at this party sucks and we should just fuck each other?
[text] Sorry your girlfriend got you a present and you forgot to get her one. How long will your dick be dry?
[text] You need to get home NOW. The oven is on fire and the fire department is officially ignoring my calls. HELP!
I’m sitting on the couch at 2 AM eating fried chicken in my underwear. Who is the real winner here?
[text] I am not ubering you a puppy.
[text] If you bring me coffee and a greasy breakfast sandwich, I’ll love you forever.
[text] Hypothetically speaking, at what point does fire become too much fire?
[text] Just because you are home alone for the weekend doesn’t mean you can act like a nudist.
[text] The only things I am doing today are things one can do without wearing a bra.
[text] I’m a grown woman and just cried because we ran out of Cheetos. I have PMS. Bring Cheetos to my place, or die.
[text] I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around
[text] The worst thing about living at your parents’ place again is the struggle to make up more excuses to cover up booty calls.
[text] You are probably the most infuriating person I’ve ever met…but you’re weirdly sexy. What I’m saying, is come over.
[text] Please don’t bang more than two exes at a time, just so I won’t get confused.
[text] How could (he/she/they) not like you!? You’re like, annoying relatable. Like Jennifer Lawrence.
[text] Who says you can’t have Reese’s Cups for breakfast? Fucking losers, that’s who.
[text] If your (boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other) finds a random like on an Instagram post from 64 weeks ago, that was me. Oops.
[text] The only thing I crossed off my to do list today was get high. I’m going places.
[text] (He/she/they) is a total bitch and a crappy party host so I stole their dog. It likes me better.
[text] I feel like I cold have been bitchier and missed an opportunity.
[text] I’m only coming over if you have cocaine or a snickers bar.
[text] Would you think less of me if I told you I was eating pizza on the toilet right now?
[text] Dude, what’s wrong with me? I’m like a strong independent woman and shit.
[text] I’m just so full of love and alcohol

I. I hate dreaming about you.  the next day, I am all shaking hands.  yes, still.  in my dreams, I either forgive you or scream. either way, I wake up tired.


  II. I will always lie about the worst things -  the text I wasn’t supposed to see but did/ how I still let you sleep in my bed afterwards/ how the next day, it rained and rained and we thought it was for us.


  III. we loved each other until we didn’t. there is no way to turn this into poetry.
—  Fortesa Latifi

“I do not want to be friends, in fact I actually want as little to do with you in my life as humanly possible, don’t speak to me, don’t even look at me, do not ever try to make contact with me again, because all you’re doing is reminding me of how much I fucking excruciatingly love someone who broke my fucking heart and seems to assume I have to be okay with it, all I ever tried or wanted to do was to make you happy and you fucking say you were making all the effort?? I’ve done so fucking much for you during this whole relationship and you decide to end it over fucking text? If you are or were actually in love with me you wouldn’t just give up on me and not even make an attempt to improve things, let alone break up with me in as fucking nasty a way as over text, probably the worst thing about this is that I should fucking hate you right now but all I can think is that I’m so in love with you and would jump at the chance to get back together, but clearly you don’t love me anywhere near as much as that so I suppose we finally know the winner of all those arguments over who loves the other more, and I’ve won by a fucking landslide, bye don’t speak to me again”

The relationship changed me as a person and I was so scared to break up for so long because I didn’t know who I was without him and I knew he would guilt trip me. I see him everyday in school and he still finds ways to intervene in my life.

I was tagged by the sublime @corpsequeeninthenorth a while ago, but because I am total shit at doing things I am tagged in, I forgot. Well, that is only half the story. The other half is that partway through my latest social media marathon I felt the need to interject a morass of intrepid hemming and raucous hawing out of (sheer lack of) deference to the rat race of a pull-to-get-on-top lifestyle I keep good faith with, even as it pains me to admit it. Sometimes I’m barely even in a place to divert myself, let alone step up any game at all, but I was in a good place today, so I thought I’d do this for the hell of it. :D

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okay so the worst thing about this for me now is not that ryan getzlaf said it it’s that apparently hockey tumblr and hockey twitter and just hockey fandom in general somehow thinks what Ryan Getzlaf said is somehow not as bad as the f slur. so turns out! guess the straights need to have someone written down for them and repeatedly thrown at them for a bajillion years for them to get that something is offensive to gay peopel and not. you know. see an insult targeted towards a marginalized and at risk group, and go “that’s fucked up”

worst thing about high school? people texting you at 1am “i think i found your blog” and of course its a fucking high school depression blog like… of course

The dog world is exhausting. The concept that we should treat these wonderful animals with respect, gentleness, and kindness is one that shouldn’t be a controversy. Manhandling, yanking, choking, pinching, pinning, grabbing, prodding, and hurting dogs in general is NOT fucking okay and there’s no excuse for it. Abuse dressed up as ‘training’ or ‘handling’ makes me sick.

This is it I’m deleting. At work today I was talking to a patient and we were trying to figure out this phone app and we were having some technical difficulties. Anyways finally we get into the device and without even thinking I fucking verbal diarrhea “hacker’s voice: I’m in”. Just like that. With “hacker’s voice” and everything. It falls dead fucking silent. None of us said anything none of us knew what to say. I walked away. Tumblr has ruined me goodbye forever.

Taken| 4

Part 1| 2| 3

It’s been days since you last talked to Nate. The image of his tight arms wrapped around Gracie still burning in your mind. You had not moved from your bed in hours. A part of you was so frustrated that you were just sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself and just wish you could do something, but what could you do? His mind was already made up. The worst thing about it all was that he hadn’t even bothered to text you. The only person you’ve been keeping in contact with was Sammy. 

Sammy basically knew everything about your feelings for Nate for months now, but you trusted him enough not to say anything. Well, you hoped so anyway. 

At around 2-ish you thought that it was time to pull yourself together, if  anything this was just making it worse. After you got ready you checked your phone to see if anyone had bothered to text you. You felt instant butterflies in your stomach when you saw Nate had messaged you. Was it possible to feel so much hatred and jealousy, yet so much love and passion at the same time? He asked to ‘meet up’. You were praying that by ‘meet up’ he didn’t mean ‘come round to mine and watch me kiss my perfect girlfriend’ but like always you said yes. How could you say no to him? 

You walked into his house as usual to find him sat on the sofa/couch with his hands on his face. 

“Hey Buddy” You say sitting next to him. He instantly removes his hands from his face, he looks up at you following your movement everywhere you went. 

“Hey beautiful” Hey beautiful? Was he being serious? “I missed you” He tucks a piece of stray hair behind your ear. His voice more quite, more softer than usual. 

“I missed you t-” Your voice cut off the moment you felt a pair of tender lips placed onto yours.

A/N- I felt like this was really bad but part 5? AND I’ve decided to do “Ship for ship” so feel free to message me:) -Rose