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“No, I don’t want a shot, I’m good. You’re just throwing your money into the fuckin’ corporate wheel, innit. Fuck that. Nah. I just want a cigarette, some caffeine and maybe a gentle blowjob, but I can live without the latter. Yeah, just live me alone to die in peace, it’s cool, I’m dandy.”

Jake was wandering on his own, wondering where everyone else was. It was strange being without them. Why on Earth would he even go to Seattle? Theories started developing in his head as to how he got there in the first place. Though, he know he shouldn’t complain, because this place isn’t half bad. 

Those thoughts left him walking into things, and he knew he probably should just stop thinking so much about the situation. “Um, I’m sorry,” he apologized as he backed away.

Spring was always a tough time of year for Maddie. No, not because of a traumatic experience she had to relive, but because of her asthma. Charlie wasn’t letting her go too far until he found her an inhaler, so she sat outside on one of the abandoned police cars behind a tall chain link fence. Here, she strummed her guitar, casually trying her best to recall the chords and words to Girl Crush while Daisy patrolled the cars. 

She’d been out here for a while, but when the beast came sprinting back towards her master barking, the strumming stopped and Maddie rose to her feet, gun drawn and her eyes running along the fence line in search of a threat.

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【⚡】 “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” Maybe it was just a case of mistaken identity, but Manjoume was certain he recognized that face. With the Duel King’s picture practically plastered every square inch near the Academia’s Exhibition Hall, how could he not.  But, wasn’t this guy basically a legend? What was someone like him doing here?

“Hang on a sec! There’s no way someone like you can really be here to see me, right?”

“I just had the worst shopping experience I’ve ever had at Nordstrom’s. My credit card was denied and when I suggested to the bitch behind the counter that maybe their machines weren’t working, she told me to leave. I hardly ever speak ill of people, but I hope the complaint I put in with her manager will be enough to get her fired.”

“Do you have sudafed?” Considering how random a question it was, Frankie wasn’t even all that friendly asking it– her expression was altogether disgusted, her voice sharp, and she wasn’t patient enough to wait for an answer ‘til she continued, “– Or anything that’ll ease a cold. I don’t know which bright spark had the absolutely brilliant idea– note the sarcasm– to send a bunch of students out to the middle of nowhere in the middle of January, but I am this close to suing, so anything you can do to stop that is welcome.” @forrestfull-bailey

No One Saw That || Manny & Kiara


Manny was doing what he did best these days. Make sure everything knew he was around, and that he was the best thing in the room as he pranced across the grounds. He winked at the girls, and didn’t bother to pay attention to the angry boyfriends that would follow. Though he stopped when he noticed his wink caught a girls attention a little more than the rest. He could use a good ego rub down. “Hello, sweetcheeks.” 

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Mike sat on the lounge chair downstairs, plucking out a small tune on his guitar. He wasn’t actually paying much attention to it, though, his mind wandering off to other things. It was something he did a lot, so it wasn’t too annoying, but he’d been having the same thought for what felt like forever. Which was annoying. It wasn’t anything to be concerned about, probably, but he couldn’t get his mind off of Micky. Wanting to be with Micky, mainly, or to include Micky on what he was doing. 

He’d only recently sat down, to try to write a song just to relax a bit, and his mind immediately went to whether Micky’d be able to find a beat he could play to it or not. Which, once again, Mike didn’t really need. He just wanted an excuse to be around Micky. Because Micky made him happier, maybe. He wasn’t really able to tell, though, so he just stayed where he was, quietly playing a tune and staring rather intensely at Micky, just to try and see what he was doing to make Mike want him around. 


This might be the worst idea that she’s ever gone along with.

Leia – which is so weird because for month’s she just referred to the woman as Ben’s mom – told her earlier that day that this was the dress for her. But it was all wrong. Rey belonged in a simple tunic and pants, something functional and that actually had a point. What was the point with all of it? She looks at herself in the mirror again, tugging at the body of her dress. There aren’t any straps and it’s going to fall off. But as stubborn as she’s being, a quiet part of her whispers that it does look quite pretty. 

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