the worst place ever

concept: a TV show with a dark, tragic, fucked-up beginning that steadily gets happier and lighter and more hopeful as the seasons go on, the narrative arc premised on healing and growth instead of a “gritty” downspiral, the challenges faced in each season finale leaving the characters in a progressively better place. nobody queer dies, and the worst things we ever see after season 1 all happen in flashbacks to events preceding the now. 

peculiar children as those weird children you’ve probably babysat
  • Emma: stares at a pack of matches and whispers "everything is prettier when its on fire" to seemingly nothing
  • Hugh: Eats bugs, just grabs a bunch and sticks them in his face even though he's allergic to everything.
  • Millard: goes missing all of the time, one second he's right beside you, the next second he's ran away and you'll probably never find him again.
  • Horace: says "you're ugly" with complete earnest, and then cries when you say you don't like his shoes.
  • Enoch: instead of stuffed animals he has a bunch of taxidermic animals. his bedroom is the worst place you have ever been. makes you feel uncomfortable on purpose.
  • Jacob: gets into fights with everything. he'll fight you, he'll fight that dog, he'll fight a car, he'll fight himself.
  • Fiona: sticks arms under ground as far as they can go and then lies face down in the dirt.
  • why people think jk rowling considered killing ron off: he was the most useless of the trio and jo hated him and she wanted hermione to be with harry
  • why jk rowling actually considered killing ron off: she was at a really bad place in her life when she thought of it as an option because she knew that ron's death would have the most impact as he was extremely important and if anything was going to break harry beyond repair it would be him thinking that he led this best friend (aka the person who meant the most to him) to his death

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excuse me Magisterium series is about what? like i know i can search on google but its always better to hear from someone who read it

!! !! AIGHT AIGHT so 

the Magisterium series is 5-book series (we currently have 3, with the 4th one coming out this…november?)

Anyways. The series is centered around 12 y/o Callum Hunt or Call, who was raised by his dad believing that magic is Bad, mages are Bad, and the school Magisterium where mages go for magic is most definitely the worst place ever. Most likely he’ll die in it. So when the test for kids to be admitted into the school comes around, he tries his best to do his absolute worst

He fails at failing and passes the test.

So now, teamed up with Tamara and Aaron, Call sets out to try and escape the place while being taught how to control their magic. 

It’s written for like, middle-school ages so expect it to be something similar to the PJO/HoO series or Harry Potter, because if i had to give the book a one-liner it’d be this: “Good kids with terrible luck in magic going thru unfortunate events”

Also, do it for these trio:

I don’t like to talk much about my personal life here you know?…

But I’ll try and make an exception today, because I feel like I really messed up last night…


Written for @a-broken-hunter for donating to my Supernatural Seattle 2017 gift!

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam
Word Count: 528
Warnings: angst, fluff, canon divergence, almost panic attack, PTSD symptoms
Summary: The reader wakes up during a thunderstorm. The sights and sounds are reminiscent of one of the worst places she’s ever been.


You sat up in your bed, heart pounding furiously, eyes wide with terror.

White light flashed through the room, the thin wooden slat of the window casting bar-like shadows, and you swore you could hear the sound of a man’s voice, high pitched laughing just above another man’s guttural scream of pain.

You couldn’t be back there, not after all this time.

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Reasons Why Washington, DC Is the Worst Place Ever

The United States capital really never had a chance. On July 16, 1790, President George Washington signed the Residence Act, which created a special district to serve as the seat of government for the former colonies of England. Creating a city with the explicit purpose of bottling up all of the most powerful people in the nation guaranteed that it would evolve into a breeding ground for the ruthless, the tactless, and the shameless.

Many of the six million souls who live in the metro area work for, or alongside, the federal bureaucracy. For some of them, life is a never-ending House of Cards-esque quest for power, influence, controlled substances, and sexual gratification. These people pretend their BlackBerry is a lethal weapon, and can only get hard when they see their name on Politico.

For everyone else, Washington, DC is a hellishly humid pit of despair. The city is swarming with 30-year-olds still trying to show off their entry-level position by handing out business cards for a congressional office or obscure think tank—a job that barely pays for rent. Somehow, they’re the lucky ones. The District has been struggling with rampant poverty and crime for decades now, and due to an ossified local government, that’s not changing any time soon.

Here are a few reasons why DC is the petri dish for the virus infecting America:

External image

Photo via Flickr User Elvert Barnes

Washington, DC Is a Celebration of Itself

Washington is basically an open-air museum of America. There are monuments, historical sites, and gift shops dedicated to patriotic tchotchkes everywhere. A mood of reverence and constant satisfaction permeates the entire town. Pride is great, but it’s also that thing that goeth before destruction. For a country that purports to be a haven for reinvention, renewal, and second chances, its capital is preoccupied with patting itself on the back and habitually looking backward. This isn’t all that uncommon for a major world power, but maybe a dose of humility would be helpful when the thousands of well-paid politicians and operatives who live and work here can’t dig the country out of economic and social malaise.



D'you ever sit down 

And come to the realization 

That no one loves you? Or rather, lots of people love you

Family, friends, followers, maybe even one or two exes 

They all love you to pieces 

But no on is in love with you 

No one sits up at not quite 3 am

Writing poems titled Just The Same As I Am 

With their head filled with every little detail about you 

No one thinks of you 24/7 

No one cries over you 

No one wants to see you and only you 

You’re top priority for no one 

No one needs you in their arms right this second 

No one texts first 

No one cancels plans to hang out with you 

No one goes out of their way for you 

They just issue apology after apology 

No one is in love with you 

No one obsesses over the very idea of your existence 

No one thinks of you to calm down their panic attacks 

No one thinks of you when they need their happy place 

And the worst part is 

No one ever will 

At least, that’s what you believe

Rebelcaptain fanfic: take me out tonight

Just trying to survive since Saw abandoned her, 19 year old Jyn meets a Rebel Intelligence Officer in a bar (and maybe he buys her a drink or two).

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    At least the cantina wasn’t the worst place she’d ever been.

   Jyn winced at the stickiness of the stool she was seated on, but she didn’t move. Her eyes roamed the bar, passing over each person who occupied it. All she had to go on was a name and a flat-holo currently crumpled up in her pocket, and she’d been out of work for too long. She couldn’t afford to miss this one just because she was too busy wiping down her stool, no matter how disgusting it probably was.

   When she thought about it, she probably wasn’t even old enough to be in the cantina. She could barely remember what planet she was on, let alone what their laws on underage drinking were. The bartender thankfully hadn’t seemed to care, however, serving her whatever drink she asked for. She often didn’t drink at all – it made it way too easy to be susceptible – but she knew that the man she was hoping to work for was looking for a very specific profile, and she had to match it. Jyn held up her glass casually, pretending to sip and hoping that it didn’t look like she was trying to use it as a mirror. Damn, she definitely should have done something more with her hair.

   People came and went. This cantina was clearly one of the more popular ones in the city, and the bartenders were all run off their feet. She watched faces with clinical appraisal, before moving onto the next one. She’d been waiting over an hour, now.

   Maybe this was a bad idea.

   Someone dropped down into the stool next to her. The first thing she saw was a tanned hand signalling one of the bartenders, the arm clad in dark leather. She followed the arm up to the man it was attached to and snorted when the bartender closest to them ignored him completely.

   “I wouldn’t hold your breath,” she found herself saying.

   “I’m sorry?” the man turned to her.

   “Have you seen this place?” Jyn pointed out, gesturing around them. “You’re not getting a drink for another half hour at least, ‘specially since you don’t have a pretty girl on your arm.”

   The man regarded her a moment and immediately, she wished she hadn’t said anything at all. Her words were true – she had been watching closely, and no one ever got served unless you were female or whatever the equivalent gender on your home planet was (Jyn was surprised with her hair she ever got served at all) – but the man next to her was looking at her, noticing her, and she suddenly wanted to hide.

   “Well, then,” he said. He met her eyes, before reaching out and offering her an arm. “help me out?”

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Reasons Why Austin Is the Worst Place Ever

I am a resident of Austin, Texas.

Perhaps you’ve heard of us. We seem to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately. Everyone’s investing in Austin, everyone’s excited about Austin. It’s the live music capital of the world, it’s on the cover of travel magazines, business magazines, and food magazines. It’s simply the place to be.

Well, fuck that. I’ve lived in Austin long enough to know that this city can drive you fucking crazy. It’s a sweltering, congested sub-metropolis full of slack-asses and yuppies who simultaneously take themselves too seriously and not seriously enough. It’s a place where spending $11 on a sandwich is considered a societal good. It’s a place where entitled people claim ownership on everything.

Austin is a place where bad people move. People in Austin actually believe they invented the breakfast taco. People in Austin will tell a Mexican family who has lived on the same street for generations that they’re doing their best to “save the neighborhood.” 

If that’s not enough, here are some more reasons Austin sucks.

External image

The Yuppiness Is so Chronic it Borders on Self-Parody

The following is an actual exchange I had with somebody in Austin not too long ago:

“We have to go to that place, they have whiskey-infused bacon!”
“Whiskey-infused bacon! That’s so cool!”
“But like why? Why is that cool? How is that more than just a thing? Why should I be excited that some dude made bacon and left it in a bottle of whiskey?”
“Come on, don’t be a party pooper.”

There are so many “crazy" and “awesome” things in Austin! The taco cannon! The moustache competition! The pun-off! Everyone is really excited about all of these things. People are very excited to see horribly self-involved white people tell puns at a bar. That’s something you do in Austin, that’s part of the scene. Why do you go to the pun-off? Because it fits a certain collection of circumstances and idealized cultural values that supposedly makes Austin what it is. By virtue of its own perceived audacity, a pun-off, whiskey-infused bacon, or a ratball bad taco somehow becomes really cool.

But you’re not keeping Austin weird. You’re engaging in this fake, utterly distasteful blend of irony and feigned enthusiasm that will eventually cause the city to self-implode under the density of its own facetiousness. Soon you won’t be able to identify a single genuine emotion within its borders. You don’t actually care about whiskey-infused bacon. You don’t give a shit about whiskey-infused bacon. You’re pretending to, because that’s what keeps the whole city from feeling like a big lie.


As much as I wanted Oliver to comfort Felicity, I understand why he didn’t go to her. She’s hurt, she’s upset, she’s heartbroken again and it’s his fault. At least in his mind it’s his fault. Yes he fired the arrows, but he was tricked. Guilt Arrow is at it again. He was in a vulnerable place just as much as Felicity was, so he went to seek comfort. In the worst place possible, but no one ever said Oliver makes good decisions when he’s at his lowest. 

Now, I really do wish that Felicity had someone. Curtis and Diggle were dealing with their own worlds falling apart, but what about Rory? Thea? I would say Rene, but he doesn’t really do feelings. Felicity didn’t deserve to be curled up, alone, crying like that. My god she has been through so much in the last few months. 

Let these children have some peace. 

Anti donation man

This is a fun one. I work at a place “that has the worst coupons ever” and we were doing a thing where if you donate a piece of clothing and you would get a coupon that you can use on the items marked with a PINK sign. Now this older male comes in and wants me to “help pick out sheets” and he gets super mad when I explain how this system works and he literally tells me “I have donated enough to THOSE people. Where are they handing them out?” I tell him and I think I have seen the last of him but Oh fucking no this ass face comes into my line and was like “I almost laughed when you asked me to donate to THOSE people. I make more than enough to to support myself, and why should I have to donate to them? blah blah blah” I was instantly pissed off and was like “here is your change, I can help the next person here.” And the fucked goes “you are welcome!” And stomps away? Like go fuck yourself and take a nap maybe?

The Pastel And The Punk

Summary: pastel!dan has been dating punk!phil for eight months, and Phil’s parents aren’t exactly pleased about this. Dan has to deal with Phil’s father, Phil’s there to comfort him.
Word Count: 2k
Genre: AU, Fluff
Triggers/Warnings: homophobic parents, swearing

A/N: What’s a fic? Also, worst title ever? Yup.

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Sleepy OC Asks!

Thought I’d try my hand at this.

1. Is your OC an insomniac?

2. Early Riser or Night Owl?

3. How many pillows do they sleep with?

4. Is your OC a blanket hog?

5. What does your OC wear to bed?

6. Does your OC make the bed?

7. Describe your OC’s bed. Their dream bed?

8. Does your OC like to nap?

9. Does your OC sleep on their stomach? Back? Side? 

10. Is your OC an active sleeper (they move around a lot)?

11. Does your OC snore? Talk in their sleep?

12. On a scale of 1 - DO NOT, how inadvisable is it to wake your OC up?

13. Describe your OC’s night time ritual.

14. Does your OC like to sleep with pets?

15. Where is the worst place your OC has ever slept?

16. Where is the best place your OC has ever slept?

17. Is your OC an avid dreamer?

18. Does your OC have any recurring nightmares or dreams? What are they?

19. Does your OC remember their dreams?

20. Does your OC like sleeping (not sex, just sleeping) with others? 

21. How many blankets does your OC sleep with?

22. Does your OC need anything to go to sleep? Like music, a fan running, etc.

23. Does your OC like to snuggle?

24. Does your OC like to shower or bathe before bed?

25. What does your OC do if they can’t fall asleep?

Happy Birthday Myungsoo

I feel a little bad because on Woohyun’s birthday I just felt like a ball of meh and didn’t do anything. But I think he knows he is loved… I hope so. But our Myungsoo… sometimes I don’t think he does.

Originally posted by eteru

I still think… how broken hearted he was during part of OGS and during Grow, how I wanted to beat people up for betraying him and hurting him and making him cry and worst of all making him think he could ever lose his place in Infinite or in the hearts of Inspirits.

Originally posted by taemint

But Myungsoo for me is very special. He’s the quiet thinker, the one who gets overwhelmed in crowds but feels safe with his members. He’s the one who is a silent perfectionist, beating himself up to get everything right. Watch him dance sometimes, his eyes are full of concentration and a little fear of getting it wrong. His photographs and thoughts are as beautiful as his face.

Originally posted by kpopisasin

Beyond that, he’s our precious dorky darling, the king of mental breakdowns, quirky expressions and beautiful sudden smiles.

Originally posted by thenames-jess

But in the end, he is not L to me, but always Myungsoo. Irreplaceable, unforgettable and very dear to me.

Originally posted by ifntsoo

Happy Birthday Myungsoo. I’m so proud of you and I love you dearly. <3 Please be happy in your life.


“What have we become?”

She asked as the tears began to
Roll down
Her face,
Her place,
Their place,
Was a wreck,
The worst fight they had ever had…

You wouldn’t believe it if
You knew these two,
Had seen these two,
Such bright vibrant love was displayed
In public and on social media,
But I guess everything in light
Casts a shadow too…

In the wrecked,
The two sat at a distance,
Everything was in a disarray,
Neither one wanted to stay,
But neither one wanted to leave,
Because they both knew,
Once they leave,
Neither one would come back…

So they sat,
Tears form in both of their eyes
As their hearts began to tear in two,
Neither knew what to do,
“What have we become?”
“What have we become?”
Within both of their heads…

Without thinking
He walks to her,
He holds her,
They cry together,
They sleep together,
And together,
They realize,
That they created an eye,
Within the storm…

They created an eye,
Which is their only way too survive,
It was the scariest point in their relationship,
The point in which,
They both realized,
That they need each other
In order to stay alive….

—  JihbazFubyok

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ryanair is like the Worst airline ever but girl you gotta go places

girl i know every time i board a ryanair flight i pray for my life like those shades of blue and yellow together all over the plane and on the flight attendants give me headaches and how the pilot just fucking slams the plane onto the ground when we land makes my teeth shatter but it’s so affordable… the lord giveth the lord taketh away !