the worst photoset i have made

Requested by anonymous

Coldflash-Angel and Demon AU: 

It’s true that Leonard wasn’t the most respectable of God’s angels–he often questioned authority and rebelled whenever he thought he could get away with it. However, not even he could have predicted that he would break one of their greatest rules: do not fall in love. And most certainly not with the King of the Crossroads Demons. 

The worst part was how easy Bartholomew had made it. Leonard was lost the minute he laid eyes on the demon, the second he flashed him that almost innocent smile, when Barry pulled him forward into his first, searing kiss…

How was he supposed to hide his affections from the rest of his clave when his heart and mind have been taken over by a demon? 

Send me a Legends of Superflarrow pairing and AU idea, I’ll make a photoset with the plot of a fanfic