the worst photoset i have made

the comments on facebook about Tony are so dumb like “i didn’t need a transgender clone” like fuck you, nobody gives a fuck what you do or don’t need

“he’s just sarah with beard” and “they only made him transgender to differentiate him from sarah” like yeah as if they couldn’t fucking just bring a girl clone with a different haircut and accent if they just needed someone different. there is a fucking reason why Tony is a guy. not just to make him different from sarah ugh -.- and the worst are the people calling him “he/she”

i didn’t read many text posts on tumblr today, as i usually do, because i didn’t have time so i just went through the tag fishing for the nice photosets, but as far as i can see from my dash we all love Tony, but i did see one post in the tag calling him “chick with a dick” and i am disgusted. i just hope it was one of the casual viewers who’s not actually in the fandom otherwise i’m just