the worst people on the internet

Devilman crybaby is kind of brilliant because Miki writes an “Instagram” post about how she’ll accept demons even if they’re demons because if someone like Akira is a demon but still the same person he was as a human, then she believed all demons can be given a chance.



And telling her, essentially, that’s she’s an idiotic optimist, at best, and an evil demon-sympathizing traitor to the entire human species, at worst.

All for being compassionate and trying to see someone else’s perspective and genuinely being a good person trying to reach out to people whose viewpoints aren’t being heard.








The only non realistic thing about devilman crybaby besides the whole demons thing, lmao, is that a bunch of people STOPPED being shitty to Akira just because she wrote a post and someone came to him and hugged him.


Call me a shitty pessimist but it’s very hard for me to believe in humanity these days.


Good show.

Still won’t forgive what it did to Miki or her family but, hey, people die with the coming of the human-demon apocalypse.

I wasn’t expecting much.

Guys please Perú is facing one of the worst period of time, the north of our country its totally inundated and people r dying and losing their home and everything and u r thinking ‘what can we do to help ?’ Rn u just have to spread this and make it known so everyone knows about it bc Rn we dont have any communication the north of our country is flooded without internet nor phones and no one knows about it so please rb this so that way the media and other countries like urs knows about it. So please help me spread it. Thank u !!

stop asking people’s pronouns. real life isnt the internet. asking someone’s pronouns in real life with people around is fucking degrading. we all know you wouldnt ask a cis person’s pronouns. when you ask, a trans person hears “i’m not sure if you’re actually the gender you’re presenting as. do you mind if i embarrass you and get really invasive on a personal level?” not to mention you might out the person youre asking to whoever else is around.

if youre really fucking lost, ask their name, or just guess by by how they present. the worst that can happen is you get corrected and you can be respectful about it. these are basic social conventions that should be left unsaid.

in conclusion, trans people are regular people and you should treat us normally. thanks for coming to my ted talk.

the “not everyone can be neurotypical karen” cake reaction image has got to be one of the worst things to happen to the internet bc you can’t say shit like “i can’t always find the time or energy to jog but when I do it always makes me feel a little better :-)” w/o people dogpiling onto your post with either that or some iteration of it. & it puts you in an awkward position bc rly the only way to rebut it is to say that you are, in fact, not neurotypical™©® but you rly should not have to be sharing that type of personal information on a very public platform, filled w some very untrustworthy people who aren’t above using it against you, jst bc some idiots online think you have to be consistently vocalizing your suffering 24/7 in order to be actually mentally ill

i saw a post abt the mcelroys and their fandom and since i didnt agree entirely w/ the op and my brain went off on a related tangent im making my own post:

i think the level of scrutiny/boundary crossing/pedestal placing that goes on with people who get overly involved in the lives of minor internet celebrities (who dont have the money to protect themselves from the audience) is really uncomfortable and weird at best and grotesque invasions of privacy at worst. the way people use the same attitudes to talk about/discuss real people as they do fictional characters is unsettling and i think there needs to be a mass call for some empathy in fandoms that involve real people. at the very least the fandom needs to coach themselves on maintaining a respectable distance from the people who work hard to provide them with entertainment, instead of feeling entitled to every single aspect of their being.

some misconceptions about the net neutrality vote that i keep seeing

some positives and hope about the situation that suck a little less than the possibility of losing it! 

*edited and summarized accordingly. i am not an expert on this by any means; i am learning as i go as we all are*

  • “if the vote goes through today, i’ll miss you all.”
    • even if the vote goes through and is negative, we would NOT lose net neutrality within a few days.
      • the fcc would have to take this to court
        • this court has supported net neutrality before, im p sure
        • plus the fcc has no real case
        • so, there’s hope
      • congress has also introduced a save net neutrality bill so!
    • you would still be able to talk to your internet friends.
  • that this is all about freedom of speech and using social media
    •  if you remember the internet before 2015, it’d be like that.
    • here are some other things:
      • you would pay an extra fee on your monthly internet bill
        • some people obviously cannot afford that
      • it would make it harder for smaller companies and creators to succeed and gain any footing
      • sites would have to pay larger bills depending on traffic
      • sites could be censored more 
      • obviously if you can afford the extra fee(s), the internet would become less accessibe
        • less communication (esp with those in other countries/overseas, like military families), less fortunate schools, etc.
      • the inventor of the internet, tim berners-lee, is in favor of net neutrality. congress is. netflix and other big companies are
      • the un considers the internet a basic human right.
        • a) why are they not doing anything lol
        • b) why should any rule try to mute that supposed right?
  • the biggest thing is people thinking net neutrality will go away immediately if the vote is to repeal it. this is NOT the case.
    • by no means should we stop fighting because there’s a chance, but stop working yourself into a panic and panicking other people. prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. 
    • also, by no means would this end the internet. but it WILL suck if net neutrality goes away.
  • ajit pai doesn give two shits about what we have to say. but congress has a say in this, so contact them. 
  • keep fighting for our internet
    • you should be upset. you should be worried. you should be fighting and contacting the government to let them know you oppose whtever rules repealing net neutrality would put in place or take away. 
The perpetually-offended on tumblr are complaining about people drawing NSFW fan art of the Wendy’s mascot...

And I’m just sitting here thinking, “You must be new to the internet".

Like…it’s been this way for at least 15 years now.  You came here late.  This is something you’re just going to have to deal with, because complaining ain’t gonna do shit



Everyone, especially to all my American followers, this is a really serious issue that we ALL need to take action against!

Net Neutrality is about to be taken away, removing our freedom of browsing through the internet however and whenever we want by placing paywalls and having our every move watched. The way we access the Internet on a daily basis could very well be changed for the worst for the sake of satisfying the greed of companies and other people with power.

But the good news is that YOU can do something about it!

In the description below this video I’ve shared, there’s a heck-ton of information on this issue!

You can call your representatives, write letters to the FCC, and most importantly…VOTE!!! As well as many other things. But please remember to be civil when doing any or all of the above. They can listen to you less if you act emotionally, so please try your best to stay calm and be mature about all of this.

PLEASE SPREAD THIS POST AROUND! Let everyone and your fellow American users know what’s going on! This is a VERY serious issue that could possibly affect the whole world if other countries decide to follow suite, but we as a collective can stop it by using our voices and the tools I’ve mentioned above.

Save Net Neutrality

Blogs like mine exist because of the open Internet. Please take a moment before Thursday’s ridiculous and idiotic vote to make people pay more for Internet usage:

FIRST—Call the FCC (leave a voicemail) at ‭202-418-1000‬

SECOND—Email these people:



1. Click

2. Click “+Express”

3. Check that “Proceeding(s)” is pre-populated with 17-108.

If not, type 17-108 and click enter.

4. Under the “Name(s) of Filer(s)” field, add your name, click enter

5. Add your address

6. Under “Brief Comments,” do your worst. Here’s a basic template:

Dear FCC Chairman Ajit Pai,

I support the existing Net Neutrality rules, which classify internet service providers under the Title II provision of the Telecommunications Act. Please DO NOT roll back these regulations. Thanks!

7. Click “Continue to review screen,” check your submission, click submit

You can’t defend Logan Paul. What he did was absolutely disgusting and the pinnacle of him making a jackass out of himself in Japan. Throughout his visit he has been obnoxious to the Japanese. Tourists like him are why people from other countries dread when Americans visit. 

There is a process to making videos. You have to go back and edit them. If he was truly that troubled by seeing that hanging, he would have most likely edited it out. He would have cut the footage there. 

But, Logan wanted to see a suicide. That’s the reason why he came into that forest with his crew, that’s the reason why he purposely went off the designated trail (they have that in place so tourists don’t see anything). And the worst part of it is, he exposed his very, very young audience to an actual hanging. He blocked out his face, but he still zoomed in, he still showed the purple, swollen hands to children. If he was truly that shaken, he would not have put the man’s corpse in his thumbnail. He put that there to get people’s attentions and views, to prove he wasn’t click baiting. 

What about the children who watch his videos who did lose someone they loved to suicide? That could be extremely triggering for them. 

If he had really cared, he would have stopped recording and he would have alerted the park. But, no, he and his friends laughed and joked and focused on the corpse. Remember, his audience is mostly consisted of kids and young teens. If any of them were struggling with their mental health, what kind of message does that give them? 

And for that poor man, we don’t know why he did it. Maybe he had mental health issues or maybe he struggled with a chronic, physical illness and didn’t want to hurt anymore, but not long ago, he was a breathing, living human being with family and friends. Those that knew him would be able to recognize him immediately from the video, and to have this dumbass American and his merry band of idiots put his hanging corpse all over the internet and make a complete joke out of it must be the worst feeling in the world. No matter what they do, that video will never go away. They saw their friend, their brother, their husband, father, son, boyfriend’s corpse in a thumbnail of a viral Youtube video, used to get views and coverage. 

He chose a secluded spot to end it all, hoping not to get any attention, and look what happens. His struggle and lost battle was turned into a joke for millions of people to see. I hope he found peace because even in death, he couldn’t get it. 

Logan is twenty-two. He’s not a kid, stop babying him. He’s a grown ass man who knows right from wrong, and he should face consequences for his actions. He purposely exploited a suicide victim. Even a teenager can tell you that’s fucked up. He knew what he was doing. 

Most importantly, though, parents seriously need to start monitoring what their children see on YouTube and be aware. Between this and Elsagate, their children are being exposed to horrific images. YouTube needs to get their shit together. 

Thirteen Reasons Why - Explained

Thirteen Reasons Why

I’ve seen a lot of posts about Hannah being a ‘drama queen’ or overreacting to small things everyone did so I thought I’d explain a bit about what I understood.

1. Justin - Justin exaggerated what he and Hannah did. While this seems mild, it set Hannah up for a terrible high school career because she earned the reputation of 'slut’. This happens so often in schools and in the adult world and can RUIN someone’s life in a certain, if not all areas.

2. Alex - Alex put Hannah as having the best ass against Jessica as the worst. It is clear that the internet is doing its thing again and not taking time to understand things properly; this was NOT A COMPLIMENT AND HANNAH HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE ANGRY. It was a clear violation of friendship and an obvious example of men pitting women against each other for their own benefit.

3. Jessica - I’m going more by the book here, but Jessica was on the tapes because she didn’t believe Hannah and abandoned her when she needed her. A clear example of how people can easily be lead by others and girls turning on each other because of guys. Jessica deserved to be on the tapes because she didn’t hear Hannah’s side of the story and instead took her anger out on her first friend at the school.

4. Tyler - I don’t think I need to explain much about this, but he abused his position as a photographer in school to violate boundaries for his own pleasure similar to how a lot of people in a power exploit those below them. He made Hannah feel vulnerable and took the lack of comfort she felt at school to her own bedroom.

5. Courtney - I suppose this is kind of harder to understand. Courtney was a closeted lesbian and therefore it is understandable that she was upset at the thought of her being outed before she was ready, but Hannah confided in her to help her expose someone else and instead she protected herself by further ruining Hannah. This shows the selfishness of those who feel the need to protect themselves by harming others.

6. Marcus - I haven’t seen much on Marcus honestly, but I dislike him immensely. He took advantage of Hannah because of the impression of her he had put together from rumours created by other reasons (Justin, Courtney) which is an expression of how men feel owed something from women, especially those who are seen as 'slutty’.

7. Zach - At first glance, Zach doesn’t seem too bad. At half a second glimpse, this changes. Hannah rejected him because he said something silly, a mistake, and if he had made an obvious effort to explain and apologise, he could have helped Hannah. Instead, he chooses to punish her by preventing her from receiving happiness from others. This is one of the clearest examples of how men can’t handle a woman’s right to say 'no’ and reject him…

8. Ryan - This tape is similar to that of Tyler in that he made her feel unsafe. What Tyler did was worse than Ryan, however the effect of Ryan’s actions had (in my opinion) worse consequences that Tyler’s. Ryan published her poem because he thought it was something that needed to be shared, a selfish and naive action (when considering the maturity of high school students), which meant that Hannah’s personal thoughts were no longer her own. She was not comfortable at school, home or in her own mind.

9. Clay - Though I agree when Hannah states that he shouldn’t have been on the tapes, Clay does represent 'everyone else’ who stands by and watched people like Hannah slowly fade and retreat into themselves because of the actions of others. The 'bystanders’ if you will, whose lack of part in our stories can be just as important as those who intrude on us.

10. Justin - It is evident in the series that Justin was extremely haunted by the rape at Jessica’s party and this is probably why he is gaining so much sympathy… this is also why I recommend you all READ THE BOOK. Justin stood by and watched his friend rape his girlfriend, why is he receiving more sympathy than I’ve seen for Jessica? Of course it was hard for Justin to witness that, but staying friends with Bryce and staying with Jessica without telling her is reason enough for him to be on the tapes again.

11. Jenny - Jenny was kind to Hannah, offering her a lift home, but she didn’t take responsibility for knocking down the stop sign which lead to someone’s DEATH. The guilt that Hannah was left with from this (because she was in the car) was understandably overwhelming, especially as the victim was a classmate who was blamed for drunk driving. Jenny is an example of how our reckless actions and lack of responsibility for them can destroy other lives; is that not the entire plot?

12. Bryce - Lord help you if you need an explaination.

13. Mr Porter - A perfect example of how there is not enough support out there for students (and people in general, honestly). The counsellor advising Hannah to 'move on’ after she confides in him that she was raped is one of the most haunting moments in the entire series, solidifying her reason for suicide- she had no comfort amongst her classmates, in her own home, in her mind and now, the specialist designated for dealing with situations like this bore no real interest in her problems and told her to 'move on’.

It’s extremely important for us when watching shows with topics like this to remember many things.

First, the show is not just this situation. Everything represents something more in society; each tape side is a problem in the world that leads to suicide, not only a small action by one character leading to Hannah Baker’s suicide. If you need help in understanding this, or want something else similar to this story, I recommend watching or reading 'An Inspector Calls’ by J.B. Priestly- a masterful piece tackling classism/sexism and how each person’s seemingly small actions lead to a girl’s suicide.

Second, memes are sometimes funny. The 'Clay every time he sees Tony’ memes are really funny, the 'fuck off, Courtney’ memes are funny, but the 'welcome to your tape over a slight inconvenience’ memes, they’re not. The show is raising awareness for the seriousness of suicide, not to create a fanbase of jokes about it. Promoting these after you watch the show, is a clear statement that you haven’t understood why it was made and is completely unacceptable.

Third, separate the character from the actor. Justin Prentice is NOT Bryce Walker, do not spam his comments with disgusting name calling or threatening- this is CLEARLY wrong and unnecessary. This also works the other way: Brandon Flynn is NOT Justin Foley. Just because Brandon is attractive and nice, doesn’t mean his character becomes as such.

Please don’t turn 13 reasons why into another generic element of pop culture. I love pop culture, don’t get me wrong, but we have a tendency to begin digging for meaning and giving up halfway; overusing the profound starting points of progress we find by loosely throwing them around, emptying them of all meaning.

Should I read the notes on my post?

1-50 notes: Sure!  Your friends and mutuals are having a nice conversation.

51-500 notes: Probably.  Might be some light Discourse going on, but it’s still worthwhile to engage in the discussion and consider any constructive criticism you’re getting.

501-5000 notes: If you’re in a good mood and have a nice cup of tea.  At this point it’s inevitable that you’ve picked up at least a couple trolls and/or people who consider this post evidence that you’re the worst human who ever lived.

5001-50,000 notes: With extreme caution.  Avert your eyes from the screen, focus on a fixed point on the horizon, and softly repeat “it’s only the Internet” as needed.  Do not attempt to defend yourself, as this will only make the situation much, much worse.

50,001+ notes: No.

Some less often asked questions

1: Would you prefer a large home or a small home?

2: If you could convert a decommissioned missile silo / underground bunker into a home, would you?

3: If you had the money to buy a private island and build a custom castle on it, would you?

4: Have you ever attempted to start a micronation?

5: Would you ever wanna start a micronation?

6: Do you like to dress fancy?

7: Have you ever considered running for office? Either on a national or subnational level.

8: Do you have any famous family members? What are they famous for?

9: Favourite James Bond film?

10: Where’s the most “exotic” place you’ve been to?

11: Have you ever voted in a national election? What about local?

12: What do you identify as, politically speaking?

13: Would you move to another country if you fell in love with someone from that country? What about state (or other national subdivision)?

14: Do you wear hats often?

15: Would you ever enlist in your nation’s armed forces?

16: Would you ever consider mercenary work?

17: When you go to a sandwich shop (such as Subway), what do you normally get on your sandwich?

18: What would perfect date be for you?

19: What do you like in your coffee?

20: Have you ever been to a formal party, other than prom, a wedding, or homecoming?

21: Of the many obscure languages of the world, which would you most like to learn?

22: How many children do you wish to have?

23: Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for?

24: What is a show you love that not many people would know you love?

25: Have you ever jumped out of a window?

26: Do you like to dress fancily?

27: If you could bring back any style of fashion from history, what would you bring back?

28: Do you like to dance?

29: What is your favourite style of architecture?

30: Do you have a favourite flag?

31: What is something you like to eat that others might find odd or gross?

32: Have you ever fired a gun? If not, would you like to?

33: Do you like to cook?

34: Do you keep a journal?

35: Linux, Mac, or Windows?

36: What does your ideal house look like?

37: Do you prefer playing on a computer or a console?

38: If someone offered you a secluded cabin in the woods, with all modern conveniences (such as internet and running water), with no strings, would you accept the offer?

39: Have you ever accidentally left the house without an article of clothing?

40: Do you enjoy documentaries?

41: Do you have a favourite letter (of any alphabet)?

42: Where is a place you’d like to visit that people don’t generally think of as a big vacation destination?

43: Prefer you the City, Suburbs, or Country?

44: Do you collect anything?

45: What is the worst injury you have ever received?

46: Do you have a favourite coat of arms?

47: If you could have your own coat of arms, or flag, what would it look like?

48: What is one food that everyone loves, but you hate?

49: What sort of car do you drive?

50: Who is your favourite historical figure?

🌅 Rising Signs 🌅

Aries Rising: can actually pull off red eyeshadow. hates waiting. thinks everything is a competition and people usually let them win because they’re scary when they get angry. doesn’t care about your problems. is every authority figure’s worst nightmare. 

Taurus Rising: that mf who actually looks good without makeup. no but fr they look like they walked straight out of a Jane Austen novel. the most awkward person ever. sucks at being spontaneous. once they develop a certain habit it’s there to stay. is really bad at reading between the lines. 

Gemini Rising: cute af and knows it. constantly interrupts you. doesn’t know what they’re talking about. is crushing on at least 5 people at any one time. has too many different interests and none of them stick for very long. the one sign that could actually make use of a fidget spinner.  

Cancer Rising: everyone thinks they’re gay and they’re right. has the weirdest laugh. makes a big deal out of everything. fragile but tries way too hard to pretend they aren’t. the Mum Friend™. kinda chubby. has probably seen every romcom under the sun.   

Leo Rising: has never had a single bad hair day in their life. puts makeup on to go grocery shopping. u either love them or u hate them. incorrectly quotes Shakespeare all the time. has to have the last word in everything. crowd-pleaser. always trying to one up u for some reason.

Virgo Rising: looks competent but is barely keeping it together. most common facial expression is disappointment. corrects ur grammar in the middle of a dmc. literally the worst person to be around before an exam. cracks their knuckles so much u have to wonder how their hands aren’t broken already. 

Libra Rising: spends too much time getting ready. deeply insecure but also cannot conceive of anyone disliking them. is both argumentative and afraid of confrontation. waits until the last possible minute to make a decision. pretends to want to split the bill. doesn’t have any bad angles. 

Scorpio Rising: reads too deeply into ur texts. you can never tell what they’re thinking. has the anime villain laugh down to a t. fake deep. intense eye contact, to the point where it’s actually kind of creepy. keeps detailed case files on everyone they’ve ever been in a relationship with. 

Sagittarius Rising: too fucking loud!! class clown. irritatingly optimistic. offers their opinion even if no one asked. thinks they’re a good dancer. probably has one of those “live, laugh, love” signs hanging in their house somewhere. somehow always has the money to travel?? 

Capricorn Rising: do these people even talk?? if they weren’t so intimidating you probably wouldn’t even know they were there. would genuinely sell their soul to get to the top. always expects the worst from every situation. never tells you what you want to hear. the ugly kid in class who grows up to be a millionaire

Aquarius Rising: the kind of person who looks like everyone else but also no one in particular. gives u a lecture on social issues every chance they get. thinks a pat on the back counts as emotional support. practically lives on the internet. is somehow friends with everyone you know. 

Pisces Rising: the ultimate manic pixie dream girl. no one really knows who they are, and chances are, neither do they. in fact, their whole life is just one ongoing identity crisis. is way too nice to everyone. wasn’t actually listening to what u were saying but agrees with u nevertheless. 

Bad Musical Synopses

Phantom of the Opera: A speculative fiction about what would happen if Benedict Cumberbatch were a woman and his fans had access to a basement.

Hamilton: The best friend of an ambitious political dissident warns him repeatedly that his actions will end in tragedy. When that doesn’t actually happen, the best friend takes it upon himself to teach a valuable life lesson.

Jesus Christ Superstar: The best friend of an ambitious political dissident warns him repeatedly that his actions will end in tragedy. When that doesn’t actually happen, the best friend takes it upon himself to teach a valuable life lesson.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Tim Gunn was sick today on Project Runway. Let’s see what happens!

Miss Saigon: White savior done fucked up. No one is surprised.

The Scarlet Pimpernel: Proto-superhero pretends to be gay. Wife is understandably miffed when she discovers she won’t be getting the D. Hilarity ensues.


Chicago: He really did have it coming.

Cabaret: A Conservative Republican’s worst nightmare is set to music.

Cats: Furries provide a fun-filled look into an average night out.

Rent: All these people are going to die the minute you leave the theater.

Avenue Q: Today on Sesame Street, we learn an important lesson about the purpose of the internet. The word of the day is ANAL. 

Les Miserables: A man steals a loaf of bread and is chased across France by the most dedicated police officer on the force. Consequently, everyone dies.

My Fair Lady: A valuable life lesson is taught: if you want to make it in life, all you need to do is sacrifice everything, suffer torment from an obsessive linguistics major, and fake an upper-class English accent. Unless you’re a man, and then you just need to explain that you really need money for alcohol. In that case, someone will promptly die and will you their fortune.

How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying: A young man attempts to push the boundaries of white male privilege. He soon finds there are none.

Sweeney Todd: A barber and his girlfriend take Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” a little too far.

!! we only have a few weeks to save net neutrality !!

to put it simply, net neutrality is the principal that states that internet providers in america (like at&t or verizon) cannot control what we say, do, or see online. trump’s fcc chairman ajit pal and other members of the fcc want to take it away from us americans.

the effects of no net neutrality would include:

  • slower internet speeds, and companies can charge more money for faster internet and the companies could demand money from websites, like netflix. if netflix or any other website were to disagree, the company asking for money could make the website unwatchably slow, or even block it as a whole. these companies could choose to block whatever content or websites they wanted too.
  • higher pricing. without net neutrality, you would have to pay more money monthy, weekly, or daily just to use social media, stream music, play video games, use your email, and much more. imagine having to pay $10-20 extra just to watch your favorite youtuber or to use tumblr/instagram/snapchat/etc.
  • marginalized communites with little to no voice in the media to be effected. The LGBTQIA+, people of color, indigenous peoples, and religious minorities tend to rely on the open internet to fight back against discrimination placed upon them by society.

in my opinion, one of the worst effects would be those placed on the young adults and teenagers. go onto any social media platform, and you would see the hundreds of people saying that a band, youtuber, book series, movie series, or an online friend saved their lives. their lives. in today’s society, some people depend and rely on the internet to bring them happiness. no net neutrality would take away that joy if the person could not afford to pay that bill or their internet provider blocked it. take a moment to think of the many people saying that the internet is their escape from whatever they were forced to deal with.

if you want to help, there are so many ways to do so, you don’t even need to be american. you can:

  • send a letter to congress
  • sign a petition (link to one here)
  • share and spread the word, tell everyone and anyone you know to help out
  • call congress
  • text RESIST to 50409
  • blow up the inboxes of the people who have the future of america’s internet in their hands
    • ajit pal -
    • mignon clyburn -
    • michael o’reilly - Mike.O’
    • brandon carr -
    • jessica rosenworcel -
  • call ajit pal at 202-418-1000
  • do even more research, as i haven’t even told the half of it!

!! the fcc is voting on ajit pal’s policy december 14, meaning we need to start working double time. it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can mutually agree on a human being’s right to open internet !!

please help us to save the internet.

Can we go back to romanticizing john green books? Like he is actually the chillest dude and other than being pretentious he hasnt done any bad shit.
Like him and his brother spend so much of their time actively trying to make the world a better place and we take this dude and make him the worst person online like seriously wtf?
He has spoken up about dozens of issues including environmental issues, world health, the treatment of women and he and his brother have a charity that many times a year they actively spend time and effort to raise awareness to our hundreds of issues as a planet.
Like fuck man he is a real good dude and all you need to do to see that is google his name and watch a few videos but u judge people off memes you read on the internet instead of making your own opinion


I have been asked to make a comment on a situation in the petblr community. I have chosen to not name the blog in question, because I am convinced they are a troll and the best course of action is to starve them. I would encourage you to ignore or block them, and do not engage.

You might think my job as a veterinarian is to take care of animals. You’re wrong. My job as a veterinarian is to convince people to take care of animals.

I have been doing so for many years. I would like to think that I’m getting pretty decent at it by now, and I’ve certainly encountered my share of challenging people who were extremely reluctant to improve their pets care.

It can be extraordinarily frustrating. Seven years in this profession has turned me into a rather cynical grump these days because I’ve heard basically every excuse in the book by now. I will think some pretty mean thoughts at times, my internal monologue can be very harsh, but the words I think are rarely the words I let out of my mouth, or onto the internet.

It’s so easy to be judgemental, especially when you’re inexperienced but have recently gained knowledge that makes you feel superior or compelled to spread it. However, it’s also useless at best, and harmful at worst.

How can being judgemental about somebody’s animal care be harmful? By making those people more resistant to good advice. Whether it’s because you’ve put them onto the defensive, or because they now fear being mocked, you have contributed to the delaying or preventing of a better welfare state for that animal.

Also, it makes you kind of an arse.

Aggressively jumping to the ‘defense’ of an animal only makes yourself feel good. It makes you feel like you’ve done a good thing, even if you haven’t. Before I allow myself to be judgemental, there are a few points I consider.

  • Is it possible this person just doesn’t know what an ideal setup or situation should be?
  • Are there extraneous circumstances of which I’m not aware?

People don’t respond well to rudeness or 'being blunt’ the majority of the time. They actually become more resistant. You are kidding yourself if you believe otherwise. They might say they will follow your instructions, only for them to switch clinics and you never see those animals again.

Now I know there are a lot of people with the 'I love animals and hate humans mentality’ and many of these people will jump on any situation that’s not 'perfect’ as an excuse to be bullies towards other people.

You know the type. The ones that are expecting, and practically crowing over, any 'anon hate mail’ or supposed 'death threats’ they’re expecting to earn.

I would suggest that if you 'know’ you’re going to get hate and 'death threats’ then you’re doing something wrong, and you know it. Even if you claim you’re being 'honest’ or 'blunt’.

If you’re claiming the moral high ground, then for goodness sake act like it.

If you have knowledge, then you have the potential to accomplish something good with it. Using it as an excuse because you want to feel superior or to be mean to people is not acceptable. You can think what you like, but if you’re going to say something then make it something constructive.

If you are using animal care as an excuse to be a bully, then you’re not one of my Vetlings and I do not support your behaviour.

You’re Borderline? Me too.

I’ve found more times than not, people have no idea what I’m talking about when I say I have Borderline Personality Disorder. So, I’ve decided to offer my own personal narrative to anyone who would like to share this with others.

Borderline Personality Disorder, or BPD for those who are familiar, is a very serious mental illness that as of yet has no cure. The symptoms, that not everyone has all of, can be minimized or controlled by use of prescription drugs and for some, therapy. The internet tells us that the most prominent symptoms are unstable moods, unstable interpersonal relationships, problems with self image, trouble controlling behavior, and more often than not, self-harm and suicidal thoughts/attempts. For some, this can disturb family and work life, long-term planning, and sometimes one’s sense of identity.

What the professional websites don’t tell you about are more specific things that people like us go through on a daily basis, and I’m only going to touch on a few of the more big picture things.

First, lets talk about the abandonment issues. Doctors say we tend to push others away so they can’t do it to us first. This is true, but how do we do it? The most simple example I can think of, is if someone texts us and we start having a conversation with them, let’s say minutes between each response, and all of the sudden they stop replying… they hate us. They definitely think we are the worst person on the planet and they are never going to talk to us again so we might as well delete them on all social media and their phone number for that matter. If we aren’t invited to every single thing that our friend group does, they don’t like us. If you put something on social media and some of your friends are too busy to see it and respond to you, they aren’t your real friend. Sometimes we cling to people in obnoxious ways because they give us attention. We trust in them. Sometimes we adapt to their personalities and things they like so that they will stay around us longer. On the other hand we may not be able to get away from people that aren’t good to us or trigger us because we don’t want to be without friends. Because of both of these issues, we are also afraid to get close to people.

This next thing isn’t the most important thing but it’s damn close. It’s something that I call “the haze,” but most refer to it as Borderline Rage. What triggers this? It could be anything. The wind could blow, your pencil could be out of lead, your gas could be pumping too slow, the possibilities are endless. When we are set off into rage, something takes over. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “The lights are on but nobody’s home?” That is exactly what’s happening. And we do things. We do things that we may not necessarily do when we are in our sane frame. We may say things that we don’t mean. We have no control over ourselves and it is scary as hell. You think that’s scary to think about? Imagine living it. The best thing about this part is that most of the time we are 100% normal ten minutes after we’re out of Rage.

I know you’re probably thinking this is crazy, and you’d be right, but believe it or not we are in just as much shock as you are when we think about it. We don’t know why we can’t control ourselves either. We act like we are fine, but I can assure you that what comes next is the worst thing of all…

A person with BPD’s closest frenemy. Guilt. We feel guilt for everything. The guilt coincides with depression for a lot of people. Whenever we do something that we can’t control, things like deleting people’s social media, going into Borderline Rage, pushing people away for no reason, saying things to people or posting them on the internet, the guilt that we feel is almost unbearable. When this happens, the guilt is so severe that some of us turn to self-harm, substance abuse, and even suicide. You all tell us that it’s okay and that people will understand, but they won’t and they don’t. No one wants to believe that we don’t have control. People call us toxic, dramatic and manipulative. That’s not what’s happening at all. We really can’t control ourselves most of the time.

I hope the explanation of some of the things that I and many others go through helps you grasp the horrible mental illness that we have. Borderline Personality Disorder is alive and well, and it’s time that more people started realizing that.


Worst Halloween Costume. I used to work for this company at one point in time that had a hierarchy. In the hierarchy there were animals and the lowest of the low was a poodle. So for the company Halloween party, all the first year people had to dress up as poodles. So there’s a picture out there somewhere on the internet of me in this poodle outfit.