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I pretended to be you on the internet for awhile way back in early 2000's (mostly on Wolfquest, copying Blue's V1 design as best I could) NGL, being you was THE worst thing in the world lol so many annoying people asking for videos or free stuff. Every server I went on people knew your name. It was constant hounding basically. Also, you'll be happy to know I stopped impersonating you when I turned like 9. So, yeah. That's the time I pretended to be you.

*sticks out leg* You only had a taste of the daily hell that was my early internet life. lmao, but I’m glad you stopped that. Hope you had some fun tho!

I think I’ve had ppl come to me and talk to me about wolfquest days and I just “lol sorry fam, that wasn’t me”

Actually I’ve gotten that a lot about a lot of things. Actual people they knew at school, wolfquest, that mouse game, that toon town game, club penguin. it’s kind of crazy how large of an internet presence I used to have and how many ppl tried to say they were me. XD It’s cute.

Guys please Perú is facing one of the worst period of time, the north of our country its totally inundated and people r dying and losing their home and everything and u r thinking ‘what can we do to help ?’ Rn u just have to spread this and make it known so everyone knows about it bc Rn we dont have any communication the north of our country is flooded without internet nor phones and no one knows about it so please rb this so that way the media and other countries like urs knows about it. So please help me spread it. Thank u !!

Can we go back to romanticizing john green books? Like he is actually the chillest dude and other than being pretentious he hasnt done any bad shit.
Like him and his brother spend so much of their time actively trying to make the world a better place and we take this dude and make him the worst person online like seriously wtf?
He has spoken up about dozens of issues including environmental issues, world health, the treatment of women and he and his brother have a charity that many times a year they actively spend time and effort to raise awareness to our hundreds of issues as a planet.
Like fuck man he is a real good dude and all you need to do to see that is google his name and watch a few videos but u judge people off memes you read on the internet instead of making your own opinion


updates in peru: communications are bad at best even in the capital and obviously worst in the places were the avalanches had reached. if you have friends and family in chiclayo, trujillo, lima, cienegilla, chosica, punta hermosa and piura, please try to get communicate with your relatives over the internet. if you don’t reach them, keep calm, there is no human loss yet (a little girl apparently, but not confirmed).

PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. PLEASE HELP BY SPREADING AWARENESS. We are not Paris, we are not USA, or any county in Europe but WE NEED HELP. We never had disaster like this and we just really need at least to get media to see us. 

PEOPLE IN PERU, i’m here if you need someone to talk. i know the images we are seeing in tv are heartbreaking and impressive so i’m here. please remember there are no classes in school and most institutes and that we are gonna be left without water in any minute and can last for a whole day, so take your precautions. stay safe please.

i don’t understand why the go-to insults to use against people on the internet that do awful shit are always ableist or classist?

like you know who else lives in their mom’s basement? People who can’t afford to live by themselves, or people who are disabled and can’t or would rather not live by themselves due to accessibility? I don’t see how this is inherently insulting.

how are you gonna’ say that you hate ableism and classism when all your insults posit being disabled and poor as the worst possible derogatory trump cards. get outta my face.

Dear 2017,

Listen. At the end of each year everyone always claims it was the worst. And that’s probably a lot of pressure for you, 2017. You might be scared you’ll top them all, that you might suck harder than anything has ever sucked before. But don’t let the previous setbacks lessen your courage or dampen your positivity. This is YOUR year 2017! It’s named after you! And it’s going to be full of friendship and love and art and animals and pancakes and waffles and late night chats with pals and more connecting to people like you on the internet and more sharing creative output and more everything that makes you happy. We can just feel it. So put a pot of coffee on and get ready for your big day. It’s almost here.


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I understand venting to people helps but with the internet, displaying to an entire audience usually goes kinda bad! like most recently you recording and put hateful people on blast on your twitter (they were cunts albeit) but why do it? it doesnt really gain you anything other than sympathy pats. same with your constant "disappointment" in your comments. it hurts, it really does but these are just faceless people (like me kek!) just report/block and keep truckin'. dont show that it bothers you.

I am not even hurt, I didn’t expect sympathy pats, It legit was the worst comment section I’ve had in my videos with a bunch of spam messages, virus links and so forth.

It is expected when you grow as a person but I do go through my comment section to keep it as friendly and safe for people to go through, as long as I can.

But I will not stay silent about how I feel about it, that’s basically censoring my personality. I’m not going to become an emotionless puppet just because I have an audience. 

There are a lot of gay men fictions on the internet and I can guarantee you that 90% of the writers are women.

Most of those gay fictions always have sexy scenes that includes them rubbing on each other, conversations about dicks and butts, a ton of smutty chapters, etc. People who read those fictions will automatically think that gay men are hot and they will automatically fetish them creepily.

And those people are kids. Internet is full of kids - around 11 to 14 year olds. Remember that the first time we were shown the word ‘shipping’ was around that age, when we first got to the internet. Those people will be influenced by those fictions all around the internet, normalizing them, romanticizing them, and ignoring the ones that call them out.

you may not realize this but KS is using gay men as the main platform. The plotline is really shit - Koogi claimed that to be horror but then she dedicated an entire chapter of sucking a dick. And the worst part is that the fans actually thought that that chapter was good and so they started to make sexy, 'cute’ fanarts of them together.

This is dangerous. Why would you ship an abusive relationship together? I do love the bad boy theme too but remember to draw the line between a bad boy and an abuser.

Why would anyone like S//ngwoo?? He’s an abuser, a sadist, and should be treated as such. He’s not a 'pure cinnamon roll’ - he’s evil and shouldn’t be glamorized. How could anyone draw fanarts of him acting cute and sexy, and still be able to sleep at night? What the fuck.

And second, why would anyone like to see Y//nbum being tied up?? People literally draw him being tied up and tortured, even Koogi herself drew him being tied up?? How could anyone enjoy that without being even slightly disturbed by it? Please tell me a good reason why would anyone draw him in such a bad condition.

Also, Koogi claimed that one of them has BPD without doing any researches at all. She told the interviewer that she has done no research, she just wants Y//nbum to 'not appear normal’. What kind of ableism is that? We already got Split doing this with DID, we don’t need KS to do the same thing.

If one of you says that it’s only fiction, you can all choke tbh. Fiction does affect reality. Split is fiction but a lot of people believe that all DID people are evil. We do not need this kind of shit anymore.

What would you feel if you saw someone like you being fetished on the internet? You could see a lot of comments wanting to do a lot of sexual stuff with you? Would that make you uncomfortable?

What would you feel if you were abused and you saw a lot of people fetishing and liking an abusive manhwa? Even if you were abused but still enjoyed the manhwa, it’s still wrong because it’s not just about you, but it’s also about people who have been affected badly by it. You may enjoy it but what about those people who get flashbacks all of the sudden? Who suddenly gets a panic attack? Why suddenly gets triggered and cry to sleep because of it? What would you feel if that was you?

KS is toxic in so many ways, I hope it’ll end soon enough.


Emma: “I’m making my specialty. Microwaved popcorn with milk duds mixed in to get all melty.”

Hey Anons,

if you know my blog a little bit, then I think you know that I agree with you and I think this might be a hint - or a coincidence, I’m not a popcorn fan, maybe it’s common? - and I am not assuming the worst. As I put in the tags, I think if it was a hint, it may have been a bit of an ill-conceived hint because…

Let’s see how to put it. The internet has played an enormous role for the queer community. It’s become so much safer to meet people without physically putting ourselves out there in spaces where we could become victims, because if we could find those spaces, then so could people who… want queer people dead or hurt. The internet has changed all that. It’s really been our safe space.

Now, what Once has done by queer coding Emma & Regina and putting in a lot of queer subtext, is sending out a bit of a bat signal for us to come online and find the fandom. For many people this has been a subconscious thing even, I think many picked up on it but only started to realize they were gay in this fandom. Now all of that isn’t bad, but I think the showrunners were unaware of this effect or the huge importance of the internet for us. This is where many of us make our lives, especially if you’re stuck in a small town, then online becomes social space where you are normal for a bit. It carries more weight in our lives than in straight people’s lives.

Even if they are going to confirm the romantic nature of Emma & Regina’s relationship in the end, the fact that they have sent out that signal without creating a safe and welcoming space for queer people from the very beginning is where they went wrong. They may just be teasing and playing coy and dropping hints in the same way they would for a straight slow burn, but it doesn’t translate the same way. It has translated into people thinking they were avoiding the subject because they wanted nothing to do with queer people and it resulted in bigots thinking the show is actively ashamed of their queer fanbase. Those people felt encouraged to bully us, call us delusional and send hate.

While you can’t blame them for society’s bigotry, you can blame them for putting plot secrecy - if that’s what it is - before real people. They could have responded more positively to the idea of Emma & Regina together. Could have helped to create a safe space. Could have sent out photos, mentioned them, had photos ops with both of them. Talked about it openly. The world is so straight-until-proven-queer people would still have assumed they weren’t gonna do it. Hell, I might have assumed they weren’t going to do it had the PR been more positive. Imagine all the young people who flocked to the ouat fandom because of the subtext would have instead seen an advertisement that called them to a real safe space instead? Or had been attracted to a show that treated them right instead? If you call us, you should take some responsibility.

They didn’t.

So what happened instead was that the queer community was forced to build its own safe space around the show. Fan fiction is a big part of that safe space and people here have been very protective of it. While I think that the writers have carved out this story between them, the community really is ours, they did very little against the bigotry and they enabled it - probably mostly out of ignorance. 

A big part of what makes Emma and Hook so painful and nauseating to watch is that they have taken elements from lesbian subculture - her outfits - and they have given her body language of a woman that if she were to walk down the street, you would identify as queer and then made her kiss a man. For years. Even if there’s a resolution, it leaves a bitter taste, especially because I think this is a cautionary tale for straight women. Using a queer character’s coming out in the very end is a message that says “Even if your sexuality is so extreme that it is the most unacceptable sexuality of them all - a lesbian, then you should still embrace yourself and accept it.” It’s not a story really written for queer women, it’s a story using a queer character to tell a story for everyone. The lesbian as the metaphor for everywoman who needs to accept her desires - repressed by years of Roman Catholic ideals forcing women to repress everything. That’s why you get years on end of relationships with men so everyone would be able to identify with her. It starts from the premise that a large part of the audience wouldn’t identify with a character if they knew from the start they weren’t straight - which isn’t necessarily untrue, but if that’s your starting point, you will always partly validate the homophobia behind that idea.

So to come back to taking from our fan fiction to give hints. We don’t just want Swan Queen. We wanted safety and positive messages from everyone involved. We had to create all that by ourselves. Fanfiction tells queer stories out in the open. It tells the stories that would be on television if the world were okay. It’s from our perspective and none of our fanfictions spend chapters on end on the men some of us choose to hide our sexuality with. That is part of the safe space we created, these are our real stories. So taking something from fan fiction and giving it to the couple that - quite frankly - symbolizes forcing a man on a lesbian, then it feels like they’re saying that we are never safe. Not even in the little bit of safe space we had to try and create for ourselves in response to the show after they put out a call that brought us here. 

So yes, even if they’d given it to Emma & Regina, people would still be angry, albeit maybe a little bit less, no? I just think it’s important to try and discern where the anger is coming from instead of telling a marginalized group that their feelings are wrong.

I still love this show because I have been doing a lot of research and I think the concepts are brilliant, but since I see so many people around me being angry, I am not going to be the one to police gut reactions. I think the showrunners should be aware of the effect of the messages they put out into the world. We are born queer, not any more educated or informed, so why would we have to earn our stories by digging for them?


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At the end of the day no matter who we are or what circumstances our lives are in we’re all human beings. 
We all have flaws, we all make mistakes, we all laugh and cry and get angry, we all have things we’re scared of or insecure about and we’re all capable of doing good and doing bad things. 

Celebrities and Youtubers too are all people behind how they appear on screen or how they appear in the media. For most of us we never truly get the chance to know these people so sometimes it’s easier for us to treat these them 10x greater then how we treat ourselves or when they do something “wrong” sometimes we treat them like the worst of human existence. Or maybe that’s just internet culture and Tumblr I have no idea. :P But both of these ways of treating celebrities don’t treat them like they’re real people which is what they are no matter how good or bad they actually are when the cameras are off. Their existence is not for solely entertaining people. When it comes down to it in my opinion everyone’s existence is for who they genuinely are as people and how they go through their lives. Plus also in my opinion no matter who someone is or what their “title” in the world is, every single human being matters and has something to offer the world by simply existing in it. I don’t care if you’re a Brad Pitt,  a Markiplier or my friend Scott or a person I don’t even know. You’re still a human being, you matter and have something to offer the world that no one else does just by simply existing in it and that existence is what YOU make it.

So I’ve been in probably the worst time of my life this past two years. All most everybody I know thinks of me as this useless girl without friends who plays videogames all day, sits in front of the computer everyday and watches these “stupid“ videos. Well, and these “stupid“ videos make me smile everyday and keep me from crying myself to sleep because of who I am. People you know just seem to see all the mistakes and bad sides of you, but there are certain people on the internet who see the beauty in you and they probably never met you in person. And one of those people for me is @therealjacksepticeye. I have been watching his videos for more than a year now and I have been feeling a little bit better everyday because of him. He doesn’t tell me that what I do is stupid, that I don’t have any hobbies or that I am lazy and useless. He tells me that I’m great, that I inspire him and that I’m important. He is the friend I always needed in my life, a person who loves me the way I am. Thanks to him I am more optimistic and confident about myself, not because of people telling me that they didn’t mean it after yelling at me for doing everything wrong. So I just want to say thank you to Jack for making my life better, making me smile and just being him. You are the most incredible person I know and always be my hero.

ace discourse is literally the worst fucking thing i’ve seen on this hell website
not wanting to have sex or not loving anyone doesn’t make you an lgbt member fuck off
these people literally died for who they are and you think your mom making fun of you for being a virgin makes you oppressed? lmfao

Hi, sorry I can’t take front selfies and all my good ones were on my old phone 😕

But yeah, I’m Megan. I am 18 and I’m from Scotland. I’m going to university after the summer to study philosophy and politics (well hopefully) though I’m slightly terrified about moving away.
My interests are :philosophy and politics obviously, reading, bingeing tv shows, eating, sports etc.
I work at McDonald’s which is the worst thing ever. I like memes and when people tell me stories about their lives. I want to travel more and see the world. I love long conversations about absolutely anything with anyone. I also get really angry about stupid things e.g Oreos. But I swear I’m not crazy.
So yeah, if you’re a nice person who loves to chat about loads of stuff and is looking for an internet friend and is like 16-19 years old, hit me up.

Additional note- Don’t mind whether you’re a boy or girl or sexuality or where you’re from etc. Just thought I should mention

Sc- Megan918
Instagram- Meggyc0918
Tumblr- Wonderlandintheocean

Remember when sol/arsen/ti/ence doxxed a minor to said minor’s parent knowing they had an abusive parent

Remember when ace Tumblr celebrated after someone harrassed an exclusionist lesbian until she committed suicide

Remember when ace Tumblr said having trump elected would be a good thing because “latinxes are more likely to be aphobes and it’ll get rid of them”

Remember when ace Tumblr said the Gays were lucky to have Pulse to use as an argument and that it was a sign of gay privilege

Remember when ace Tumblr saw that list that put Jewish people, people of color, and trans people together with literal Nazis and TERFs because “aphobia is as bad as being a Nazi” but they had no issue with it

but someone lying on the internet is the worst thing anyone’s done in the discourse obviously exclusionists should be ashamed that they had no idea someone was lying to them this whole time. Obviously they should have known. Next time someone tells you theyres a trans woman of color, make sure you get the receipts!!!!! Trace their bloodline!!!!!!! Look at their birth certificate!!!!!!! Examine their medical history!!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise you’re an aphobe obviously

The Evil Twin Rule

When we’re reading something communicated by text, there’s no tone of voice or real-life facial expression to tell us exactly what the other person means.

Our brains are very silly in how they deal with this lack of information. Instead of doing this:

…our brains tend to do this:

This can get pretty bad with people we know. It’s much worse with strangers, because we have no knowledge of what sort of expressions and tones tend to go with that person’s words.

This acts as a kind of amplifier for interpersonal discord on the internet. When you write a comment in text, it’s kind of like sending your condescending, resentful evil twin in your place to read the message aloud to the recipient.

And the worst part is, they’re going to send their evil twin to read you the reply!

You can tackle this problem on two fronts.

First, when you’re writing to someone you suspect will hear you the wrong way, stop and read over your message in the most cutting tone you can think of. If reading it meanly sounds natural, change the wording around. Add statements of appreciation, or clarifications about how you feel and what you’re hoping for. Make things hard for your evil twin.

Keep in mind that your evil twin is very good at being evil, and get ready to clarify if something still manages to come across wrong.

Second, when you get a message that seems cutting, stop to consider how it would sound if you read it in a warmer tone. Like earnest concern, or friendly teasing.

If you’re not feeling up to the task of changing how you interpret someone’s online tone, or you feel you really need to know for certain how something was meant, you can ask. Say something like, “Hey, this thing you wrote came across to me as being in a really biting tone, implying that you were mad at me. But I’m not sure if that’s how you meant it. Can you please clarify that for me before we move forward with the discussion?”

Because tone conveyed through text can be super misleading.

I think the most infuriating part of the Mass Effect Andromeda outrage is that I literally have no idea why media is outright lying about how the game is. I know so many people playing the game right now that are equally as confused over the poor reviews and the kind of “negatives” being pointed out. These aren’t Bioware fanboys either being confused - these are largely people that liked Mass Effect “enough,” or have never interacted with the company before. Though, every single time a new Bioware title comes out, 4chan, general gaming communities, and anti-Bioware fanatics everywhere look for the very worst negatives and greatly hyperbolize them. It was the same for Mass Effect 3, as it was for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The screenshots and gifs all over the internet are literally like nothing I’ve ever seen while playing (and I’m about 15 hours in). It’s true that there were a few, and I mean a *FEW*wonky graphics issues in the tutorial mission, but ever since then everything has been gorgeous. Nearly every gif I’ve seen that’s been posted to make fun of the game was either from the demo or was using a default Ryder (which I have heard have issues). I’m not getting bizarre facial shifting or expressions befitting something a child would have made. Everything looks exactly on par with the earlier games in the franchise - and actually better. For Bioware, at least. The reported issue of “every character sounding like a cold robot?” Addison. Addison is the only character I have experienced this phenomenon with. And her voice acting improves past the first visit to the Nexus. A little inconsistent, but not something I’d ever think twice about if not for all of the social media attention.

And what about the bad writing I keep hearing about? Literally what in this game is so poorly written? The characters have more depth, more personality, and more heart than some of the previous games. There’s nothing about the main plot that shouts “AWFUL.” In fact, the main story is very well written. It’s fascinating, expansive, and even most of the sidequests are written uniquely. The story even compels me to read every codex, and gives me a sense of explorative urgency I haven’t felt as intensely in most other games. Period. The villain is horrifying, the planets are all brilliant, and the squad easily #1 or #2 best in the franchise.

And our actual hero? Easily as well-written if not better written than Shepherd. Shepherd was genius, but was pretty much renegade, paragon, or neutral. Ryder has so much more to them. You literally get to build who they are from the ground up and every dialogue choice makes them your own.

The actual game is so vastly different from the version I keep hearing about all over Reddit and Tumblr, and quite frankly, I find it absurd and suspicious.

But regardless, what’s important is that Mass Effect Andromeda is a DAMN good game. The gameplay is potentially the best of the franchise, the planets are expansive and all interesting, and the entire experience is FUN.

Don’t feel bad for enjoying this wonderful adventure! Feel bad for those that are degrading it without having ever touched it. They literally have no idea what kind of game Andromeda is, and it’s not entirely their fault. And hey, if you’re playing it and don’t love it so much, that’s okay too! I think we can all agree it’s not the glitchy carcass of a game that it’s being painted as.

allies are easy to come by. there’s dozens of white people just waiting for a chance to make an issue be about their investment in it lurking in every internet corner.

white allies are like consumers. they will get what they want for as cheap as possible and complain when their purchases don’t live up to a promise they imagined before purchasing. what many white people don’t get is that our friends who aren’t white are just waiting for the day we’ll abandon them for our investment in whiteness. and i’ve seen it happen in left discourse for over twenty years. allies are the worst.


You are doing literally LESS THAN JACK SHIT to help her. You are actually DAMAGING her. I know this is hard to believe, but not everyone wants their issues paraded around on the internet. She has said herself that all of you getting up in her grill is stressing her out beyond belief. It is embarrassing. IT IS HUMILIATING. You are humiliating her. 

If you really care about her, the most you could do is private message her and tell her you care about her. Not THREATEN her to “get better.” Do not unsubscribe from her for this cause alone. You are literally not supporting her. NOT SUPPORTING HER IS THE WORST THING YOU COULD DO.

LISTEN. Whether or not Eugenia has an ED, forcing people to eat does not work. People with ED do not get better by feeling forced into eating!!! You cannot shame them! People with ED must want to get better themselves, for their own health and well-being!!! IT DOESN’T GET BETTER IN A MONTH. IT TAKES TIME. Even Eugenia has said: YOU THINK YOU’RE HELPING, BUT YOU’RE NOT.