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Silver Lining (PART 1)

I got an adorable ask and because my brain stopped working for a minute back then, I deleted it. Good job, me. But I wanted to write it nonetheless. So, anon, wherever you are, I loved your ask and I hope you like it, my little smutling! 

I will divide this Oneshot into two parts, even though it’s not that long. But it’s fitting because of a minor time skip. The second one will be fluffy as fuck, just sayin’. You might get diabetes. 

Raphael and you were in a relationship for years now. It wasn’t always easy, that’s for sure. He still had difficulties to control his temper, you always wept easily, and this combination could evolve into some serious drama from time to time. But both of you knew that a relationship wasn’t always pink and fluffy. It could be hard and exhausting, but as long as each of you was willing to work for it, life was good. At least it had been good for roughly a month now. 

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Top Ten Worst Things, Part III

September(ish) to December 2016 a.k.a. The Return of the Whiskers, a truly glorious era of Hiddles

ICYMI Part I - Part II

1. Emergency Lesson Tom with Whiskers (and looking like he just rolled out of bed and grabbed the nearest shirt)

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2. Gorilla Tom on Jimmy Kimmel

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3. Professor Tom out at the cafe

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4. Savior Tom talking about his latest trip with UNICEF

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5. Sharpie Tom trying to draw emojis (yes, I know Emergency Lesson Tom has already been featured, but you don’t understand, Sharpie Tom is a completely different entity and Problem…you can hear the scratching of the pen on the paper…)

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6. Spotlight Whore Tom and his Golden Globes at the Sky Women in TV and Film Awards

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7. Strutting Savior Tom in the field with UNICEF

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8. More Savior Tom talking about UNICEF and showing off his dimples and just generally being infuriating

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9. Fanboy Tom presenting to Sir Kenny at the Evening Standard Awards

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10. And I know it was months and months ago but just because it was the highlight of TV appearances this year and it will fill me with happiness until the day I die…KITTLESTON

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So…someone asked for some sexy times. DON’T SAY I DON’t DELIVER!!!!!

What people didn’t know about Meryl Davis was that she gave truly excellent head.

Forget excellent.


He knew that it shouldn’t surprise him - but…it was always a shock, to see his precious Meryl down there, doing that.

Not to mention her incredible skill.

But - if he were truly honest with himself - she could’ve sucked at this particular act of sex, and he would still be begging at her feet.

Because - at the core of it - it wasn’t about her technique, or the saliva, or the hand to mouth ratio.

It was her. Doing that to him.

It was having who he was increasingly starting to believe was the love of his life get off on his pleasure.

It was finally letting go, connecting with someone so deeply that their pleasure became your own.

He had never really had that. Not with Karina. Not with Peta.

Not with anyone.

Until her.

She changed his world, his perception of the world, in so many ways that it shouldn’t have surprised him that she would change his preconceived notions on sex as well. With others, he had his definitive role to play. He was the aggressor. Even when he wasn’t the initator, he was never the completely passive party. He received pleasure, yes - and he took it, gladly - but he was never placed in a position where he was the focus, his pleasure was first and foremost on his partner’s mind.

Maybe that’s why sex was never the stickler for him. He had had his flings, his one night stands - he wasn’t a prude, and he wasn’t innocent. He enjoyed sex - sex was good - he could (and had) spent hours pleasuring a woman. It was fun. Good.

But never…more.

Until that one day in March, when a small brunette walked through his door.

Sex with Meryl…wasn’t sex. Kissing Meryl wasn’t simply kissing, being with Meryl wasn’t just being with her - what he had with Meryl was so completely different than anything he had ever known before that he would laugh about it if it wasn’t so mind-blowing. She brought out a side of him that he only showed to those that were the closest to his heart. In her, he found what he had been searching for in everyone else. And finally understood why he could never find it.

She wasn’t perfect, by any means. She didn’t walk on air, she wasn’t a saint. She was flesh and bone, capable of making mistakes like everyone else. She wasn’t untouchable.

She just…was.

He had never been with a woman whose presence was felt throughout his entire life. His knowledge of her existence in the world made his day better, his life brighter.

Because he knew she was out there, breathing. Being.

Having her in his life was a miracle he never knew he needed.

Intimacy took a new meaning, in her arms. He knew it. He felt it.

And was reborn.

Her touch was the water his body had been thirsting for. With other lovers, he never had a need this big, this much. Just the mere mention of her name could get him hard.

Which could get really embarrassing at family dinners.

And the worst part about it?

She knew it.

But - he really didn’t care.

All he knew - to the deepest parts of him - was that her touch enflamed him. She would look at him, breathe his name, and he was gone.

He had never wanted inside of a woman as much as he wanted inside Meryl Davis.

Deep. As deep as she could take him, as deep as her body would allow.

When he was inside her - deep inside, as fucking deep as he could go - he found a peace that was glorious. The heat, the fire they made together was cleansing in its burn - leaving nothing but beauty behind. Feeling her, from the inside out, watching seeing her fall apart - that she allowed this, allowed him to penetrate the most secret part of her, was fucking beautiful.

And the best part about it? The most fucking perfect thing about it?

She was there, with him.

Connected - not just physically, but mentally, emotionally.

She was there.

In every position, in every manner - she was there with him. 

Feeling him. 

Loving him. 

He could eat her out for hours. Live off the taste of her thighs for the next fifteen years and be satisfied. Drink her come until forever ended and never thirst again. The textures, feel, smell, taste - of her slick delicious folds were enough to make him come prematurely. 

Which, humiliatingly enough, had already happened. More than once. 

He wasn’t even that embarrassed when it happened really. It was her, he told her. The taste of her, the feel of her against his mouth. He couldn’t control it. 

He didn’t want to. 

She had laughed then - this gorgeous, rich, womanly laugh. Had cupped his face, kissed his nose. 

And smirking, asked how fast was his recovery time. 

He was inside her two seconds later. 

Hours in bed with her felt like minutes. And while in the past he did the same with other women, he did it subconsciously to prove a point. To prove his worth. As if he didn’t have a right to lay in their bed. As if he wasn’t enough. 

With Meryl…it was the exact. Opposite. 

She made him feel triumphant. Made him feel like this is what he was meant to do - not dance, or choreograph - but this, lay in between Meryl Davis’ thighs and make her come over and over and over.

And she…God - she gave. She fuckin gave as good as she got, and fuck...there was no one better. 

At everything. 

He came more in one night with her than on a two week vacation with Karina. 

Not that he’d ever tell her that. 

Karina, that is.