the worst magical girls

To me, Madoka Kaname is the worst protagonist in any magical girl show, ever. Even if she had a more active role in the show, her personality is so bland and generic that it makes it completely annoying to watch her cry for nine or more episodes. Not to mention she gets no development during that time. Her being so powerful doesn’t even come from her love and devotion to, it’s simply because she suffered a lot in past timelines. I can’t even call her a character, more like a plot device.

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To me, one of the worst parts of this fandom will always be the subtitle elitists who pick on anyone who prefers dubs. Let me tell you a story: my younger sister is dyslexic. She’s going into high school next year, but still reads at a 4th grade level because none of her teachers have ever tried to help her. She’s bullied by kids and adults because of her condition. So she either needs dubs, or someone (usually me) in the room with her to read the subs. Would you look tell her she’s just lazy?

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But where are the bagpipes, Akemi?

Homura Akemi is at the same time one of the best and worst magical girls.

Allow Kyubox to explain!

Each magical girl gets a special magical weapon.

Everyone except Homura, who gets a shield. It can stop time, which is great, but you aren’t going to win any battles with it. You might not LOSE but you’re not going to slay any witches with a support/defensive tool.

In other words, Homura is severely outgunned by every single other magical girl. Even Yuma, who is a healer. At least she can whack things with her staff!

And that’s why Homura is the one of the worse magical girls. She actually can’t DO anything. The best she can do is manage to not die and use that experience for next time.

That’s also why Homura is one of the best magical girls. She’s severely underpowered but somehow she doesn’t die.

Homura’s always going up against something stronger than she is and unless she knows what she’s dealing with, she’s screwed.

Think about it. Homura needs to know what sort of weapons will work against who, and the only way to learn that is to jump in there, experiment and somehow NOT die in a game of trial and error where errors means death.

And then Homura needs to use that knowledge to bring different weapons and items to the battlefield to not just survive, but to win.

If a witch is weak against explosions, Homura has to experiment with every other type of weapon she has first, not die, then reset the timeline and come back with rocket launchers and grenades.

Unlike every single other magical girl who gets a free weapon when they sign up, Homura has to get her own, whether by crafting or “finding” them.

Homura is hugely dependent on her items and gear. Equipping the wrong thing means death. Not bringing the right items means death.

Homura gets stronger not just from skill and experience but from using that same skill and experience to bring better gear that exploits her target’s weakpoints.

That’s right.

Homura’s life is non-stop Monster Hunter.

She doesn’t even have a wiki to help her.

And that’s why Homura Akemi is awesome.