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This is Ignis.

He’s glad that Ravus is all-right.

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I really couldn’t help wondering how things went down for Alphys when the amalgams first happened…

Here is Part 2!

And here is Part 3!

listen, petra solano has the worst taste in men, like her dating history includes
•a guy who threw acid on her mother,
•a guy who killed his twin brother, pretended to be said brother, kidnapped her, and tried to kill her,
•the first guy coming back and blackmailing her into marrying him so he could sell grenades in the us,
•and another murder suspect who might be kidnapping her again

like, everyone all hiatus long was talking about how much morty misses rick, morty breaking rick out of jail, morty becoming an alcoholic n shit. Like nah, i know the kind of relationship morty has with rick and that boy would sell that bastard to satan for FREE if there was no guilt trip involved and it meant protecting his family and having an abuse free life, despite how incredible and intelligent he knows rick is, despite rick being his only freind

Morty legit SHOT rick this episode, thinking he had killed him and showed literally no remorse, because as much as he knows and cares about rick and wants his aprovval and enjoys the kinship he has with him when things are actually going well, he is %1000 DONE with his bs

It’s that kind of situation where everyone thinks your mom or dad or whatever is the COOLEST person on earth, and yeah, they are cool in way but to you they’re just dad and they’re kind of the worst

The only way the spn writers can make this even vaguely okay is if they bring cas back immediately with no psychological damage and a better trench coat


#this superhero’s totally blushing




NOTE: ye i think it’s pretty crack but i had fun & i hope you like it lol (also over here akashi is like the bomb diggity of japan okok)

In the world that Kuroko lived in, the first thought your soulmate had upon encounter with you was the tattoo you would carry for the rest of your life. This was both a blessing and a curse. Why? You ask? Well, it can turn out to be extremely romantic or just plain disastrous.  “He looks absolutely stunning” could turn into “Wow, I really want a chunk of that fine piece of meat” depending on your mind-set.  

That was probably the main reason why Kuroko was home-schooled most of his life. No, not because of how embarrassing it could end up. He was home-schooled because of how uncomfortable he was having his thoughts known to his soulmate. Even if it’s just a line or two. As someone relatively expressionless and ‘emotionless’ at that, his thoughts were the complete opposite of how he was portrayed.

So, when he was dropped off at the front gate of pretty much the best university in Japan, he didn’t expect to meet him so soon.  Akashi Seijuro that is. When rumour had spread he was eyeing for this university, 20% more girls in the graduating batch started applying the university as their first choice. His beauty was frequently talked about and fucking hell, even tumblr was raging about him. Rumour has it he was Number 1 in Yahoo!Japan’s Trending Now section for an hour.

Hearing the limousine pull up, followed by the shrieks of girls who didn’t even attend this school was a sure indication that Akashi had arrived.

As he stepped out of his limousine and started walking into the school compound, he met Kuroko’s gaze for a split second and the only thing the blue-haired boy could think of was-

“Why.” Kuroko lifted his arm as he felt the burning sensation which he dreaded so much.

Akashi stopped walking and tilted his head curiously at the neat letters which were slowly being engraved in the skin of his forearm. He began to read the words as they were formed. At least he tried to, against the excited screams from girls left and right.


‘I’m glad my soulmate had a good first impression of me.’ Akashi smiled.


‘Oh? Is my soulmate the blue-haired boy over there?’


Akashi looked at the end result of his tattoo. He didn’t really know what to think anymore.

Meanwhile, Kuroko kind of felt like fainting. He was currently going through an existential crisis, which was not a very ideal situation for getting to finally know your soulmate.  The words that popped up were definitely not helping the situation either. ‘I’m not gay’ was currently being etched into his skin for the third time.  As he felt a tap on his shoulder, ‘I’m gay.’ Finished the set of repetition.  

“I’m not walking around school with this.” Kuroko didn’t even have to identify who was the one in front of him before making his statement. The intoxicating smell of cologne was enough for him to know.

“How about me? Your handwriting is truly unruly.” Akashi looked at Kuroko and clicked his tongue as the red-head gave him a glimpse of his tattoo.

“Are you kidding me? I have the word ‘gay’ written on my arm with the most elegant handwriting I have ever seen.”

Akashi chuckled.

“In the end, it could have been worst.”

Could it?

That moment when everyone’s trying to figure out what’s going on based on the trailer and you’re like, I DON’T KNOW YET, NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE and everyone else is like SCREW EVIDENCE and you’re like, yeah alright, I see your point, go ahead, let’s go down every rabbit hole, why not

OBVIOUSLY he’s talking to JOHN

WAIT could be Mycroft

“You always counted” it’s MOLLY

He’s talking to REDBEARD, it’s REDBEARD

Wait, no, he’s talking to VICTOR TEVOR

No, hold on, I got it, he’s talking to ANDERSON, come on look at it, it’s obvious

*holds knees, rocks self*

it’s the baby, he’s talking to the baby

I’m just sitting here imagining Rumple and Ursula just on their way to pick up the rest of the gang and they’re just doing completely normal things like stopping to get food-but they get hamburgers and Rumple starts to cry and the great sea goddess is just really confused because the dark one is just sobbing into a sesame seed bun.