the worst guys


“So it’s not true, by the way. Your little smear campaign.”
“My little…”
“Anthony. The torture report.”
“He was a whistle-blower, not a waterboarder. I could see how you would confuse the two. It’s the same amount of syllables.”
“Really. Is that what he said? A whistleblower?”

BrainDead 1.05: So Gareth somehow saw an FBI-classified photo of Anthony waterboarding that Laurel says looks nothing like him and remembered it all this time? That’s quite a story, Gareth - unless you’re actually Mike Warren.

anonymous asked:

Why does love hurt so much? Why do we fall for the worst guys knowing it wont work?

Because people like getting hurt!

i hate when someone bashes someone else and you don’t even know the person being bashed and you never heard about the “”“problematic”“” stuff they did, but because ONE PERSON doesn’t like them, then you have this preconception that this person is bad and you can never talk to them.