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honestly how can people homestuck-shame in 2017 like. i get that 2012 homestuck era probably sucked for people who didnt like it but its 2017 and homestuck still offers the best representation for wlw i’ve pretty much ever seen in any fiction ever, still has some of the best written female characters, and a perfect 1:1 ratio of f:m, the story and general concept is interesting and funny and the music and art and the flashes are really damn good too. not to mention the fandom offers an unusually wide range of headcanons and so much amazing fan content and really good analysis so like. its not as if homestuck is, by any accounts, a bad comic or anything. (hussie being a giant weenie and the general opinion of the retcon and act 7 aside.) i’d say it’s pretty fucking good, for a random quirky scifi comic about four friends destroying the world. what i’m trying to say is that like…. i unironically love homestuck and i genuinely don’t get why people say ‘homestuck is so fucking CRINGEY and BAD’ in 2017 because not even the fandom is that much anymore? lots of people have left and the current fandom still creates some truly amazing stuff? well sue me for getting excited over two fictional ladies i love so much and whom ive watched grow over the course of thousands of pages get literally married. like, enjoy your damn tv shows or cartoons or anime or whatever but don’t look down on like…..literal kids who were probably too young to read homestuck when it was in its prime who are just getting into the fandom now for getting into a thing that is actually pretty great. don’t look down on people who still derive enjoyment from something that was already condemned in 2012 and like, we get it already

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Hmm okay are vibrators expensive too? I kinda just want a good one

Hi anon, it sounds like it might be your first time shopping for this kind of thing, so I’m assuming that you’re very young and will probably have a different definition of “expensive” than I would. Again, like with the dildo ask from before, a lot of the cost is tied to what it’s made of. A “good” vibrator, in my definition, is one that is rechargeable, silicone, with a good warranty. And the best ones are at least $60. My last one was over $100, and I will tell you right now that if it died today, I would most certainly starve myself to replace it. It’s a cherished member of the family.

I recommend doing lots of research before making a purchase. Don’t go near anything that runs on batteries. You don’t want to meet the rage monster within yourself that happens when you’re about to cum and the batteries die on you. Best of luck!

the scariest thing about having an unreliable memory is like?? was it really as bad as i remember it being ?? what if i deserved it??? what if it was my fault the whole time?? i don’t know!! i can’t remember!!!!!

The named victims so far:

Georgina Callander, 18

An 18-year-old college student from Lancashire, was the first victim to be identified following the Manchester attack.

Many of her friends have paid tribute to the teen, alongside Runshaw College where she was studying, and a number of celebrities.

“Georgina Callander was a former Bishop Rawstorne pupil studying with us on the second year of her Health and Social Care course.”

Saffie Rose Roussos, 8

She had been at the Ariana Grande concert with her mum Lisa Roussos and sister Ashlee Bromwich when the explosion shook the venue. Her mum and sister were rushed to hospital, but lost contact with Saffie. Saffie-Rose Roussos died from her injuries at the concert on Monday night.

Chris Upton, headteacher at Saffie’s school, said in a statement: “Saffie was simply a beautiful little girl in every aspect of the word. She was loved by everyone and her warmth and kindness will be remembered fondly. Saffie was quiet and unassuming with a creative flair.”

John Atkinson, 28

28-year-old John Atkinson from Bury was the third victim to be identified.

It’s understood that John had been leaving the concert when a lone man detonated a suicide bomb shortly after 10.30 on Monday evening.

Megan Hurley, schoolgirl

It is not known how old Megan was, but earlier this evening the chair of governors at Halewood Primary School said a girl who went to the school had died in the suicide bombing, according to Liverpool Echo.

He added that she had attended with her older brother who was seriously injured.

Olivia Campbell, 15

A heartbroken Mrs Campbell had broken down in tears on ITV’s Good Morning Britain earlier in the day, when her daughter was missing.

She spoke of how she had not spoken to her daughter Olivia since she set off for the event. "I can’t get through to her. I’ve called the hospitals, I’ve called all the places, the hotels where people say that children have been taken.”

"I’ve called the police. There’s no news, I’ve just got to wait. I’m waiting at home just in case she turns up here,” she told the morning program.

Alison Howe, 45 and Lisa Lees, 47

Two mums waiting to collect their teenage daughters after the concert were among the victims of the bomb attack. Their daughters, both aged 15, are understood to be safe.

Angelika, 40 and Marcin Klis, 42

Marcin and Angelika Klis, Polish parents of a student at the University of York, have been confirmed dead after the Manchester attack.

The pair posed for a selfie in the city centre just before going to the concert to pick their daughters up.

Their 20-year-old daughter had posted a plea for help on Facebook after they didn’t contact her following the attack.

The pair leave behind two daughters, Alex and Patricia.

Martyn Hett, 29

Martyn Hett, a Coronation Street superfan who had a tattoo of  Deirdre Barlow on his ankle and with his boyfriend won Come Dine With Me, has been named as one of the dead.

Kelly Brewster, 32

Kelly Brewster was at the concert with her sister Claire and niece Hollie Booth. She died shielding her niece from the blast and leaves behind a young daughter, Phoebe. Hollie has two broken legs but is safe.

Jane Tweddle-Taylor, 51

Jane Tweddle-Taylor had gone to the Arena with a friend to pick up the friend’s daughter. She was a mother of three: “One of the biggest challenges we’ve had is one of my daughters was away travelling in Australia, so we were trying to pick a time to notify her.”

Nell Jones, 14

Her family and friends had posted appeals on social media saying she was missing following the concert. A student at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.  She had been recently using crutches after suffering a ligament injury.

These are the 13 out of 22 named victims as of Wednesday, 24th of May at 2pm (GMT)