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Lol, I was just kidding with Prussic. I just thought it was a really funny thought. Sorry about that! I was just being a goof. XD

You have no idea of what you’ve started pFFJFIUHERUIBFUIEBNWIUHDNIFENOS


“Love Poem”

Let’s go classic Kylux for today ! (it’s been so long since I’ve drawn Kylo ugh) again, a prompt by @coffee-without-a-pause (thank you !) “Ren writing a love poem for Hux on Starkiller’s snow”.  

Techie will return soon since I’ll draw Valentines themed comics for the rest of the week and Special Gift have 5 parts ~ 

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day ! ヽ(o♡o)/ 

Hunk: Oh geez, sorry, dude! He had a rough work day! I can take him off—

Keith: IT’S FINE!

Hunk: Uh…are you sure? I mean, Lance can be pretty heav—

Keith: I said it’s fine! *coughs* I mean…I don’t really mind…

Lance works a lot of part-time jobs aside from being Mr. Blue and often falls asleep at the oddest times. Meanwhile, Keith can’t fathom whether he should call himself lucky or not (because his heart rate keeps going off the roof). Hunk is just confused.

Mr. Blue AU (x)

humans more like ew-mans am i right