the worst doodle


Happy belated Birthday Eri! ❤️(aka @asrainoyume)

Almlqjkla in the end I’m late ;___;
I accidentally wrote “hapy” and I needed to change everything :,D
(Also sorry for the law quality of the pic ;-;)

Btw YOU ARE SO CUTE AND LOVELY AND NEED ALL THE LOVE ❤️ You are always so kind and cute with me, I’m so happy to have u as a friend ❤️;/////;

Hope you like this :,)

(I posted all the steps I did :3)


“Love Poem”

Let’s go classic Kylux for today ! (it’s been so long since I’ve drawn Kylo ugh) again, a prompt by @coffee-without-a-pause (thank you !) “Ren writing a love poem for Hux on Starkiller’s snow”.  

Techie will return soon since I’ll draw Valentines themed comics for the rest of the week and Special Gift have 5 parts ~ 

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s day ! ヽ(o♡o)/ 

@caejosay Joseph gets overly cocky about his Hamon skills after beating the Hell Tower™ and does this. 

Suzie takes a picture and ten seconds later there’s an almighty crash, splashing noises, a very loud ‘HOLY SHIT’ and one very damp Caesar with murder in his eyes.

(based on this photo)

hopelessly in love with fahc freewood, send help