the worlds guardian angel

guardian angels of the signs

the aries guardian angels are always on guard for potential accidents. aries have a risk taking capacity in every sense of the word, physically, emotionally, romantically. and an aries heartbreak can make angels weep because it is so innocent. the aries guardian angels have a lightning reflex, sudden chaos always threatens 

the taurus guardian angels send messages in music, art, in sleep, and romantic partners. they can appear in forms of nature, often giving tremendous sources of inspiration and intuition through the body. a taurus knows that when their body knows, that this is pure. the taurus guardian angels know they can fly slowly and calmly, rest assured that discriminative judgment is always active 

the gemini guardian angels fly in pairs, each keeping a watch for one twin, knowing their impulses, their quirks, and their propensity for anxieties and accidents - especially with the hands. mercury rules transport so geminis are protected when driving a car.  

the cancer guardian angels sit closely, knowing they are constantly teaching and guiding in prophetic ways. they can leave messages in scripts of the moon and they are strongly protective of the person’s home. angels will guard this with all of their will. when angels protect a cancer, they become angels of the cancer’s family, they know the vitalness 

the leo guardian angel is always waiting behind the spotlight, ready for presence when the lights have dimmed. there are few people a vulnerable leo will open up to. their guardian angels protect the heart. but they cannot prevent heartbreak, only offer unconditional love when they feel invisible 

the virgo’s guardian angel often hides in the shadow, knowing the virgo will respond unkindly to being bothered or prodded. they are activated when the virgo becomes anxious, often requiring only a thought to dim the thoughts of pain. mercury rules transport so virgos are protected when driving a car 

the libra’s guardian angel circles the heart closely, ever ensuring heartbreak does not cause complete death. they respond well to the libra’s expression of beauty, often activated through the libra’s natural play with the universe - lighting candles, creating colour, and being angels in human form to people 

the scorpio’s guardian angel stands between two worlds, taking on the task of one who will constantly visit and than vanish from their frame of consciousness. the scorpio’s guardian angels wait with messages of profound sacred guidance from the unconscious. their wisdom is readily available 

the sagittarius guardian angels absorb into nature, often reflective of the individual’s cosmic experience of divinity. they await in the higher mind, ready to dispel messages and guidance. jupiter rules foreign nations, sagittarians are protected when they travel abroad 

the capricorn’s guardian angels appear and disappear, often conscious of the individual’s need for self sufficiency, but constantly leaving reminders through patterns and synchronicities that beneath everything their angels are waiting without judgement or criticism. the silver winged angel may appear to capricorn 

the aquarian guardian angels are visitors from other galaxies, often activating their presence through sudden prophetic streams of ‘knowing’. they spark information through the frequent visits aquarians take to strange dimensions of consciousness. they may communicate through technological methods

the pisces guardian angel protects and guides overtly, often requiring constant communication and acknowledgment. the pisces rarely feels that she is alone. the angel guards closely for psychic absorption, and guards closely in sleep


Surprise? (BuckyxReader)

Ok, first I wanted to thank you guys because I got 100 FREAKIN NOTES ON TALE AS OLD AS TIME❤❤❤YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING
And this is a requested oneshot based on MY DARLING BUCKY I HOPE YOU LIKE IT MY LOVES!!
“I was wondering if I could have one with Bucky..where we are having an argument in front of the team and without thinking, I tell him I’m pregnant?”


You raced into Avengers Tower and threw your bag onto the couch, receiving a few looks from the other teammates who were there.

“Someone’s in a rush,” Natasha comments.

“I’ve been in a briefing for 5 hours and all I’ve been thinking of was that damn cheesecake,” you reply as you give her a quick hug. Sam and Steve share a look.

Steve clears his throat. “Y/N, about that cheesecake-”

“SHUT UP I’M HUNGRY,” you snapped. Your cravings have been out of control lately. You ordered your favorite cheesecake from your favorite bakery and had it delivered while you were at the bakery. It’s been the only thing on your mind.

You run inside the kitchen, not paying attention to anything else but the fridge. You open it wide in search for your cheesecake.

“Where the fuck is my cake?”, you grumble, still searching.

“Oh shit.”

You whip around to find your boyfriend, Bucky, with an empty cheesecake box in front of him and a fork in his hand.

“I’m sorry, babe,” he says as he drops the fork. “I didn’t know it was yours.”

You feel yourself start to get hot. Your eyes narrow as you breathe heavily.

“Did. You. Just. Eat. My. Fucking. Cheesecake?”

“I didn’t know, Y/N. I’m sorry.”

Stay calm, you thought. Don’t get mad.

Fuck it.


“Why are you so pissed? It’s just a cake.”


You notice the team gathered behind you, and you can already tell they want to laugh.

Bucky grabs your hands. “I’ll buy you another cake!”


The room fell silent. Bucky let go of your hands.

“Are you… pregnant?,” he whispers.

Damn it, Y/N, you thought.

You cooled down instantly.

“Surprise?”, you respond, feeling extremely nervous over his reaction.

He is emotionless for a moment, then breaks out into a big smile.

“MY GIRL IS PREGNANT,” he shouts, picking you up and spinning you around. The team cheers behind you.

“I’M GONNA BE AN UNCLE,” Steve screams, hugging everyone in sight.

“I’M GONNA BE AN AUNT,” Wanda adds.

“I’m gonna pay for everything,” Tony mumbles. You laugh and kiss his cheek.

Bucky pulls you into a hug. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

You sigh. “I didn’t know how. All that was on my mind was the damn cheesecake.”

“I’ll get you another one, I promise. But first things first. STEVE GO GET THE THING.”


Steve runs out of the room, leaving the rest of you confused. A few moments later he runs back in with a small box.

“HERE IS THE THING,” he screams as he throws it to Bucky.

“Thanks, punk.”

Bucky gets down on one knee and opens the box, revealing a gorgeous diamond ring.

You gasp and cover your mouth, already feeling tears about to form.

“Y/N L/N, I can’t imagine my life without you. You are my world, my savior, my guardian angel. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but I could never find the right words. I love having someone who challenges me everyday, makes my life interesting. I mean, you just yelled at me for eating your cheesecake! You’ve saved me from Hydra, the Winter Soldier, and my nightmares. Every time I wake up, I love seeing you there right next to me. I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?”

You wipe the tears from your eyes. “Of course, you dork.”

The team starts to cheer behind you as Bucky places the ring on your finger. It fit perfectly. As he stands up you press your lips to his, feeling more in love with him than you ever had before.

As you pull away, you whisper, “But you still owe me my cheesecake.”

He laughs, letting the tears fall from his eyes (you loved how he wasn’t afraid to show emotion). “Whatever you want, Mrs. Barnes.”

You can hear Tony grumble, “Another thing I gotta pay for.”

my angel; jimin

                                                                                             CHAPTER I

Originally posted by rosyfeathers

Words : 3258
Genre : Guardian Angel AU

A/N : I wanted to make a really long one shot at first, but since I didn’t know if you will like it, I decided to split it into idk yet how many parts, so yeah here’s the first part, please tell me how you find it and if I should continue !

I apologize for any grammatical or mistake in general, please keep in mind that English isn’t my first language

A world, where each human has it’s own Guardian Angel, a world where any form of contact between Guardian Angels and their charges is strictly forbidden, for obvious reasons. However, what will happen after Park Jimin, a rookie Guardian, accidentally reveals himself to Y/n, a clumsy human constantly in need of protecting ? 

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Believe In Me

Request: In which Jungkook swears to always protect you—even if you don’t accept him.
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst, Guardian Angel!AU
Word Count: 8,681
Author’s Note: oh my god I finally finished this. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but I hope you guys like it!!


Jungkook doesn’t remember dying.

He actually doesn’t remember anything much about, well, anything. As strange as it may sound, all he really remembers is darkness. Just an endless pitch, devoid of any life, the only thing to keep him company the whispers and remnants of his own thoughts—even though he’s not even sure he’s had much to begin with. It just feels like he’s floating around in some sort of strange bubble of extended unconsciousness, aware of everything and yet absolutely nothing all at the same time.

He isn’t aware of how long he’s stuck in this stage, caught between the realms of the dead and the living, unable to settle in one for too long, before it feels like he’s being pulled down. As if the carpet beneath his feet have been ripped from below him, sending him spiraling until he’s standing within a white room with no doors and no windows.

It all feels a little bit like waking up, embracing some sort of artificial sunlight that takes the form of blinding lights without a source and Jungkook is left alone to walk, touch the walls as the questions spring in his mind like wildflowers. He’s confused, because even though he doesn’t remember dying he knows for a fact that he’s dead and when he pictured afterlife this is certainly not what he had been expecting. Whatever fantasy he may have conjured up in his mind seem a lot more exciting than the confined space of 4 walls, no end in sight.

“You must have a lot of questions right now.”

Jungkook whirls around towards the voice, sprouting from someone he knows could not have been in the room a few seconds ago. But again, he knows he must certainly be dead because how else could someone have appeared within a room with no windows or doors, an eerie quietness drifting and biting at his skin—a previous reminder that he had been alone.

Up until now.

The speaker of the statement is a man behind a desk, hair a short pale blue color and black framed glasses across his face, fingers laced together and folded upon a file. The man is unfamiliar, yet his smile is one of comfort and a vague recognition, and Jungkook could have sworn he’s seen this man before once in his lifetime. Or, at the very least, he trusts this man almost immediately. It could be a naive part of Jungkook’s original nature, but the man has just appeared to him out of thin air, seemingly willing to answer any question Jungkook dare try to speak—and he seems calm.

Jungkook turns to face the man completely. “I died,” He speaks quietly, clearing his voice when it sounds as if he hasn’t had to use it in years, like vocals rubbing against sandpaper.

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Two drawing that i made today, colored with watercolor pencils

The first is my Oc and her brother, the second is the feeling to have a little part of the universe in my ears when i’m listening music with my headphones



Mordeadus - homebrew




Mostly flat, open plain with few hills.


Every city is considered a city state with a few towns and dozens of villages under the city’s rule. There are dozens of city states within Krin. Each settlement within a city state will have an effigy built of bleached bone to one of the liches in Gakleer.
Note: Gakleer will be an upcoming post.

Architecture Style

The Krin build with a brown stone spotted with black splotches - these stones, nicknamed wart rock due to their similarities to warted skin, are dug up from one of the many quarries in the plains. Buildings are often decorated with black and brown banners with the likeness of one of the Gakleer liches - more on this in Religion.

Carved into the rock over every door and window to every building is a skull depicted with eyes - it is a symbol that represents death, always watches and both a reminder everyone finds their end and those that do die, still watch.

Inside most buildings there is a small alter with hallowed out clay skulls with eyes. Inside are the ashes of the deceased, a place of resting for the dead. The people of Krin believe this keeps their ancestors close so when they themselves die, they will be met by their loved ones.

Clothing Style

The people of Krin wear black and brown clothing made of wool from the grazing sheep herds out in the plains. Each person will carry a necklace or bracelet with a small skull with eyes cut from wart stone. This jewelry is usually handmade as to make a connection to the spirits and will hold religious value.

Each person may also carry a pendent, sash or armband with the likeness of one of the Gakleer liches. This is more because of law than by choice as each lord of every city state wants their people to show absolute devotion to their patron lich - more on this in Government and Religion

In addition to the skull and the lich pendants, some citizens of Krin carry around shrunken heads, these are often the deceased whose heads have been taken before cremation and shrunk using the magic spell shrink and permanence. The cost of the spells alone are enough to make the shrunken heads rare which in turns makes then highly valuable and sought after. Considered an even luckier keepsake than the skulls, merchants and nobles will buy shrunken heads off the market and wear them off their belt or hang them above their doors to keep evil spirits at bay. Because of the value, the black market will often steal and trade shrunken heads and even hire bandits and wizards to attack travelers or the homeless taking their heads.

There is no law against the practice, although some places in Krin do consider it murder. It is, however, frowned upon as the victim was not willing and therefore the spirit inside the head would remain hostile instead of friendly. This causes confusion in legitimate shrunken heads and fakes.
Note: The fakes are real heads they just don’t contain the proactive spirits.
Note 2: A shrunken head can act as a protection from evil or ghosts when worn, while a fake may harbor a curse or cause the wrath of a ghost.


The people of Krin worship death, not in the macabre way but as a token of where they will end up when they die, believing this world is but a moment and one’s true place is in death, the afterlife is sacred and even looked forward to.

Ghosts are not feared and considered even good, proof the afterlife continues after death. The krin respect death as a reward for life.

Despite the Krin’s view of death, taking ones life is frowned upon and even considered blasphemous. Life is a trial, it is their spirit’s chance to see who they are and earn the rewards on the other side. Murder cuts that trial short and robs a spirit of its potential reward. Because of this the Krin often try to live as long as possible, earning more and more rewards

The Krin do not gain rewards in the afterlife for good and evil, they gain them for being alive. The longer they can endure the stronger there spirit and the more reign they will have in the afterlife. In addition to their basic beliefs, the people of Krin also worship the liches of Gakleer as the supreme rulers of death and therefore the keepers of all their ancestors.

Seen as guardians between worlds, the lcihes are both the equivalent of angels and Gods. They have been to the other side and returned, keeping the doors open, allowing spirits to pass between realms.


The country is broken up into dozens of city sates, each loyal to one lich of Gakleer.

The city states are loosely under the banner of a king, but that power is superficial and usually held by the eldest noble, the one who will have the most influence in the afterlife. The reason for such a fraction of state is each lich is believed to hold their own kingdoms and powers in the afterlife and will reward only those loyal to their name and closing the door to all others.

The Krin battle, trying to coerce each city state to follow one banner each trying to make their lich the sole ruler of the afterlife. This has caused countless battles on the plains as each city states strives to be the sole power.


The main export of Krin is metal ore and stone from their quarries along with shipments of wheat form their farms. The Krin import weapons and armor for their never-ending feuds and battle.



The city states of Krin are locked in a never-ending cycle of bloodshed trying to promote their lich as the one true God of the afterlife, all the others demons send from the abyss to trick the spirits. The liches know this happens and fuel the hostiles with lies and deceits. The liches are not Gods nor are they keepers of the afterlife, they are liches fueled by bloodshed and keeping the people of Krin locked in combat, their fuel never ends.

Each lich will promote themselves to one of the city states, creating lies and controversies about the other liches, claiming all the other liches are corrupt or liars and have no real power or even worse, keeping all the spirit rewards for themselves.

Similar to the varied religions who believe in the same God fight over subtle differences, so do the Krin, each believing everyone else’s lich is false and only theirs is right.

The Ghost Field

The never-ending battles over hundreds of years have stained the plains red. That blood has tainted the ground and now spirits are drawn to the areas in uncountable numbers. Sometimes they travel in groups attacking whomever they came across, sometimes entire legions reenact whole battles over and over again.

The Lich Tributes

Eahc city state offers their most beautiful daughters and sons to the liches of Gakleer as tributes. Although not required nor believed to effect the lich’s powers, the nobles believe it will help them gain favor and therefore more rewards in the afterlife.

These tributes are often picked from birth and trained to be submissive and obedient, then when they reach adulthood are sent to Gakleer to serve, promoting the noble’s name. Entire family lines went extinct as nobles in their greed for more power and influence have sent all their children.

Rarely do their children come back and most are believed to be servants in the lich’s halls, but in fact most are killed as sacrifice to fuel the lich’s lust for blood.

Guardian Angel

Summary: Mickey is Ian’s guardian angel.

Word Count: 959

Notes: i would like to suggest never doing a half marathon to all of you, i’ve done four as of today. each time i realize it sucks

Ever since Ian was a kid, he’s had dreams of a certain boy. This boy was beautiful with jet black hair, glistening blue eyes, and the words “FUCK U-UP” tattooed across his fingers. He was short, but his muscular stature made up for it. His name was Mickey, and Ian had absolutely no doubt that this was his guardian angel.

Whenever something bad would happen or when Ian was upset, there Mickey was. He sort of had a funny way of showing guidance and care,

with his fake insults and unlimited amount of cursing, but to Ian, it was the only way that worked. No one in the real world could build him up the way his guardian angel does.

* * *

The first real test that Mickey was faced with was when Ian realized he was gay. Ian had always known that he had absolutely no interest in girls, but once he realized he had the hots for a boy in his class, he was fucking scared.

As usual, Mickey came to him in a dream. In this dream, Ian was sitting on his bed, and then Mickey appeared. He had a cigarette between his lips. “Hey, Gallagher.”

“Hey,” Ian replied with a bashful tone.

“What the fuck’s botherin’ you?” Mickey playfully shoved the redhead.

Ian let a big huff of breath. After starting to rapidly tap his feet is when he spoke. “I, uh, I think I’m gay,” he admitted quietly. As soon as he finished speaking he instinctively looked around to check his boundaries— it was dream though, no one was there.

Mickey nodded and sat next to him. “You’re definitely fucking gay,” he said with a bit of humor in his voice, causing Ian’s head to snap up and look at him.

“I’ll get killed in this town. Being a fag isn’t nothing to be proud of, Mick.” Ian shook his head. He was clearly troubled by all of this.

The guardian angel took a drag of his cigarette and then handed it over to the redhead. “Being straight ain’t nothing to be proud of either if you think about it,” he shrugged. “I think all that discrimination shit, or whatever it is, is stupid.”

“Obviously you’re going to think that, Mickey. You’re my fucking guardian angel,” Ian shrugged.

Mickey quirked an eyebrow. “Who said I’m your guardian angel?”

“You,” Ian shrugged and laid back on the bed.

“Well then listen to me. The Southside is a fucking shitty place. You know damn well that there’s people here that are will to beat the shit out of you just for the fun of it, but you should never be ashamed of yourself. You are who you are for a fucking reason, Ian, be proud of it.” Mickey then cupped the back of Ian’s neck with his hand. “Everything always works out, doesn’t it?”

Ian looked at the beautiful black haired angel. He smiled, Mickey always knew what to say. “Yeah, you’re right. Thanks a lot, Mick.”

Mickey nodded. “One last thing before I fuck outta here,” he stood. “If anyone finds out and gives you shit, beat the shit out of them,” he winked and then disappeared, causing the dream to end. Thankfully Ian always remember what he had been told— he couldn’t be more gracious.

* * *

The next time that Mickey’s guidance skills were put to the test was when Ian found out about his bipolar disorder. This wasn’t like the usual gigs where he’d have to get Ian out of sad or lonely thoughts, this was real shit.

It had been hard for Ian to sleep with so much on his mind— so much that it caused him to physically shake until he finally drifted off. Luckily, a much needed guardian angel was waiting for him. “What’s up?” Mickey said as if he didn’t have a clue.

“Don’t fucking ask me when you already know,” Ian shrugged and turned his eye sight away from him.

“Ian,” Mickey grabbed his face. “Don’t be a bitch,” he gave a comforting smile, and moved closer to the boy.

Ian let out a frustrated groan. “Fucking Monica.I’m going to be fucking Monica. get ready for Hurricane Ian any time now!”

Mickey shook his head. “You aren’t your mother,” he said blatantly. His voice held an undeniable truth— it made it hard for Ian to roll his eyes at it.

With tears welling in his eyes, Ian’s bottom lip started to tremble. “I’d really like for you to explain how I’m not like her.”

Mickey smirked because he could definitely do that. “Do you love your family?”

Ian’s eyes widened. “Of course I love my family.”

“Would you ever do anything to hurt them? Or would you do what ever you could to prevent that?” Mickey crossed his arms, already knowing the answer

“I would do whatever the fuck I could to prevent that. I’d never intentionally hurt them,” he spoke honestly. He then noticed what Mickey was doing— showing him that he has a different mindset than his mother.

Mickey grinned as he saw puzzle pieces coming together in Ian’s mind. “You see?” Ian nodded. “To do that though, you need to take the fucking pills, Ian.”

Once again, Ian nodded. “They fucking suck.”

“I know that. It’s gonna be hard, but you’ll adjust. And you know I’ll be here whenever you need me,” Mickey looked Ian in the eyes.

Finally a smile creeped onto Ian’s face because  like always, Mickey was right. “Thank you.”

“I’m the best fucking guardian angel ever,” Mickey said with a joking cockiness. “I’ll see you around, asswipe,” he said sarcastically and then disappeared.

As Ian slept, that same faint smile was plastered against his lips. He got lucky to have such good guidance.

Stars on the Ground

“Mom, what are those up in the sky?” the little child curiously asked.

“Those, my dear, are stars,” his mother replied, “that’s where all the best people are.”

“Oh, why are they up there and not down here?” he asked puzzled.

“They’re up there so they can shine brighter than ever. They look over us and spread happiness and joy to the world. They’re the forget-me-nots of angels.”

“Wow, they’re really beautiful, mom. I want to be a star.”

“But if you become a star, how will I get hug you, kiss you, and tell you I love you every single day?” his mother said grinning.

“Oh. I didn’t think about that. I’ll be a star that lives on the ground then. I’ll shine brightly and show the world that I can be people’s guardian angel!” he exclaimed as his eyes lit up.

“What about me?” his mother questioned.

“Aren’t you already one, mom?”

Marinette Cheng, a shy high-school student, has inherited some magical ladybug-shaped earrings. The ornaments grant the power of Luck to whoever wears them. Yet there is one condition : they have to be worn in an altruistic manner, or else, beware of the consequences !

l Whenever the situation needs it, Marinette turns into LADYBUG, the guardian angel.

Ladybug saves the World every night thanks to the power of Luck alongside her clingy ally, the Black Cat who has the opposite power. He needs a kiss from Ladybug to free him from his unlucky ring. Ladybug is the first character originated from the Quantic universe.

What could have been

Safety - Stefan Salvatore

Living in Mystic Falls was dangerous. There was the constant possibility that you were going to die, being a human in the supernatural world.

However, it was like god had granted you a guardian angel in the form of the vampire, Stefan Salvatore. The two of you had been dating for a year, and it proved both pros and cons.

Pros, Stefan was madly in love with you and would do anything for your safety. Cons, Stefan was also one that had made many enemies, meaning lots of vampires were after you to get back at Stefan.

That day had started off like every normal day. You went to school with Stefan, you went to work, with one or two visits from Stefan, then you closed the bookshop you worked in.

Stefan had reluctantly allowed you to walk home, after you convinced him that nothing was going to happen and that it was nice out, so he had to let you enjoy the warm weather before it went away.

Of course, you had been naive to think that nothing would happen as you walked home. Someone was always after revenge for something Stefan had done a century ago, and sometimes, you became the target.

And that night, Katherine Pierce decided she would take a leisurely stroll behind you as you walked back to your home, where you knew Stefan was waiting anxiously for you.

“I really don’t know what Stefan sees in you,” Katherine said after you had woken up. You were tied to a tree, just outside the tomb where she was supposed to be buried. “I mean, you’re pathetically human, so I don’t believe it’s for the sex. Not to mention, this sorts of stuff must always happen, like, what a hassle for Stefan to have to save his pathetic damsel. Maybe your blood tastes good, that must be it.”

“Or maybe you just don’t believe that someone is actually capable of loving another just because you can’t,” you bit back. “Stefan loves me, which is a hell of a lot more than he ever gave you, which is probably why you took me, right? Because you want Stefan, and you hate the fact that you can’t have him because of me.”

Katherine showed her fang to you, making you gulp nervously. She was dangerous, and you knew that she would not hesitate to rip your throat out.

“Katherine, if I was you I would take a step away from Y/N, or you just might find that your head is no longer connected to your shoulders,” A voice said, and suddenly, you saw Damon Salvatore standing right behind Katherine.

You and Damon may not have been best friends, but Damon loved his brother, and he knew that Stefan loved you. So to make Stefan happy, Damon would do anything to protect you.

“Damon,” Katherine said in a false sweet voice. “What are you doing here?”

“Distracting you so my brother can get his girl back,” Damon said with a knowing smirk.

Suddenly, you were safe inside your home, Stefan locking the doors behind the two of you. You leaped into his arms, sighing contently. You were afraid that he wouldn’t get to you in time, and that you would never see Stefan again.

“I’m sorry,” you said quietly. Stefan hummed as he gently rubbed your back, his other hand carding through your hair. “I should’ve listened to you.”

“You don’t need to apologize to me, Y/N,”Stefan told you. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”

You grinned, feeling Stefan pull you into him tighter. “Stefan,” you began.

“What is it?”

“Could you walk with me home, next time?” you asked him hopefully. Stefan laughed as he kissed your lips.

“Of course. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Characters: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 10,480

Genre: Angst

Warning: Very dark themes. That’s all I can say.

Guardian angels.

The winged entities are said to watch over mankind, providing protection and guidance to all, no matter the consequence. These spirits exist to shelter individuals from harm, fend off potential evils, and pave the way for a better life; if not for any of those reasons, they still exist within people’s hearts. Parents tell their children that the angels will keep them safe, those who are lost seek their angels’ help to find their way, and the lucky souls who make it through the day give thanks to the angels for allowing that to be so.

All throughout the world, the existence of guardian angels is merely considered a belief, but you know that they are real.

In fact, there’s one sitting in your classroom at this very moment.

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Hierarchies of Angels
  • First Sphere – Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones

Seraphim: Scorpio ~ the term ‘Seraphim’ has often been understood to refer to “fiery serpents.” It is said that anyone who lays eyes on a Seraph would instantly be incinerated due to its immense brightness
They dwell in the presence of God and cleave to Him, and are immediately united to Him. They receive revelations of God before the other angels and then relate such information to them.
Cherubin: Aries ~
The cherubs are guardians of God. They have been portrayed with round, angelic faces and also with four faces and flaming swords. Their role is to guard God’s Holy domain and presence from any sin and corruption. They are always radiant with the light of God
Thrones: Aquarius and Leo ~ They are exempt from and untainted by any base and earthly things. Thrones possess the highest knowledge that angels can have of the works of God. The very essence of God’s Spirit is conveyed to and through these angels, who then pass on the message to men and/or lower classes of angels.

  • Second Sphere - Dominions, Virtues, Powers

Dominions: Capricorn ~ They are purified, illuminated and perfected by the divine Illuminations bestowed on them in a secondary manner through the first order of angels. Their primary function that God delegates to them is the task of regulating the duties of lower angels. As their name implies these angels present order to the lower ranks
Virtues: Virgo & Taurus ~ Responsible for the maintenance of the physical universe. Their primary duty is to supervise the movements of the heavenly bodies in order to ensure that the cosmos remains in order.
Powers: Libra ~ Some sources list Powers as the bearers of conscience. They sometimes serve as warrior angels, fiercely loyal to God. They work diligently to oversee the distribution of power among humankind, hence their name.

  • Third Sphere ~ Principalities, Archangels, Angels

Principalities: Sagittarius ~ Their duty also is to carry out blessings to the material world. As beings related to the world of the ideas, they inspire living things to many branches of knowledge such art and/or science. The management of the universe and the keeping of all the kingdoms and princedoms, of lands and all peoples, races and nations, is also entrusted to them
Archangels: Gemini ~ According to Dionysius the Areopagite, their principle service consists in revealing prophecies, knowledge, and understanding of God’s will. Archangels govern affairs of the messengers of the various realms.
Angels: Pisces & Cancer ~ Messengers that commune with various life forms within the physical worlds. This Order includes guardian angels of mankind, and as such, are the most accessible angels to humans.


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There was nothing he could do… this was how he was going to die. Alec had been crossing the road when the bus had suddenly turned the corner, and he could only watch as it approached. He couldn’t get out of the way in time, he knew that.

He didn’t want to die. He was only 23, he couldn’t die now - there was so much he had to do… He closed his eyes, bracing himself for the impact…

The impact that didn’t come.

He opened his eyes, gasping softly as he realized he was on the sidewalk again. He turned at the sound of the voice, and he saw his savior already walking away. “T-thank you…” He said uncertainly, starting to follow. “H-how can I pay you back for this? You saved my life, there’s gotta be something I can do…”

Magnus hadn’t thought, just acted.  He normally tried to keep his heroics out of the public eye.  Places where it wouldn’t be noted that he just did something that no one should technically be allowed to do.  

But no, he had to do it in the middle of a very busy street and now he was a little pissy with himself.  Which was translating into the poor attitude he gave to a man who probably had his life flash before his eyes a few seconds before. 

“You don’t need to pay me back,” he said with a sigh.  “It was the right thing to do and I am just glad I was there.  Watch out for buses though.  Those things hurt, from what I’ve been told.”  He met a few in Hell that had gone out that way.  Didn’t seem pleasant.

Everything you’re not supposed to know about SPIRIT GUIDES

Most people call them guardian angels, but us in the spirit communication world call them spirit guides. Mostly because they are just that: spirits who follow us throughout our lives and guide us, making sure we’re okay during this life.

Everyone has at least one. It’s possible for someone to have more than one. But we’ve all got them.

Why do we have spirits guides? Beats me. But they’re nice to have around. They don’t do harm, so they’re nothing to worry about.

Are spirit guides watching your every move? Do they watch you pee? Do they watch you as you dance in your room to One Direction? No, they’re not spies. They are always nearby but they aren’t staring at you constantly. Think of it like having a pet: you always have your pet around when you’re home, you take care of it, but you aren’t always staring at it and analyzing everything it does. We aren’t pets to our spirit guides, though, it’s just an analogy. They may not care if you dance around to One Direction, but they were probably there for you when you were crying over Zayn leaving.

Where do these spirit guides come from? How did they choose us? They may have known you in another life, or maybe they’re a relative that died before you were born. However it is, they’re a spirit that is invested in our lives in some way. Maybe it was a person who died near where you were born. Maybe it was an old childhood friend of one of your parents. They are connected to us somehow. 

Can we talk to spirit guides on the Ouija board? Well, yeah. The thing is that spirit guides try to stay in the shadows. You aren’t really supposed to know about them, to some extent. It’s not as great having a guardian angel when you know his name is Bob and he used to work in a shop near where you were born. But it is possible for them to come on and say hello on the Ouija board. They won’t do it on your first session, so if you get a spirit right away that says they’re your spirit guide, they’re lying. It might take a couple of sessions for you to figure it out. Say you meet a shy little girl on the board named May. She comes on during each session for a few minutes, and each time she’s really sweet and says nice things to you. Eventually you can start to feel her presence before she comes on the board, then you feel her even when you’re not playing on the board. And maybe during a really bad moment, when you’re upset over failing a test or getting dumped, you feel her around you and you start to feel a lot better. Then you’ll know. They won’t come out and say it’s them. That’s not in their job description.

Do spirit guides know what’s going to happen in our lives? I think so. At least, they have a general idea of where our life is supposed to go. But they either don’t for certain, or they just tell us that they don’t know. Because it’s something we’re not supposed to know about. 

Who is your spirit guide, theouijagirl? As that’s really personal, I’d rather not say. I’ve mentioned him before on this blog, and that’s pretty much all I’m going to say on the subject. I’ve only ever told maybe three or four people about him. And I’d like to keep it that way.

If you have any other questions about spirit guides, Ouija boards, spirits, or whatever, let me know.

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Do you think the cuts to Castiel expression during the mary/Sam Dean/Mary hugs where intentionally showing Cas feeling excluded and being an outsider the "real" family?

Hi there. And yeah, I think those cuts served several purposes. One of them is exactly as you said. The entire episode (and the whole season, and most of s9, s10 and s11, too), have shown this growing depression, and a sense of disillusionment over who he is and where he belongs for Cas. We’re now getting to a point where something’s gotta give.

But also, we get an excellent look at his state of mind in the speech he gives the Winchesters a few minutes later on that bridge. I think he’s come to a point where he’s found what he THINKS is his “place” in the family, as their Guardian Angel.

You know this world– this sad, doomed little world– it needs you. It needs every last Winchester it can get, and I will not let you die. I won’t let any of you die. And I won’t let you sacrifice yourselves. You mean too much to me. To everything.

Right now, I think this is Cas’s personal compromise. And gosh, why am I suddenly hearing a slightly altered version of Sam Gamgee’s speech to Frodo here. Like, “I can’t be a real Winchester, but I can protect all the Winchesters.”

Based on the fact that my Cas tag is “castiel winchester,” I think it’s clear how I personally feel about this, but Cas is still feeling pretty lost over his place. In some ways, this has given him just a small handhold in the family, which is better than his feelings about it pretty much all season, so I’ll take it.

With this small handhold, hopefully he’ll be able to start pulling himself out of the pit of despair he’s been in for so long now.