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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything


└ You knew it was a losing battle you were fighting from the start Sho-kun…

Cr: VS Arashi 19.01.2017 Opening Talk

Pup Pup

A loud CRACK! was heard as two figures appeared in front of the small but quaint house. When the occupants of the house heard the noise, they dropped everything they did, and immediately went for the door. A childish squeal rang loud and clear before the door was opened. Just before the child and his parents came out, one of the visitors crouched on the ground and Transformed into a dog.

“Pup pup!” Little Harry Potter yelled happily as he squirmed in his mother’s arms, his chubby fingers reaching out for the dog.

“It’s Padfoot, kid,” James Potter corrected, rolling his eyes jokingly. “Your uncle is much too ugly, and not to mention old, to be called such an adorable name.”

But Harry James Potter was every bit as stubborn as his parents were. Shaking his head in objection, he stuck a pouty lip as he said, “No! Pup pup! Pup pup!”

“Give it up, James,” Lily laughed as she lowered her son to the ground so the boy could great his beloved ‘Pup Pup’ properly, who was none other than his Godfather Sirius Black. “He inherits your stubbornness remember? Besides, you’ve called Sirius way worse names.”

“Your wife is right. Hello, Lils,” Remus said, hugging the ginger in greetings. “And we all know that when Lily’s right, you better listen to her.”

“Traitor,” James spat, but it was obvious that he didn’t mind it from the way he hugged the werewolf. Looking down at his other best friend whose belly was now being rubbed by his son, James childishly decided to step on Sirius’ tail, causing the dog to yelp. Smirking, the Chaser said, “And hello to you too, Pup Pup. You make a great dog; didn’t I tell you that?”

The dog’s grey eyes glared at James in a way that reminded everyone the true nature of the canine. Putting his paws on Harry’s shoulders, the dog began to change into his human form. The paws changed into hands, and he quickly shifted the little tot so he could hold Harry safely in his arms. When the little boy whined in disappointment, the Pureblood winked at his Godson and blew raspberries against Harry’s tummy, causing the boy to giggle.

“Your dad is a big meanie, Fawn,” Sirius said as he directed a scowl at his best friend. “He doesn’t love your poor Pup Pup.”

“Bad Daddy!” Harry yelled, his face squinted funnily in his effort to look angry at James. It only lasted for awhile before he burst into a merry laughter.

“That’s right, kiddo. Your Dad is evil. But at least I have you, don’t I? You love me, don’t you, Harry?”

“Yeah! Wuv you, Pup Pup!”

“I can’t believe it! He stole my son! This is preposterous!” James said, dramatically clutching his heart in betrayal. “My own son, in my own house!”

“Oh, shut it, you dramatic arse,” Lily mock-scolded, dragging James inside the house as she beckoned her guests to follow her.

“Next thing I know, he’ll be stealing my wife!

“James Fleamont Potter!”

Moony! Back me up here!”

“Sorry, Prongs. I’m not getting in between your domestic dispute with Lily.”
*twenty seven years later*

A loud CRACK! was heard as a figure of a tall-man with fiery red hair appeared. Not far from where he was standing, an eight-year-old child with vibrant purple hair, who was entertaining his ‘brothers’ with his Metamorphmagus abilities, turned his head toward him. The tall ginger bent down as he waved at his nephews, and lowered the small bundle he was holding on the ground. Once the kids saw what was inside the bundle of blanket, they couldn’t help themselves and began to run toward the man and the bundle in excitement.

“Harry, look! Ron just brought us a dog!” Purple haired Teddy Lupin yelled at his Godfather, who came out to greet his brother-in-law.

“Yeah, Daddy,” his oldest James piped in at the same time his youngest Albus said, “It’s Pup Pup!”

At twenty eight, Harry James Potter, Saviour of the wizarding world, youngest Head Auror to ever hold the position, felt like he was brought back to one of his earliest memories. Staring at the black dog, with thick fur and grey eyes that reminded him of someone else, Harry knelt on the ground and opened his arms. The puppy, noticing that the new human was good, came bounding into Harry’s arms.

“Hello, Pup Pup,” Harry whispered as he hugged the dog firmly. “Welcome home.”

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Oooh!!! Will you do a post on aro + ace Charlie Weasley?

My goodness, yes! I loveeee Charlie. I have done quite a few on him, talking about his life here and here, and talking about the way he discovered he was ace-aro here, and his coming out to his parents here. Some of them are posts from the beginning of this blog :) 

Charlie Weasley’s asexual aromantic identity was almost a relief to him. There wasn’t anything wrong with him for not wanting to date girls (or boys, no one at Hogwarts was terribly picky) - it was just another facet of him. Like the way he couldn’t catch a Quaffle to save his life but Seeking came so naturally. Like the way he could have full conversations with Percy or Bill across the dinner table without ever speaking a word. Like the way he could find his wand in his bag without looking by feeling for warmth against his perpetually-cold hands. 

It wasn’t lack of acceptance for himself that sometimes made his last few years at Hogwarts less-than-comfortable, sometimes, lack of knowing he was and what he wanted. It was the way that people seemed to treat romance (and especially sex) as a goal, as something to focus energy on and find …what? Solace, in? He didn’t know.

He successfully ignored the things said about him, mostly, and instead focused on his friends and his brothers. He was always close with Dora Tonks (he would never get used to calling her by her surname only. She had introduced herself as Dora in their first double Herbology class first year, and Dora she would forever stay in his mind), and with the revolving Quiddich team from his second year on. People, even Bill, at times, got on him about dating - about girls and Hogsmeade dates and using protection and it’s not that hard, Charlie, you’re an attractive lad. 

By the time he made Captain, keeping the core of the team strong was important enough to the House that they left him more or less alone about Finding A Mate, as he thinks of it in his head. 

The dragon conservatory in Romania was a different world. He was the youngest in the barracks, having gotten a sparkling reference from the most dragon-crazy git in England straight out of NEWT studies, but he was a hard enough worker to earn his place several times over. He spent every day elbow-deep in difficult, bone-tiring, all-compassing and thrilling work. He got to work with dragons every. single day. 

He loved it - rising at dawn to begin the morning’s work, eating large but simple meals in the field, and falling exhausted into bed each night. He loved the dragons, and the mountainous air and the people he worked with, an eclectic collection of young people from all over the world, united by their love of dragons. He made fast and deep friendships with everyone there, and no one ever ever mentioned romantic entanglements. It didn’t seem to be their priority, didn’t seem to be their goal, didn’t seem to even be on anyone’s mind. Some had partners at home, and some shared bunks and body heat between them, but most of them lived their lives like Charlie did - encompassed, and so so so fulfilled by the work, needing nothing else. He lives this way, blissful, for five years, and then lives the same life, but fraught with anxiousness for the family he’s helping only indirectly through the Order, for another three. 

Coming home, back to mainstream society, back to a concept of leisure time, back to English insistence upon propriety, back to his family “wanting the best for him” was exhausting, but necessary after a war that took his little brother and half the world he had loved growing up and rejected later in life. 

There would be plenty of time for a simpler life, later. He would find a way to live his life in a space not geared towards clingy, heterosexual monogamous pairings. But he would have to endure these spaces for now. His family needs him, and that’s more important than his own commitment to a life fulfilled on his own, with his friends, with his dragons. 

He needs to be here to help his family heal. If that means taking a few questions about this dating life, he can handle that. He knows who he is. He’ll return to that life soon.
羽生結弦 Yuzuru Hanyu 2014 worlds ex
An extremely moving and powerful performance (with a little bit of a long explanation by me below!)

The Significance of Yuzuru Hanyu’s 2014 Worlds Exhibition

During the 2013-14 season, Yuzuru won the triple crown of GPF, Olympics, and World Championships- a pretty big deal.  For his exhibition skate at Worlds 2014, he performed Romeo and Juliet, his free skate from the 2011-2012 season.  He could have chosen any exhibition at all or even had a new one choreographed, but he chose this one.  Here’s what I make of this decision of his…

Case 1: The 2011 Japan Earthquake

As we all know, this program, Romeo and Juliet (ver. 1) was created in the time span shortly after the 2011 Japan Earthquake, a disaster which greatly impacted Yuzuru.  The 16-year-old Yuzuru was training when the earthquake hit Sendai, and had to run out of the rink with his skating boots still on, damaging them in the process.  Afterwards, he and his family stayed in an evacuation centre in a local school for some days.  Their home, along with many others’, had been completely destroyed.  The Sendai ice rink was damaged and closed down.  Many people lost their lives. Yuzuru was extremely conflicted during this time, as he felt that he couldn’t and shouldn’t continue to skate when the other people of Japan were suffering so greatly.  He wished to help in some way that felt more substantial than figure skating, which he thought to be rather selfish.  However, he was able to get back on his feet, and spent the summer following the earthquake skating in ice shows, as these ice shows were the best way for him to get practice time without a rink at home to train in.  Many of the proceeds for the ice shows went to earthquake relief, and Yuzuru’s (and other Japanese skaters’) amazing performances were events of hope and light in a dark time.  Romeo and Juliet (ver. 1) was the very program that he skated during this time.

Case 2: 2012 World Championships

Romeo and Juliet also holds heavy significance in that it was the free skate that earned Yuzuru a bronze medal at the 2012 World Championships.  This was his first ever Worlds title.  It was performance that moved the audience (and himself, and his coach at that time, Nanami Abe) to tears.  Just 17 years old at the time, he proved himself to be a captivating performer who gave the performance his all, and a brilliant jumper on top of that.  Bronze at 2012 Worlds was the title that earned him more fans, recognition, and prestige than ever before.  

The bronze medal came little over a year after the earthquake, so the disaster was prevalent in Yuzuru’s mind when he won it.  By not giving up on his skating and on his dreams, he was able to achieve great results.  He earned this rank through working hard and overcoming complicated and painful emotions he had about the earthquake, proving his mental, physical, and emotional strength to be of unimaginable calibre.  Of course, the scars that the earthquake left would never completely disappear, but Yuzuru had started to learn to overcome his fears, doubts, and pain.

Two Years Later… GPF, Olympic, and Worlds Champion

Now, flash forward two years from Worlds 2012 and that bronze medal, and Yuzuru Hanyu is a big name in figure skating.  He’s no longer the young 17-year-old beginning to capture the hearts of figure skating fans, but rather the reigning champion of the Grand Prix Final, the Olympics, and the World Championships.  The spotlight is his, the gold medal is his, and the times are his.

The importance of the Romeo and Juliet program had been further proved by Yuzuru’s choice for his free skate in the Olympic season of 2013-14.  For that season, he chose music from Romeo and Juliet once again, making a connection back to the eventful and evolutionary season of 2011-12.  By choosing the same theme for the Olympic season free skate as the 2011-12 one, Yuzuru was, in a way, giving a solute to all that had happened.  He wanted to show the world that, in his essence, he was still the same boy from Sendai, Japan, which had been hit with a terrible earthquake that people are still affected by to this day.  He wanted to make a tribute to his country, which supported him despite its troubles.  By making this connection to his past, he ensured that the crisis Japan was enduring would not be overlooked, and that he would always remain humble and thankful to what and who had made his Olympic dream possible.

That was the message he carried throughout the Olympic season, and then what does he choose to do for his Worlds exhibition, the last performance of the season?  What does he choose to close off this unforgettable season with?

His 2011-12 Romeo and Juliet free skate.  

I mean, what else could it possible have been?  This was one of the most vital and defining programs of his career.  This was the free skate that earned him third place at Worlds at the young age of 17.  This was the last free skate that he ever did with his long-time coach Nanami Abe; the last free skate he ever learned before saying goodbye to all he’d ever known to fly halfway across the world to train in Canada.  This was the free skate that captivated the hearts of viewers everywhere and made us all fall in love with the young, passionate talent that was Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan.

And perhaps most importantly, this was the program that was made when Yuzuru- and all of Japan- was going through an incredibly difficult time.  The earthquake understandably left Yuzuru reeling with shock, grief, and turmoil.  He said himself that after the earthquake, he seriously thought that he would never skate again.  

But he did.  A true champions knows that falling is inevitable, and it’s how many times you get back that makes you the real winner.  Yuzuru Hanyu got back up, time and time again, and just look where he ended up.

Triple crown winner (GPF, Olympics, and Worlds), one of the youngest Olympic champions in figure skating ever, and the first ever Japanese man to win Olympic gold in men’s singles figure skating.  

A man for the history books.  One of the all-time greats of figure skating.  A pride of his nation.  A priceless gift to the sport.  A privilege to watch, and a shining star to all those whose hearts he as touched.

Romeo and Juliet 1 was a program forged through pain, and ultimately made all the more a triumph because of it.   Yuzuru has said that he “wants to give the kind of performances that stay in people’s hearts”, and this definitely was one.  The performance of it at Worlds 2012 was breathtaking, certainly, full of emotion and passion enough to bring a stadium to its feet.  

But watching him doing it again two years later as the exhibition is all the more gratifying because you can clearly see just how much he had evolved and improved. His artistry, musicality, and technicality had greatly advanced- and all the while, he didn’t lose one single bit of that passion and charisma he held as a 17-year-old.  One of Yuzuru’s biggest goals is to never stop evolving, never stop trying to beat the records that he himself has set, and this exhibition was truly a testament to all of his hard work.

A True Champion Knows He Does Not Stand Alone

Yuzuru has also cited this mantra as one of his inspirations: “Don’t forget the beginner’s mind”.  Because of this belief, he is always working hard and striving to do better, and is well-known for always being down to earth, gracious, and grateful.  Using this program at the 2014 Worlds Exhibition was a culmination of all these traits we always see from him; it was a beautiful, powerful tribute to his roots.  

After achieving all the greatness of the 2013-14 season, Yuzuru didn’t forget what got him there.  If anything, his success humbled him.  It made him realize how far he had come and who he had to thank for guiding him to the spot in the middle of the podium where he stood.  As he won the GPF gold, the Olympic gold, and the World Championships gold, he did not stand alone on that podium- and he knew this better than anyone.  This exhibition was a performance dedicated to the people who have supported him since day one; to his family, coaches, fans, friends, and rivals; to everyone who had seen something in that 17-year-old bronze medalist in Nice that made them root for him; to his country, which recovered slowly and painfully from a crippling disaster yet still remained a place in which a young man could find his own path.

What a path is has been.  

A Name For the History Books

Yuzuru Hanyu is an inspiration, through and through, not only because of the spectacular 2013-14 season that he ended with this skate, but also because of everything ever since.  Many a lesser man would have called it quits after Olympic gold, thinking he’d already peaked- but Yuzuru believed he could do more, and he did.

The world records, the medals, the titles, the wonderful and unforgettable performances- Yuzuru Hanyu has done more than enough to establish himself as a key figure in the history of figure skating.  He is one who will be cited as a great inspiration for many generations to come; as one who pushed himself to push the sport.  He is not only a symbol of triumph and pride for his home country of Japan, but for the entire world, a shining beacon for the strength and skill of mankind as a whole.  He will eternally be known as one of the greatest figure skaters to have ever lived.  A success story to be told for years to come.  A legend.

Yuzuru Hanyu- don’t forget that name.  That’s a name for the history books.

And Now…

All this, and his story isn’t even over yet.  He said on many occasions that that winning Olympic gold was just the beginning- and we all know that when Yuzuru sets his mind to something, he is unstoppable.  We, the people who stand behind him to this day, have seen what he has accomplished since the Olympics, and know that he still has so much more to offer.  

We honour you for your hard work Yuzuru, from day one to now and into the future; we will continue to support you and give you the respect and strength you deserve.  And we eagerly await to see what all of us know you can and will deliver.  Ganbatte!!

In honour of Worlds 2017 coming up in about a month- which will be the 3 year anniversary of this exhibition and 5 year anniversary of the free skate it once was- here is Yuzuru Hanyu’s 2013-2014 World Championships Exhibition.  I hope you enjoy!

New Zealand holds an election on September 23. 

It was assumed to be another easy win for the conservative National party.

Then a 37 year old, spouseless, childless woman became the leader of the Labour party. 

Her name is Jacinda Ardern. 

And she has thrown the election into the air. 

She gained everyone’s attention when she gave a sharp reply to a question about whether she would have children and if women should be asked that by all employers. 

She is, if nothing else, poised to be one of the youngest world leaders. Since she became the leader of the Labour Party they have 20 points in the polls, and the election is still weeks away. 

Since we started reenacting, we always had some Hitlerjugend in the group.
Here is the latest arrival, Andreas.
He is dressed with summer short trousers and brown shirt. He has his HJ knife and a panzerfaust 60.

Villa Arconati, 17-18/09/2016

Photo by @fabiobergph
Not for political purposes

SOUTH SUDAN. Kaya. August 26, 2017. SPLA-IO (SPLA-In Opposition) rebels fire weapons during an assault on government SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) soldiers on the border with Uganda.

Oil-rich South Sudan became the world’s youngest nation when it won independence from neighbouring Sudan in 2011 following decades of conflict. But civil war quickly followed in 2013 after President Salva Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, fired his deputy Riek Machar, a Nuer.

Since then the conflict has been punctuated by gruesome massacres of civilians and extreme sexual violence. Ethnic militias have divided the country into a patchwork of fiefdoms.

Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

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6 with peter parker please ♡

6.You’re making it really hard for me not to kiss you right now.

Originally posted by marveling-over-imagines

 For the rest of the world, you were the youngest Avengers, but for the avengers, you were their prankster. 

You enjoyed pranking the avengers and you would sometimes team up with Clint or Pietro. Since Peter joined the team you would prank with him. 

When he first joined the team he was really shy but them he opened up to you. You couldn’t help but fall for him and his geekiness. 

Now you're here stuck in Tony’s closet with Peter. 

*earlier that day*

“Peter please” you begged him. You wanted Peter to help you with another prank. Last time he helped you prank Tony, both of you weren’t allowed to go to the lab for a week, and Peter didn’t want that to happen again.

“Y/n I'm not gonna help you prank Mr. Stark again” he sighed and turned around so he was now facing you.

You looked at Peter with a sad smile “ please peter help me, it’s the last time I will ask you please” he sighed and agreed “what do I have to do?” he said already regretting his decision. 

You hugged him and without thinking you gave Peter a kiss on the cheek “thank you, thank you so much Peter” you said smiling. Peter was as red as a tomato. That’s when you realized that you did. You pulled away when you heard Tony clear out this throat he had a huge grin on his face and a snickering Natasha standing beside him. Both you and Peter were a blushing mess. 


“ok I'm done,” you told Peter, who was looking out for Tony. 

You successfully changed Tony’s shampoo with a bubblegum Pink hair dye. You couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of Tony with bubblegum pink hair. 

When you got out of the bathroom you were pushed into the nearest closet. You looked up and saw Peter standing right in front of you with one of his hands holding your waist and the other covering your mouth. 

“shh,” he said looking at the closed door in back of you. “ Tony was coming inside so I had to hide you,” he said looking at you. “dhansaks” you tried to speak but his hand was still pressed to your mouth. 

“what?” he said confused but then realized and removed his hand. 

“thanks” you couldn’t help but look at his chocolate brown eyes and his pink lips and wondered how soft they would be against yours. You were pretty sure that he looking at yours as well. He started to blush when he remembered his hands were still on your waist. “You’re making really hard for me not to kiss you right now,” you said out the blue. 

He smirked and leaned in the kiss was sweet and full of love, you wrapped your hands around his neck and he pulled you closer if that was possible.

You broke the kiss and he pressed his forehead to yours “ Will you be my girlfriend?” you gave him another kiss “Does that answer your question”  he kissed your nose and nodded. 

You were in the living room with the rest of the avengers when you heard Tony scream your name. He entered the room with Bubblegum Pink hair and everyone bursted with laughter.

a/n: honestly tho imagine Tony with bubblegum pink hair. Hope you like it anon! 

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Not for your suggestion thingy, but imagine the first time Bruce hears Dami call one of the boys "Beloved" and Bruce just sort of stares for a little bit because... "Beloved." And just... imagine his thoughts the first time he hears it.

I think he’d be hella torn on how to feel about it. I think his first instinct is to feel overprotective and suspicious. That’s his baby, it doesn’t matter that he’s an adult, what are your intentions with his baby.

But then…I think he’d feel really happy? Because here, this person how was more or less tortured the first 8+ years of their life. Forced to do things they didn’t want to, trained to be this emotionless assassin. This person who grew from a child that Bruce honestly feared didn’t care or love or have empathy for anyone…fell in love. Loves someone wholly and completely. Because Bruce knows, he knows the significance of calling someone Beloved. He’s always known. So to hear Damian say that to someone, to know that Damian trusted someone enough to let himself love them, and even let himself be loved in return…he’s a hardcore proud dad. Proud, happy dad, who wished the world for his youngest and sees that he got it.

Ēosturmōnaþ is NOT Ishtar´s month... <3

(From Pagan Study Group)

I keep seeing these posts with an image of the very ancient Akkadian/Assyrian great goddess Ishtar, claiming her name to be the very meaning of the English word “Easter”, and that the celebrations were originally to her honor. Without providing a single piece of evidence, they go on to claim that her symbols were the hare and the egg, although they have no image at all to prove it (such an image does not exist).

To think that two words from two very different languages are etymologically cognate just because they sound about the same when pronounced in one of the languages is a very common misconception among people who have not studied languages. Also, Ishtar is pronounced Eesh - tar, while Easter Month is derived from Eostar monath, Eostar being the genitive form of Eostre /Eostrun, pronounced Eh - oh - streh / Eh - ohst - rune, and does not sound that similar after all. The people who post this have obviously very little understanding of etymology, language developments, and history of religions, so I would like to just set a few things straight.

You will be extremely hard put to NOT find a culture that does not celebrate spring, and in pagan times and places, spring is usually associated with a goddess, what with all the birthing and bringing forth new life and new growth. Obviously, you will find evidence for spring fertility rituals more or less all over the place, including in the lands were Ishtar was once celebrated.

I understand that the people who keep up the lie about Ishtar being the origin of Easter are eager to promote that old goddess, but they do not seem to realize that they are actually diminishing her original importance in the cultures that worshipped her by assigning her a role as a spring goddess.

Ishtar, who in her time was identified with both Semitic Astarte and Sumerian Innanna, belongs to the category of “great goddess” in the sense that she was worshipped in the large, officially sponsored public cults, worshipped by all people, men and women, high class and commoners, and celebrated for having influence on more or less all aspects of life and death, associated with kingship and rulership, war and peace, love and death, and with the heavenly bodies of Sun and Moon and Venus and besides Earth itself. In the image here, from Meli-Shipak II (12th century BCE), Ishtar is depicted as the Queen of Heaven, seated on a royal throne and surrounded by her emblems: the symbol of Sun, Moon and Venus, assigning kingship to a worshipping man.

To assign her a role as a spring goddess is to diminish her original role, and as wrong as assuming the Norse Freyia (her Scandinavian equivalent, functionally speaking) was simply a “goddess of love”. She was just a lot more than that.

Also, the meme about Ishtar-Easter keeps claiming that she was symbolized by the hare and the egg, and thus the origin of the Easter bunny and the Easter eggs.

Newsflash: Ishtar was symbolised by the LION, quite like Indian Durga, the great goddess of the Shakti/Shiva tradition, with the owl, a symbol of wisdom, and also with the eight-pointed star (Venus) and the solar disc - but not with the hare or the eggs.

The ancient Mesopotamians who knew Ishtar/Astarte/Innanna as their great goddess most probably celebrated spring, and it is possible that the goddess had something to do with that, but it appears a lot more credible to single out the myths of how her lover, the lovely youth, dies and is resurrected through her grace, and it could appear that HE was the god of vegetation who dies during winter and is reborn during spring. Her role as his resurrector may have meant something during the spring celebrations, but still, her name has nothing to do with that, and nothing to do with the English word for Passover, “Easter”.


Ok, so I had some comments to this post, and one very interesting one which goes:

“The painted eggs come from the Babylonian Akitu new year festival, which were transferred to the Jewish Pascal and Persian Nowruz, not sure if the eggs are related to Ishtar worship or not, but Ishtar was honoured during the Akitu. The issue most of the ANE pagan community have is that date of Inanna-Ishtar’s ressurection can be traced to the vernal equinox if you look to the Nippurian calender, so the earliest attestation of what would one day become the Akitu festival was the resurrection of Inanna-Ishtar, which went on to influence the Jewish Passover during the Babylonia captivity, which is tied the the crucifixion of Christ when you look at the symbolic freeing of the prisoner Barnabas and such like, so you can’t say Easter has nothing to to with Inanna-Ishtar, much like the bebunking articles suggest. I just don’t think enough people look to the ancestral religions of the Abrahamic faiths for answers, or realise that Jesus was a Near Eastern deity just like Ishtar, and wonder why they can justify a male deity moving but not a female deity. There is just no proof that Eostre was the trans-cultural Diffusion of Ishtar. Though that will possibly be contested soon.”

So I would just like to comment back, that yes, by all means, the fact that Ishtar was associated with a spring ritual about the dying and resurrecting god may actually have been indirectly influential on the Passover/Easter myth of Jesus dying and being resurrected, although the resurrecting god has become a male, monotheistic god rather than a female deity belonging to a polytheistic pantheon in which she ruled as queen, the founder of civilzation and the bestower of power, among many other things.

But as I said, Ishtar was so much more than just a seasonal goddess, and as I also said, spring celebrations happened everywhere and often involved a dying/resurrected god or goddess by the grace of a higher goddess - you have Demeter and Persephone, Isis and Osiris, and countless others, which means it wil be difficult to pinpoint Ishtar or any other singular deity in a singular culture as THE origin.

This sort of ritual seasonal celebrations have been happening in so many places over so much time, it is not strange if they also have similarities. There is still no evidence for any etymological connection between the name Ishtar and the name Eostre or the word Easter. The word “Easter” is particular only to the English language, everywhere else there are other words such as Pascha, which certainly is not related to the name Ishtar.

That there were cultural connections between North Europe and the Middle East going way back in time is not to be doubted, however. We have the Mystery cults that I have always argued to be a part of the Norse tradition also, and we have the sacred marriage in connection to kingship inauguration which certainly began in the Middle East and which also certainly reached both the Celtic and Germanic areas.

I could add that Norse Freyia has a lot of similarities to Ishtar/Innanna/Astarte but also to other great goddesses such as Durga Mahadevi, Cybele Magna Mater, Isis/Aset, Anahita, Afrodite, Demeter, Hecate… this does not mean that any singular goddess is her singular origin. It probably just means that ideas have spread and influenced each other mutually for thousands of years of traveling and cultural interaction.

If new evidence turns up, able to pinpoint any direct and continuous connection between Ishtar and Eostre/Easter, I will change my opinion, for even a debunked theory may be brought to life again in the light of new evidence and convincing arguments, but for the time being I can see none.)


That word, Easter, is derived from an ancient Germanic name for the spring month, Ēosturmōnaþ, also referred to developed from an Old English word that usually appears in the form Ēastrun, -on, or -an; but also as Ēastru, -o; and Ēastre or Ēostre. According to the 7th century monk and scribe, Bede, the pagan Anglo-Saxons called that month of spring “after a goddess of theirs named Ēostre, in whose honour feasts were celebrated in that month.”

We do not know more about that goddess, but we have little reason to doubt that the pagan Anglo.Saxons, like everybody else back in the day, celebrated spring and particularly a goddess of spring, in this case one whose name has survived only in their name for the month corresponding to April.

In Scandinavia, we have no traces of this goddess, but that goddesses were worshipped during spring is extremely probable, just as it is extremely probable that they celebrated spring. It would be more preposterous to assume that they did not. But the Christian tradition of Easter has thoroughly wiped out any surviving evidence for exactly what went on then. All we know is that some sources place the major celebration of the dísir (the goddesses) at spring time.

In Norway, we call Easter by the word “Påske”, an adaption of the name for the original Christian holiday, Pascha. The eggs and the bunny have, by all appearances, a Christian origin, but may of course be older than that, seeing as eggs are great symbols of the new life that is about to be born during spring, and the hare is a great symbol of fertility all over seeing as the expression “breeding like bunnies” is based on the fact that these animals produce an amazing number of litters every year.

If there is any one goddess of the known Norse pantheon whose myths and symbols could correspond to the spring celebrations, I think it could be Idunn, whose name indicated a stream that returns to its starting point, who is associated with the symbol of a nut (new life), and whose single known myth is all about being the cause of rejuvenation and resurrection, and about being resurrected from death - and who is indeed called the “Frá Yggdrasills”, “The Seed of Yggdrasill”, the seed and fruit of the world tree, the youngest and the oldest child and the one lover of all the gods:

“There dwells in the valleys
a knowledge-hungry goddess:
The seed of Yggdrasill sinks down the ash
She is of elf-kin,
her name is Idunn (Returning One)
The oldest of the Inner Ruler´s
The youngest child”

Dvelr í daulom
dís forvitin,
Yggdrasils frá
aski hnigin;
álfa ættar
Iþunni héto,
Ívallds ellri
ýngsta barna.

(Hrafnagaldr Óðins, st. 6, The Poetic Edda)


Some Amazing Facts About The Second World War.

* The only nation that Germany declared war on was the USA.   

* 80% of Soviet males born in 1923 didn’t survive World War 2. 

* The youngest US serviceman was 12 year old Calvin Graham, USN. He was wounded in combat and given a Dishonorable Discharge for lying about his age. (His benefits were later restored by act of Congress).

* When allied armies reached the Rhine, the first thing men did was pee in it. This was pretty universal from the lowest private to Winston Churchill (who made a big show of it) and Gen. Patton (who had himself photographed in the act).

* Between 1939 and 1945 the Allies dropped 3.4 million tons of bombs, An average of about 27,700 tons of bombs each month.

* Generally speaking, there was no such thing as an average fighter pilot. You were either an ace or a target. For instance, Japanese ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa shot down over 80 planes. He died while a passenger on a cargo plane. 

* The US Army had more ships that the US Navy. 

* When the US Army landed in North Africa, among the equipment brought ashore were 3 complete Coca Cola bottling plants.

* Among the first “Germans” captured at Normandy were several Koreans. They had been forced to fight for the Japanese Army until they were captured by the Russians and forced to fight for the Russian Army until they were captured by the Germans and forced to fight for the German Army until they were capture by the US Army.

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Can I request the whole RFA + V finding out MC is studying almost 24/7 to become the youngest astronaut to ever go to space? 🚀💫

at first I thought this said astronomer ashjslsls….. this is a very very cute request thank you!!! 👼💫


- when you tell him he nearly explodes because of how exciting it sounds
- this boy has the stars in his eyes so maybe that means he’s a perfect match for an aspiring astronaut
- tells you new fun space facts he learns every day even though you probably already know them
- he’s just so happy and enthusiastic to learn more about the things that you love
- “did you know that-” yes I did but hearing you say it makes me appreciate it so much more
- goes stargazing with you and tells everybody about you and your goals because he thinks it’s so cool
- gets a little lonely when you have to study but he tries not to bug you too much
- and wouldn’t you know it, you know all about the meteor yoosung so you tell him all about it
- for your birthday he buys you a star and names it after you


- so proud of you!!!!!!
- he knows that you can achieve ur goals and he believes in you
- you two go on a midnight walk as a date
- he sings twinkle twinkle little star to you and it’s adorable
- encourages you when you’re feeling down and never lets you lose sight of your goal
- he knows what it’s like to have big dreams so he’s by your side one hundred percent
- sometimes when you’re studying he’ll softly egg you on and hype you up
- loves to hear you talk about your day and your classes and new things you’ve learned
- one day you ask him what he likes about the sky and he says “i see your face in constellations, and i like how my love for you is bigger than the moon,”
- he’s such a huge sap but it’s still cute


- respects you so much
- you helped her make her dreams come true
- now she’s going to do the same for you!!!!!
- the day you get accepted for a special high-class program she throws a party for you
- makes you galaxy cupcakes and they’re incredible (or should i say out of this world)
- does everything in her power to help you and to encourage you
- late night study dates all the time!!!! she’ll bring the coffee
- when you’re too stressed out she will help you take a step back and relax
- cuddling and hugs and kisses and love all the time, she’s the most affectionate when you’re feeling down
- she’s going to worry a lot when you eventually go into space though she thinks it’s amazing


- he already knew you were smart and wonderful so this doesn’t take him by surprise
- like everyone else, he is very proud of you
- offers to help you get the connections you need (even if you deny his help he’s still lowkey going to help you)
- he’s paying for your college and there’s not a lot you can do to refuse
- introduces you to everyone he meets as the worlds youngest astronaut
- you blush and say not yet
- he has unwavering faith in you and there’s not a doubt in his mind that you can do this
- although……… it’s going to take him a while to let you go to space
- he’s terrified but he knows that it’s your dream and will budge eventually


- he’s so hyped about it and is just filled with happiness and love
- he’s always always always loved space and he’s convinced this is yet another sign that you two were destined to be
- when you’re studying he always bugs you and annoys you but it’s ok because he looooves uuuuuuu
- refers to himself as “mc’s star crossed lover”
- even though he doesn’t really know what the phrase means it has STAR in the name
- asks if he can sneak on the spaceship with you when you finally go up to the moon
- he just wants to steal all the stars in the sky and give them to you


- when you tell him about your goals he can’t stop smiling and pulls you into a tight hug
- he tells you that from the minute he heard your voice he knew that you were going to do amazing things in your life
- plays soft indie music while you’re studying and stays close to you
- when he cant sleep you stay up with him and cuddle with him while telling him all about what you love about space
- it’s so calming to him and he’s so fascinated by it
- everything about you is soothing and feels like home
- now he’s started to feel safe just by looking at the night sky
- it reminds him of you. your eyes are like the moon, and your freckles/eyelashes/eyes are the stars.

Raptor Attack! //ZachxReader//

Of course, you were a star at the Jurassic World among the trainers. Youngest trainer there by the age of 15 and you didn’t train any dinosaurs, you trained one of the most ferocious: velociraptors.

It was all due to your uncle, Owen Grady. When you had told him about your love for dinosaurs, he convinced your parents to let you work at Jurassic World with him as your guardian and he would make you work with the gentle dinosaurs, the babies.

That didn’t work out so well because he would constantly find you trying to get near the velociraptors. You loved them! And as he noticed, they loved you too. So he let you train them with him but one thing he didn’t know was that you would always sneak into the cage and play with them. Throwing a balloon, they would jump up and pop it, the girls enjoying that immensely.

So, one day, you were on the catwalk, throwing them their dead mouses as treats when your uncle called you. “Y/N! Look who’s here!” You throw the last mouse before turning and catching eyes with Claire’s nephew, Zach. Blushing, you turned away and smiled at Gray and Claire. “Hey, guys!” You hug Claire and Gray, deciding to just wave awkwardly at Zach.

“I have to leave them here. Take good care of them, will you?” Claire scoffed and rolled her eyes, earning a laugh from you. “Yeah, of course. Now get out. You’re taking up time that Claire and I could be spending talking bad about you.” You wink at your uncle and he ruffles your hair, walking in the door and out of sight.

An idea popped into mind and Claire seemed to see the mischievous glint in your eyes. “What are you going to do?” You hum nonchalantly, “Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that maybe you guys would like to get Ito the cafe with the raptors?” You shrugged as if it was nothing, like it was a normal thing to ask.

“Y/N! Are you crazy? We could get killed!” Zach yelled but Gray seemed to be thinking. Claire was just straight out fuming. “Come on,” you whined, “I’ve gone in plenty of times and I’m fine! I even play games with them!” Gray hugged his aunt, “Please, Aunt Claire? Y/N would protect us, right?”

You give them a reassuring nod and after begging a few more times, Zach and Claire agreed.
You opened the habitat door, the raptors instantly running towards you. You hold up your hand, keeping it steady just like your voice, “Blue, Delta, Charlie, Echo. Stop!” The four stop in front of you, all of them seeming excited. You give them a small smile before hitting a balloon twenty feet away from you.

As the raptors tried catching it while it was still in the air, you get the three that were as nervous as could be. “Relax. If they sense fear, that’s when they want to strike.” Gray holds on to you, as does Claire. Zach, on the other hand, just stayed behind you, trying to seem unfazed but his clenched and shaking fists said otherwise.

“Girls!” Blue turned to you with a pink popped balloon in her mouth. “Come.” The four run and stop, sniffing Claire and Gray. The raptors chatted amongst themselves before seeming to agree that they were no threat. Claire and Gray were able to stroke them for a few minutes before a commotion happened behind you.

“Get away!” Zach screamed, hitting Delta’s nose/snout. The other went on guard, hissing at the others but not at you. “Shit,” The raptors seemed to want to zone in on Zach so you pushed Claire and Gray out while you still could, getting them out the cage. “Start closing the cage door when I say so. Understood?” Claire nodded shakily and you ran back in to help Zach.

“Hey!” You clap your hands, gaining the raptors’ attention. Motioning for Zach to get behind you while you still had their attention. He ran and got behind you as instructed, putting his hands on your waist as a way to calm down. He was so close to you that you could feel him breathing on your neck and you blushed before shaking yourself out of it.

“Delta and Charlie, I see you behind me! Back up!” They did as told and you started walking back slowly, but they hissed. You decided to take a risk. “Claire, start closing it.”

You heard her gasp. “What? No!” You snarled. “NOW!” You heard the alarm going off, signaling that it was closing and you grabbed Zach’s hand before taking off. You rolled under the gate just as it was a foot away from the floor.

The raptors tried getting through but the gate squished their mouths and they backed off.

Sighing in relief, you turn to Zach and-

SMACK! Your hand flew into his face.

“Who do you think you are, hitting my raptor, huh?” He stammered for an answer but before he could give one, you grabbed and slammed your lips on his, kissing for two minutes until you let go. Zach was blushing like a crazy man and stuttering while you were as cool as can be.

Zach hugged you and laughed, his chest moving up and down like crazy. “About time you made a move, Y/N.” Claire said, shaking her head and laughing. You giggle and thought everything was going to end well until Owen showed up. “Y/N, WHAT THE HELL?” You groaned in annoyance. “Crap. Uncle-”

“YOU KISSED THIS KID? I LIKE YOU BETTER IN THE RAPTOR CAGE THAN KISSING HIM!” He crossed his arms and glared at you. “Hey! That’s MY nephew, Grady. Do you want a problem?”

Your uncle’s firm stance faltered as he uncrossed his arms and looked around uneasily. “What? Wait, no-,”

“Well you listen here…” As Claire continued scolding your uncle, Zach smiled down at you and kissed you softly again. “She’s right, you know? About time you made a move.” You roll your eyes before grabbing him by the back of his neck and being so close to his face that your noses were touching, you said, “Just kiss me, you dork.” He chuckled and moved just a little closer, “Alright, raptor girl.”

He envelopes you in a kiss that has your knees buckling and all you could was, ‘Damn, today is a good day.’