the world would be so different if you were here

You know, people love to say that opposites attract. And maybe that’s why I tried so hard to make us work. The girl who measures two teaspoons of sugar to put in her tea and the boy with calloused palms, climbing every mountain he can because he likes the way the stars look when nothing is in their way. Frothy milk and adrenaline. We looked like idiots together. You at my charity dinners in a poorly tailored sport coat. Five o'clock shadow. Bad jokes. And me scaling the rock climbing wall with slippery hands. Two feet above ground. A loose cotton dress. But laughing. Both of us always laughing. At me and you and this stupid world for working in a way that let the two of us need each other so desperately. Opposites. You’re damn right they attract.
     But attraction and commitment were never the same thing. Maybe you always knew that. And that’s why you laughed. Because you knew that one day, your girl would stand on Everest. Scream to the stars. Drink her coffee black. But me, I’m still learning. Learning as you tell we want different things. Learning as you drop off every piece of myself I’ve left at your place, nothing folded, the toothbrush tangled with hairs. Learning as I sit here writing about the boy who bounced from cliff tops to see the stars and the girl whose feet never left the ground, whose eyes only ever knew how to watch him walk into clouds and disappear altogether.
—  the truth about you and me
We talk with Toby Froud about Netflix's upcoming Dark Crystal prequel!

Yesterday, the faerie community, and indeed all those who love beautiful and fantastical storytelling, received momentous news when Netflix officially announced their upcoming project, slated to begin filming in fall. A prequel series to the beloved 1982 Henson/Froud film, The Dark Crystal, it will run for ten episodes and include state-of-the-art puppet creations from the imaginations of our own friends and Faerie Magazine contributors, Brian and Toby Froud. The series is called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and our minds are racing with guesses as to what characters and stories might be included.

The original film, The Dark Crystal, featured a world imagined by renowned fairy artist Brian Froud (conceptual designer) that was a surreally accurate three-dimensional recreation of his artwork. Froud’s imagination combined flawlessly with Jim Henson’s vision and skill, and the film is now considered a fantasy masterpiece. With Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and Brian and his impressively-skilled puppeteer and artist son, Toby, involved in the project, we have no doubt that the project will be a rousing success.

Deputy Editor Grace Nuth was able to give Toby Froud a quick phone call to ask him some questions about the project.

Faerie Magazine: How hard has it been to know this project was happening and not be able to share it?

Toby Froud: We’ve been on this around five weeks or so. When people have asked us “will Dark Crystal ever happen again” and things like that, my mom and I have had to keep quiet, and say “well, possibly,” and things like that.

FM: Way back at the first Faeriecon, your parents were guests, and announced the possibility of another feature film, so this has been a long time coming.

TF: It has! The idea of doing a sequel has been kicking around for twelve years or so. They did the Power of the Dark Crystal stuff for this big sequel feature, and it never really got off the ground. But then after the resurgence from the Hensons doing all of these competitions, [ex: Jim  Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on SyFy] and having the fan base be what it is today, it just so happened that they caught the idea doing of a prequel, using all of the writing and lore of the world that now exists in recent years. Netflix said yes, so it became this idea that the Hensons would think in a different way, a prequel instead of a sequel. And now here we are.

FM: Were you and your father directly approached by Netflix, or by the Hensons?

TF: By the Hensons. It’s a Henson-Netflix production. We are a part of the Hensons’ development to build the creatures and world under management of Netflix.

FM: You and your father have worked together in creative capacities informally throughout your life. Was the creation of “Granny” for Lessons Learned the first time you had him create a creature, and you then translated it into a three dimensional puppet?

TF: It was, for a film together. We certainly have done a lot of puppets…Ignatz [Toby’s Froudian puppet, seen at many fairy events like Faeriecon] was my father’s design, and my creation. But Granny was our coming together for film.

FM: Do you anticipate the creations on this Dark Crystal project happening similarly, with him creating the concepts and you interpreting those concepts in three dimensional puppets, or do you and your father plan to work together to create the concepts as well?

TF: We are doing both. What’s very interesting is I am working alongside my father right now in the conceptual designs. I am translating his designs still as well, into three dimensional forms. What is bigger and is the amazing part is the translation of them into puppets. My father and I are giving them these characters; we are developing these ideas with the Hensons…and Louis Leterrier, and Lisa Henson and my father and I are figuring this out, creating this visual. Then the team of the Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, this amazing team, are creating the puppets for us.

FM: Has work already begun on pre-production?

TF: I am in the studios in L.A.! I’m working with them on a daily basis, designing and also fabricating with them. Then my father is in England, and he is designing from there. So work has begun fast and furious!

FM: Of course you can’t tell us anything about new creations, but what is your favorite type of creature in the world of the original Dark Crystal film? Are there any that you are especially eager to bring to life?

TF: Ooh…That is a tough question. I love them in different ways: To revisit all of the Skeksis…To be able to build a Mystic again, things like that. To be able to envision in the new world with new technology and modern times, bringing these creatures up to date in certain ways. I am so excited to see Aughra on screen as well. So that sort of thing is what I can’t wait for. I’m excited to see the new creatures of the world and also the expansion of the world itself. And then we are revisiting certain things of the old world too…that’s what I’m excited for.

FM: Will your mother be assisting on this project as well, or just a father/son duo?

TF: Wendy is certainly consulting on this, especially with the Gelflings, because she did Jen and Kira originally. So I’m working closely with her and also my father. But she was the sculptural designer for those, and so she’s invaluable to our new process.

FM: How does it feel creating a large-scale work that your young son can grow up watching, just as you watched Dark Crystal and Labyrinth growing up?

TF: It’s…I mean it’s amazing. Beyond amazing. This project is very interesting because it’s a legacy. It’s a dream to do this. What is fascinating is that I am the same age my father was when he started The Dark Crystal. So what’s really interesting is that that’s coming to light. It’s wonderful that I get to work with him and the Hensons on this thing. It’s far more than just another project. And yes, to continue that, and to have my son grow up and see this project eventually. It’ll be interesting.

There’s a lot of pressure from fans and from the world. We’re trying. And what will be wonderful is actually the new: the new ways, new look, new feel. The director coming in and putting his vision into this, and the producing team, and Netflix. It’s quite an interesting and wonderful marriage. I think it will benefit, in a lot of ways. I’m excited to see what director Louis Leterrier does: bringing the camera to life in new ways I think the audience will really enjoy.

Netflix is an amazing juggernaut of a company that has great creative taste in what they’re providing the world, and things to come. It’s brilliant. A very clever match.

Current Underrated Boy Groups [Part. 1]

F.T. Island 

Fave Songs: “Pray”“To the Light”“Puppy”“Memory”

Reasoning: Honestly bands aren’t acknowledged enough in the Kpop world, not that there are many to begin with. They are an extremely talented group. And Hongki’s voice is amazing. It’s so unique and different. You really need to listen to him. 


Fave Songs: “Don’t Flirt”“She’s Mine”“Someday”

Reasoning: Seriously I feel like so much could have been avoided had U-Kiss had more popularity. I mean I won’t talk about all the member line up changes and stuff here but honestly I think things would have turned out better for U-Kiss if people didn’t sleep on them all the time. Their vocals were/are really good and their songs are good too. [Well maybe not so much their earlier stuff but you know..]

Highlight/previously Beast

Fave Songs: “Beautiful Night”“Yey”“Good Luck”“Breathe’“12:30″“Shadow”“Gotta Go to Work”“How to Love”“Plz Don’t Be Sad”

Reasoning: Seriously if you are still sleeping on Beast/Highlight…I don’t know what to say to you. Amazing songs, amazing talent like….what else could you want. Sadly Beast is no longer Beast and now only 5 members but in my heart Beast is still Beast and I’ll forever be a Beauty. 


Fave Songs: “The Eye”“Bad”“Back”“Last Romeo”“Be Mine”“Before the Dawn”“Destiny”“Request”“Man in Love”“That Summer”“Hey Hello”“Paradise”“Come Back Again” [I have second hand embarrassment from this last song though….like why did they debut this way hahaha]

Reasoning: UGH WHY SLEEP ON INFINITE!!!??? They are amazing, all members can sing well. They are literally known for their synchronization. Their songs are amazing. Like what is there not to like? And all their personalities are different so I promise there will be one that you like. Also check out their non title songs as well. I swear that list of fave songs is so long like I can’t even put them all on there. LOVE INFINITE I’M BEGGING YOU! Also check out their sub units: Infinite H, Infinite F, and Sunggyu’s solo albums and Woohyun’s solo album. 

Teen Top

Fave Songs: “Miss Right”“Rocking”“Ah Ah”“Crazy”“I Wanna Love”“Love Fool”“Walk By”“Snow Kiss”

Reasoning: Honestly Teen Top is so underrated. Like they are super talented, their songs are really good and like still they hardly ever get noticed at all. 

The Boss/DGNA

Fave Songs: “Lucky Man”“Rilla Go”“Why Goodbye”, “Love Power”

Reasoning: Well….have you heard of them? I honestly happened to just stumble upon them and fell in love with them. Sadly their sales are pretty much shit in Korea and so they mostly promote and release songs in Japan which unfortunately are not as much of my taste. I like that one that I listed. But their Japanese singles don’t fit them as well as their more manly Korean ones. But whatever money talks and they do what sales. That’s why you won’t see them promoting much in Korea.Sigh….if only they were more popular. 


Fave Songs: “Breathe”“The Ghost of Wind”

Reasoning: Honestly has anyone even heard of them? Do you know them? Most people don’t. Except maybe now with Hyunsik making waves in the acting world. But still….they are relatively unknown. Unfortunately they are on hiatus, there was a statement that the group disbanded but members themselves have said that’s not true. So maybe when they eventually come back more people will know of them. 


Fave Songs: “Solo Day”“A Lie”“Lonely”“Beautiful Target”“Sweet Girl”“Tried to Walk”“What’s Happening”“Baby Goodnight”“Baby I’m Sorry”

Reasoning: Truthfully they are much more popular than most that will be on this complete list. But they honestly don’t get the amount of recognition they truly deserve. They are so talented; Sandeul and Jinyoung’s voices are so beautiful. CNU and Gongchan are talented as well despite not being the main vocals. Baro’s rapping is great as well. Their songs are all amazing and a lot of them are upbeat and cute and playful and I love it. They are so adorable you should honestly listen to and love them. 


Fave Songs: “Witch”“Bounce”“Janus”“I-Yah”“On & On”“White Out”

Reasoning: Boyfriend is one of the most looked over 3rd generation idol groups. [that’s debatable but in my own little system they are 3rd generation] Anyway point is they aren’t very popular, you hardly ever see them on any variety shows, they haven’t even had a proper comeback since 2015. Their company screws them over and has basically thrown them in the basement not to see light of day while they focus on their other more popular groups. Someone support Boyfriend please omg! 


Fave Songs: “Just Tell Me”“Too Very So Much”“Baby I’m Sorry”“Just That Little Thing”

Reasoning: Have you heard of them? Probably not. They aren’t very popular, aren’t promoted well. And basically no one hears of them. But I really like their songs and they are really talented so you should at least give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Excalibur”“Black Out”

Reasoning; I’ll be honest I’m not like stanning them in the sense that I know their names or personalities or anything like that. But I do enjoy their music and when they do come out with new stuff I always make sure to check it out. You should too. Honestly they deserve more popularity. 


Fave Songs: “Hey You”“Still 24K”“U R So Cute”“Secret Love”

Reasoning: Again I don’t know their names and all but seriously they are worth a listen to. At least one good listen. They are far more talented than they get credit for. 

Big Star

Fave Songs: “Run & Run”“Moonlight Sonata”“I Got the Feeling”

Reasoning: I swear no one has heard of them, they are never on any shows. I seriously only know one member because I’ve only ever seen them on one show. So I haven’t really got to know them. But what I do know is they are talented and I like their music so you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Movie”“I’ll Be Your Man”“Wow”“You’re So Fly”“The Winter’s Tale”“Insane”“2nd Confession”“Remember That”“When I Was Your Man”“You Can Cry”

Reasoning: Seriously BTOB gets mistreated and underrated all the time. Even some music shows don’t like to have them because of their unpopularity. It’s so ridiculous I just don’t understand why they aren’t popular. They are adorable and cute and sweet and talented. They are versatile too. Originally being a normal kpop group but they have transformed into an absolute beautiful ballad/pop group. Honestly they are amazing you should love them. Everyone should love them. 

Our Booth ~ Jughead Jones

Okay, I have quickly become extremely obsessed with Riverdale, and mainly Jughead! I love the new twist on the character, and I absolutely love the way that Cole Sprouse portrays him, so I needed to write something for him.


   You had just moved back to Riverdale after three years of being away. You were excited to see all your old friends again and to see what they were like now; especially your old best friend, Jughead Jones. You had both been pretty devastated when your mom told you that she had gotten a job that required you to move. You two had kept in touch for almost two years after that, but it faded to a couple text messages here and there, until the two of you just completely stopped. For the last two years you hadn’t seen or heard anything from your absolute best friend in the entire world.

   Your mom had sent you to pick up your takeout at the local diner and your personal favourite place to eat; Pop’s.  Jughead and you used to come here all the time, every friday night you would sit at the same table and just talk about life, that booth was your happy place. Walking in, Pop comes from behind the counter to greet you.

“(Y/N), I didn’t know that you were back in town, how are your parents?” He asks.

“They’re great, they actually sent me to pick up our food. You know that none of us can resist your burgers” you smile at him.

“Well, I will get that ready for you, it’ll take a minute so, make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you Pop”

    You look around the room and notice that the place is completely empty except one person; you didn’t expect anything different at this time on a Friday night. The boy looked to be about your age with black hair covered by a beanie, he was typing away furiously on his laptop.

    Damn, he is attractive!

   He also happened to be sitting in your favourite booth. You decide to go talk to him, maybe you’ll have a friend before you start school in a couple days.

   Standing next to the table, you greet him, “Hello, would you mind if I sat?”

“Why?” He asks, not looking up from his laptop.

“I don’t know, maybe so we can have a conversation? Doesn’t seem like you’ve got a line up of people wanting to talk to you.” I sassed.

“Fine, whatever” he agrees, not looking at you still.

“Thank you” I reply politely, sitting down across from him, “I’m starting to understand why people aren’t fighting to be your bestie.”

“I really don’t care if people like me, I’m fine on my own.” He rolls his eyes at you.

“Wow, you’re really hot, shame about the personality though” you snark

“Well, I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you” he tells you sarcastically.

“Whatever. What are you writing?” You ask, pointing to his laptop.

“A novel” he answers.


“What happened here this summer, the murder of Jason Blossom” he says flatly.

“Interestic topic” you try.

“Order for (L/N)” Pop says, bringing the bag of food to the table and placing it in front of you, “ It’s good to see you two back together again, and in your booth too. You know (Y/N), Jughead never sits at a different table, even in all the time that you were gone.”

   Pop smiles at the two of you before making his way back behind the counter.

“(Y/N) (L/N), is it really you?” Beanie boy asks you, losing the grumpy attitude instantly, closing his laptop he just stares at you wide eyed.

   He searched your face like he was trying to memorize it. he had a look of pure joy on his face and you assumed that you had the same look. You had missed him so much, and now he was right here in front of you again, you were overjoyed to have your best friend back.

“The one and only” you answer happily, “ you look different Jug.”

“So do you” he answers with a grin, “I didn’t even recognize you.”

“Did you really always sit here?” You question.

“Every Friday, six O'clock on the dot” He answers, “I guess I just hoped that one day you’d come back through those doors and everything would go back to the way it used to be; you and me against the world.”

“That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard Jug” you say, causing a blush to appear on his cheeks, “I guess your wish finally came true.”

“I guess it has” he smiles, “come on, let me walk you home, I haven’t seen your parents in ages.”

The two of you stand and he packs up his bag, before throwing the strap over his shoulder.

“They have definitely missed you” you beam, “but, not as much as I have.”

“Good to know (Y/N), cause I have missed you to” He says, pulling you in for a tight hug.

  You stand there for a minute, just hugging, trying to make up for the years without eachother. His head rests on top of yours, while yours is laid on his chest.

“Damn, you got tall Jughead.” You laugh from your place in his arms.

“I like it, I’m the perfect height to rest my head on yours” you don’t have to see his face to know that he is smiling.

“You’re such a dork.” You laugh.

“I know, I got that from so many years of hanging out with you” He jokes as the two of you pull away from the hug. He grabs one of your hands in his, intertwining your fingers as he grabs the bag of food with his other hand.

   You pay for your food and exit through the front door of Pop’s into the chilly September weather, walking together down the sidewalk, hands clasped together tightly.

“Now, what’s this about me being hot?” Jughead teases you lovingly.

“Shut up.”

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More Vietnam AU please!!!

Vietnam AU

Claire blissfully settled back a bit on the bench, resting her head against the whitewashed siding of the barn, watching a red squirrel scamper through the clearing and chase a gray squirrel up a fir tree.

Jamie’s Fraser forebears had built a few stalls in the 1760s. Right after the main rooms of the Big House – Lallybroch, after the estate they’d lost in the Highlands following the disastrous ’45 Rising – had been completed. Governor William Tryon had given another James Fraser a spectacular land grant, which still formed the core of the family’s farm and landholdings. They had farmed this land – poured their blood and sweat into the dirt and trees and fields – for more than two centuries.

And prospered.

How she enjoyed just listening to Jamie’s rich, melodious voice spinning incredible tales of valor and love and sacrifice. Without breaking a beat, he handed her an apple from his rucksack – exchanging it for the remaining half of the roast beef sandwich Jenny had made him this morning – smiling at how she’d chewed around the tomato slices.

“Not a fan, hmm?” he teased.

Her teeth crunched around the apple. “Never liked them – too slimy.” Smiling.

“I’ll have to remember that, then.”

She didn’t think her heart could beat any faster.

“And then Simon Fraser, my grandfather, decided to expand the whisky operation – we still use the caves he carved out to age the bottles. Murtagh always talks about going more commercial, but I prefer keeping it all in the family.”

It had probably been several hours since they’d been able to stop just staring at each other, and Jamie had led Claire by the hand into the sunshine outside the barn.

Suddenly shy around each other, Claire had grasped at something – anything – to keep them talking.

“Tell me about your family?” she asked gently, gesturing toward a bench tucked against the side of the barn.

And then he’d laughed.

What she wouldn’t give to hear that every single day for the rest of her life.

“How many generations back?” he’d teased, eyes flashing. Still holding her hand.

“Your parents will do.” Her thumb caressed his injured hand. Carefully. Gently.

“Ach, no way! I’ll tell you the entire history of this place. It’s in my blood, you see?”

And it was – it clearly was. Never had she seen anyone so proud of his family – and what so many generations, united for the same purpose, had accomplished.

So they had spent the next several hours talking – and laughing – and genuinely getting to know each other for the first time. Jamie was a born storyteller – charming, witty. Flirtatious.

And as the hours passed – and they shared Jamie’s simple yet delicious lunch – they began to relax.

They did not discuss why Claire had come. What she had been doing. What Jamie had been doing, since they’d parted on the helicopter pad at Chu Lai.

That would come. But now – now they celebrated the simple fact that they were with each other again.

It was overwhelming. Claire had had weeks to mentally prepare – Jamie had had no notice.

“Don’t you have chores?” she asked after a while – now that lunch was over, Jamie’s rucksack tucked away, and their hands had found each other again. “Don’t you need to fix that saddle, or whatever you were doing when I interrupted you?”

He shrugged, eyes facing forward out into the forest. So quietly green and lush. The woods he had grown up in.

“It doesn’t matter. None of it matters anymore. You’re here.”

Claire pursed her lips – sensing an opening. She turned on the bench to face him directly.

As always – he was right there to meet her.

“What happens now, Jamie?”

He took her left hand between his, tracing his thumb around the base of her ring finger. Eyes strong on hers.

“Why have you come, Claire?” His voice was soft, vulnerable. “To tell me you’re well – or so that we could make a life together?”

“I’m not married anymore,” she breathed. “I went home to him, like you asked me to. It took me until Christmas to see him. And I told him we would move forward, as husband and wife.”

She closed her eyes – suddenly overcome with shame.

Jamie waited.



Tears trickled from her eyes. “He told me he had fallen in love with someone else – and that our marriage was over. He didn’t even want to try.”

A soft, soft touch on her cheek.

Jamie’s lips, kissing the tears away.

Kissing the apple of her cheek. Her nose. Her forehead.

Cherishing her.

Infusing her with strength.

She opened her eyes – and he was right there in front of her.

“We got an annulment. And I got into medical school, in Boston.”

Jamie had such a beautiful smile.

“And then I had a chance to come down to App State – to work with Dr. Beaton. I want to help people find their voices – to help them heal from tragedy and injury. To help them find themselves.”

She twined their fingers together.

“You have a knack for that, Claire,” he breathed. “You can do *anything* you set your mind to. Don’t you know that by now?”

He held her eyes. She felt invincible.

“I do,” she said after a long while. “I do.”

“Good. But Claire – you didn’t answer my question.”

She shifted a bit on the bench. “I don’t think it’s only my decision, Jamie – it’s yours as well.”

He licked his lips, dropping his gaze to his knees.

“My life is yours, Claire.”

She reeled back – stunned.

“I – Jamie, I – you can’t – ”

“Yes, I can. And I will. You saved my life, at Chu Lai. You restored me to myself. I owe you a debt. So it’s up to you to decide what we shall do – where we go next. My heart has been yours since the first time I saw you, and you’ve held and healed my soul and my body between your two hands – and kept them safe.”

None of this was real. Real people didn’t talk like this.

But Jamie was real, all right – more real than anything had ever been to her. More than Frank – more than school – more than anything else that had ever mattered in her life.

“Do you know what I was saying to you, all that time when I was locked in my mind? When my mouth couldn’t form the right words?”

He nudged his knee with hers, getting her to look up. To see the tears shining in his own eyes.

She shook her head. “No, I don’t. Tell me?”

He tilted his head. “I was telling you how beautiful you are. How you remind me of the fairy stories my Mam told me as a child – of the sorceress who bewitches the mighty warrior. The kelpie who comes from the sea to claim a human man as her love. The enchantress whom the brave hero is compelled to fall for.”

He took a deep breath. “And then I’d tell you of my home – of here, Lallybroch. And how I knew you’d fit right in to life here – how happy we would be here, together. Of the life we’d have, if things were different.”

Claire’s cheeks pinked at his words – at the praise she felt she did not deserve. “What do you mean, if things were different?”

“If I’d met you at a different time or place. If you weren’t married. If I could court you properly, the way you deserve.”

He straightened his back, licking his lips.

“So. I will ask you a third time, Claire. Why are you here?”

Preparing himself for anything – including rejection.

But those were words that would never fall from her lips.

The next words she had asked him so many times in her dreams. It was the most natural thing in the world.

“Will you have me?”

An extraordinary look of terror and joy and jubilation flashed across his face.

He grabbed her hands, kissing them feverishly.

“Yes,” he rasped. “Yes, I’ll have you.”

Bruised and Battered Chapter 15

Dean Winchester x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Dean?” You breathed out, not even attempting to move away from his grasp. Just seeing him there made you realize how much you had missed him. How much he truly meant to you. He looked rough around the edges, with dark circles under his eyes. It made you realize that you had done that to him. You had messed with his emotions, made him hurt when you had just been trying to protect him all along. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, I was planning on helping a friend, no, not a friend. Family. I was planning on helping family with a hunt. But when I arrived at his motel room, all I could smell was your distinctive perfume. I could see the guilt on his face, and I knew right away that he had run into you. What I want to know is what made him not say anything in the first place?” He said softly, his face carefully schooled to show no emotions.

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(Jonathan Byers x Reader): Greatest City in the World

Request: Thanks! Please could I request a Jonathan imagine where he’s been dating the reader for a while now and they’ve moved to an apartment in New York together to go to nyu because that’s Jonathans and yours dream school. After your first night in your new apartment you wake up next to Jonathan and he’s just really happy and sweet and he’s made you breakfast and you both just sit and cuddle. Is this okay?❤

A/N: First of all, thank you to @10blurredsmoke10 for this request, it made me really happy and was super fun to write! Get ready for all of the fluff!

You never dreamed that you’d get into your dream school. You’d also never dreamed that you’d fall in love with the perfect guy. Yet here you were, in the city that never sleeps, just moved in to your new apartment, laying in your brand new bed, the man of your dreams sound asleep next to you, his arm draped over your waist, curled up towards your own palm, your fingers intertwined.

The last thing you thought before you you drifted off into a peaceful sleep was, “I could get used to this.”

The next morning you were woken up by the sound of Jonathan’s voice, “(Y/N), (Y/N), babe, I made breakfast.”

“Five more minutes,” You mutter as you bury your head deeper into the duvet.

“But the pancakes are ready now,” He jokingly whines, causing you to perk up slightly. Against your better judgment, you got out of bed and wandered into your tiny kitchen. Sitting on the counter were two plates, each with their own mound of pancakes, topped with syrup on top of them.

“How did you even manage this? We haven’t bought any groceries.” You ask Jonathan as you grab a plate, before bringing it back into your bedroom and sitting on the bed.

“I woke up early and went to find the grocery store this morning while you were asleep, I thought it would be a nice surprise,” He replies as he follows suit and sits down on the bed next to you before you both start digging into your pancakes.

After a few bites you look up at Jonathan, “You’re happy,” You comment. You’d noticed it when he’d woken you up, but it had continued through until now. You were so used to see Jonathan scowling at people, or just deeply concentrated, yet here you were, finally alone, and he just seemed…different.

“Of course I am, why wouldn’t I be? I’m in the greatest city in the world, about to start classes at my dream school, all with my best friend by my side,” He replies with a small grin.

“I like happy Jon,” You reply as you lean into his chest slightly, “Don’t get me wrong, I loved grumpy Jon when we met back home, but seeing you happy…” You trail off, a bit wistfully.

“It’s all thanks to you, love, neither of us would be here if it weren’t for you,” He replies as he wraps his arms around you and holds you tight.

You turn around in his arms and press a kiss into his cheek, “I love you,” You say, softly before turning back around to your pancakes, “And I love your pancakes,” You add with a mouthful of food.

“I love you, too,” He replies as he feeds himself his own bite of pancakes, “This is going to be the greatest adventure of our lives.”

Monsta X - First Love at First Fan Meet (Wonho, Kihyun, Hyungwon, I.M)

You’re perfectly fine! Thanks for responding and requesting!

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Wonho - It’s already known that Wonho takes good care of his fans and you’re no different. You’ve seen how much he smiles and has fun with his fans, but once you sat down in front of him, his whole world turned brighter. He’d hold your hands and ask about your day, not wanting to miss a single detail. Anything you could tell him would make him feel special, and wondering how you haven’t gotten a boyfriend yet. When he received a mirror from you, he’d hold it up and say, “Look, I came here with my one and only.” He’d feel really sad that the few minutes between the two of you were so short, but as you begin to walk away from the table, he’d take a hold of your hand and say that  you forgot something (which you didn’t). It was a photo card and on the back had a little message to meet him on XX day and XX time.

Originally posted by 93kihyun

Kihyun - Kihyun would be all over you. He’d respect your space and wouldn’t want to freak you out, but he’s lucky to have you come to their fan meet. Kihyun would ask you certain questions that’d borderline ask your ideal type, who your bias is, and wondering if you’d like to be friends sometime. He wouldn’t jump into a relationship due to his career, but you can guarantee that he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about you. Hand holding and pats on the head would make him feel better, and he’d write something hush-hush on your hand that maybe one day, possibly, that he could see you again and that the both of you can introduce each other more formally. 

Originally posted by 94wons

Hyungwon - Yap. Yap. Yap! Just like he dabbed in the second season for Monsta X Ray, Hyungwon would try to make you smile and laugh for the few minutes you two have together. He would ask you if you came to Seoul because of the fan signing or if you were on vacation because he’d like to show you around and take you to places he enjoys. Just spending time with you and getting to know you better is something he’d look forward to doing. When you sit back down in the audience, there’s a time when they pass out photo cards and Hyungwon would visit your section and wink to let you know that he’s interested in you. You could tell when he doesn’t do that to the other fans, making you a bit more special in a way. 

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

I.M - It was that cute laugh that you had when you couldn’t get the bracelets untangled from your bag. He told you it was fine if you couldn’t get it because you could hand it over and after the fansign, he’d untangle them himself and give it to the other members. When you said that he was your bias, he’d think, “Then you’re my bias from the other fans out there.” But he can’t show favorites in front of the others– it’d make him look bad as an idol. Anyway, he’d ask you about your day and what you do as a living, anything so he’d could get to know you better. He would like to take it slow, but also remember the fact that he might not ever see you again, so he’d make these few minutes count. As fun as it lasted, he’d try to let it go and hope that someday you two could see each other again. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

Admin Mochi

New Taylor Swift albums really get to me during release week, because I just look back at my life and where I’ve been and where I’m going. What would I tell myself if I could go back and tell the Meredith who lived in a world where Fearless didn’t exist where she’d be now? Speak Now Meredith? Red? 1989? There are so many different parts of my life that these albums fit into and reputation is really finding its place, which is such an invigorating feeling. When those new songs click with you, it’s like a shot of whiskey that makes your stomach just feel so warm and topsy turvy. 

I have so much to thank Taylor for, it really is overwhelming. I met all of my best friends through her, through this damned site I signed up for in 2009 because I thought it would be fun to talk to other people who were really big fans. Taylor has done a lot of beautiful things throughout her career, but bringing people together has been my favorite. 

I tried to kill myself towards the end of my junior year of high school, after a snowball of an abusive mother, a rape that stole my virginity, and never being able to make friends at school. This was a few years after I joined tumblr and established a few close knit friendships. Without them being there to talk to me when I got out of the hospital (even when I didn’t necessarily tell them what was going on), I would have absolutely tried again and probably succeeded. 

I had people in my corner for what felt like the first time since I was a child. I had Taylor. I had these friends. I kept going because I was excited to see what they were up to, what was going on with Taylor - Even the smallest thing like having Taylor name her cat Meredith was so exciting. I felt like I had my innocence back. 

I’ve talked to these friends nearly daily for years and years on end. Even when my world started crumbling again. I had to deal with my mom leaving with no notice because she chose drugs over my dad and myself, I had to deal with my rape kit being thrown out and a case not being pursued, I had to deal with not getting into the college of my dreams in a city I romanticized since I was 8. That’s a LOT for a high schooler to deal with. But I kept moving on, I kept these wonderful friends in my life, I kept Taylor by my side. And I like to think that she wanted to be there. Speak Now and Red found their ways into my daily life, they found their way into being a permanent part of me. 

1989 came out a week after I got the voicemail that my mom was dead. She flipped her car because she was driving while high. My grandparents told me not to go the funeral because she wouldn’t have wanted me there. I tried to forget it, but it stung. It still stings. It stings watching all these girls having a mom to talk about things with, run to when their hearts are broken, have a mom they can call a best friend. You know what helped heal the wound? These friends. Talking to them about the album. About our favorite lyrics, what we thought about this song, what would a music video look like for that song? I had a family that was there for me. I was okay.

The 1989 era is when I started meeting these friends. We are “real life” friends now. We hang out on a regular basis. Their hugs are my favorite because they have over 7 years of love enveloped in them. Every time. To see it come full circle, it’s just magical. I would not be who I am, I would not even “be” anymore if it weren’t for these friends. Jordan, Cassie, Kyle, Nicole, Shannon, Julia, April, Brittney, Jenna, if you’re reading this, you would be on my Junior Jewels shirt if I had to make one now.

And now, for reputation? I’m working full time. I’m a “grown up.” I worked my ass off, I moved to that city the college told me I couldn’t, and I did it with the love of my life (to make it that much sweeter). We met in a tiny Starbucks on a icy night in February of 2014 and this June, we dropped everything to try our hand at tackling New York City. Now, every night, the Manhattan skyline is the last thing I see before I go home for the night and I fall asleep next to the man that goes out of his way to prove that he would be cleaning up bottles with me on New Year’s Day. If I had read the Meredith that self harmed and cried every night and every morning this paragraph, she would have laughed in my face. Things really do change and I can finally say that I’m glad that I stuck around to see it happen. 

I came out on top because of Taylor and to see her put her own damn self on top really means the world to me. I just really hope that one day, I get to give her the hug that I’ve been saving for 10 years.

I don’t even know where I’m going with this post. I’m just really grateful for the people I’ve met through Taylor and for Taylor herself. Listening to Our Song in 2007 was one of those pivotal moments in my life and I am so happy that I was hooked on that day. It’s been a really long time since I’ve sat down and typed up why Taylor means so much to me. And this time around, I realize you guys mean just as much to me. I love you. 

I love you

Requested by @daenerysstormbornstark (first time Jon and Dany say “I love you”) . Lol I guess I still have more angst to write. Again, the timeline is ambiguous here; Winterfell sometime in Season 8. Boatsex happened but Dany isn’t pregnant. 

“You’re an imbecile. An absolute and complete imbecile.”


She shook her head. “No. I don’t want to hear it.” She considered calling her guards on him; she’d never even contemplated it before but she was sick of all of his explanations. None of them changed the fact that he shouldn’t have done it. “You’re lucky you’re still alive.”

“I came back as soon as I could-”

“So what? You think that makes up for…anything?” She reached the door to her temporary solar and practically slammed it shut, making it rattle in its frame. Jon was forced to draw back before she shut the door on his hand-in her anger, she thought she might have before she could think better of it.

“Listen to me, please-” He was practically shouting through the door.

“I don’t want to listen. What is there to listen to? You and your men left the castle and went North on the suspicion-the very suspicion-that the Night King would be there-”

“Bran doesn’t have suspicions-”

“-and you walked into a trap. You didn’t tell anyone where you were going or why, and you almost died. We almost lost six of our best fighters. We almost lost the King in the North. And now you expect me to forgive you?” She leaned back against the door. It was easier to yell at him when he wasn’t in the room, to not look into those eyes she’d always thought were beautiful and be so taken in by his excuses and explanations. “You told me. You promised that you would be honest. I trusted you.”

That was what hurt her more than anything else. Not the men they’d lost, not the weapons they’d sacrificed, not even the dried blood on his jerkin from new injuries. They’d told each other they wouldn’t keep secrets-and they’d told each other that whatever they had to face, they would face together. No more worrying because they had no idea what was happening to each other.

That promise had lasted little more than two weeks.

She could hear him sigh through the door. “We knew there was a good chance that it was a trap and that’s precisely why we didn’t want to bring along a large contingent of soldiers-”

“You should have brought me. You should have told me where you were going.”

“You know one of us has to survive this. And you’re too important to lose-”

“That’s exactly my point. And you don’t think you are? It’s not your decision to make. Your life isn’t yours to gamble with!” Her voice was practically shaking with emotion and she hated it. She hated the way he made her feel, constantly adding him into her life unconsciously-setting the table for two instead of one, sleeping with his dagger under her pillow, waiting in excitement until the two of them could hold one of their sparring lessons when the rest of the castle was asleep.

“But I can’t gamble with yours. It’s not that I didn’t bring you because I don’t think you’re strong enough, or brave enough. I know you are. And I wanted to tell you, but…we had to leave right away and you were finally sleeping-”

“You could have woken me up.”

“I know for a fact you were up all night the night before last.” She was about to retort when he continued “Yes, I knew it was probably a trap. But I wondered…what if it wasn’t? What if I could stop this-all of this? If I thought that I could, even for one second…I had to make a decision.”

“You chose wrong.”

“I was trying to save you.”

“I don’t need your saving. You made a promise. You made a choice. No more sneaking around. For better or worse, we’re together now. We fight together, and we may even die together. You’re not allowed to pick and choose-” 

“I love you.”

Her voice froze in her chest, and her heart felt as if it had shattered into a thousand pieces. “You can’t…”

“It’s ridiculous. I was never supposed to fall for you. I never meant to, if it’s any consolation. But…I thought there was a chance that I could end this without you being hurt, or killed-or my siblings, for that matter. You have become so important to me…so incredibly important-”

“If you try to protect me, you’ll lose me.” She had to take a deep breath, steel herself; her hands were shaking so hard she could barely think. “Because I love you and it drove me mad when you were gone, when I had no idea what happened to you, whether or not you were alive…we can’t protect each other. Not from this. We can only fight together. You have to understand that, Jon. I am fully prepared to die, but only by your side.”

She loved him. She realized that now; not in the way she had loved Daario, Jorah, or even Drogo, but something deeper. 

She knew that, if she ever had to say goodbye to Jon, she would feel something. It would tear her heart out. 

She hadn’t realized that she’d been so afraid of never loving again that she’d forgotten what love could feel like, and how awful it could be. 

There was silence for a long moment but she knew Jon hadn’t left; she could still hear him, on the other side of the door, breathing and drumming his fingers against the wood. 

“I’m sorry.” 

She eased the door open, determined not to look at him, determined not to let him see the look in her eyes. I love you, I love you, I love you. Do you know what you would have done to me if I would have lost you? “You have to promise that you will never, ever, do that again. If only because you know that I can kill more Walkers on Drogon than you ever can with that sword of yours.” 

He nodded solemnly. “I promise.” 

“You’re too important-we can’t lose you either.” She touched a spot just above his ribcage, where his jerkin was wet to the touch with blood. How had he gotten it-alone in a forest somewhere, surrounded by the enemy, when she had been miles away knowing nothing about it? How had she not felt that he was in danger? How had it not occurred to her? “Please.” 

He tilted his mouth down to hers and kissed her, sweet and tender but also firm. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You hurt me a lot less than you would have if you hadn’t returned at all.” But the words felt hollow in her chest; they were too hard to think, even now. “The world is going insane, Jon Snow-you keep me on my feet.” 

She could feel the shift between them, created only by three small words: I love you. How could they hold such great power? 

They were only three words, but they changed everything. 

Next up: I’m going to work on the spelunking one for 7x04 that I said I would write because I want to make sure I don’t forget before Sunday. I have done my best to stay away from the episode spoilers so it will probably be very different than what actually happens but I just can’t not write about this. 

Accepting prompts here or whenever you have them! 

Bruised and Battered Chapter 16

Dean Winchester x Reader

1250 Words

Story Summary: Being friend with Sam and Dean Winchester had been the best part of your life. But then they were gone, and you had nothing to distract you from the physical and verbal abuse from your parents. Years pass, and your parents suddenly vanish. When Sam and Dean come help to find them, you aren’t sure what they will do when they discover your dark past.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“I was just away from my parents, and everything was different. I tried explaining things, but you were being Dean. Headstrong, stubborn, and hurt. I was ready to test out this new world, where I didn’t live under my parents thumb anymore, and I figured you would probably never forgive me for the hurt I put you through. So, I ran, because it was the only thing I could think of.”

“So, where do we go from here?” He asked, not just you, but himself as well.

Sighing, you stood up, heading into your kitchen where you grabbed a couple of beers. Taking him one, you stayed on your feet, a nervous energy keeping you moving, unable to sit down. “Dean, I don’t know. When I heard you were in town, that this confrontation would happen, the first thing I wanted to do was run. I panicked. I had just found freedom, had a taste of what it was like to be on my own for once. To make my own decisions, to not have to fear the heavy hand of my parents anymore.”

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Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Boyfriend!Namjoon x Reader

Count: 1753

Summary: This was your leather bound book of stories to be written, a collection of I love you’s preserved in the eternity he had so willingly given you.”

Visual Collab with @ohsuga    here

Namjoon | Taehyung | Hoseok | Jimin | Jin | Jungkook | Yoongi

“Need a hand?”

You felt the clasp slip away from your fingers as your boyfriend frees you from your struggles. Necklaces, and especially this one that you had received for your anniversary, had such annoyingly beautiful designs which always fumbled your attempts time and time again to clasp the ends together. However, under the careful hands of Namjoon, the crystal ornament softly falls into place and lays beautifully between your shoulder blades.

It had been a while since Namjoon posted a #KimDaily, and the two of you had decided to explore the city with the intention of taking some shots. A smile graces your lips as you checked your outfit in the mirror one last time, finding it comical that the matching grey trench coat hung beautifully on your boyfriend’s frame while it completely dwarfed you in size. With a satisfied nod, you grab your keys and rush to the call of the lean man standing by the doorway telling you to hurry up. Hand in hand, you and Namjoon stumble through the unknown city while excitedly making a mental list of all the different places to create new memories.

The pair of you had been together for nearly 5 years after meeting through a rather embarrassing incident at your university’s food court which had involved a wet floor, some spilled spaghetti, and a frantic Namjoon sheepishly pulling his lunch out of your hair. Fast forward a few years, and Namjoon’s genius had managed to secure a job in the big city as a researcher at a planetarium and his only request was for you to come with him. Not wanting to be a burden, you initially declined until Namjoon pulled out the painting of the night sky you had drawn him to commemorate his achievement, convincing you to try out your talents in the so-called daunting city.

Lost in your thoughts, you bumped into your boyfriend’s back and hit your nose along the way, a complaint was ready to fall from your lips until your gaze followed his own to a bookstore nestled between the cities modern skyscrapers. It didn’t take long for your inner bookworm to lead you inside with Namjoon’s hand squeezed in your own, ecstatic at the possibility of discovering a hidden gem amongst the bustling city. He could only smile as he let himself be dragged into the second-hand store, amused at how your small frame could withstand such a huge passion for the arts.

The two of you spend hours sifting through old books, laughing and loving as you both point out your favorite stories and run your fingers along the aged bindings. Namjoon quietly listens as you ramble on about how works of literature serve as the biggest inspiration behind your paintings, and that you’ve lost countless hours drowned in the beauty that could only be brought to life by words and paint. It was when you stumble across a favorite childhood story of yours and become lost in the memories it had once held, that he finds himself entranced with you.

Not wanting to lose such a captivating moment, Namjoon quickly digs out the camera buried in his bag and snaps a photo, his dimples showing as he stares down at the image on the digital screen. The picture of you smiling gently as you turn the pages of your treasured childhood memory has Namjoon’s lips reaching his ears. “God I am so in love,” he thinks as he scoots closer to you, asking you to read him the book in your hand.

Of course he asks you to read it, he wants to hear the nostalgia in your tone and the calm excitement in your every syllable. This is as you as he has been yet to see since you’ve moved and it is absolutely intriguing to watch the upward turn of your lips as you gaze at the illustrations beneath the tips of your fingers. His arms drape around you as he rests his head against your shoulder, listening intently as you point out all your favorite characters.

He chuckles when you tell him you had once scribbled a mustache on the Cookie Man in your copy of the book, teasing you by saying that you shouldn’t go changing the artist’s take on the story. “How would you feel if your paintings were altered?”

“I was seven, Joon.” You say in defense, but you’re blushing all the same at the embarrassment of something you had done in your youth.

He only lets out another laugh, tightening his arms around you as he kisses your temple before moving to stand up, ushering you along with him. The tips of his fingers wiggle in a gesture for you to grab on and so with the book now shut and neatly tucked back into its home on the shelf, you slip your hand into his and let him lead you from the memories of your past and the joys of your childhood.

While you walk with your shoes brushing the grass of a park tucked in the middle of the city, you don’t notice the knot of your shoelaces fall apart and slip beneath the rubber soles. With a yelp you reach out and grab the corner of blond man’s sleeves in an attempt to steady yourself from tripping, however, it only deters his balance which sends the two of you tumbling into the dewy grass. Namjoon begins laughing loudly as he barricades you within his arms, shielding you from the bruises that he knows you receive so easily.

As you come to a stop he snickers, “We can’t take photos now that my armor has been soiled while protecting your royal highness.” He teases as he peeks down at you, checking to make sure he has protected you fully from the fall.

“I suppose you’re right.” You grin and push yourself up before offering a hand to Namjoon, although your fingers soon extend to fix his messy hair as he straightens up. “I’ll treat you to coffee now that there’s no fear of you staining your shirt.”

Amidst your struggle with a stubborn curl, his arms curl sweetly around your waist and gingerly pull you closer. His fingers gently wrap around your sides and you find your eyes dragging to his as he kisses your palm before pressing it to his cheek.

“What?” you whisper, heart pounding at the intensity of his gaze.

“I just… suddenly really want to kiss you. Can I?” Your heartbeat was thumping so erratically in your ears by now that you barely made out his words.

Yet still you nodded, eyes closing as you felt the warmth of his lips press softly to your own in the sweetest of kisses. You stay like this for a while, with Namjoon peppering kisses in between telling you just how much you mean to him, and how much he loves you. Your heart speeds up as you return his affections, confessing your attraction to him all over again as if you hadn’t done so a thousand times over already.

When your lips part with a final peck, you find yourselves walking once again with the smiles of teenagers in love coating your every feature. Eventually, you come across a small coffee shop where only drip-coffee is served, and you laugh as Namjoon scrunches his nose and puffs his cheeks at the lack of chocolate flavoring available. Nonetheless, the two of you settle into the corner of the café with hot coffee tickling your fingers and eyes peering out at the city that you now endearingly called home.

The two of you end up spending hours telling each other childhood stories of days spent outside, with fingernails caked in mud and smiles as wide as the oceans. He gets lost in your adventures, entranced by you speaking so vividly that your words may as well have been etched into the books lying on the shelves of the bookstore as their own story. In the midst of your melodious words, he tilts his head to the side with the impression of a dimple at the edge of his cheek and suddenly your sentences melt into the air as your cheeks flush pink in embarrassment.

You smack Namjoon lightly on the arm and turn your blushed face away. It is a wonder how after all these years this man still managed to give you butterflies. “I love how you still get embarrassed after all the years that has passed us.” A whined ‘shut up’ instantly tumbles from your mouth as you turn away with a pout, lips pressing to the brim of your cup as you sipped at the coffee.

After a minute of fiddling with his phone, he fell back into his seat and ushers you to check your twitter, asking you of your thoughts on his most recent post with a satisfied grin playing on lips.

“I thought we didn’t take anything for our outfits today.” You mutter as you open up the blue app, clicking on his profile to where said-post was waiting. However, your heart swells as the picture that is displayed before you, recognition flashing immediately as you recall it being the same photo Namjoon had taken earlier at the bookstore.

“New city, new favorite hideaway. Same partner, same love. #TheLoveOfMyLife” read the caption. Your cheeks regained their rose tone as you tell your boyfriend that he was cheesy for sharing such a photo for the world to see. Namjoon can only smile as he sips at his coffee with a hand outstretched for yours, thumb swiftly caressing your fingers as they tangle with his shyly.

Each step home urges you into the world you had built up from those days in the library until you were here, with him, in a present so alarmingly different from the fairy tales you dreamed of that were instead replaced with a life you would never think of leaving. He was the past you never knew of, the present you so graciously adored, and the future you looked to with eyes brimming in the journey you so eagerly awaited.

Although Namjoon was not the books on the shelves of your childhood, inked over with dollar store markers and flower stickers, he was an adaption of a fantasy you had only realized the day he appeared before you. This was your leather bound book of stories to be written, a collection of I love you’s preserved in the eternity he had so willingly given you.

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Ruki Mukami (heaven 3) ~translation/traducción~

Heaven 1, heaven 2, heaven 3.  _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_ 

This translation was made by @ariadnasmtk

Place: Pool

Yui: (Yuma-kun told me that Ruki-kun was here so I came here to have a look, but…)
Yui: (Where could he be…Ah!)
Yui: (Ruki-kun is swimming…!)
Yui: (It’s the first time I’ve seen him swimming, he’s swimming so good that I want to see him more…)

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give you the sunset

At the end of his rope, Peter leaves Beacon Hills. Stiles stays behind. 

[Written for steternetwork’s October prompt, orange. Post-3B, handwaves Kate & whatever else I’ve forgotten about the season, pre-slash, angst.]

Stiles parks his Jeep in someone else’s parking spot, ignores the no loitering sign, and waits. It’s early evening when he arrives and he watches the apartment building’s residents slowly get home from work. He doesn’t recognize anyone. Beacon Hills is a small town, but it isn’t that small. No one seems to recognize him either, whether as the sheriff’s kid or the kid that keeps running around town with a bunch of shady-looking people as they try to keep Beacon Hills safe from all the crap that’s just been leaking out of it. Eventually, he gets out of his Jeep and leans on the driver side’s door. The curtains shift in one of the apartments on the first floor, but no one seems to care about a random kid standing around. Stiles has to admit he probably doesn’t look all that threatening.

It’s good, since he’s not here to threaten anyone.

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Seth Rollins - Took you long enough

Prompt: Could I make a Seth Rollins request? Something cuts and fluffy where the reader has been with him for a long time. Even before him getting into wwe. And they’re still not engaged/married yet and the reader is wondering when he’ll propose. I just have this image of Seth sneaking peeks at her Pinterest to get ideas for a ring and stuff. Idk if that makes sense at all but I hope it does 🙊
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1800+

You and Seth had been together for a long time. You went to the same high school back in Davenport. He was popular, known by everyone and you, well you weren’t the bottom of the food chain. You had your group of friendships and you didn’t really stray from them. You knew Seth from the moment you started high school. He didn’t know you. Your first official meeting was when he joined your local gym. You were both 16. You quickly found out that both of you had a love for wrestling and wanted to get into the business. From then on you spent every day together, working out and training together. At first, you just hung out at the gym but your friendship soon evolved to hanging out at school and people quickly noticed. When the two of you started dating you were the talk of your school. 

No one thought your relationship would last but then you made it to a year and then graduation. And now here you are over 10 years later, still together and now in the wwe together. Your relationship has been through a lot. Both of you decided to follow your dreams to become wrestlers that caused some problems in your relationship. Distance being the main one and injuries for both you and Seth. Over the years you went to different promotions and Seth was offered a wwe contract before you. You travelled the world while Seth worked through NXT and onto the main roster. 

You were so proud of him. Eventually, you had made a big enough name for yourself on the indies that you got offered a contract. You were in NXT for a year and now here you are, finally with Seth on raw. 

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birdlovesafish  asked:

May I request a Photographer Jughead and a Modeling to pay her way through college Betty fic pretty please? With Betty becoming Jug's muse?

Girls On Film: Part 1

Summary: After insulting every major supermodel in the business, world renowned fashion photographer, Jughead Jones, is paired with up-and-coming model, Betty Cooper. 

Words: 2,966

Warnings: Swearing and drinking. 

A/N: I know nothing about the modelling/photography world. Most of my knowledge comes from America’s Next Top Model. I’m really sorry this is so long. Also, I have nothing against any of the models mentioned in this story. 

Part 2 is here. This is also on AO3

I also edited this myself so prepare for errors. 

“Cara cancelled.” Veronica Lodge informed her boss Jughead Jones.

“Why?” He asked, a hint of annoyance in his tone. He looked at a variety of different lenses with his assistant photographer, Sabrina Spellmen, a tiny, blonde wannabe photographer.

“She found out you were the one shooting and pulled out.” Veronica gathered her dark brown hair into a ponytail, faking nonchalance as she waited for more questions from the world most sought after fashion photographer.

“Why would she do that?” He questioned, handing Sabrina suitcases full of equipment. “We took such beautiful pictures together.” He lied.

“She doesn’t really remember it that way.” Veronica crossed her jean clad legs, letting her foot bounce. “She remembers a large argument where you called her ‘a fucking brain dead meat sack with a pretty face’ and she told you to go fuck yourself and then you called her a cunt.” Veronica raised her eyebrows. “Do you remember that, Jug? Cause I do and apparently so does Cara and she didn’t take so kindly to it.”

He placed his clenched fists on the table. “I asked her to look wistful and I asked her if she knew what that meant and she nodded.” He turned to look at Veronica. “And instead of wistful, I got constipated. Thank god she’s beautiful and I could salvage the shoot.” He pulled on his suspenders as he walked around his bright living room. “How about instead of giving the models free clothes at the end of each shoot we hand them a fucking dictionary.” He ran his hands through his hair. “Its bullshit, they go on about my temper but does anyone say anything about their mediocrity? Just because they are hot doesn’t mean they are models. We aren’t just selling clothes, we are selling a lifestyle and if I can’t get girls who can take direction then I can’t do my job.” He untied his flannel button down from around his waist, discarding it on the bed. “I need girls with fire in their eyes.”

“Well, I’m not sure what you are getting today but I’ve heard good things.” Veronica stood up and pulled out a portfolio. She placed it on the coffee table and pushed it over to him. “She walked the runway for Dolce and Gabanna, Elie Saab and Dior last season.”

“I don’t give a shit about runway.” He snapped approaching her.

“She’s a former ballerina but she quit because she was too tall.”

“How tall?”

“Six feet and because she used to dance she’s very flexible and good with her body.” Veronica informed.  “She’s done editorial in Vogue, Elle, W and Paper Magazine.”  

“Let me see her face.”

Veronica moved out of the way and let him browse the portfolio. The first thing Jughead noticed was her body, you could tell how tall she was without scale and Veronica was right, she knew how to move and pose it. The only problem was the photographers didn’t know to photograph her properly. They made her look awkward and gangly.

He turned the page to see a shot of just her face. Her blonde hair was slicked back and she had honey running down her face, dripping off her eyelashes and mouth. She had a strong jaw line, cheekbones that most models would die for, pouty lips, and green-blue eyes that looked like that were churning in the still image.

That is what he wanted. That was fire.

“What’s her name?” He asked.

“Elizabeth Cooper,” Veronica said looking at her nails.

“And we have her?” Jughead moved away from the table and grabbed his bag.

“She is on site right now in hair and make-up, waiting for you.” Veronica packed everything up realizing they were about to leave. Sabrina was piling bags and boxes up near the door.

“This is what I’m talking about.” He pointed at the portfolio. “Finally a model I can actually work with.” He grabbed his sunglasses and slung his bag over his shoulder. “I should start calling people cunts more often, this really worked out for me.” He grinned.

“I really wish you wouldn’t.” Veronica muttered, as the three of them left his house and headed to the site.

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Theoretical Physics

Post-Triangle one shot, at @damselindistressmya ‘s request! This is for you Mer!

PG (yeah, sorry!)

It’s not that she doesn’t believe in the possibility, it’s just that it doesn’t matter.  

Past lives are one implausible thing, but parallel universes are another altogether. The thing about theoretical physics is that it’s just that – theoretical. If multiverse theory is true, every individual choice made by every individual person generates a new reality. Each outcome creates its own timeline. Quanta can exist in two places at once. Light is both a particle and a wave.

There’s a universe she thinks of most, where she married Ethan and is living comfortably in the suburbs with a kid or two, her ova safely unharvested. (She wonders how that Dana deals with the boredom, or if she’s long since stopped asking the hard questions, settled with her lot in life).

There’s a universe where Marcus knocked her up in high school and they ran off together, to her parents’ eternal disappointment. That Dana is working as a waitress or plodding through community college. (She knows this version is ashamed of herself, aware that she could’ve been so much more, but now there are too many choices to undo).

There’s the universe where she stayed in medicine, choosing surgery or pediatrics over pathology. Maybe that Dr. Scully saves lives every day, but is overworked and lonely.  

Or the myriad universes created every time she wanted to leave Mulder and the X Files and actually followed through. The one that first year, after Deep Throat died. The time she stepped away after her coma. The thousand Mondays when it all just seemed too much – especially after Philadelphia when the snarl of anger in her gut threatened to unleash all her dark and girlish motives.

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“Life is such a wonderful thing.”

“If you say so.”

“You do not agree?”

“Wars, famine, anger, jealousy, hate, the lists go on and on. It must be nice walking around with blinders on.”

“I could say the same to you. Love triumphs over all negatives. You only have to believe that it’s there. So let me ask you, what is your belief?”

“I’m a nihilist.”

“I know nihilists who would argue that the world isn’t evil. We just are what we are.”

“And what would you say we are?”

“Human. You can choose to see, be, feel, think whatever you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that we are human. We were taught to be this way which is sad, but always remember that the choice is yours. Make a difference. Change the world for the better.”

“Nice words and all, but you’re not exactly changing the world here.”

“Depends on your perspective. I change the world every time I decide to leave my house. I maybe a florist, but my job is to bring smiles to people’s faces in the form of flowers. All these flowers in this shop were grown by me and me alone. You may think my profession is meaningless in the grander scheme of things, but it’s the lesser jobs that can sometimes make an impact as well.”

“I’ll admit. Talking to you always seems to brighten my day for some reason.”

“Like I said. It’s my job.”

Is Hell Cold?

Fandom: Lucifer (TV show)

Warnings: none


Lucifer didn’t expect to see you at his apartment when he came back to Lux late that night. Even though the lights were off and only the dim gleams of the moon and the city’s pulse were spreading into the thick darkness, Lucifer wouldn’t be able not to recognize you. Sitting on the expensive, leathery couch, you were facing the glass-covered wall, giving you a look at the forever alive city.

You didn’t move when Lucifer made a few hesitating steps in your direction. He could sense something was odd, that some heavy, glutinous scent was hovering over you, making you sit stiff in your spot.

“Is everything all right?” Lucifer asked with a hoarseness in his voice, attempting to sound casual, but the humour and cockiness he used to consider his companions left him alone that time.

“I killed a man, Lucifer,” you sounded empty, drained from all emotions.

Lucifer sighed, sitting beside you. He couldn’t find the right words so he kept quiet until you broke the silence again.

“How does Hell feel? Is it… cold?”

Lucifer swallowed a hard lump that seemed to appear in his throat.

“Hell is… different from what you would expect. It’s not the same for everyone.”

“Is it cold?”

“Why would it be?”

You turned your eyes to your hands on your lap. You were rubbing them almost subconsciously for a while now, as if you were trying to scrub something off.

“I feel it,” you said. “I can’t get this chill off me.”

The world seen on the other side of the spotless glass felt plastic, almost artificial. Every little detail  seemed to have its own place, its own destiny set a long time ago, before the stars started to shine, but at the same time how could one rely only on their own senses? There were so many lies in this world, as if they were all only a part of something bigger, much greater than a simple individual would comprehend.

“Not everyone goes to Hell,” Lucifer finally muttered. “And even if they do… I still made it out, remember?”

“But you have never been a human. There are different rules bonding you.”

I am the ruler of the dead and I make the rules,” he suddenly exclaimed with passion, something growing inside of him.

“You are not. You’re here right now.”

Lucifer let out a deep sigh, closing his eyes.

“Nothing is set forever.”

You watched the city glow in the dark, unaffected by anyone’s questions.

“Thank you.”