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Listen, if you are struggling with feeling bad about your weight or loving your body or feeling good about how you look, here’s what’s up: you are worthy of all the love in the world. You are not the sum of your physical parts. Your body doesn’t define you. Anyone who would make you believe different is lying to you. And that voice in your head that tells you that you’re only deserving of love or that you’ll only be happy if you lose that weight or if your skin clears up or if you fix your hair is lying most of all. You deserve happiness and love and the excitement of life NOW. If you can’t hear over all those voices, I’ll remind you. You are so worth everything. I love you.

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What other promotions has the café had in the past? And which ones were your favourites?

Allura: To make things more lively at the cafe every member of our staff gets to introduce different events! It would be such a shame to share them all at once. So here’s Pidge’s Magic event!

Lance: The tech nerd has a soft spot for Harry Potter and magic. Who knew?

Pidge: I can appreciate good world building. Also, the rides at USJ are a blast.

Lance: Fair enough.

Pidge: I also more or less assigned the rolls/ houses. Coran was Dumbledore, but he also acted as the sorting hat when you entered. Allura was McGonagall. Shiro was lupin. Then I took Slytherin the best house.

Lance: Yeah no. Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. Ravenclaw all the way.

Keith: I figured you would be Gryffindor.

Pidge: Disappointed Keith?

Keith:  >_>

Hunk: Lastly I’m Hufflepuff! I also designed the menu with all the fun candies and pumpkin flavored treats!

A.N. So I got a few questions asking about other events or past events. I’m gonna share them one by one. Mostly because I’m trying to answer at least one ask a day, and today I just don’t have time to do more than one. But I got more fun stuff on the way! I’m nearly through this first batch of asks so the box will reopen soon. Along with a possible chapter update!


“Though we had to part, though we could never be together again, we had no regrets. Even if he returned to his world, married another woman and had children with her, if the man I loved was happy, then I could be happy. And I am. Our hearts had joined and so, even if he lived in a different world, that time, we really were together always, always. I would never let go of this feeling, or my love for him.” ©

Dolan Twins Preference - you’re pregnant

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I feel like if you where to tell Ethan you were pregnant he would literally be the happiest person the entire fucking world, like Grayson would be happy too if you were pregers, but Ethan woULD GO FUCKING OVERBOARD LIKE HE WOULD FUCKING BE JUMPING WITH EXCITEMENT AND SMILING LIKE THOSE COMMERCIALS WITH THE DOGS WITH HUMAN TEETH (if you don’t know wtf that is click here) but he would in that day already drag you to babiesRus or some shit like that because he would be so excited.


Grayson would be somewhat different than Ethan, if you were to be like “hey Grayson I’m pregnant” he would just be like “oh. thats cool” becaUSE HES SUCH A CHILL PERSON IM SORRY but he wouldn’t go overboard with all the “lets make a nursery, lets go shopping, lets get a baby shower, lets tell the entire world” he would just be so…chill. ya feel? yeah. like “oh congratulations” he would be saying it almost as if it isn’t even his kid but deep down he’d be exploding with happiness

 ☁︎ ☁︎ ☁︎ ☁︎ ☁︎ ☁︎ ☁︎ 

A/N: i don’t like children very much could you tell by this preference? 

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Summary: Glenn x Reader remember little things from before the apocalypse

Word Count: 741 (this is short, im sorry)

Warnings(s): fluff tbh

(the flashbacks are in italics)

You were laying on the roof of your shared house with Glenn in Alexandria. It was one of those nights where you just wanted to forget what a mess the world has became around you and remember the good times. Before the apocalypse, things were so much different and as much as you wanted to go back to it, you don’t think it could ever happen.

“I knew I would find you up here.” You heard Glenn’s voice as he was coming to out of the window to lay next to you. Seeing him made you won’t to forget this new world and go back to the old one even more that night. The both of you wanted a family and a future together, but it’s hard to tell if anything like that could ever happen.

Once he laid down next to you, he pulled you close. Glenn knew what you were doing as you laid up here and he wanted to join you to remember the times before this.

Glenn turned to look at you and you couldn’t help but smile. “Do you remember the first time we met?” He asked and you started to laugh remember how that day went.


You were nervous. It was your first day on the new job and you didn’t know if any coworkers would like you, but you had to push through it and go inside.

As you walked inside you caught a few glimpses from people, but you made eye contact with someone. You smiled, blushing at how he was looking at you. He was looking at you like you were a goddess or an angel and the only thing you could do was wave back at him. When you waved at him though, is when he dropped the pizzas that he was taking to his car so he delivered and you couldn’t help but stifle a laugh.

The clumsy boy was cute, and you definitely caught his attention. He also caught yours though as well.


Both you and Glenn started to laugh at that memory. “I still can’t believe that made you pay for those pizzas! I also can’t believe you still dropped them so easily.” You said laughing even more.

Glenn put his hands that were around you up in defense. “Hey, don’t blame me. Blame yourself for looking so good. You’re the reason I dropped the pizza. I was actually stunned”

You blushed. You both thought this little moment together was short lived when you heard a gun go off, but luckily it was just some people practicing shooting at night.

You grabbed Glenn’s hand and started to play with his fingers. “I think my favorite memory of us was when it was our first date. It was that date that made me fall so deep in love with you, Glenn.”


You couldn’t believe what you were doing. You were on a date with you coworker, Glenn, and you were at his house! He had said to come over because he was going to make it the best date possible. You smiled at how nervous Glenn was. He was nervous around you at work, but definitely more nervous when you two were alone together.

Glenn was right when he said he was going to try and make it the best date. He was trying so hard to impress you, but what he didn’t know was that you were already impressed.

You two spent the whole date cracking jokes at each other, playing all the video games he had tucked away in his room and even had a pizza from your work. It was a very simple date, but you couldn’t complain at all. Glenn made it worth your while.

As you were leaning through the front door, he pulled you back in for a kiss. You weren’t expecting it, but God were you thankful that Glenn kissed you.


You smiled up at him as you both remembered more good times you two shared. All those moments lead up to this. You couldn’t deny that it was a shit world, but Glenn brought you so much happiness and light that sometimes you thought that it was a good world, that’s how much he distracted you.

Glenn and you were so deep in love and not even an apocalypse could change the fire that burned between the two of you, it was something that would stay forever.

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Genre: Angst


That was the only way to describe it.

You were helpless in watching your boyfriend fall apart. Somehow he’d become so jaded to the world. Yongguk was always one to look at the world differently. Most of the time you wondered how he was even human. It was like he was here on a different mission other than living.

Lately he’d locked himself in his studio. Which in itself wasn’t abnormal whatsoever. There was just something off about him. He wasn’t making new songs. He wasn’t writing. He was just sitting there.

You would never consider Yongguk pessimistic. No, he had this refreshing look on life, but maybe the stress was finally getting to him. He wasn’t sleeping, his temper had been shorter, he was even pushing people away.

He was pushing you away.

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You know what?
Who cares what everyone else thinks?
Yeah, they’re going to talk bad about you behind your back, if they’re brave enough they’ll say it face to face. But who cares about all of that, honestly the only thing that matters is what YOU think of yourself. For once put your own thoughts before everyone else’s and forget their judgement. Nobody is here to impress others; so do what makes you happy both when no one is watching and when all eyes are on you. If you mess up, who cares; just more experience and knowledge. The world would be a significantly different place if everyone didn’t give a shit what everyone else thought and that amazes me. Every single human being grows up worrying about what strangers/and people who aren’t strangers, thinks of them. Because we all feel the need to be liked. Why are our mindsets so shitty until we finally come to the realization that we’re not going to lead happy, fulfilling lives if we strive to impress everyone but ourselves? Those who teach us are terrified of us being an embarrassment or a failure; but are you really an embarrassment or a failure if you’re happy?

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So, i you could make languages for Avatar, what sort of languages would you create for that world and how would they differ from place to place?

Okay. Here we go.

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One of the things I love about Avatar: The Last Airbender (aside from the artwork, the animation, the story telling, the voice acting, the world building, the action, the humor and the heart) is the fact that Aang, in addition to everything else he is, is literally like 110 years old. Having been frozen in ice, it’s not as if he has distant memories about what things were like in his day: He literally remembers it like it was yesterday, because to him it was. Thus, every so often we see Aang reacting to how things are different: towns he remembers that are gone; new cities he doesn’t remember at all; customs that have been abandoned; international relationships that are vastly different, etc. One of my all time favorite episodes is when he goes to school in the Fire Nation. Some historical dissonance highlights:

  • Aang remembering the actual history which he experienced and correcting the teacher who has a book that says something different.
  • Introducing what, by now, is an ancient dance to kids who take to it like it’s something brand new.
  • “Flameo, Hotman!”

The setting of the series set the stage for tidbits like this, just as the entire series Avatar: The Last Airbender set up The Legend of Korra for callbacks that only those who watched the previous series (and knew the history) would get (Toph’s personal history and what it wrought; Toph and what became the future of metal bending; the names of Aang’s children; the misdirect where Jenora explores the ancient Dai Li prison under Lake Laogai). This is something you don’t see a lot in television. In America, one of the few universes I know where you can do this is Star Trek, where knowing what happened in various series and movies ends up paying off, as writers for any series or movie often reference the earlier stuff, and that history becomes the history for the universe, not just a particular series.

Both series are so incredibly smart about this that it’s incredible to watch. I’m amazed at how well they’re able to make episodes enjoyable if you know nothing, and even more enjoyable if you know everything. It’s a tough trick to pull off, and it does it flawlessly. The only weak link is language.

As a caveat, Avatar: The Last Airbender started being developed in 2001—the same year that the first of the Lord of the Rings movies came out, and like one year after I’d started creating my first language. In 2015, language creation is very much in the public eye; in 2001, it was not—really not. It’s no wonder that the idea of creating a language or languages for the show never occurred to the creators. It would have been a stroke of luck if it had, and there’s a good chance that if it had, it wouldn’t have ended up in the right hands. So all in all, what we’ve got is probably as good as it gets—which is outstanding.

If I’d been there at the beginning, though, this is what I would have done.

The idea of the mythos seems to be that there was the race of men, and then the spirit world. Unless there’s something in the comics I missed, I think it makes sense to have one proto-language for all humans. I don’t think that makes sense for the real world, but fantasy worlds have their own rules and logic. It makes aesthetic sense to do one proto-language. That proto-language would have been suitably stuffed with all kinds of kooky consonants (that’s how you ensure maximally different daughter languages) and probably would’ve had words with concrete meanings based on the place where humans existed at that time.

(This pixel map comes from DeviantArt user ykansaki. Original post here:

My guess would be humans sprung up somewhere in the Earth kingdom and traveled outward after that—possibly with the islands originally being a part of a larger Pangea-like land mass. Also, though I don’t think it was made explicit, the Southern Water Tribe folks can just sail south and get to the Northern Water Tribe, right? The world works like that?

Anyway, starting off with one proto-language, the next step would be to figure out when the humans separated into these four nations, and to figure out if the languages preceded the nations, or vice-versa. Once I figured out when the split occurred (and what the world was like at that time), I could start creating the new proto-languages for each nation.

These four proto-languages would end up being the progenitors for the languages we’d see in Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’d also be the origin point for a lot of names in the series. As for what the languages themselves would be like, I imagined doing the following (based on what it looks like they were going for, vis-à-vis the names in the series):

  • One isolating language (Proto-Earth).
  • One polysynthetic language (Proto-Water).
  • One agglutinative language (Proto-Air).
  • One inflectional language (Proto-Fire).

The rest would take care of itself. If a particular sound was wanted, that’s easy enough to do with a proto-language that has a rich enough sound system. (When a non-language person says “Make a language like Japanese!” what they mean is “Make a language that sounds to me like Japanese!”; they usually don’t know anything about the grammar.) And for dialects or separate related languages, if you have the proto-language, it’s easy to produce a variant (I imagine we’d see more of these in the Earth Kingdom than anywhere else—aside from two main Southern/Northern Water Tribe variants).

With those set, it would’ve been a fun project to take the Avatar: The Last Airbender languages and fastforward them 70 or so years. It wouldn’t have been a ton of changes, but if you imagine the difference between the way people spoken in 1850 and 1920, that should give you an idea.

As for writing, I think it would have been cool to develop at least three separate writing systems, though more would be even more fun. Realistically, though, if language sprang from one source, then one writing system probably gave birth to the others, even if they look nothing alike in the present. There would definitely be an identifiable writing system for the Fire Nation and a noticeably different one for the Earth Nation, at the very least. Provided we could move away from a glyph-based system like Chinese uses, viewers could actually learn and work with the writing systems to produce their own art, read things on the show, etc. Plus we could’ve done a bunch of different font faces, had the system change in Legend of Korra, etc.

That’s the basic idea. I’m really shaky on the very early history of the Avatar universe, so I’m not sure if the proto-world theory would hold water (were people born on the Lion Turtles…?), but it makes fictional sense. But yeah, something like this, that isn’t (or needn’t be) connected to anything else would have been the ultimate sandbox for a language creator. If done right, it absolutely would have bested Tolkien’s work—easily. But it wasn’t to be. Perhaps in the future there will be another truly compelling, truly unique universe that’s created that will incorporate languages from the get-go. We’ll see! Until then, I think you just kind of have to go with the Chinese, etc. used in the series. It’s fine. :)

P.S.: By the way, given how awesome the shows have been with representation, it also would’ve been incredible for the Aang Gang to meet some Deaf signers who would, of course, have a fictional sign language they used. Also would’ve been cool to see the equivalent of Braille in The Legend of Korra. I’d still love to be able to create a signed language for a show.

Okay, so this has been on my mind for a bit, and after doing tons of research about the Renaissance, Puritans, and Something Rotten (thanks to certain cast members), I’ve come to my own sort of conclusion about Nigel and Portia’s relationship.

What if Portia didn’t go to the new world with Nigel? They had everything going against them. She was a Puritan and he was a writer; these two things did NOT go together (which we see in the show). They were from two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORLDS. Oh, and it is very likely that Portia was much younger than Nigel. And here she is, this young, theatre-obsessed girl who thinks it’s so cool to talk to someone who’s “successful” on the inside. So Portia is all over this. And Nigel is just flattered to actually have a fan of his work. But this relationship, friendship, whatever you want to call it, would never have been even remotely possible in the Elizabethan Era. Puritans, while very strict, were known for encouraging marriage based on love, but within their own circle. Not only would this “relationship” be frowned upon, Portia’s father and entire society would literally disown her.

Okay, so they know that what they’re doing is wrong, but they still pursue it. On top of this, Nigel is a writer, and a very good one, POSSIBLY BETTER THAN SHAKESPEARE. During this time period, once plays closed in London, they usually toured around the country. If this did happen with Omelette, or one of Nigel’s other plays, Portia would probably have no choice but to either go on tour with Nigel or stay with her father. If she had chosen the tour, just as when she chose to go to the new world, she’d probably be Nigel’s happy housewife, staying home and occasionally watching Nigel’s plays. Living with her love and getting to see the behind-the-scenes of what goes into putting on plays (which she loves)? Happily ever after for Portia.

But my point is that this wouldn’t happen. If Nick and Nigel didn’t do Omelette and weren’t banished to the new world, they would instead probably do Nigel’s play, which would in turn be a success. It would play in London for a bit at the theater and in the courts, and then it would close and they would probably tour with it. Either way, Nigel is leaving Portia. She could want to go with him all she wants. We’ve met Brother Jeremiah, right? Throughout the whole play, he is 100% against Nigel being with his daughter, to the point of him even locking her in a tower and sending her to Scotland. If she suddenly told him she was leaving him to go off with Nigel to wherever, do we really think he would let this slide? Just as he had his cronies drag her off before, he could and would easily do it again. There would be no way Portia would go anywhere with Nigel or have any chance at a relationship or a life with him.

And so Nigel goes off to the new world or wherever and forgets about Portia. He focuses on his work rather than on finding a wife. Portia goes through a short period of heartbreak but DOES NOT die of a broken heart. She grows up a little, grows to accept her Puritanical society and reject her love of the arts. She probably marries someone within her society to the approval of her father. All’s well that ends well. I guess.

Gem AU Kiribaku/Bakushima

-First Dance-

Summ/Notes: OK so I really love the friggin au from the wonderful @yaboybokuto and seeing that teeny doodle of an accidental fusion with Kiri and Baku YOU KNOW IMMA NEED SOMETHING AIGHT so I did it and I have little to no regrets this is au is gold and I support it 10000000/10 also Tigereye=Bakugou and Ruby=Kirishima bc ever since that episode with multiple rubies I wholely believe Kirishima would be the most adorable precious ruby ever


Home world; it had been silent and peaceful for quite awhile now. Nothing major happening, gems were in their respective places going about their business.

“Haha!! Come on, Tigereye! You’re so slow!”

“I’ll fucking kill you, get your ass back here!”

Aaaand the usual but unusual pair of troublemaking gems were out again. Probably headed to go train together, as they should. Different gems of battle do tend to acknowledge one another, but unlike similar gem classes such as Rubies or Jaspers, they never trained with each other. That’s why this pair, a Ruby and a Tigereye, were always so peculiar to see. It wasnt really anyone’s business though, and eyes were always turned or glancing to the rambunctious pairing. So full of life, and energy, one would think they could never see the war ahead of them.

These times however, began with experimentation. Togetherness, and perhaps something especial would come from today’s secret training session.

“Alright shitty hair, now I’m gonna lay it on yo-”

Tigereye was stopped by Ruby’s hand over his mouth, while a mischievous grin played on his face. With dazzling eyes, his forefinger raised to press on his own lips to hush Tigereye’s protest.

“I found out about this cool thing we could try out today. So no punchies or kickies or any of that junk, as much as I hate it.”

Ruby’s hand was smacked away but a now glaring Tigereye.

“Just what the hell are you on about.”

“There’s a rumor going around the higher ups about this cool way to get suuuper strong.”

Tigereye’s brows raised, pursing his lips as if to say ‘go on’.

“Something about, 'syncing your strengths’ and going all out!”

“Then let’s try it already, I feel like punching you for taking so long.”

With those last words, Tigereye was already hitting the ground to close their distance. Ruby side stepped him and grabbed his wrist, using the momentum to swing him around and release. Tigereye was flung into a wall, leaving an indent among many other. He shook his head, and glared daggers at his opponent.

“What the fuck!? Do you even know how to do this shit, combining our strengths, you just wanna try and kick my ass don’t you!?”

Ruby tilted his head, thinking to himself for a moment.

“Actually, I have no idea how to do it.”

That was it.

“..I’m gonna kill you.”

A game of cat and mouse began for the second time that day as Tigereye launched off from his spot to tackle down the surprisingly unsuspecting Ruby. He almost got away, but when you have a ferocious gem fighting for dominance over you its a little hard. Especially when he bites onto your shoulder for some kind of shock factor, but what came next was a little weird.

“Get off- aAGgh..”

Ruby pleaded for a second until his throat erupted with a mildly satisfied groan when Tigereye laid a good chomp onto his neck. This made both gems freeze in place, Ruby still on his stomach, arms pinned behind his back with Tigereye mounting him and holding down both if the others wrist with one hand as the other was planted by Ruby’s face. Of course, his own face was right by Ruby’s and heard the whole thing.

He released, keeping position, and stared down the other gem in disbelief and deadpan.

“…I’m not asking.”


Awkwardness and innuendos aside, Ruby decided to give Tigereye the fight he had wanted earlier. Which went all good and well besides a few more awkwardly close and personal moments. As much as he wanted to pin down Ruby, and oh he really wanted to get him down, his mind went back to that weird little noise from his opponent and made his cheeks flush a little. Ruby was no better, he felt this constant bug in the lit of his stomach when the two’s fists met the others or when he decided to side slam into Tigereye. That bug better not had been a butterfly, but any other explanation wouldn’t add up. This fight wasn’t getting anywhere, just sloppy dodges complimented with hesitant and itching hands. Tigereye had enough, and it was clear when he shoved Ruby against a wall, right next to the indent left by his own collision earlier.

“Listen up fuckmunch, quit dodging all my damn hits! Just cuz I bit you once, you getting scared or something!?”

That telling right in his face wasn’t helping the question.

“No no, I just- uh, er..”

Ruby’s hands were up in protest, signalling he wasn’t going to fight back against this. He was getting at his wits end too, that harsh confused glare in Tigereye’s, well, eyes was communicating a few similar feelings Ruby had. He signed, and looked away.

“Look, uh, do you wanna call it a day? I guess I’m not as energized as I usually am ahaha..ha..”

Growling crawled from Tigereye’s throat as he leaned in closer to Ruby, closing some distance and possible escape.

“Who said you can go anywhere you little shit?”

Ruby jumped a bit when the other gem planted his knee between his legs. Tigereye slid his palms to be at either side of Ruby’s face, closing him in. This kind of expression, one that was daring the other to escape and the look of trying to understand himself was very much present.

“Uh, I…did..?”

“God you’re so stupid.”

“Then why are we friends?”

“You tell me.”

Ruby’s attempt at lightening the mood was shoved right out the window.

“Because we’re pretty much made for each other?”


Tigereye pulled away from Ruby’s face, letting him release a heated breath of relief. He never moved from his place, but both hands went slack in keeping Ruby caged, that pesky knee was still right there. This was the best time for escape. Ruby flashed a grin and grabbed Tigereye’s wrist, pushing it outward with his arm to dip under. Catching the other gem by surprise, he hopped over his knee to free himself and let go of the others wrist. However, snapping back into reality, Tigereye snatched Ruby’s flying wrist with a growl.

“Get the fuck back here!”

Feet catching up, he almost tramped Ruby if he didn’t swerve around his other arm. Instead of catching his other arm, he grabbed tight hold of his hip. Ruby pushed himself forward, pulling his caught arm with him to try and trip up Tigereye. They became a spinning, constantly fumbling pair.

Ruby felt, strange now. Like, he liked this. Playing chase, with Tigereye. But Tigereye was focused on catching Ruby, his body moved against Ruby’s and wouldn’t let up the pursuit. He didn’t know why, but he wanted to. He liked this too. That’s why when he finally tripped up on his own feet, Ruby slid his hand around in Tigereye’s and tightly gripped his wrist. His other arm swooped down to curl around the others lower back as his leg stomped down between the noodled legs of the tripee. They never noticed the ever glowing light of their gems, eyes caught in each others long gaze in a mix of confusion and childishness. Ruby’s arm tightened around Tigereye’s back, not wanting to let go and let the moment sink in as long as possible, eyes enchanted and becoming a beautiful glittery red in the light of Tigereye’s glowing gem. The new caught gem stared up, confused and mezmorized by this new light of the Ruby he constantly fought with. It was then, both flushed gems had given in to the moment, leaned ever so closer and in a single gush of shared emotions.


@guardsruins !!

She’s  nervous ,  evidently  so  much  as  she  tries  to  conceal  it  as  she approaches  the  QUEEN ,  attempting  calculate  a  distance  that  is  both  reasonable  for  conversation ,  but  respectful  as  well .  If  she were  human  it  would  be  no  problem ,  but  then  again  CHARA  wouldn’t  care  if  she  were  human .  However ,  𝓣𝓸𝓻𝓲𝒆𝓵  is  a  MONSTER ,  and  the  world  of  the  monsters  is  much  different  from  that  of  the  humans .  It’s  NICER ,  certainly  so ,  but  it’s  also  different ,  unfamiliar .  CHARA  doesn’t  know  the  rules  down  here ,  the  realization  of  this  is  much  more  unsettling  than  it  should  be .

            uh…  miss  𝓽𝓸𝓻𝓲𝒆𝓵 ?

            do…  do  you  know  how  to  make  FLOWER CROWNS ??

No Human is Illegal

No human is illegal.  Which is why I cannot understand those who do not want to welcome refugees into their country. 

These are people who have been displaced, forced to leave their home.  These are people who need shelter, food, sanctuary.  These are people who need help, they need love and support, they need to be recognized.  These are people.

These are human beings.

No human is illegal.  No human should be forced to sit outside in the rain while others have food and warmth.  No human should feel like they don’t belong.  No human should be made to feel inhuman.

Currently, the crisis is in Syria.  Syrian refugees need all the support they can get.  We should not be treating them any differently than we treat our friends.  So here is my challenge to the European world leaders: what would you do if it were your family?

If your sister and brother were forced to flee their home?  If your parents were camped out on the border, praying for shelter?  If your cousins had to fight to be recognized as human beings?  You would help them, wouldn’t you?  You would want everyone to help them.

Ways you, the citizens of the world, can help:

Volunteer at a refugee camp.  Pass out food and supplies.  Organize activities to relieve boredom.  If there aren’t any refugee camps near you, donate to a charity that you know will help them.  And of course, anyone anywhere can help by spreading the word online, on social media.  Information is education, and education is power.

Refugees are human beings, and no human is illegal.

4 years ago tonight, I said goodbye to my boyfriend Ryan as I usually would. I told him I loved him and that I would talk to him soon. He half smiled and said he loved me too, but there was something about that smile that should have told me to stay just a little longer. Never in my worst nightmare could I predict that in the morning, he would be gone. I replay that night in my head over and over, I try and find answers but there are none. I try to find peace but there is none. Ryan, I can’t express enough how much I miss you and wish you were still here. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and wonder what cause you’d be championing, what dream you’d be pursuing, what solution you’d be finding…  You would be off doing good and saving lives, making a difference because that is how golden your heart was even though you were so young. The truth is, this world needs you, especially me. But you are gone, and while I will never make peace with that, some day I will have to accept it. Until then, I will keep dreaming that I can look into your eyes, say I am sorry, and tell you one more time that I love you.


“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” 

It is awesome when straight and cisgender people want to visit queer spaces (bars, clubs and nearly every coffee shop). A lot of us grew up feeling like outcasts. Seeing that you want to visit our world is a powerful experience. But try to imagine what it would be like if, every time you went to a bar, groups of queer people were there commenting on how much they loved straight people; how cute you all are and how straight bars are so interesting and different. After a while, you’d get really annoyed. You’d be tired of feeling novel, of feeling different, when you’re just trying to relax or flirt or get laid. And you’d be right. We feel that way, too.
Blake Belladonna in a nutshell
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Do you realize the kind of month I've been having. Like do you even get the kind of shit I've had to go through just to wind up here? Literally all my life I have supported people who I thought were doing the right thing, but as it would happen, I had merely fallen prey to a vicious cycle of violence, oppression, and greed. And so I took a mother freaking chance I did. I left the only life I had ever known in the hopes to actually make a difference in this sick and insane world we live in. And now, here I am, a person responsible for a serious hijacking of millions of lien in Dust, and I'm trying my best to make up for it. And then, this Torchwick racist rolls up with his freaking White Fang goons and his stupid human hair and fedora and forces the people I once fought alongside to do exactly what I did, and steal millions in Dust. And now, now they have gigantic freaking sci-fi robots and are probably going to murder hundreds of people for no good reason. So maybe now you can understand why I feel some freaking responsibility to clean up this mess.


Backlit the eternal challenge,
in the photography world.
Irresistible challenge.

Managing this volume light
flooding the landscape.
without losing image details.

The lawns are irrigated
create an atmosphere
ethereal in the foreground.

In the background the skyline
designed by buildings,
create separation between heaven and earth.

The aesthetic composition
the photo is made
and the picture taken.

As always, opinions differ,:
there is always one:
“… If I would have done …”

An anonymous third party would say:
“I disagree, I would have been better
if it were here … ”
Another then, it seems fallen from another planet,
“None of it” - he would say - “it’s all wrong,
You have to do so … ”

Opinions, opinions and more opinions.
Keep your and do not let that limit your creativity.
The photographic instinct has to be yours.