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The zodiac signs and their own world

Aries: Their world is fascinating, is full of powerful thoughts and unbelievable inventions, there they can live as they want to, in the center of attention in their favourite stories

Taurus: Their world is full of love and kindness, there they can live beside their loved ones and they can have a happy life where they can express themselves without fearing about it

Gemini: Their world can make them travel in time, their universe is not defined but there they can live with persons they’ve lost or fly above buildings with wings of an angel

Cancer: Their world is powerful and full of understanding thoughts, there they can fight and they can be strong for their loved ones, their world is one of a super hero

Leo: Their world is painted in gold and it is so beautiful that nobody can imagine about it. They live there so that they will learn more about themselves, they want to be one with their heart

Virgo: Their world is like coffee: it brings u energy, it has flavour , it’s hot but at the same time full of mysteries and dark, there they can be detectives and they can find the truth behind others

Libra: Their world is a piece of art, full of peace and unbelievable things, there they can save everyone and they can be as bright as they want , as beautiful as they can and they can fly as high as they want

Scorpio: Their world is full of love and childish wishes, there they can run as fast as they want and they can understand the depths of their hearts, they live there at night and they dream about that world at day

Sagittarius: Their world is full of beautiful places where they dream to be and full of friends they want to have, their world is like a party outdoors ~full of people and ADVENTURES~

Capricorn: Their world is a dream about love, there they can live without worries with their loved ones, their world is so exotic and special that nobody knows about their peaceful side

Aquarius: Their world is the future, there they can fly above all and they can speak up their mind and they can tell everyone the “truth”, there they can find themselves and they can understand what’s going on

Pisces: Their world is like a photograph, beautiful but too far so that a human can reach, their dreamy world is so mysterious and so strange that no one can understand

Imagine giving Loki a gift. He doesn’t quite know what to make of it - you’re just a servant, after all. He tosses it aside until later that night, when he has a chance to really examine it. He holds it up, turning it over in his hand, trying to figure out what it does. Suddenly, a calming feeling washes over him - feelings of happiness, warmth, and peace. As you sit in your chamber, holding the trinket’s twin, you realize your enchantment has worked. As long as he holds it in his hands, you’ll feel as he does, and he as you.

For those who are in or starting college:

Take “Cultural Anthropology” and “World Religion” courses for electives. It will shatter your little glass bubble and make you think before you comment on other cultures or groups.

Most of the intolerance and poor decisions made by a group toward another group is done out of ignorance. Understanding our neighbors in the world could help prevent so much tragedy and misunderstandings, and make the world a more peaceful place.

Knowing is half the battle; educate yourself with legitimate sources and open your mind.

I just read about what’s going on in Venezuela. I think it’s horrible that they’re suffering alone. Their country knows, the whole fucking world knows they’re fighting for freedom and yet the only thing everybody does is saying: “be strong, we’re with you”. 

I really hate to see people saying they’re “no that bad” while sitting on a fucking couch writing on a fucking iPhone. At least 14 people were killed today. Hundreds of people are starving, there’s a humanitarian crisis going on and their government is just shit. My government is shit (yours probably too) but it really can’t be compared to what that asshole Maduro is doing. I firmly say that today, Maduro has become the greatest living piece of shit.

To anyone who might read this (even if you choose to scroll down) please, read about what’s going on there. Please be informed and try to talk to someone living there and you’ll realise how bad the situation is. 

To anyone who lives there or has any family or friends in Venezuela, I know i’m a repetitive asshole but keep the fight, don’t give up. Help your brothers and sisters. Try to keep everyone informed, share what you’re going through so that the whole world knows. 

Fight for the freedom and peace you all deserve…

I See

Aries: A spark of lust, dancing in your iris’s begging me to come in

Taurus: A smile, so small, but so sweet, I can’t help but melt a little bit inside me

Gemini: A single tear falling, as you still retain that smile on your face, pretending to be completely all right

Cancer: Two hands, shaking, trying to cling onto something that no longer exists

Leo: A nose, turned up, walking away from what smells like bullshit

Virgo: The silence of you lips, but the screaming of your mind wanting to jump out at the world

Libra: Your lips, pursed, frustrated at why the world is so against them

Scorpio: Peace of mind. You smile because you know everything will be okay

Sagittarius: Screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. Happy, sad, mad at everything and everyone

Capricorn: A pen on paper, writing out plans and your future alone because you don’t need anybody’s help

Aquarius: Perky ears, absorbing everything around them and finding a newfound intelligence

Pisces: Love inside your hands, eyes, mouth, soul and wanting it to give to everyone but getting none back

Cherry-Bomb Bastard

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“Baek, why do I have to be here again?” Baekhyun rolled his eyes at your question, yanking out one of your earbuds as you blew a bubble into the gum you were smacking on.

“Maybe if you weren’t playing your music so loud you would’ve heard me the first time.” he raised his brow at you, nodding his head to the loose earbud that was playing loud rock ‘n roll into the open air. “I told you; this was a last-minute MC thing they needed me to do and I wouldn’t dare leave you at the dorm with the sausage party living there.”

“I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest as you popped your gum.

“Oh, I know you can, I also know that the guys wouldn’t control themselves around you.” Baekhyun pointed out, dragging you further in the backstage area of the TV set.

“How come things like this always happen when I come to visit you?” you huffed, blowing another bubble as you followed your older brother.

“Coincidence?” Baekhyun smiled and shrugged, chuckling when he heard the music coming out of your exposed earbud.

“Really? ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James?” you just smirked and winked at your brother.

“Hey, 70′s American funk is amazing and you can’t tell me otherwise big bro.” you saw him poke his tongue out at you as you shoved your earbud back in, taking out a fresh stick of gum and adding it to the growing wad in your mouth. You tugged the leather jacket you wore closer to you; well, really it was Baekhyun’s, but after hearing you complain about the cold he immediately gave it up to you. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of your whining if he didn’t.

You sighed, aimlessly looking around at the hustle and bustle of the studio as your mind became absorbed in funky bass and brass music. You took your phone out of your pocket, intending to change the song when you ran smack dab into someone, losing your brother in the throng of stage workers. You fell straight on your bottom, your earbuds popping out of your ears as your phone slid across the floor.

“Shit.” you muttered, scrambling after your phone. You reached out to grab it when a hand beat you to it, picking it up and examining the screen. You looked at the person on the ground next to you (obviously, they were the one you had ran into) and were fully intending on giving them a good cussing out not only for taking your property, but for not even mumbling a sorry, when your words got caught in your throat.

The person you ran into had to be one of the best-looking people you had seen in your entire life; with sweet chocolate brown hair, dark eyes and sharp facial features you didn’t know if you had ran into a normal human being, or some sort child of Aphrodite. You stopped your persistent gum chewing when he finally acknowledged you, his lips curving into a smirk as he held your phone out to you cheekily.

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The Zodiac Signs And Their Own World

Aries: Their world is fascinating, is full of powerful thoughts and unbelievable inventions, there they can live as they want to, in the center of attention in their favourite stories

Taurus: Their world is full of love and kindness, there they can live beside their loved ones and they can have a happy life where they can express themselves without fearing about it

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Fun Fact 77

In a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi who had been assassinated earlier that year, the Nobel Committee declined to award the Nobel Peace Prize in 1948 by saying that there was “no suitable living candidate”.