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fluff friday “roommates” [madasakuobi]

this jaunt was inspired by @multicream‘s lovely comic. seriously, check her art out, it’s fantastic!

I need to write more poly pairings, it’s a lot of fun!

Sakura swung the door to her new apartment open, exhaustion hanging over her. The hospital was overrun following the war and Sakura was coming off of a double shift that left her drained. Still, it was a good sort of drained, an accomplished sort of drained.

She was an internationally acclaimed medic, a war hero, and a member of the up-and-coming new trio of Sannin.

All-in-all, she was quite talented in her own right, yet dread lingered over her like a cloud.


Well, her two roommates.

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Joshifer Daily Reminder: There are so many examples of Jen and Josh being in their own little world, but this one is my favorite - Catching Fire Press Conference, Madrid.  The whispering, the writing of private notes to each other, the heart eyes, the LEANING IN.  Oh the lean in!  And this all happened in the middle of a live press conference with reporters - reporters asking them questions, but they didn’t care.  Jen and Josh were too wrapped up in each other.


Most gifs by @joshifer-cfpromo-masterpost.


the courage of one will change the world                                                                               her sacrifice is the ultimate tribute 

I love the scene where Finnick smiles when he sees his wanted poster in the Capitol. He is used to being desired, and lusted after by the citizens. Something he has hated and was disgusted by. Seeing the Capitol portray him as a wanted rebel instead of the playboy, sex symbol must have made him so ecstatic. He has worked tirelessly to remain in Snow’s good graces for Annie and Mags. But now he has no reputation to fulfill. No qualms to give. He was almost one step closer to being a free man.


And I need you now tonight
And I need you more than ever
And if you only hold me tight
We’ll be holding on forever…


Models turned to actors.
Celebrities that started as models before going in the acting business.