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We whites can't like or own anything due to appropriation and scary part is most of the 🌏 is of non whites. I have no joy in life anymore .Theories say this whole perceived physical world is not natural to whites and we are only meant to live in Christ. We have nothing. And there's evidence and theories that say we whites aren't natural to this so called earth and just think what would happen if this was found out. We wouldn't be able to freely love things if this perceived world Please

This makes so little sense it is kinda amusing to me. 

First, why can’t you have joy without appropriating other cultures?

Second, why is it that living in Christ is primarily, if not exclusively, for white people in your opinion?

Third, do you realize that holding Christ up as a white savior is appropriation?

Finally, you do realize that Christ was a Jewish POC Socialist who physically assaulted bankers, gave away free healthcare and challenged a European Empire so thoroughly that they decided to kill him publicly for no crime?

- @theliberaltony

but honestly i hope ts6 has some angry songs on it, we’re living in a pretty fucked up world right now and taylor has gone through a lot of bullshit in the past year especially and like i for one would love a soundtrack to these emotions

  • Me: *talking to my phone in broken French*
  • My mom: What are you doing?
  • Me: Trying to practice French on my duolingo app so I can be prepared for my class this semester.
  • My mom: You couldn't have picked another language?
  • Me: What's wrong with French? Je mange une pomme.
  • My mom: What?
  • Me: Le chat est noir...S'il vous plait...
  • My mom: Why are you taking French? Is it a requirement?
  • Me: No, I just needed an elective because I won't have enough credits from my major alone.
  • My mom: And you couldn't take art history or something?
  • Me: Where's the fun in that? We live in a globalized world, Mom. Language IS art! Nous avons une robe rouge.

Summary: Phil isn’t much of an adventurous uni student.  That is at least, until he goes out with a friend to the club and wakes up the next morning with no memory of the previous night and a text from someone who he apparently had “fun” with.

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: alcohol mentions

A/N: idk but here’s some cute coffee shop getting together fluff type of thing.  i’m still just trying to get back into writing (and get back into actually finishing fics lmao) but hope this is a good happy read (i actually have another fic that i’m gonna post tomorrow that i’m much more excited for but shhh)

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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

Phil had never really been much of the adventurous type.  He tended to prefer staying in to going out and anytime he tried to break a rule he ended up feeling so anxious that he couldn’t go through with it.  Instead he was content to play video games and go to coffee with his friends and not really worry about doing any of the things that kids in uni were supposed to do given that this was the time of their lives that they were supposed to be messing around.

However, last night, for some completely unknown reason, Phil had (albeit reluctantly) agreed to go out to the club with one of his good friends.  He remembered how hot it was when they had first walked into the building pulsing with music and he remembered how absolutely horrible the first shot of the pineapple mango vodka had been.  But after a couple more shots of slightly less vile alcohol and at least one beer, Phil’s memory of the past night started to go a bit fuzzy.  

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So I gave away my mothers wedding ring that has been passed down in my family from generation to generation. It was purchased by one of my ancestors with money earned from the black man. I wonder what my racist slave owner ancestors would do if they saw this family treasure now on the finger of one of my black masters black girlfriend. The same beautiful black hands that have punched my pale face countless times. My panties are soaked thinking about the first punch she delivers to me with that ring on her hand. That’ll be a true sign of social justice in this racist world we currently live in.

i can’t believe we’re having this discourse again g-d…. i made a conscious decision that i was a lesbian and i had to do that instead of doing more soul-searching and questioning myself further cause compulsory heterosexuality is so suffocating. and only once i decided that lesbianism was my only option did i know that it had always been who i was. stop calling actual lesbians “political lesbians” just cause their experiences don’t perfectly match yours.

when gay/bi people say you can choose your sexuality we’re talking about other non straight people who are struggling with their identity cause we live in a heteronormative homophobic world that tells everyone they have to be straight, tells women we love men and men only. it’s usually a decision you make after months or years of pain and doubt and self-hate lmao. are you all being willfully obtuse or what

The knight in shining armor
slaying all the beasts for you
the man who would make you feel you are in your own world
the one who would immediately love you back
the one who will look at you like you are everything this world has to offer
someone who would promise to love you
forever and always he utters every time
swearing only you and me
the man who would never hurt you, not a bit
bad news he doesn’t exist

However somewhere on this earth
is the boy who will choose you every day
show you there are better ways of living than just existing
and seeking your worth through someone else 
he who would truthfully say this world we live in is chaotic
but will walk you through the dark and cold streets
one who knows all your flaws and dark spots
but nevertheless stays without you pulling him close
he would not pressure you to reciprocate the feeling
but wait until you feel the same way too
send you home either by bus or subway
listening to your rants over and over again
smiling and saying ‘it is just a bad day, darling’
that boy whose stares would make you believe that you are one of the best things that happened to him
that your mere presence makes this world a better place to live in
someone who gives you room for mistakes 
understanding we all are humans after all
and are bound to make decisions we are to regret

As the challenge is to remain faithful to the person you chose to love
he would assure you that in all the days he has chosen you
it will only be you
and not someone else on his side
that all the things you have failed to do
are no reasons for him to look for someone else who can
and in all the mistakes he is to make
you are constantly the right one he made

As at the end of the day, it is the little things we remember
not all the parade of things the world would know about 
but the one close to both your hearts
that somewhere in this world 
is that boy who is flawed but can love us with all of him

/ somewhere [m.l.n]

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We live in a world that expects us all to know the answers and to be 100% right at all times. Nobody wants to make mistakes. Nobody wants to be wrong. Nobody wants to admit that they don't fucking know the answers. Because of that, we have the virus of ignorance that is infecting everybody. The remedy to ignorance is education/learning. And the only way to we can get to educating/learning is to admit that we don't know the answers. Failure to remedy just spreads it further. Hope this makes sense

It makes perfect sense.

Telling my best friend and others that I’m not straight is not going to be an easy feat in the slightest. It’s never an easy thing for anyone because it’s, unfortunately, a deciding factor of how people are going to look at you and treat you. I think we’d all like to think that our friends would be supportive and simply not care because they love who we are as a person and not our sexuality or gender. But in the world we live in, those two things can really break relationships to the point where they can’t be mended. I will never be ashamed of my sexuality, I will never be ashamed of being pansexual but when people ask if you’re gay as a joke or ask if you’re anything but straight before laughing in your face before you have a chance to answer, instead of going ‘yes I am in fact __’ you simply force a smile and laugh along because when you’re scared and nervous and horrible possibilities are running through your head, what else can you do?

Sometimes it is hard to not care what others think.

A repeated cycle of self doubt and recycled hatred.

It is a burden that I put upon myself.

Not everyone will understand that it’s not my fault,

Cause it’s hard not to care what others think.

Everything hurts too much.

I find myself absorbed in the comments,

Wondering if any of it is true.

We live in a world driven by self preservation.

Everyone in it for themselves.

You are deserving of so much .

I’m craving your touch.

People live with a blindfold shut over their eyes.

Therein where complacency lies.

Eventually there’s someone who I’ve come to understand.

That I care what they think,

Because what they think about me is good.

I guess I found the right one,

Like the moon compliments the sun.



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I came out to my mom today as a prank (I'm not gay) and she was cool with it so i don't get why gay folks feel the need to broadcast coming out lol people don't give a shit. its not like we come out as straight and make a big deal so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Really? your mom sounds super cool. Would she be cool with my gay ass punching the shit out of you because what you did isn’t remotely funny.

See anon, we wouldn’t have to ‘come out’ if people didn’t assume that everyone was straight. We live in a world where you’re straight until proven otherwise and that’s what I hate most about people like you who just think it’s one big joke.

We ‘broadcast’ it so twats like you don’t do it for us.


  • A Ravenclaw pumped up on six cups of highly sugared coffee, a five hour energy, and three packs of skittles: listen man I can tell you 43 different types of birds and every feasible fact about the book I'm reading but if I have to name one more goddamn constellation I'm shoving this star chart up Galileo's ass

My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)