the world through her eyes

Cancer is born under the sway of Spirit’s timing. Her half crescent moon smile waxes and wanes, as she hears the longings of Kairos to indulge in the spaces between our worlds, to slip between the numbers on the clock into a world where the past, present, and the future collide in one grand ensemble. The individual can perceive the timing of the cosmos. She is full of kairos moments - memories that never fade, the feeling of being cradled by arms as
the ticking clock turns into an infinite orchestra. This takes place in God’s temple, it opens up a home for Cancer. The duality of Cancer, that is Capricorn, rules chronicle time. 

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There is an intimacy with synchronicity if she learns to view the world through her two full moon eyes and the one in between, listening to the calls of the Spirit to feel the reverberation of music in her ear, taste the caramel of sunsets, and feel the milk dripping from the moon. 


who’s willing to spend the next couple of hours talking about a little baby Montilyet with me

because. because babies. tiny little Montilyet babies.

Josephine catching dignitaries off guard by greeting them with a little girl sleeping in a sling across her chest.

Josephine reading long bedtime stories to her little girl about heroes and dragons and the Inquisitor (that’s your daddy/mommy) and calling her baby Topolina and Carissima and Passerotta in-passing (whereas her spouse refers to them as Da’len or Asala or friggin’ Pumpkin, darling why must you name our child after food)

Josephine twisting her daughter’s long, dark, wavy hair -just like Mommy’s- into delicate updos, only for them to come apart within the next hour.


but most importantly

Josephine and her Inquisitor having long, in-depth discussions about the potential of having children- and deciding that it’s not for them, or that it’s not the right time just yet, or that they can’t wait to become parents.

Josephine and her Inquisitor finding themselves in an unexpected pregnancy or with a child they weren’t prepared for and feeling lost, anxious, terrified, but somehow elated, or finally, after long and careful planning, finally finding themselves with a dream come true cradled in their arms.

Josephine and her Inquisitor dealing with all the changes in themselves and their relationship, Josephine and her Inquisitor looking for that intimacy they seem to have lost on the way, or on the contrary, Josephine and her Inquisitor being each other’s pillars of strength and the two of them being closer and more stupidly in love than ever before.

Josephine working long and hard hours to ensure her family’s safety and happiness while her spouse cares for their child, or Josephine so entranced by the little life in her arms that she almost forgets the Duke of Kellington for a second.


Josehine and her Inquisitor living their happy and completely average, long lives however the fuck they want in the post-Inquisition years.

I hope you love her even on the days she forgets how to fly. When her world is seen through tired eyes, and she’s falling to the ground and crashing crashing crashing. I hope you love her when she’s not herself, when her mind is full of monsters and troubles and she doesn’t know how to do anything more than exist. When she’s alive but she can’t live. Wondering if there’s anything more than this. I hope you love her and you love her and you love her, even when she can’t find it within her to love you back.
—  I hope you love her // r.e.s

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Dark eyes sidled over to the morose elf, and stayed there for a moment. She studied him, and decided against talking. It felt wrong somehow. Instead, the mage would show her support in the form of a hug instead.

Leather clad arms draped loosely about his neck, Dhana plopping her chin down upon his head. She let loose a rattling sigh through her nostrils and closed her eyes.

The world might go to hell, but she would have his back.

There’s a girl who lives inside my head-
she begs me to be free. 
In her life she’s been a work of art,
she’s been the water and she’s been the breeze. 
She travels the world and she speaks a dozen different languages;
she’s beautiful and light, she breathes her soul into every life she touches. 
Her skin glows and she isn’t afraid of getting old-
in her eye, the world is a cavern waiting to be explored. 
She’s seen her world through the eyes of her lovers,
she isn’t afraid to open up. 
This is a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, 
and it never bleeds no matter how many times it’s been beaten. 
She is a ray of light,
she is a work of art. 
She’s a dream, my imagination, 
everything I’ll never be.
—  longing
Something’s Got A Hold On Me

Based on Anon Prompt: “ I have a prompt (I know you have a lot so I won’t rush you) can you write an imagine where (before movie) Owen sees y/n performing at some party for Jurassic World (tenth anniversary or something) and they make eye contact all through her song, then later when some guy tries to kiss her without consent Owen pretends to be her boyfriend so he’ll stop and then introduces himself and they end up having the rest of the night together (bonus if you have the lyrics being some oldies romantic song).”

You’re used to singing in a bar with drunken men hollering at you and being the center of everyone’s attention. It might not be completely picturesque, but at least you’ve gotten used to that. You stand on this small stage now, singing, and looking out on the crowd. Everyone is dressed “Black-Tie” and the people behind you playing instruments are more like an orchestra and less like the small band you’re used to. You took the job to work here as a tour guide, but you’ve no idea what prompted them to ask you to sing tonight; However, as you hadn’t even started your first day, and they sounded desperate, you agreed to do it. You finish your current song and move onto your last one, Etta James’ “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.”

No one is actually paying you any attention as they walk around with their champagne flutes celebrating the park’s fifth anniversary. You were told you would be singing more as background music than as a main event, but you hadn’t expected this. However, as you look out into the large ballroom, you see one man who is not dressed up. And, really, that’s putting it mildly; he’s not even wearing jeans. You look at him and the word ‘rugged’ comes to mind. He’s wearing board shorts and a short sleeved button down and he honestly looks like he got lost on his way to the pool bar. He’s talking to a man beside him, laughing at something he said, when his eyes wander to the stage and lock with yours. You feel embarrassed to be caught staring but something about his gaze keeps you from looking away. You feel your face turn pink as you sing,

“Let me tell you now

I never felt like this before

Something’s got a hold on me that won’t let go

I believe I’d die if I only could

I sure feel strange, but it sure feels good “

You finally break your eye contact as he smirks up at you, and you realize you had been smiling at him. You look away, finishing up your song.

“I said, oh, oh, oh, oh

I said baby

Oh, it must be love”

And at this line, you can’t help but smile again.


When you finish up, you head backstage. As soon as you step away, a lady wearing way too much white walks on stage and begins to speak. The band is fixated gossiping about some navy man who’s actually succeeded at training raptors. This bores you and you walk down the hallway, headed towards the archway that lets out into the ballroom. However before you can get there, a tall slender man began walking towards you. The smile on his face looks more frightening that reassuring as he stretches out his arm, placing his hand against the wall to block your path.

He smiles at you and begins to make conversation. “You look amazing in that dress if you don’t mind me saying.” He slurs his words a bit and you smell something other than champagne on his breath. “I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.” His free hand goes to your arm, and you flinch at the contact.

“Um, thanks,” you stutter out and pull your arm away from him. You’re used to the unwanted flirting at the bars, but there was always a bouncer there to kick out anyone that started to get too handsy. Now, you look down the hallway and begin to worry as you realize you’re alone.

“I actually need to get going, I’m supposed to be meeting someone,” you move as to walk around him be he side steps right into your way.

“Oh come one now, honey, don’t go.” He grabs your arms tightly and leans into you but you shove him away.

“Leave me alone.” You straighten your posture, trying to make yourself look more intimidating, but being just over five foot, it doesn’t do much to scare him away.

He lets out a laugh and begins to move towards you again as you hear a voice behind him, “Hey babe, is this guy bothering you?”

You let out the breath you had been holding, ready to scream with, as Mr. Board Shorts walks up and puts his hand on the guys shoulders.

You can’t see the look in his eyes, but you assume it must be pretty bad as the guy’s expression changes from predatory to fearful. “Sorry, Owen, I didn’t realize-“

“Get lost Mark.” He says sharply and Mark turns to walk away.

You look up at him and give him a weak smile, still a little shaken. “Thanks for that. He-um- I tried to leave but-“

“Mark is a douchebag. I’m sorry you had to deal with his sorry ass.” Your smile turns more genuine as he talks and you feel yourself begin to calm down.

“I’m Y/n, by the way.” You say reaching out for his hand.

“Owen Grady,”  he smiles back taking yours and shaking it.

“Ahh, you’re the raptor guy,” you say letting out a small chuckle. “The band couldn’t stop talking about you.”

“Well,” he seems a little embarrassed at this statement, “Good things I hope?” it comes out more like a question and you nod your head.

“Very good things,” you give him a wink, letting him decipher that one for himself. “I was actually about to go get a drink.” You say, not exactly inviting him, wanting to make him work for it.

“Mind if I join you?” he asks, and you nod once more, glad he’s getting the message.


After a few drinks, and a little flirting, Owen invites you back to his place and you laugh, “Well, the band may not have said all good things about you. I’ve heard the rumors.”

“And just what rumors are those?” he asks teasing wiggling his eyebrows at you.

“Oh you know,” you try to act like the thought doesn’t bother you, “One Night Owen.”

“Ahhh,” he says, not seeming to have expected that response. He slides his hands in his pockets uncomfortably. “Let me guess, there’s a girl named Cindy in the band.”

“Uh, well yeah.” You say, caught off guard. Not expecting that to be his response.

“Cindy had a boyfriend.” He explains, shaking his head. “But she didn’t tell me that, and she got mad when I found out and told her I wasn’t going to help her cheat.”

You stood there shocked. Your history with guys told you that it was just an excuse, but after spending half the night taking with this man, you felt like he was telling the truth.

“Well, you should know that tonight isn’t my last night here. I’m not just a singer; I’m actually beginning my training as a tour guide on Monday.” You admit, worried that knowing you’re not going to leave in the morning will make him change his mind. But he surprises you yet again.

“I know,” he says leaning in and whispering, “I’ve got ears all over this place. But that’s a good thing, really.”

“Oh?” you ask smirking, suddenly having a much better outlook on your time on this island.

“Yeah, because I don’t think I would have been able to let someone like you go.”

He leans in slowly, as if asking for permission, and you press your lips to his. He tastes like alcohol and fruit and you smile against his lips.

“I don’t mean to sound too forward,” You start, watching him get a mischievous smirk on his face, “But um, when can I meet the raptors?”

The look on his face is better than you hoped for, and you can’t help the smile that spreads across yours. He pulls you in for another kiss and you can’t help but think how happy you’re going to be on this island.

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From a young age, I understood my place in the world through the eyes of my mother. Her jobs required her to use cleaning products that burned her skin and blurred her vision. Her knees have scars from all the years scrubbing floors. Housekeepers are the heroes of the immigrant economy — they do their work silently, efficiently, and find money on the table after the job is done. There is no exchange of stories. None of the people whose houses my mom has cleaned know that she was a lawyer, that she is an intellectual and passionate person; they don’t know that she crossed a treacherous border, or that she lives with the constant fear of deportation.
Her soul was restless.
She had so much love to share,
so many places she wanted to see.
But she hasn’t found the right people just yet.
Someone to create memories with.
Who could understand her raw emotions,
how she view the world through those brown eyes,
or why her dreams were so incredibly grand?
She thought no one could handle her infinite openness,
it was just too overwhelming for some to take in already.
She trusted too easily, for she saw the good in everyone.
—  JS
Everyone has their Alaska Young
Who gives you the courage to seek your great perhaps
Believe me, solid nights in your bedroom compare nothing to the world seen through her eyes
Alaska paints the world with white daisy’s and stories about trips to the zoo with her mother
She’ll kiss you and infuse you with cigarettes and watered down novels in piles
Flash you her bright green eyes and knowing smile-
Alaska is the hurricane through the drizzle of everyone else
The pink wine in a room full of ambrosia
But you won’t get Alaska Young, because you aren’t meant to
The layers between you and her will grow until there is nothing but concrete
She’ll mix you up with her laugher because the next minute she’s smoking to die
Understand that your Alaska is a deeply unhappy person
Who believes in straight and fast
You fell in love with the girl who makes you laugh and shows you porn and drinks wine with you
You fell in love with the perfect image of this Alaska
Unable to see the cracks beneath the surface
Everyone has their Alaska-
Everyone has someone who is beautiful, but broken
And god dammit, she is broken
But you-
Can’t keep using the future to escape the present
You must dig your way out of this Labyrinth of suffering
Stop calling it a dream. Call it a plan.
Understand that the only way out of this Labyrinth of suffering is to forgive
You have to forgive
Stop looking for Alaska
And start looking to forgive
—  Alaska is over there; I heard it’s beautiful

Title: all our yesterdays
Pairing: Ladynoir, Adrienette, and MariChat was thrown in there because I am trash.
Rating: T
Warning: angstangstangstangstangst
Summary: He’s getting used to this pretending thing.
Author’s Note: Why do I hurt the people I love? I’ve been in an angsty mood lately, and so then this happened. I have no excuses. Only apologies.


He’s six and he’s singing.

His mother- the center of his secluded world- is there and she’s humming through her smile. Her eyes that look so much like his own are narrowed from the grin and he can feel his chest lighten at the sight.

It’s their song and he could sing it in his sleep. The words are gentle and the melody soothing and he thinks this is when he’s happiest.


He’s nine and it’s family night.

Father’s home and has no prior obligations to detract from their time together. And it’s selfish but Adrien keeps looking at the phone as if daring it to interrupt these precious moments.  

He knows Gabriel Agreste can be harsh but he looks at his wife with so much affection and he rests his large hand gently atop Adrien’s mop of blonde hair and Adrien is certain his father loves him, too.

Tomorrow when Father’s once again behind the wall that is his steel desk he’ll still be holding onto these moments, anxiously waiting for the next rainy day when his parents let him win at whatever game he chooses to play.  


He’s fifteen and he wonders if he’s holding her back.

He knows he’s been given this gift for a reason but he also knows he can’t live up to her potential. He always gets stuck and she has to save him and he think it might be best if he wasn’t around to drag her down.

Then he thinks about what would happen if he’s not and he decides to stick around just a little bit longer.

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Snip Snap Shot!


Mikado was anxious. Today was the day of her interview and today would determine if she had what it took to be a professional photographer for Gandala Music. Pacing back and forth, Momotaro could only sigh at his friend. “The more you pace, the longer it takes.”

“I know, Momotasu… but I really want her to work here with us… that way her dream of traveling can be fulfilled and she can show the world how it looks through her eyes with her camera.”

“A poetic way of looking at it.”

A laugh escapes Mikado. “I suppose so, yes.”

There was once a girl who had stars for eyes. The first time he saw her, he swore his life to the galaxies she had shown him.

“I wanted to be an astronomer. I wanted to see what she saw in this world through her celestial eyes. I wanted to know how she managed to keep them bright despite being separated from the night sky – how she urged them to harmonize with this dull world of ours. I always felt I was part of the night sky, but if her eyes were able to confide allegiance here on Earth, maybe I can too.”

—  Annyka Dela Cruz “I don’t mind staying here on Earth, if it mean’t I am able to look at your eyes forever”
She spoke without words. She absorbed the world through her eyes. A smile meant a lot; she didn’t smile for just anyone. And when she did speak, she meant what she said. You should be afraid of girls like that. Because they don’t come around that often.
Tomoe Mami ; the sisterly magical girl of Mitakihara.

I feel so light. This is the first time I feel so happy during battle. I’m not afraid of anything any more… Because I’m not alone any more.