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On Heroes

heroes aren’t gods or blessed
if anything they are cursed the worst of all humans
they have the powers to transform the world
but it comes at the cost of everything they hold dear

you can’t name a hero who was happy for long
their burdens aren’t meant for smiles
and their bodies aren’t granted gentleness
for war runs through their veins as much as love does

Abby S ⇠ inspired by

A first-generation Cuban, I grew up feeling that my family had been Cuban for generations. Some years ago, a Cuban friend of mine, upon meeting my mother, asked me about her accent. “What accent?” I asked in surprise. Sure, I had grown up with stuffed grape leaves alongside plátanos chatinos, but our soul had never been anything but Cuban. My mother, like my father, was a Sephardi Jew from Turkey. She was so “Cuban” in my eyes that it had never occurred to me that she spoke Spanish with an accent.

Of a Sephardi family, she had come to Cuba when she was around ten and had adopted Cuba as her homeland. Likewise, my father had come to Cuba during World War I and had become totally “Cubanized.” Rarely did my parents speak of Turkey, for it didn’t hold fond memories for them. Although Turkey had been home to Sephardi Jews for centuries, it had never been a welcoming place for them. A resolution to survive compelled my father and my uncle to leave Turkey at the start of World War I. The Turks had been known to place young Jewish men in the front lines, and my father and uncle were not prepared to die. They set out on a ship for the United States, but at its long stopover in La Habana, they had so fallen in love with the friendly people, the beauty, the warmth, and the similarity of Spanish to Ladino that they had decided to make Cuba their home.

As my father passed through the immigration line, he even gained the “Cubanized” last name of “Levis.” Apparently, the immigration officer had not been able to read his papers clearly and had mistaken the name “Levy” for “Levis”; this was only the symbolic beginning of my father’s attachment to Cuba. For my mother’s family, it had also been a question of survival. Opportunities for jobs and business had not been rampant for the Jews, and so my maternal grandfather had set out for Cuba with dreams of financial success. When he had saved enough money, he sent for his family. And so, the Cuban roots for both my parents had been planted….

—  “My Cuban Story,” Ester Levis Levine, in Taking Root (2002)
The Author

A/N This is my attempt to set up a coherent posting schedule. I’ll try to keep a chapter posted every two weeks or so, we’ll see how it goes. 

Another important thing! This will be the fifth and final stand alone for this series. Everything afterward is gonna be in a continuous fic, with characters taking turns narrating. (Guess who’s next. Literally the only character whose POV I’ve been saving). 

Au by @doodledrawsthings, based on Flat Dreams by @pengychan.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Stanford couldn’t sleep. There had been worries before that this would happen: that Bill would somehow come back from the dead, throw another world-ending party, break reality as they knew it, and all because Stanford had let his guard down, to clueless to realize what was happening right under his nose. There were times where he woke up and saw his brother sporting those chilling, yellow eyes, the insane smile, the unnerving laugh, only to realize it was simply the aftereffects of the nightmare.

Stanford was by no means a superstitious man, but Bill Cipher was not superstition, he was fact. And as long as there was even a possibility of that monster coming back, Ford would keep his guard up, ready for the illusion of peace to be shattered.

And it happened, just like Ford had predicted. But not in the way he had thought.The scientist was expecting raining fire, cracks in the sky, demons raising hell on earth, and all other kinds of disturbing, over the top dramatics when it came to Bill Cipher. This was not what he got.

Having something to defeat was understandable, was clear and predictable and something he knew how to address. But here there was nothing left to defeat. Bill Cipher was crushed, downed, helpless and powerless. And Ford did not know what to do with an enemy like that.

So for once he stepped back and let his family decide. And apparently, the family decided to keep him.

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Why would Sophia ever come back lol I don't think Liam would ever agree or allow that shit like Sophia doesn't have more power than Liam. God I will never understand though why these ex girlfriends never go the hell away it's like the just chill on Instagram after their break ups and do nothing and then get upset they are in the spotlight anymore so they beg to come back. Mainly referring to Eleanor's pathetic ass but I had the impression Sophia is done with this mess and dating someone now.

This ask is a mess. LOL

  • Why would Sophia ever come back lol I don’t think Liam would ever agree or allow that shit like Sophia doesn’t have more power than Liam. You speak as if we aren’t painfully aware that in March 2017 ACE that every member of 1D’s veto power is extremely marginalized at this point. Why? We don’t know. Does Simon Cowell have a nuclear option baked into their contracts that he’s now exercising? Maybe. But at this point, agreeing seems to have very little to do with it.
  • God I will never understand though why these ex girlfriends never go the hell away it’s like the just chill on Instagram after their break ups and do nothing and then get upset they are in the spotlight anymore so they beg to come back. You don’t really think these broads have the power to pick up the phone and demand to be written back into the 1D narrative, do you? You think 1DHQ cares about what they want? That’s not how it works. If 1DHQ reaches out to them first for whatever nefarious reason, odds are they’ll jump at the chance to come back. I was gonna write something real New Orleans right here but then I remembered my quest to be a better bitch. Use your imagination. 
  • Mainly referring to Eleanor’s pathetic ass but I had the impression Sophia is done with this mess and dating someone now.  Honey, Sophia was dating someone back when she was allegedly dating Liam. Whatchu think? This isn’t representative of her real life anymore than it is Liam’s.    

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isn't it kind of not really feminist to associate the colour pink with being feminine anyway like pink is a colour it's for anyone it doesn't necessarily have to be a fem or masc or whatever idk idk i thought your spread was lovely anyway

ya I mean I get the gender roles thing with the pink being associated with girls and blue being associated with boys in our society but honestly I think anyone should be free to like any color they want like it’s not that big of an issue?? Like you’re not a bad person if you’re a girl and pink is your favorite color

BTS Reaction: You leave after your first night with him because you’re self conscious of how you look without makeup

First of all: love your work 🙏🏻♡ Second: Can I get a reaction where you disappear the morning after the first night you spent together (doesn’t have to be with sex, what fits the member/situation best), and they later find out it’s because you are insecure about your looks without makeup and effort and didn’t want to let them see you in that ‘state’ ? thank you so much

thank you dear!!

y/n = your name

The Scenario:

The morning light penetrates his eyes as he comes into the awakened world. His veiny hands glide over the bed wrinkled bed sheets where your body used to lay. Once he realized your absence he abruptly sits up in bed, squinting into the emptiness of his room. Maybe you’re in the bathroom. His feet pad down the hallway and stop in front of the door to the restroom.

“Y/N?” He calls into the wood of the door. No response. Sensing the worst he hurries back to his room and grabs his phone, dialing your number, his breath coming up his throat only to hit a stopping point in the middle of his worry.

You answer after a few rings, to his relief, and begin to apologize profusely.

“I’m so sorry I left,” you ramble with a shaky voice, “I barely slept last night and I was so worried you’d be disgusted with me once you saw my face without makeup and my hair messed up and in that state and I was just so nervous and I’m so sorry.”

The Reactions:

Namjoon (Rap Monster):

“Shhhhh (y/n) breathe. I would never think any of those thing. You’re such a beautiful girl/boy. Do you think I look flawless in the morning? No! Now please let me take you to lunch so we can talk more.”

He’ll feel upset that you’re so insecure about your looks, and he’ll give his 100% from this point on to make sure you know that you’re beautiful.

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Seokjin (Jin):

“No, sweetheart! Please don’t apologize. You’re so pretty; with or without makeup. Come back so I can give you my healing hand kisses!”

Jin will be very worried until your back and under his vigilance and care, and he will always compliment you whenever he sees you looking sad.

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Yoongi (Suga):

“Hey, don’t say that. You don’t have to worry about those things around me, really. It scared me when you weren’t here.”

Poor Yoongi won’t really know what to do. He’ll want to talk to her more about her insecurities in person and really discuss and work through them. Yoongi will be so attentive to her/him from now on.

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Hoseok (J-Hope):

“Nooooooooo, honey, don’t be sorry. You’re beautiful! It hurts me to think that you’re so self-conscious of how you look. I was really scared when I woke up and you weren’t there.”

Hoseok will be the sweetest guy. He’ll always try to put a smile on your face and compliment you whenever he can. Hobi will also stop wearing makeup around her/him, and encourage her/him to do the same.

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“Baby, please don’t say that. I used to feel that way too. Whenever one of the haunts had a V Live I wouldn’t let my bare face show on camera, and it’s tiring to hide your face from everything and everyone. Please try to believe me when I say that you’re absolutely beautiful. Come back over; I’m lonely.”

Jimin’s heart would break a little once he hears your ramble of worries, and he will do his best to help through and out of those insecurities. Jiminie will be so patient and so sweet with you.

this is my favorite gif of him omg look at him aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Taehyung (V):

“Aish, what are you saying? You’re so pretty! Who cares what you look like without makeup? I want to see your cute, squishy face!”

Tae will slowly ease you into being more comfortable without makeup on, and the whole time he won’t wear makeup either to encourage you and show you that it really doesn’t matter that much.

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“Hey, don’t apologize. It’s okay.”

Someone help him. Kookie is totally caught off guard and has zero idea of what to say. In retrospect he really doesn’t care if he/she wears makeup of not, and eventually he’ll come up with something helpful and comforting to say, just give him a minute to piece it together.

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Something that just breaks my heart every time I think about it is Drastotia. Like… Draco finally has something he thinks is worth living for. He lived and breaths for his out of the world wife and beautiful little son. He wakes up every morning, heart fluttering from the sight of his wife lying next to him, her hair fanned out on the pillow like a goddess. And in the room next door lies his son, arm hanging over the bed’s edge because ‘flurry wanted to hold hands’. And as the years pass, he sees his wife wilter more and more, and he keeps up for his son even though he feels his world is coming down on him again. Suddenly he wakes up every morning, his chest is hurting for what if he wakes up and his wife is lying next to him, her hair fanned out on the pillow like a goddess, but her breath had left her body. In the room next door lies his son, arm hanging over the bed’s edge and he had to tell him that 'mum will keep flurry company when you sleep, scorpius’. JKR you torture Draco in the last three books, gives him no chance to redeem himself and then you take 50% of what he lives for away, how dare you

IMAGINE (because it’s the fakest thing ever):

Elisa’s eyes fluttered open as she was jolted awake at 6 a.m. It was just something she naturally did, a standard setting of her body’s alarm clock.

She turned to her side to see Declan still sleeping soundly – a trait he was (almost unfortunately) beginning to pick up from his father, who was noticeably missing from the bed. Also missing was the infant, as Elisa’s eyes scanned the empty crib.

Getting up, she made her way down the hall to see her husband, rocking their baby in the dark, both boys very much awake.

“Still on Japan time,” Patrick said, smiling.

Elisa stroked her son’s whispy blonde hair. “He’s been on Japan time since he entered this world,” she said, her husband giggling with her. “The nanny’s coming at 7:30.”

“Why?” Patrick asked, his eyebrows furrowing behind his glasses. He knew Elisa wasn’t a fan of nannies. It just wasn’t her thing. Typically they’d only call one out of necessity, such as this case when Patrick was out of the country for several days, and Elisa, who had already taken an extended maternity leave, could only take a few days off work.

“You just got back,” Elisa said. “You need your rest.”

“I don’t mind,” Patrick insisted. “Really.”

“No, I paid for another day.”

Patrick shrugged. Whatever she says.

It wasn’t long before the nanny arrived, Elisa was gone, and things were as they had been before Patrick left. But Elisa never fully understood that Patrick liked it that way. And after being away from his kids for about a week, albeit it was only a week, Patrick felt he needed to make up for lost time.

So he decided to surprise her.


Elisa came home that evening to find the driveway empty. Puzzled, she entered the house to the usual sound of her screaming two-year-old, who was rushing up to greet her as he normally did. She kissed his head, then scanned the house curiously.

“Where’s Mrs. Judie?” she asked Declan.

“I sent her home,” Patrick answered, coming into view with the baby, as if he never left his father’s arms since that morning.

“What?!” Elisa exclaimed. “Why?!”

“I wanted to.”

“Patrick! You are jetlagged and tired! I got her so you could rest!”

Patrick shook his head and looked at his younger son. “I did rest. And besides,” he said, leaning his soft cheek against his son’s and closing his eyes lovingly, “I missed them.” 

Elisa looked at Declan. He missed them? Missed their smelly diapers? Missed their ear-splitting voices? Missed their toys cluttered all over the floor? Yes, he missed them. Elisa rolled her eyes, trying to hide the smile that was creeping on her lips. Patrick just laughed. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Always trying to fake her feelings.

“Ohhh, Mommy,” Patrick said, nuzzling his little one’s nose. “She doesn’t get it.” The baby giggles and coos as Daddy spins around toward the kitchen. “Okay enough talking. Let’s go EAT!”

I also found the birthday story that I wrote for @ariallane so I’m posting it here with the beautiful banner that @heather-lynn made!!!

Private Show

Chris and Sammie stood on a secret balcony in Disney World watching as fireworks went off around Cinderella’s Castle. She had always loved coming to the park, especially as a child, but never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined the secrets that were within the park.

Chris’s contract with Marvel, and thus Disney, had opened a lot of the secret doors at Disneyland and Disney World. It wasn’t something they took advantage of often, especially since they usually came with the whole family. But in quiet trips like this where it was just the two of them, they let their inner nerdiness out and spent the day not on rides but on behind the scenes tours.

Despite never needing a reason to let out their inner children, they’d come to Disney World to celebrate her birthday. Along with the behind the scenes look at some of their favorite attractions, they’d eaten dinner at her favorite Disney Park restaurant and then she’d gotten the surprise of a lifetime.

Chris had made her put on a blindfold and a pair of headphones with music from The Lion King coming from them then had lead her to a secret location, which had turned out to be the hidden suite in Cinderella’s Castle. The fact that they were staying in the exclusive (and typically booked room) told her that this whole trip hadn’t been the “spur of the moment” trip he’d claimed just days before.

They had been limited in their time to “explore the suite” aka testing out one of the beds due to the impending fireworks show. They’d finished with just enough time to redress before one of the Disney Cast Members arrived to take them to another secret location for a private viewing of the famous firework show.

The cast member led them to a top secret location via secret tunnels and back stairs and brought them out onto a balcony that had a perfect view of the castle, but was blocked on the other three sides making it impossible for them to determine where they were. Not that they didn’t try, because they spent several minutes leading up to the start of the show arguing over their location.

Their argument came to a stop as the first fireworks lit up the sky and music filled the air. He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close as they watched from their perfect vantage point.

As the show neared its end, the cast member returned and offered to take a photo of the two of them. Sammie hand her phone over and they turned their back to the show for a moment and smiled at the camera. After getting the phone back, Sammie nodded as she smiled at the perfect picture of herself, Chris and Cinderella’s Castle.

Sammie leaned against Chris as the last fireworks lit up the sky. She would always remember this birthday. The Disney perks were obviously part of the reason, but the man next to her, the love of her life, was the real reason this birthday would be memorable.


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I can’t believe that tomorrow is the final episode of Bones. Bones was the first tv show I ever cared about, the first obsession with stories and characters outside of the books I read non-stop as a kid. It was my first introduction into this other world, this other medium of stories that I have come to love so fondly. Without Bones, I would perhaps not have given other shows the same chance, and I would not be struggling each week to keep up to date with them all :)

But Bones means someone to me outside of the entertainment. At school, my friends and I once used a Clean Up Australia Day to pretend we were the team outside in the field trying to find evidence. And through Bones, Brennan inspired me to do forensics at uni. I have moved on since then into a different area, although my love for forensics has not diminished. In fact, the only reason I changed was due to the science major I had to complete before doing forensics postgrad-and I hated this major. But, on the odd occasion, I do think about whether I’d like to go back, because I still love forensics.

In fact, forensic anthropology often comes into my current major-Classics and Ancient History-as evidence to consider, and I usually try and pick those areas to focus on. In many ways then, forensics will never leave me, whether I choose to go back or not. Brennan inspired me to pursue science, as with many other girls, and whilst it may not have lasted for me, I appreciate it and it led me to where I am today. In many ways, I think she led to an appreciation of science that had never really existed for me before. I was always much more interested in english and history, but wanted to do science at uni led to me pursuing chemistry and physics at school as well. I got groundings in subject areas I never would’ve considered if not for my desire to do forensics at uni. Without Brennan, I would not be as well-rounded in my education, nor would I appreciate science the way I do now.

Bones is important to me on so many levels. I love the entertainment factor, the stories and the characters, especially as a wannabe author. Stories are my life, and Bones was my introduction into a new world of stories that I love, and inspires me as a storyteller. But Bones is also important to me because the show, and Brennan in particular, inspired me in my education choices over the years. I will never forget that. Bones will always be important to me. And even though I’m not up to date with Bones currently, I’ll be with you all when the curtains finally close on this amazing show.

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Watch our dorks be online on April 7th just to see how our world burns and shatters when Harry's song comes out and we learn that it's called "Always You" ASDFGHJKLÑ CAN YOU IMAGINE???? (it could also be the name of Louis and Babe Rexha' song, but dreaming is free, right??) -Ness

I would literally lay on the floor and wait for death to come pick me 

Dear anon

You’re utter trash and your asks will not be published. Best way to get on my nerves and prove you’re a piece of shit person is by insulting my friends. Unfollow me immediately and do me and the world a favor and never come back here again

… … … … … … … … I am the Wind Fish… Long has been my slumber… In my dreams… an egg appeared and was surrounded by an island, with people, animals, an entire world! … … … … But, verily, it be the nature of dreams to end! When I dost awaken, Koholint will be gone… Only the memory of this dream land will exist in the waking world… Someday, thou may recall this island… That memory must be the real dream world… … … … … Come, THIEF… Let us awaken… together!!
—  Wind Fish, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Okay, like, I acknowledge that Lake Lyn is an actual lake in The Shadowhunter Chronicles. But what if it was a salt flat instead? It WAS a lake but then it dried up, which explains how the mirror was lost over time. Then the rain comes and, for a very short while, it becomes a mirror again. And salt flats, when the rain comes and turns them into the worlds largest mirrors, are called the border between heaven and earth which is also perfect for the mythos of Lake Lyn. And, I mean, just imagine a giant fucking angel with golden wings covered in eyes and moving runes appearing in the middle of this: