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Painting my horrible daughter again. I still need to RP her at some point and get a handle on what she’s like, aside from ‘carefully leashed malice’ and ‘having tea with the voices in her head.’


Nine Faces: 36/∞

  • Robin – Helena Wayne (Prime Earth/Earth-2)
Daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle of Earth-2, Helena trained to fight from her father and inherited her agility and flexibility from her mother, making her a natural Robin. She fought by her father for some time, but her happiness didn’t last long, her mother died during an attack in Gotham City and her father died preventing the Apokoliptian Invasion. She eventually gave up the Robin mantle when she and her best friend, Supergirl, accidently arrived on Prime Earth via a Boom Tube.

Image Source:
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Me: I shouldn’t be so mean. I should give this remake a second chance.

*L appears once*

Me: This has potential.

*L appears again*

Me: Fuck it.

rê͙̒ͨͤ̋͠ļͣ̀̊̆̔̅̚ẽ̷͇ͪͪaͧͮ̈͐͏̲s̻͎̞̤̜͎̄̈ͣ̎̽̃̓͡i̳̮͙̙̇̐͐n̳̖͐͐͂͘ḡ͈̗̹̩̺ ͤ͆ͭͤͯ̐͜ẗ̢̯̺̣̑͛ͦh̽͂̐ͭ̈ͭ҉̪̲e̳̭̜͙̺̤͌́͒ͯ̚͠ ̷͕̤̠̫̼͇̈́d͉͎͇̯̰̗͑e̶̘̺͛̀̒̑m̹̥̪̤͉͍͒ͪ̐̍ͨ̆͒o̡ͦͪ̿ͩ͒̾n̝ͮ̽͊̾͠s̎̅͜

As part of the1929 International Exposition in #Barcelona #Spain, the Barcelona #Pavilion, designed by Mies van der Rohe, was the display of #architecture’s #modern #movement to the world. Originally named the German Pavilion, the pavilion was the face of Germany after WWI, emulating the nation’s progressively modern culture that was still rooted in its classical history. Its elegant and sleek design combined with rich natural material presented #Mies’ Barcelona Pavilion as a bridge into his future career, as well as architectural modernism. Photo © Boris Santrac /

Lost - A Stonefaced G story

Stonefaced A-hole G (@stone-faced-asshole) is a version of Gaster!Sans by @junkpilestuff. He could be described as a glitch, who can, as such, manipulate the world to a certain extend. When Junky shared this info about him on Twitter recently I just knew I had to write something about it, even though it is a lot different from what I usually do.

This fic is a ‘What-if’ scenario in which Frisk accidentally meets G and thus, two anomalies in the system of their world are coming face to face. My headcanon for original Frisk was always that they didn’t talk much and they would prefer using signs, because their empathy comes from hearing what the monsters have to say and try to understand, instead of speaking about themselves. I finally realized this headcanon with this story!

Dedicated to @junkpilestuff , who has a rough time now and who I highly appreciate for all her recent help and for her inspiring ideas, which they share and also @liptongirl00 , who did an awesome, spontaneous job editing it. Kudos also goes to my great friend @candiedconstellations (who was beta-reading it and deemed it a worthy reading for a relaxing evening ;) and the story is indirectly inspired by ‘Lullabyes’ by the wonderful @yoralim.

I hope you enjoy it and if you are just here for ‘Kitten of the Don’ AU you can simply ignore this and look forward to another project regarding this AU, that will soon be released! :)

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Narangi Pagdi

Photo Series: Faces of India
Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan

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“this is EXACTLY why i told you not to have target practice without me.”

we all know what photo this is referenced from. i know every fandom has done this, but it’s been sitting on my desktop for weeks now, i figured i should just get it posted and done with.

how ppl view intjs vs what intjs are actually like

How most people view INTJs:

hi my name is Genius Darkness INTJ Intellectual and i have massive brains.  im not related to Sherlock but i wish i was because he is a total hottie (AN: if u dont kno who he is then u can go away).  ppl often say i look like INTP.  it was raining and storming and i liked it. sum SJs said “hello i hope u have a nice day”. i glared at them bc i am far too intelligent to engage in this disgusting inferior phony custom known as small talk

What INTJs are really like:

hi my name is Void Paradox INTJ apocalypse and i have infinitely otherworldly ni.  im not related to ENTJ but i wish i was bc he is a total hottie (AN: if u dont kno who he is then i feel sorry for your inability to appreciate this only source of  perfection that exists in this painfully smol universe).  ppl often say i look like INFJ.  the moon was red and blue and the sun was black and the planets were aligned as if to signal an impending doom that is a metaphor for how the universe is much bigger than humanity and i liked it.  sum mortals stared at the vessel which contains my soul.  i glared at them using the portals to the visual world that are upon my face


The original plot of Zootopia was a lot darker and they actually changed the entire plot and main character very late in development because they believed it made you “hate the world” of Zootopia. The original plot was much more in your face about oppression, and involved all of the predator characters needing to wear shock collars to “control them”. The collars didn’t actually control them because they were perfectly capable of self control, but because prey was the majority and felt unsafe without these collars on it became a societal norm. Nick was originally the main character, and the plot was something to do with showing the world that predators don’t need their collars. I really wish I could have seen this topic explored more, but since it changed so late in development theres a ton of story boarding and voice acting done for this original plot.