the world of tomek

I lived with you, I grieved, and many a tear I shed.
In truth, I never did a noble soul defy.
Now it is time for me to go and join the dead.
Seems like it’s joy I leave on earth – so sad am I.

But you that knew me well, in your reports convey
That all my younger years were for my country spent:
While battle raged, at mast I stood, be as it may,
And with the ship I drowned when vanquished down she went.

But I beseech you – there is hope while there is breath.
Let the living lead the nation with wisdom’s torch held high,
And one by one, if need be, go straight to death,
As God-hurled stones that densely over ramparts fly.

And as for me, I leave behind a group of friends,
Who for my proud heart did have love, and room.
I did God’s hardest service, now the duty ends,
And I agree to have an unlamented tomb.

- MY TESTAMENT, Juliusz Słowacki