the world of the future

xntp-whoa  asked:

What are some good questions to ask yourself in figuring out your own type?

What am I most comfortable doing [in a dominant position]?

a) centering myself and following my ethical beliefs without fear of censorship from or offending others (Fi; IXFP)

b) detached analysis and system building my perception of the outer world (Ti; IXTP)

c) predicting future patterns, inventing personal symbolism, and having faith in my greater over-reaching vision (Ni; INXJ)

d) recalling past events with clarity and trusting that my personal experience will help me succeed through careful exploration of new concepts (Si; ISXJ)

e) getting people to work together for the greater good, sharing my feelings in ways that confront the problem or resolve issues and asserting my opinion (Fe; EXFJ)

f) taking charge in a situation as a leader when required, sharing my facts and organizing the environment to accomplish a swift resolution or goal (Te; EXTJ)

g) trusting my natural ability to innovate without warning, change my mind mid-stream, or come up with creative new interpretations of patterns and data, because I see beyond the object to what it could be (Ne; ENXP)

h) free and easy engagement with the environment, in order to challenge myself and others to better enjoy the moment and take part in affecting immediate change, without needing time to adjust to a new environment (Se; ESXP)

How do I tend to communicate my feelings?

a) as they happen and with confidence because I know both how to express myself and comfort other people (high Fe; FJ)

b) as they happen but I cannot always control it and struggle to know what to say to comfort other people (low Fe; TP)

c) sometimes through bluntness, sarcasm or by telling people off; I often have to go be alone to sort out my true feelings, before I can even start to talk about them with the few people I trust with them (high Fi; FP)

d) almost always after the fact, and I may not be sure how I feel sometimes, so I might push aside my feelings to ‘get the job done’ and have a private breakdown later where no one else can see (low Fi; TJ)

What is my worst weakness?

a) remembering details or having a solid perception of other people, and especially myself (inferior Si; ENXP)

b) interacting with the physical environment in ways that do no harm to myself or others and/or extreme laziness / lack of motivation to act (inferior Se; INXJ)

c) developing a singular worst case scenario vision for the future, and feeling trapped by it so that I cease healthy interaction with the present (inferior Ni; ESXP)

d) being afraid to let go of ‘what I know / was taught’ in favor of new ideas, and/or creating a thousand ways this will go terribly under stress (inferior Ne; ISXJ)

e) not understanding the strength of my own feelings and ethics, and becoming highly emotional and passive-aggressive under stress (inferior Fi; EXTJ)

f) throwing tantrums and losing my temper and/or wanting people to like me, even though I feel totally at a loss as to how to interact with their feelings (inferior Fe; IXTP)

g) complaining that other people are ‘irrational’ while being unable to detach from my strong feelings in order to question my own perceptions and judgments; a tendency to either over-analyze useless things or dismiss the need to understand other people in favor of judging them (inferior Ti; EXFJ)

h) becoming a drill sergeant under stress, with outbursts of bossiness, criticism, and bluntly shared truths directed at other people to shame them (inferior Te; IXFP)

I recommend focusing both on your strengths (dom) and weaknesses, as well as how you communicate with others.

- ENFP Mod


Fountain of Illuminations by Vanessa Guzan
Via Flickr:
I was at Epcot with my family and some family friends to celebrate my moms birthday and enjoy the Food and Wine Festival. We were all exhausted by the end of the day and just wanted to use our Soarin’ fastpasses and go back to our room. By the time we were finished with Soarin’, Illuminations was about 10 minutes away from starting so my brother, his girlfriend, and I decided to stick around. I wanted to try viewing it from somewhere different and decided on right in front of the Fountain of Nations. I didn’t have my tripod with me so my brother rolled one of the pin trading tables over a bit to center it for me and I relied on the steadiness of the table. It was an okay spot to watch Illuminations. Many of the bursts are pretty low until the last few seconds of the show, but I was at Epcot so I was happy and didn’t mind just soaking up the Future World atmosphere during the down time. Thanks for looking! :)

promise ❦ elijah mikaelson

request: an elijah x reader where the reader wakes up finding herself in elijah’s erms? she’s glad to have him in her life and tells him that. maybe they talk about their future and she wants to see the world fluffy?

warnings: a swear word lmao, mild alcohol consumption

In all his years on earth, which were many, Elijah had not seen many beautiful things. Sure, flowers were beautiful. Sunsets were beautiful. Rainbows, dewdrops, butterflies, a woman’s smile. All those things were beautiful. But after living for a thousand years, those things seem to lose their wonder. And after seeing as much death and destruction as he had, it seemed that all the ugliness overpowered the beauty in life at times. 

But there was one thing that he could never tire of seeing, something so beautiful, so divine, that it took his breath away every time his eyes fell upon it. That something was a person, and that person was you. No he hadn’t known you long. A few short years. And that, compared to his lifetime, was comparable to mere minutes, really.  

But in those few short years, he had seen more beauty in you than he ever had. Your smile, your contagious laugh, your hair, your eyes that seemed to hold all the secrets, and all the answers, of the universe. Your kind heart, your gentle spirit, your determination and the fire that seemed to course through your veins whenever someone so much as threatened him in front of you. 

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HR is Savitar.

Savitar is from the future. What is more futuristic than the future? Another world. (Ex: Earth-19)

The Harrison Wells have a history for being villians.  Harry Wells tried to steal Barry’s speed to give it to Zoom, a bad speedster from another Earth. Eobard Thawne was a Harrison Wells from the future that was a bad speedster, do you see the trend? So obviously HR is a bad speedster from the future and from another Earth.

Not only that, but Caitlyn Snow/Killer Frost immediately obeys Savitar after finding out his true identity. She wouldn’t do that with someone she didn’t know. She and HR were great friends.

Look at them playing with the random drumsticks. Great friends.

Look he is paying her. Only true friends do that.

But do you really think that HR was talking into his pen-thing for a “novel”? No, he was obviously gathering information for the future to become Savitar. 

Remember how his face could be changed if everyone was blown up with that light thing? 

He could have easily used this method to hide when he became Savitar.

Not only that, but isn’t it a little ironic that HR and Savitar were introduced around the same time? (HR was introduced in ep 304, The New Rogues, Savitar was first fully seen in ep 306, Shade

Remember McSnurtle the Turtle? McSnurtle was probably also behind this. Just a distraction so when Barry was busy feeding McSnurtle, HR/Savitar would break into his house and take Iris to the park to stab her. 

To my person

Whoever you are, wherever you are.. please know that I can’t fall in love without you. I know you’ll be bad for my health but I don’t care I want you anyway. All I want is something like seeing you smile. So whatever you do, just don’t believe what they say cause they won’t believe you like I believe in you anyway. I know we’ll have our disagreements, and we’ll be fighting for no reason but I won’t change it for the world. Sometime in the future, we can share our stories of how we were feeling nervous trying to find the words to get to each others side someday. But I’ve got high hopes since you make my heart feels like its summer when the rain is pouring down. You make my whole world feels so right when it’s wrong. I’ve made more mistakes that I can even and I can’t make you understand how it feels like but I thank God for you even though I haven’t met you yet. Just please, don’t fall in love with someone else. Don’t have somebody waiting for you..