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As far as I’m concerned Emma and Regina have unparalleled chemistry of any other TV/film pairing. Regardless of what the show is writing for them, that the subtext has been picked up on and presented these two ladies as a couple, they have always just looked good together. I love other femslash pairings but have just NOT seen anyone look as good as Emma and Regina do together.

Happy Hump Day, Swen!



My first SwannieQueenie fanart! Hope you like it, even if you don’t ship it. If you don’t like it, please don’t be disagreable. I now I have some Swens among my followers and I made this specially for them.

Fun fact: I started this on June 26… :)

I’ve been sitting on my patootie for hours now. I’ll come back next week with more Queenie and Robbie Around the World. NEXT STOP: Brazil!



Next episode headcanon:

While Emma is sacrificing herself, Regina tries to stop her while Hood holds her back.
In the middle of that situation Hood says to Regina: “You’re not going to go there! I’m not losing my Happy Ending! I can’t!”

Regina struggles to get free and save Emma, she locks her eyes with the Savior’s and responds:

“Me either…”

Let’s just let this sink in.

Zimbio acknowledges that we basically got as far as we did with pretty much ZERO official support, and that that’s what made all the difference in the world. And they give SWEN major props for it.

(This is in no way a comment on POI or its fandom, but rather a comment on OUaT and their complete incompetence and/or lack of willingness to acknowledge fanon f/f ships.)

If my heart says it is... then it just is!

Well, I have to admit that at this point nothing will ever convince me that SwanQueen isn’t endgame. After 4 seasons and 2 years in the most incredible fandom I’ve ever experienced (All Hail Mighty SWEN), even if the show ends with Emma & Regina married to some guys and acting all happy & stuff, I WILL STILL BELIEVE THAT SWANQUEEN IS ENDGAME. I really don’t care about the writers intentions anymore, I will enjoy my favorite characters and if I have to wear my “goggles” to get my happy ending then… so be it! 

I just want to send my love to every single SwanQueen shipper out there and pay my humble respect to this talented and awesome NATION. I’m so glad & proud to be one of you!

Keep the faith SWEN (…and the fics coming!) ;)

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Titanium | Video dedicated to all the #Swens in the world. You are not alone!!

Stop homophobia. harrasment. threats of death. stop this war against Swens.