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Yes, Emma was having her happy ending with Hook in the technical writing of the story, but if people project themselves into seeing Emma and Regina together, I love that, I mean, that’s beautiful.

Jennifer Morrison at her solo panel at OUAT New Jersey


You know what's heartwarmingly beautiful is that in canon and fan created world Regina Mills will always have that nagging feeling that she somehow doesn't deserve happiness and it's only Henry and Emma that can get through to her and lead her to believe that she does in fact deserve it

Day seven // creators choice AU // A push for love

Plot: Regina goes into labour. There’s a slight complication with the birth. Do Regina and the baby survive?

Regina turned to walk over to the table where emma was sitting at in granny’s, when suddenly she dropped her mug which hit the ground smashing into a million pieces “Regina?” Emma asked worriedly rushing over to her from the table. Regina held her stomach “I… I think… It’s time. Our baby is coming.” Emma smiled putting her hand on Regina’s pregnant belly. “Come on let’s get you to the hospital.”

Regina swore at Emma the whole way to the hospital. “FUCK OFF! - AHHHH.” Regina screamed sitting in the front of the bug holding her tummy, with one and and squeezing the seat with the other. Emma parked the bug in front of the hospital, she ran inside and grabbed Dr. Whale, they both ran back outside, Dr. Whale pushing the wheelchair and helped Regina into it. “Regina relax, just breath!” Emma told Regina as she squeezed her shoulder and going into a room in the hospital. “JUST GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME!” Regina was helped into a hospital gown and into a hospital bed.

Dr. Whale held Regina’s legs apart to see how many centimetres she was dilated. “Right Regina, you’re ready to push.” Dr. Whale smiled and Emma held her wife’s hand. “I CAN’T… I can’t…” “Babe you can do this I know you can!” Regina squeezed Emma’s hand and pushed, and pushed, and pushed again. “One more push Regina just one more push” Regina pushed “Wait- Regina I need to you to stop pushing-” “W…w…Why? What’s wrong? Emma what’s wrong?” Regina cried “Emma hugged her wife “I don’t know… dr. Whale? What’s going on?” “The cord is wrapped around your baby’s neck I just need to unwrap it and there we go… okay Regina I need one more very strong push” Regina shook her head crying “Emma I can’t do it.” “Yes you can babe! Now push.” Regina exhaustedly pushed and then she heard the cries of her baby. “It’s a girl Regina. Emma you want to cut the cord?” “Yes.” Emma smiled with joy and kissed Regina’s head. She walked down to where Dr. Whale was holding her daughter. He handed her the scissors to cut the cord and emma did so smiling at her baby as she did so. He passed the baby to a nurse behind him who wrapped her up in a pink blanket who then handed her over to Emma.

Emma walked over to Regina smiling “Baby, we have a daughter. We have our Addison. She’s beautiful and looks just like you.” Emma handed Regina their daughter and emma sat in the side of the bed hugging Regina and the both looked down into their bundle of joy. They couldn’t believe how lucky they were. Everything was good and peaceful and they were both happier than they’d ever been before. “I did it emma.” “You did. I told you that you could.” “That will teach me to doubt you again Em.” They just smiled, emma kissed Regina’s head again and everything was right in the world.

Tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?

Aladdin to Jasmine, during ‘A Whole New World’

“Tell me, Regina, now when did you last let your heart decide?”

Emma to Regina, during a fight in which Emma is angry with Regina because she let pixie dust decide who she should be in love with.

As far as I’m concerned Emma and Regina have unparalleled chemistry of any other TV/film pairing. Regardless of what the show is writing for them, that the subtext has been picked up on and presented these two ladies as a couple, they have always just looked good together. I love other femslash pairings but have just NOT seen anyone look as good as Emma and Regina do together.

Happy Hump Day, Swen!

OMG Twitter drama is so hilarious! People be pissed off because OnceABC said Emma sacrificed for Regina, 😂 and some (many) shippers be whining it was for the whole town; for the whole world - maybe even the GALAXY, mothafuckas. Believe what you will, but Swan Queen sacrifice is canon AF! 

Yes, Emma sacrificed for the world. Her world: Regina Mills. ;)



My first SwannieQueenie fanart! Hope you like it, even if you don’t ship it. If you don’t like it, please don’t be disagreable. I now I have some Swens among my followers and I made this specially for them.

Fun fact: I started this on June 26… :)

I’ve been sitting on my patootie for hours now. I’ll come back next week with more Queenie and Robbie Around the World. NEXT STOP: Brazil!