the world of gnomes

what your d&d race says about you

dwarf: dudebro with big beard or sundress bangs girl obsessed with beards
elf: stoner or edgelord, great possibility of being high femme gay
halfling: wonderful person too good for this world, wants to fight everyone taller than them
human: boring
dragonborn: furry
gnome: similar to halfling but also a smooth talker
half-elf: trans and/or bi, very probable parent issues
half-orc: bi, either butch or VERY into butch women
tiefling: gay

Things apparently not too silly for Warcraft

  • cow people that can turn into cats
  • british werewolves that can turn into cats
  • kalecgos fucked the sunwell
  • the night elves blowing up kalimdor because their queen was horny and wanted to fuck a demon
  • blue russian hooved davy jones baras from outer space
  • magic space mummies
  • gnomes
  • goblins
  • egyptian cat centaurs
  • elune fucked a deer
  • varian wrynn split into two people and did the super saiyan fusion dance to become whole again
  • alexstrasza’s outfit
  • illidan’s outfit
  • have you seen what malfurion stormrage looks like

Things apparently too silly for Warcraft

  • pandas