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I wonder if the reason nobody likes Finn is because he is just unattractive. Everyone and their mother swoons over Adam Driver, and compared to him, Boyega looks plain. Maybe Boseman could have been a better choice?

I… no. John is gorgeous and talented. He was cast because Abrams loved him in Attack the Block, a British scifi horror movie where John played the main character. Abrams fought for him for months. It wasn’t lazy, misguided casting. 

Finn also isn’t a race-specific role, so the implication that the alternative to John would have been a “more attractive” Black actor (because John’s perceived “plain” appearance totally isn’t about race right) is false. The other actors in the running for Finn were white. 

Personally, I don’t get how anyone can find Kylo more attractive than Finn. Like it baffles me. I know we’re not supposed to say things like that, because Driver has insecurities or something, but people are curiously less defensive over John’s looks, as if, as confident as he is, he doesn’t continuously face issues over his appearance as a dark-skinned Black man.

Anyway. John is a very talented and beautiful actor and Star Wars is lucky to have him.


Oliver Queen . Felicity Smoak . John Diggle

A r r o w  5 x 12 

What’s happening? What happened? - Felicity

John got a little carried away. - Oliver 

Well, did he say anything? - Felicity 

Oliver shakes his head, closes his eyes and sighs. Shocked by Felicity’s response. Isn’t she usually the one to talk us down? Am I on Earth 2? Is this happening? First John now Felicity. 

I really love how the roles are reversed. 

12.19 coda

holy fuck that hurt

It’s amazing, really. Castiel has blown him off, lied to him, stolen from him, and broken his god damn heart too many times to count today. But when Dagon raises her hand at him for what Dean thinks must be the last time, it’s still the worst he’s felt all week.

“No!” he screams, before all the breath is punched out of him at once. A golden glow takes over Castiel’s eyes, one that he hasn’t seen before.

He forgets to flinch when Castiel offers to fix his arm. He exposes the most vulnerable parts of himself, again, he never learns, and allows Castiel’s hand on him. His fingers hesitate over the folds of his sleeve, pressing more insistently when Dean doesn’t move away. He hates that he’s being cautious. No, he’s grateful for it. No, he - 

The familiar cold pulse of grace taking root steals his breath away.

“Are you ok?” he asks. Fragile and weak, like it always is with them.

The golden glow has left, but Castiel is still different somehow. He doesn’t slouch; he holds himself with all the confidence of someone that thinks themselves blameless. He’s seen that look at least once before, back when Castiel still liked to lie and go behind their backs for ultimately selfless reasons.

And he still asks Dean to trust him.

He would. He’s spent his day tracking phones and fixing trucks. It might hurt like a bitch, but this is all he has.

“Don’t,” he begs. A plea, a prayer.

Castiel drops his fingers to Dean’s head, and he doesn’t hesitate at all.

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Red Hood Rebirth imagines

Jason teaching Bizarro to read

And him teaching Bizarro to function overall in the world

Also him teaching Artemis how to trust others and lose some of her contempt for humanity

Fucking imagine him teaching his new team how to be emotionally stable, all the while trying to learn it for himself.

Week 7 Challenge of @spnhiatuscreations

week seven (july 3 - july 9): alternate versions of characters

AU!Cas from the Season 12 Apocalyptic universe. It’s my headcanon that in that universe, Cas would still have the old vessel we were shown in the flashbacks of Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets. Partially based on the awesome discussion by @superspecpod in which they speculate that Cas’s old vessel was destroyed when he pulled Dean out of Hell. Therefore, in a world with no Dean, Jimmy Novak never became a vessel, and Cas remained in his original vessel.

PM me for commissions.

I fucking love Mary Winchester. From the beginning she was her own character with flaws and not just “the perfect Mom” and through all season I saw her growing from her mistakes until the finale. Now that she’s in the Au World, she’ll begin her own journey and she’ll be even more awesome.

12x23: Some Destiel foreshadowing for S13...

I’m crying with laughter, but I’ll just compose myself and share this with you.

I’m rewatching 12x23 (because @margarittet sucked me in with her wily ways) and dudes, within the span of a few minutes - and within the same sequence of scenes - Dean refers to two things that I feel are heavy with innuendo. And, possibly, hopefully, with foreshadowing for what to expect for Dean and Cas’ Love Story Arc in S13. 

The first of these two references I’ve been aware of since the first time I watched the episode because it stands out like a sore thumb, but the second I only just discovered, and it’s what has me laughing with glee. 

(I swear the writers must be taking the piss at this point)

1. Narnia

Originally posted by xabbisx

The first association that springs to Dean’s mind when Cas tells the brothers they’re dealing with a tear in space and time, a doorway to another world, is to say “What, like Narnia?”

Now, Narnia is a fairy tale kingdom that does exist outside of our space and time, so it’s a shrug-let’s-move-on assumption that this could be an accurate parallel. Cas, of course, informs him that this isn’t what it is: it’s like our world, just different.


So, to clarify: Dean’s mind immediately parallels Cas’ description of “a doorway to another world” with crawling into a closet of fun and magic and adventure that’s filled with Biblical symbolism - such as Jesus in the form of a mighty Lion that sacrifices himself and then rises again in the light of dawn. 

A closet, one should add (and put thick lines under for emphasis) out of which you return changed, bettered, but still the same.

Dean’s mind goes there

While Cas immediately debunks this parallel and states that no, this world they’re about to enter is just like Earth, but different.

Do you see where I’m going with this, guys?

If not, let’s see what reference Dean makes once they’re through the door and looking at this Earth that is like our own - just different.

2. A Whole New World

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Well. Disney, Disney, Disney. Stuffed full of the most romantically trope-y romantic arcs of all the romantic arcs that ever did arc. @tinkdw knows and has written extensively on the subject. @margarittet knows, too, we’ve been talking Dean’s Disney Library for a few days now.

And here we have yet another reference to a Disney movie. And not just a movie, but - true to style for our beloved Dean - a reference to an actual song. (I googled A Whole New World just to be absolutely sure this isn’t a reference to some obscure classic rock ballad or something) (it is not)

I will now attempt to write down these beautiful lyrics with a straight face:

I can show you the world/ Shining, shimmering splendid /Tell me, princess, now when did/ You last let your heart decide!

I can open your eyesTake you wonder by wonder/ Over sideways and under/ On a magic carpet ride

A whole new world/ A new fantastic point of view/ No one to tell us no/ Or where to go/ Or say we’re only dreaming — [Free Will rules]

A whole new world/ A dazzling place I never knew/ But when I’m way up here/ It’s crystal clear/ That now I’m in a whole new world with you

Unbelievable sights/ Indescribable feeling/ Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling/ Through an endless diamond sky

A whole new world/ (Don’t you dare close your eyes)/ A hundred thousand things to see/ (Hold your breath it gets better)

I’m like a shooting star/ I’ve come so farI can’t go back to where I used to be

A whole new world/ (Every turn a surprise)/ With new horizons to pursue/ (Every moment, red-letter)

I’ll chase them anywhere/ There’s time to spare/ Let me share this whole new world with you

A whole new world/ (A whole new world)/ That’s where we’ll be/ (That’s where we’ll be)/ A thrilling chaseA wondrous place

For you and me

This is a beautiful, beautiful love song.

And it’s also rife with innuendo when it comes to a radical change in lifestyle. (yes I have a dirty mind) (I will not apologise) (ok maybe I will) (someday) (just quietly giggling) (never mind me)

And though Dean’s line of dialogue is “A whole new world, Sam”, he’s quoting Cas here, as Cas began this sequence of scenes by stating that the tear is a “doorway to another world”, which directly links Dean’s reference to Cas.

*slow motion eyebrow raise*

The core of any good Love Story is the Lovers facilitating a healthy internal growth for the other. By questioning each other and challenging each other and guiding each other. By highlighting what the other person needs to let go of in order to move on from old beliefs about themselves and the world at large and become a whole person. Once they’ve grown into a whole person, they get their reward: which is true love, shared with the person who facilitated their growth.

Originally posted by oldhollywoodcinema

Usually the Lovers are therefore, by necessity, Opposites in many superficial things, while sharing core character traits that clarify why they’re perfect for one another. These shared traits are what make us root for them to get together. Clearly it’s meant to be, if they could only let go of all that baggage already!

We are watching the love story between a man afraid of flying falling in love with a man who has wings on his back. Wings. On his back

I sincerely cannot think of a more poignant or visually compelling use of the Opposites trope.

My point is this:

In Dean’s Narnia reference there’s an acknowledgment of there being a closet, and the closet is a safe space, filled with the promise of adventure and growth, but just because one was to indulge doesn’t have to mean one has to change, right? Time stands still in the closet, you come out with more experience, but still the same. Right?

Wrong as fuck, so says Cas.

And why is it Cas who says this?

Originally posted by imorethaneye

Because Cas started Dean’s character growth towards self-acceptance and true self-worth, which will result in endgame and a long and happy life for Dean. (no going out in a blaze of glory Dean) (let that go now)

Cas is the reason Dean wants to go through the growth, because Dean is so in love with Cas that he can’t imagine life without him, and he wants a shared life with him. Dean is now so deep into his internal growth that what he truly wants is to reach the endgame of his shared love story arc with Cas. The obstacle in the way of this, at the moment of this Narnia/Aladdin exchange, before Cas’ angel death, is Dean’s fear of rejection. He is scared of getting hurt, of Cas getting hurt, of getting Cas hurt, of all the things that actually take place throughout 12x23.

And so Cas is there, yet again, to call him out on his bullcrap.

Because, no, Dean, this whole new world you’re about to enter in S13 is nothing like the closet in Narnia. You won’t crawl into it and have your fun and crawl back out again, still the same as when you went in. (pfffffff)

The whole new world you’re about to enter in S13 is like the Earth you’ve always known, but different. 

And, my darling Dean, that’s ok. Because Cas will be right there with you. Every step of the way. 

(yes this will most likely be a bit of a bizarro world to Sam) (though I’m sure he will not be the least bit surprised)

*crossing fingers*

Fandom and the Intersection of Feminism and Race

Intersectionality – specifically, the intersection of feminism and race as it pertains to Black women – has become a bit of a Tumblr buzzphrase that is generally applied to major social issues. But it has a real and important place in fandom as well, and while that is generally accepted on the surface, it has come to mean (to folks to don’t actually get it) simply acknowledging the existence of Black women.

Here’s the thing, though. Intersectionality isn’t white women reblogging photos of black women with the caption “omg so beautiful!” It isn’t fancasting Lupita in everything or having “poc” headcanons of white characters. It doesn’t even necessarily mean supporting existing Black women characters (though that’s a start). Those things are inclusive, but they’re not necessarily intersectional.

To understand the intersectionality of feminism and race in media (and, by extension, fandom), one must understand the fundamental differences between what is considered empowering for white women vs. what is empowering for Black women. (Hint: due to many years of dehumanization of Black women while white women have been portrayed as The Ideal, these two perceptions are almost diametrically opposite.)

Take the Strong Woman who isn’t there to be loved. White women love this trope, because white women in media are so often primarily seen as love interests. I can understand how that can be frustrating, and how it can be refreshing to see, say, Furiosa in Mad Max. But – and this is important – the Strong Woman trope, applied to a Black woman, reads entirely differently, and to ignore that ignores intersectionality altogether.

Black women have almost never been the ones who need protecting in media. Black women aren’t sick and tired of always being love interests. The Strong Independent Woman (thanks in part to fandom repeatedly using the term to try and keep women of color in their romance-free place) has become virtually a slur when it comes to Black women in media in the same way the Damsel in Distress makes white women’s skin crawl. If you care about intersectionality at all, it’s important to understand that. The experience of Black women in media is the Bizarro World version of white women’s experience.

Most “inclusive” feminists can see the disparity between Scarlett O'Hara and Mammy, and (I hope) understand that Mammy was dehumanized and otherized. The Scarlett and Mammy trope lives on today, with only the most un-PC parts of the Mammy character removed. Otherizing Black women is not yet widely considered un-PC. It still continues in the media we consume every day. And just because they’re often glorified for being so strong, so tough, and so independent it doesn’t make it OK.

Abbie Mills is a tough, independent badass – but Katrina embodied “womanhood,” precious and pure. Michonne is a tough, independent badass – but Jessie embodies “womanhood.” And on and on.

It has been said so many times, but it hardly ever seems to sink in: It is progressive and feminist for Black women to be the precious ones, the love interests, the damsels who need saving. 

So if you instinctively ask why a Black woman can’t just be strong or get upset if she is “reduced to a love interest,” allowed the kind of romantic storyline you take for granted and spit on, the answer is: Your brand of feminism doesn’t apply here.

And, you know, that doesn’t negate that brand of feminism. Intersectionality (of all kinds) asks you to look at feminism as something that is complex, not a set of one-size-fits-all rules. 

Team Free Nougat

Some speculation about the future of Team Free Will regarding Jack

So far we have seen how Sam and Dean have reacted to Jack. They are not at the same page. Sam is convinced Jack can be good, that his powers can be used for good, with the right upbringing. Dean on the other hand thinks that Jack will end up evil, that he can’t hide from his true nature, which is being the son of Lucifer. Neither are entirely right or wrong, and both their judgements are clouded by emotions.

Sam wants to believe Jack can be good, besides being Lucifer’s son, that our choices define who we are, because of what happened to him as a child through Azazel. Sam sees himself in Jack, the boy who thinks he is a freak, but only wants to do good.

Dean makes Jack responsible for the death of Cas and the loss of his mother, even though he rationally knows that Jack didn’t kill them. He still blames him for brainwashing Cas and Kelly, and that someone as powerfull as Jack will abuse his powers sooner or later.

Because the fact alone that Lucifer is his father doesn’t make Jack evil (especially now that Lucifer is trapped and can’t influence him), at least not from a moral viewpoint. Jack didn’t inerit his father’s character after all (quite the opposite) but his powers, and as we know now he will become even more powerfull in the end than his father.

Power alone is not evil or good. It is neutral. But power can corrupt and can be abused. That is where Dean and I think heaven as well are coming from; they won’t take the risk to find out how such a powerfull being will evolve. They saw how power corrupted Lucifer and Amara and don’t want history to repeat itself.

As I said neither Sam or Dean are entirely right with their judgements of Jack. So far though Jack has been presented as pure and innocent, though perhaps a bit naive. On a surface reading it is Sam who to the general audience seems to be on the right side. If anything the last scene of 13x02 made that even more clearer. Telling the manchild who hurt himself repeatedly because he is afraid of himself,  that he doesn’t believe he can be saved and that he will kill him if that turns out to be right doesn’t make Dean look sympathic. Like at all.

I think this divide between the brothers was on purpose and that over the next episodes Dean will slowly come closer to Sam’s side, and not the other way around. Why? Like I said from a surface reading Sam has currently the moral highground. It will be easier to convince Dean that Jack is good than convincing Sam that Jack is evil. Because the only thing that could convince Sam of that right now is if Jack would do something that can’t be excused, an unreedamble act. Of course Jack will be making mistakes, but like opening the gate of hell in 13x02 it will be because he believed to do something good and/or is manipulated. We saw the reason why he did it, and even though it was wrong, we don’t question the morality of his character. The same way that Sam, Dean or Cas (and Mary) have done terrible things in the past, but for (what they believed) the right reasons. Those mistakes are ok, from a storytelling point of view, as long as the characters are still able to redeem themselves.

(and @postmodernmulticoloredcloak has explained in this post why Lucifer isn’t set up for a redemption arc)

Of course this only works if Jack is set up to be an inherently good person, which I believe he is. He will go dark side of course, because the show needs drama and tension, but not because he is bad, but because he is taken away and will go astray. We know that Sam supports Jack not for purely selfless reasons. He hopes that Jack can once again open the rift to bizarro world, so that they can get back their mother. There is of course nothing wrong with that wish, but I can see Lucifer twisting it in a way that Jack might believe the Winchesters only wanted him around for his powers/as a tool (which would be yet another Cas parallel). And then there is the trade Lucifer plans: Sam & Dean get Mary back, as long as he gets Jack. And though I believe Dean will become more sympathic towards Jack, he will remain wary, and given the choice between his mother and Jack, he will choose Mary.

This way Jack could go dark side, manipulated by Lucifer, believing the Winchsters and Castiel abaddoned him after using him for his powers. But confrated with them again, maybe even given the choice to hurt/kill them, he refuses, and Team Free Nougat will once be reunited again.

Something else I am interested to see is how Cas will react to Jack. Basically will it be before or after 12x19? I hope that both the brainwashing aspect and the vision Jack showed Cas will be adressed in the show. Before 12x19 Cas acted in a way Dean reacts now; that Jack’s powers are a risk they can’t take.

Cas: […]I am sorry, Kelly. The son of Lucifer this is a human/archangel hybrid. That power it’s beyond comprehension. Your child could bring the universe to its knees.

Kelly: Or lift it to its feet. This baby –  nothing is born evil.

Castiel: I can’t take that chance. None of us can.


Kelly: He saved me. He brought me back to life.

Castiel: Well, that was the pulse. We felt that in Heaven.

Kelly: His power his soul surged through me, and it was good. Pure. I feel I know he is good.

Castiel: Kelly, what your child did, that’s a testament to his power, but it’s not proof of some goodness. He needs you alive.

Cas struggled with his decision to kill both Kelly and her child, but he believed it to be necessary. Both scenes take place before Kelly took his hand and Jack’s grace took over Cas. We all know the rest of the story. So now that Jack is born he still needs a protector and we already that he choose Cas. So when Cas comes back will he still feel like he has to protect Jack? Spoilers from 13x06 indicate that he still sees himself as his guardian.

Castiel focuses all of this attention on Jack, pulling him out of harm’s way. “Cas really does see himself as guardian to this kid,” Collins says. It’s a relationship [Alexander] Calvert is hoping will translate to real life as well. (source)

This will certainly bring some conflict between Dean and Cas, because as Dean said Cas’s connection to Jack is what got him killed. Does Cas act because Jack still in some ways controlls him? Was Cas one with him the way Kelly was with her son? Or does Cas act on his own free will, protecting Jack because he sees potentional in him the way Sam does?