the world of an elf

I feel like the problem with JK Rowling’s American magic government, especially as it is presented in Magical Beasts, is that it’s still ridiculously British. Like, everything awkward thing they say would sound normal with a British accent. Gigglewater? Nomag? With a soft G? Plus, the government makes no sense, like it wasn’t taken seriously. And beyond all that, the history really blatantly ignores gender politics and race relations (which may be a consistency through the whole wizarding world). Wait, is that a sexualized house elf or goblin ?

More Important Things

• The way Fenris’s hair is so fluffy over his pointed ears and how it sways when he teases about practicing his flattery
• The look he gives Hawke when he says that he’d never wanted anyone before Hawke and that things might be different with him
• The deadpan manner in which he jokes with Varric
• That heartbreakingly sad and vulnerable smile on his face when Hawke says, “I’m here, Fenris,” when Fenris thinks he’s all alone
• His adorable friendships with Sebastian, Donnic, and Aveline
• The way his ears glow (the way all of him glows, really, but look at his glowing ears in cutscenes! So cute!)
• The way he caresses Hawke’s face
• That look of hope on his face when he first sees Varania and recalls a fragment of a happy memory of her
• Those very full and very kissable lips of his
• Those bold, expressive eyebrows
• The way his bangs hide his eyes when he’s feeling vulnerable and self-conscious
• His dry sarcasm and wit
• The way his eyes light up and he smiles when Hawke suggests giving him a few more problems
• The way he finds happiness, love, and a home when he thought he never would

All very very important.