the world needs people who have come alive

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs — ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
—  Howard Thurman
Dad's awful racist rant when daughter went to prom with black friend
Anna Hayes, a high school senior from Lake Village, Arkansas attended prom last week with a male friend, Phillip Freeman — who happens to be black.

When I read this version of the story, I actually felt sorrier for her friend, Philip Freeman, than Anna Hayes. It feels like a classic revenge story.

  • Father and daughter have a disdained relationship.
  • Daughter knew father was racist.
  • Daughter dated Black man to piss him off.
  • Father became furious, disowning Daughter.
  • Daughter is “shocked” but want to show world the message to show that “racism is alive and well”
  • In the meantime, a Black teen now got his name in the news unwillingly because they need to know who he is.

She knew it would piss him off. 

I mean, sure, Phillip is sharing the screenshots, but come on… when you read the daughter’s quotes, you get this feeling that she knew that this would get under his skin. 

‘It’s important for people to see that racism is very much alive,’ she said.  

WE KNOW IT’S ALIVE! Why we need to see pictures of a private moment? 

It’s like… we can go and shame the father, but what’s the point in that? 

But yeah, basically, this isn’t one of the moments where the father was showing a hate for Black people out of the blue. This just feels like a revenge plot disgusted as a lesson. 

Hence why I feel sorrier for Phillip Freeman as he might have been used as a pawn.



The world needs its heroes.

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, has come to an end, or well a semi-end.

In six months, Congress will choose whether or not DACA will stay alive.

And we need your help, heroes! Contact your senators, put pressure on Congress to keep DACA alive.

100% of DACA status holders have no criminal record, 91% of them have jobs, and all of them are DREAMers, good people who were brought to America as children, with no choice or say in the matter, are threatened by the end of DACA.

DACA was created to keep these kids safe, to grant them jobs, drivers licenses, social security numbers. America is, for most of these kids, the only country they know.

This blog isn’t for politics, and this will be the only post I make about it, but as someone who’s loved ones are directly effected by this I need your voices heroes!

Be the Change you Wish to See.

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FF Fandom Meme #16

Question 16: The game with the best cast of characters

My favorite cast overall definitely inhabits the world of Final Fantasy IX.

The game’s selection of party members is full of stand-out characters, who all have bursting personalities. Well, they all need to have big personalities or they’d get completely overshadowed by the other party members. And this team just has the best interactions amongst its members. They argue amongst themselves, they support each other, they grow to understand one another. It’s great. And all these characters have so much story potential that every time the party splits up in a town, you get access to a selection of cut scenes about what they get up to.

Never mind the supportive cast! Final Fantasy IX’s world feels alive and whole primarily because of the colorful NPCs, who all have their own places, jobs and dreams in the world. The band of thieves Zidane has to leave behind in order to go on his world-saving quest are the best example. These people have aspirations even outside of their group, with Ruby wanting to make it big in the acting business but still coming back to help her friends put up a play and the rapscallion Blank actually having a big heart that wants to help everyone in need. Generally, the inhabitants of the world of FFIX are a likeable bunch.

Of course, not all characters need to or should be likeable in order to make a great cast. Final Fantasy IX has a lot of villains from the well-intentioned Beatrix to the tragically misguided Brahne and Kuja, who regret their actions in the end, to the genuinely horrid Black Waltzes 1-3. The moral splits between the villainous characters are even further emphasized by just how different they all look from each other and this is where FFIX’s quirky character design style shines. This world is just filled with vibrant individuals.

Imagine your Constructed Cold first Wave bots coming online. 

And feeling off, but not being able to put a word on why. That’s because the deep-coding in their spark is different from what kind of frame they have been put in. Code says “no legs, a single wheel to roll on instead, no mouth, just an intake, twig-like arms and 3 fingers” and what they have is two legs, an altmode that flies, lips, and arms that feel bulkier bigger than they should be, five fingers.
Asking old mechs about the mechs they refer to as “she”, and get odd, uncomfortable stares at. And deciding to stay quiet about that topic, even if there is a burning curiosity inside.

Feeling disoriented, having to deal with the pre-written information in them, and the first CC bots suffering due to having so much data to adjust to right away. And then the ratioists would adjust the ratio of installed and taught info, and cut as much as they can on the latter when it comes to people who are meant to die. A miner doesn’t need to know how to read, a microscope does not need to know how to fight. 

Having trouble just moving, because the spark is in an adult body straight away. There is no growing up, only a young bot in a body too big for him, in a world that wants him to be useful the very moment he’s alive. Stumbling, and being looked at by the pre-natals thinking “this one is going to die quickly”. And that being true, because clumsiness is deadly in the mines. 
A Seeker unable to fly, because there is no instinct in his deep-coding to help him there. It takes practice to take to the skies, while so many others are naturals.

Constructed Cold bots. Knock-offs, cogs in the machine, substandard. 

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs - ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive
—  Harold Thurman Whitman
Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
—  Howard Thurman

anonymous asked:

It's a pretty well established belief that Eric would have committed a violent crime if Columbine had been averted in some way. But do you think Dylan would have found a way to commit a violent crime in another reality (barring his suicidality)?

It’s so unfortunate that this is a well-established belief about Eric, because I’m not sure I agree with that idea and I think it’s quite damaging to assume that Eric would’ve wound up doing something awful in life no matter what. I think we certainly need to take into account that Eric could very well have wound up committing himself to a bombing or another form of a massacre later on in life if he had somehow allowed himself to live beyond Columbine, but we also need to be aware that there’s quite a big chance that he would’ve eventually settled down somehow and become this slightly balding dad with two kids and a dog and a boring 9-to-5 job. People often seem to forget how young Eric was. He was barely out of his teenage years, barely an adult, when he committed mass murder and suicide. So many of his ideas were built on loose sand and changed in the blink of an eye. This was a young man who was trying to make sense of the world and his life and somehow wound up concluding that it just wasn’t worth staying alive for and that it would need to be utterly destroyed before he left this planet behind. There’s nothing that suggests that Eric could not have come to a different conclusion if given time, help, the right companionship, and other constructive things. I don’t believe in the idea that Eric was beyond saving, so I hope to one day put the well-established belief that he was inherently destructive to rest at last..

What counts for Eric also counts for Dylan, but the difference is always that people seem to have trouble seeing the worst of Dylan. It’s almost as if people have a hard time reconciling this shy and awkward kid with the level of aggression and alienation required for a massacre. I can’t count the times people have said “Dylan would’ve been fine if it hadn’t been for Eric”, as if Eric is somehow singlehandedly to blame for Dylan’s descent into murder/suicide. Let me put it this way: if Eric could have gone on to commit a violent crime post-Columbine, then so could Dylan. They both had the capacity for violence, for murder, for suicide, for destruction. One did not have more of it than the other. One did not want it over the other. One did not control the other.

I am of the opinion that there is a possibility that Dylan would commit murder-suicide if a long-lasting love relationship of his came to an end. I can see him getting swept up in his own residual strong feelings about his girlfriend to the point where he would not be able to close that off and move on the way most people do. It’s the whole “if I can’t have her, then nobody can”-idea spurred on by his tendency to put his lover on a pedestal, by his need to be so close to a lover that they would be intertwined and ‘of one mind’, by his refusal to acknowledge that her feelings for him had changed. He’d kill her and then kill himself, perhaps believing that they could be together in the halcyons if earthly circumstances kept them apart, perhaps believing life without her would not be a life at all.

Obviously, this is just one of many scenarios that could be possible in some form of hypothetical alternate reality/future. Dylan was just as capable of creating something awful as Eric was. His suicidality may be the most obvious concern to people, but I think there’s some definite cause for concern in other aspects of Dylan too and it is worth addressing those as well.

I’ve seen a lot of talk about anon hate directed towards SKAM artists and authors here on tumblr and on AO3. It just seems ridiculous to me that someone would take the time to hate on something that a fellow fan created. Everyone has the right to express themselves through whatever art form they love. I know I can’t stop the haters but I would encourage everyone to send messages to the authors and artists you love. Let them know how much their art has inspired you. Every little message means so much when you’re creating. 

And to all the artists and writers out there:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
- Howard Thurman

Big squishy cheek kisses to you all ❤️

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I just… don’t understand people who devote so much time and energy into shitting on queer and trans kids who are just trying to figure themselves out?

Cause that’s what most of these folks are, they’re kids.

Like, as a Bitter Old Queer™ there are definitely times when I see some these newfangled identities and head-tilt thinking “is that actually a thing?” But then I just shrug and move the fuck on because kids inventing new ways to express themselves doesn’t hurt me at all. The people that do hurt my family, my communities and myself aren’t going to be any less bigoted cause we voted some kids off the island. They’ll do what bigots always do, find some other ridiculous thing to justify being asshats. 

I mean, there are limits and distinctions just like there are nuances. Acknowledging the nuances doesn’t mean ignoring the people who most urgently need support. Acknowledging someone else’s experiences, no matter how different, doesn’t invalidate your own.

Even if it’s just a phase~, even if these are kids who want to feel special, kids who’ll eventually settle into more ‘conventional’ identities, so what? Young people are allowed to be little shits. No matter how mature you are, no matter how quickly you had to grow up, when you’re young you sometimes don’t make the right choices and you frequently make mistakes. That’s ok. That’s a fundamental part of growing up. A fundamental part of being a grown up is trying to be understanding of that.

And if they don’t ‘grow out of it,’ again, so what? Honest to god, so long as you’re not hurting someone else I could not give less of a shit. To quote Princess Bubblegum, “People get built different. We don’t need to figure it out, we just need to respect it.” You don’t need to understand it, you just need to be a decent person. 

It’s not like I live in a tumblr bubble either. I know what the real world is like. I mean, I’ve Gone Through Shit. I work with people and am friends with people who have survived and are still surviving some of the most horrific things. I come from a family and community of refugees who fled genocide. 

And in knowing the real world I know that there are people whose self-loathing is incandescent, people who are barely getting by, people who are barely staying alive, people who face the worst kinds of injustice, people who are assaulted and killed and left with no one to mourn them. If something helps one kid feel less confused for a little while then that’s one less shitty thing in the world. What do you get out of tearing it down?

Dear whoever you may be,

Thank you for loving me. I may be afraid, so afraid, of the possibility of letting you in but please be patient. I promise you it will happen and when it does, you will see all of me. You will see the bad parts and the sad parts but with those come the good parts, too. I may seem like I shut out the world with every step or word I’ve spoken but it’s just because too many people have left me without saying goodbye. My anxieties and fears tend to come out of their hiding places at night and sometimes I might need you to be the light that sends them away, far enough away that I know they’ll never hurt me again.

That being said, I’ll always do the same for you. You’ll never meet another person who will love you so fully, who will throw their all into keeping the spark alive. I want to lift you up on bad days, be your anchor keeping you sane when the ocean waves are too high to see over. I promise you that I’ll be true, that I’ll break down your walls just like you broke down mine and I’ll love every piece of you as we raise our new shelter together. We will be a push and pull, a flux and flow of love and compromise. 

I’ll promise to carry you out of the dark and the nightmares, I’ll hold your hand and never let go but with that I know we’ll both need space to grow so I’ll wait. I’ll give you time that you need, the time it’ll take to make our two halves of a whole come alive. I want us to be a beautiful existence, perfectly flawed, a contradiction of everything the movies say it should be. I want the world for us, but I also want us to have everything we need fit in the palm of our hands because in the end we are all we need. We…we are all we need. 


—  m.t.//a letter to my future partner

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 Warnings: a boatload of angst. The reader is Khilgharrah’s daughter, and shares a destiny with Merlin. However, this destiny seems to shatter with the arrival of Freya.  

 A/N: This was both delightful and painful to write, goodness me. 

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