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Fun Fact 100

A 1960 treaty makes Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom guarantors of Cyprus’ sovereignty and requires these three countries to guarantee the independence, territorial integrity and security of Cyprus. This gives guarantors the right to intervene if they think it is necessary and in 1974, Turkey used this right to invade Cyprus after a coup toppled Cypriot president Makarios.

My kink is Yuri knowing people love and care about him, that he has every right to be upset or angry over things, that he can show happiness without it being a sign of weakness, that he’s so strong and talented and that people are beyond proud of him

Oh joy. Just had to deal with an hour long meltdown from my anxiety-ridden youngest. We had a great night solving puzzles at the museum and swimming at the YMCA, but we had a fight because he refused to walk his dog then threw a paper at me. Which, yeah… I don’t deal well with acts of aggression, so I sent him to his room so we could both cool our tempers… where he promptly skyped his dad to complain about me… which led to his dad saying something about taking me to court so they could live with him.

Holy panic attack, Batman. Q freaked the fuck out about ten minutes after he hung up. He doesn’t even want to spend a weekend with his dad, let alone live with him. His dad is physically aggressive and short tempered and lacks predictable discipline strategies. He yells all the time. We’ve had conversations, the three of us, about how scared Q gets when my ex loses his temper, and how it makes him not ever want to visit. My ex is almost six feet tall, 350 pounds, and terrifying to my little 10 year old.


We talked, and I calmed him down, and Q decided he’s going to stop complaining to his dad and start writing in his journal instead. I told him that’s fine, though he could call Grandma too if he wanted to vent. Which, everyone vents about their parents, so it’s fine. I told him I’m not mad, and if he actually wants to live with his Dad, I would not be mad about that either. But he said the kid equivalent of hell no, and that was that.

Sheesh. Parenting.


dumbest thought of the day is “maybe im not actually trans” after spending the entire weekend wearing the trans flag as a cape, fantasizing about tattoos i’ll get after top surgery, literally feeling sick whenever i’m misgendered,

@alvaroarbeloa I think that is technically true or at least I can’t blame Real Madrid of anything Fenerbahçe isn’t guilty of too except for being better at life. That being said I never claim to be objective when it comes to football. There are also no family ties and no sentimental reasons why I should care about real the way there is with Fener. Quite the opposite I’d argue. Too many penalty shootouts that went wrong, too much stress that was will dave leave or won’t he, too many barca buys the referees posts on my dash whenever there is la liga drama (and there is always la liga drama) and one too many injured Herreras in a preseason game.

I haven’t been on here much. My plans to get back into writing flopped. There were deaths in the family. I don’t have that much extended family and my quite elderly great aunt took a bad turn a week ago and died, and then my uncle died a few days ago. I was a pallbearer at his funeral yesterday and I’m not in the best place head-wise for any kind of creative anything. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, for anyone who may have noticed my absence. Just keeping my distance from it for a short while.