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Five Minutes [Grace/Frankie] - Chapter 5

Thank you so much for your patience on the update! I’ll probably go back to posting once a week now. I just needed to catch up a bit. Hope you enjoy! (: Full chapter here on A03.


Spooning Grace had quickly become one of Frankie’s favorite pastimes. It was right up there with eating chocolate in the bathtub, or dancing naked outside after the first spring rain. But being spooned by Grace? That, somehow, was even better.

It never lasted long. Their bodies fit more comfortably the other way around, Grace curled up in Frankie’s arms, her small but decidedly well-cushioned ass pressed into Frankie’s thighs like that wasn’t supposed to drive her crazy. After a while they’d both get too hot for spooning anyway, but even then they found ways to stay connected. A foot wrapped around an ankle here, a hand haphazardly strewn over a stomach there. When Frankie woke in the middle of the night, as she often did to ruminate or urinate, finding Grace’s limbs tangled with hers was heavenly. She would have given anything to stay that way till morning, forget all her anxieties, relax totally into the comfort of their situation. But inevitably, they’d both stir, and by the time the sun rose Frankie usually woke up on her side of the bed, still content and surprisingly well-rested, but missing the feeling of being entwined when their defenses were down. Then the waiting began, the watching, the listening as Grace continued to toss and turn, leaving Frankie to imagine what she might be dreaming.

But this morning wasn’t like those other mornings. They’d been sharing a bed for almost a week, waking up together, kissing hesitantly, neither wanting to push the other too fast, especially after Bud almost walked in on them the other night. But this morning, something in the air was different. Frankie’s eyes opened, and she felt Grace curled against her back, arm tucked snugly around her waist, both their fingers laced together just beneath her breasts. How they’d managed to stay like that without their arthritis acting up was a mystery, or a miracle perhaps, but either way Frankie didn’t dare question it.

She tried not to move, tried not to breathe, but soon felt Grace rustling, heard her soft, almost silent yawn before she shifted even closer, tightening her embrace, brushing her nose against Frankie’s spine. Frankie couldn’t tell if she was was acting consciously or subconsciously, but it didn’t matter. All she knew was that she didn’t want it to stop.

“Are you awake?” she finally breathed.

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Sometimes bad things need to happen to make you realize how much you mean to each other.
—  Poets Love Her

Am I still thinking about that one AU? Yes, definitely


Australia, you are so special. Look to the person next to you and say ‘you are so special.’  It’s okay to let that guard down sometimes. It’s okay to show that vulnerability. We’re all human we’re all going through the same things. Maybe different, but we’re all hurting inside. So lets stick together” 

bts actually did That. they are literally paving the way for other kpop groups as i type this. they went from starved broke trainees to $$rich$$ men and spilling coke on expensive suits. they went from ‘do you know annyeonghasaeyo?’ to ‘y'all and y'all’s parents and y'all’s ancestors all know about us’. they went from rookie award to daesang to billboard music awards. they worked so hard and they didn’t give up and here they are now. stanning bts will truly never be the same after this, but i sure am proud to call myself an ARMY.


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’


thus ends the tale of the lost princess and her pirate captain.

a story that has and will continue to inspire me beyond words.

a story that defied villains, curses, time and death itself.

a story that transcended worlds.

a story so powerful, it truly is….

t i m e l e s s.

a story i will never forget.

thank you.


I saw myself sitting in the crotch of this fig tree, starving to death, just because I couldn’t make up my mind which of the figs I would choose. I wanted each and every one of them, but choosing one meant losing all the rest, and, as I sat there, unable to decide, the figs began to wrinkle and go black, and, one by one, they plopped to the ground at my feet.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar


Hey everyone! We have excellent news tonight: Persona 4: Your Affection is almost done! We’re just putting the finishing touches on the last parts of the game - and we even managed to hit some of the goals we weren’t sure we would have time for! 

We’re so excited to share the final release of the game with all of you on Wednesday, March 1, so stay tuned until then! And if you’re just hearing about Your Affection for the first time, check out our demo release post!


This was my favorite part of this episode. Here’s why:

So here comes Daesung, trailing after Seungri, hands full with bowls of washed lettuce and whatnot. He’s taking his sweet time and, in typical introvert fashion, complaining about how he isn’t ready to return to camp yet (“I don’t feel like going back”)… but the second he sees TOP tending to the fire his demeanor changes.

He’s all, “Whoa, look at that fire! You okay over there?” There’s a teasing note to it, yes. Because he’s already been on TOP’s case once today about the importance of washing his hands before handling meat that they’re all going to eat, come on, hyung.

But just underneath that there’s genuine concern, too. Because Daesung cares. And TOP is Big Bang’s big baby, after all. Someone’s gotta look after him. Daesung doesn’t call himself his nanny for nothing; one look at TOP dutifully manning the grill and he knows he’s having a hard time.

At Daesung’s voice TOP turns and– finally, someone who will listen to him! “The tongs are too short,” he complains, though by now he’s laughing at himself a little too. He knows his problems are trivial, but he just… he needs to unload on someone. The fire is hot! It hurts his hand! Why won’t anyone acknowledge that he’s struggling?

Poor TOP, the others all shot him down when he made a fuss about the heat from the fire burning his hand: “What do you want! Leave me alone!” They were so done with him right from the start; they had work of their own to do and no patience for his whining. But then along came Daesung, offering him an ear and an opportunity to vent his frustrations a bit. And really, sometimes that’s all TOP needs to keep going: someone who recognizes that, above all, he just wants to be heard.

Daesung is so good to him. 😭 😭 😭