the world is so mean

I do feel like Moana was snubbed the Oscar for best song because that movie is a work of art and the music is beautiful and deserved at least one award

Y'all I’m literally shaking and crying this means the world to me I love moonlight so much Ima watch it everyday this week ….I’m emotional and gay and black and proud

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i just wanted to let you know that as much as we are all enjoying 'the reader and the writer' there's no demand for it to be written immediately. your work is amazing and that means that people are going to demand for it more and more frequently, not realising that the writers have lives too; so i just wanted to let you know that it's okay if you don't upload ALL the time

oh my gosh this means the world to me, thank you so much <33 i’ve actually been worrying today since i’ve got a very busy week this week, i might not be posting as often but this just made me feel a million times better, thank you :))

it’s only been about 4 months and i’ve already reached 1000 amazing followers!! thank you all so much, it means the world to me to have so many people supporting me. on another note, i’ve had some trouble running this blog because of school so i’d absolutely love it if you could submit some positive suggestions or reminders!

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hello, i saw u were feeling stressed about your legacy and i just wanted to say no matter what u choose u are still my favorite simblr and the jgs are my favorite legacy so i know it will be wonderful. but i also wanted to say that the baby/toddler times are one of my favorite things about your legacies and i think those posts really help us connect with the characters when they are older. so i hope you do continue it even if you can only post once a month or something because it is worth it x


non this is so sweet, thank you ever so much, it means the absolute world to me <3 i’ll definitely still do baby/toddler times bc they’re my favourite bits too! my current thinking is that i’ll just do gameplay through the kid/teenage bit bc i can’t think of a full teenage storyline for the future heir so if i tried it’d just be boring and forced and honestly i kinda just want to playyyy and have fun which i haven’t done in so very long haha ;_; (also i want to get to gen 6 cos i’m excited ;)) thank you so much honestly, it’s people like you who keep me wanting to update this silly old thing haha <3<3<3

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dude we will not leave you cause u are the sweetest nicest person on the internet! i don`t care what people are saying about you. for me you are the one of the coolest artists here! so take care of urself, eat good food and smile everyday! for these times it is important to smile and be happy! :) have a good day! *hug*

Thank you kindness anon I missed you so much you mean the world to me even tho I don’t post your messages all the time I read them and feel good that someone cares about me

what would chuuya do with a poor/broke s/o? (part two)

- chuuya doesn’t always think before acting, or speaking. he pretty much showers any prospective partner in gifts, jewellery and fancy soaps from overseas. it doesn’t mean the world to him. so after a few weeks of dating, he presented you with a choker, heavy with beautiful stones - only to find you in the middle of a constrained meltdown. you couldn’t accept it, i mean jesus christ, it had to have cost more than your first semester at uni. he was pretty understandably confused, but you explained your money thing throughout hot flushes and stutters. you physically couldn’t take it. he gave it back to you months later, after you’d dipped your toes in the water, so to speak. at first you only wore it for him - it weighted your neck down with guilt and honestly, a little embarrassment - but it became more of a household thing, and occasionally you wear it out without realising. it looks like a mugging waiting to happen, really, but nobody who has any kind of street smarts would dare. eventually the weight feels comforting.
- when he takes you out, you often feel like you’re leeching off him - he goes shopping with you for dinner outfits, and you know they’re good clothes because he doesn’t let you see the price tag, and every time he enters a clothes store the salespeople flock to him. he’s a very valued customer. but he distracts you during the dates he takes you on. eventually you start accepting he drops money constantly.
- sometime after he gave the choker back, he gave his s/o some really nice perfume. it smells somehow like currants, like some kind of a berry scented candle. every time they get close to running out, another bottle mysteriously reappears, in their bag or on their dresser or in a drawer. they just accept it. i mean, after the rocks on that choker, what’s a little flower water? chuuya loves smelling it, on his clothes, on you. he’d never breathe a word of it, but he’s spritzed it in his coat a few times when one of you are away.
- he learns to give you smaller, less expensive seeming gifts. he does save big gestures for occasions, though, so beware.
- if anyone were to joke or be rude about the state of his s/o’s bank account and he got wind of it, they’d find themselves the victim of a hold up, a ‘random mugging’ or someone would leak their bank details.

part one

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Oh my word, your writing is incredible! You know when you find a writer who totally gets the characters perfectly & writes really interesting stories? That is literally you!! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Oh my god, I may have actually cried a little bit! Thank you so much , that means the world to me! I just want to make people happy, by allowing them to see the story they wish would happen written out and actually made real by someone. ❤️❤️❤️

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I just wanted to enlighten you. I'm from the music world and if a song is public domain ANYONE has a right to use it. No matter if its big bang Beyonce or bts. You are no better than every other fan in other fandom's shit talking other artist. And even if they used the beat they would've had to buy the rights IF big bang owned it. You won't know who owned the song unless you worked there. So do me a favor grow up. Take your own advice about answers before you talk about unknown matters hypocrite

All I did was state the fact that bts stealing a copyrighted stage/song and that’s still the case, “im in the music world” fuck outta here jus because you make kpop mashups on youtube or do damn soundcloud remixes and naruto sasunaru yaoi amvs don’t mean you in the music world. Yall armys are so damn annoying. How you even telling me to “grow up” when ya ass can’t even say this without hiding behind a mask because you scared of backlash

Facebook page!

Alright guys, so I’m not a HUGE fan of Facebook, but I’ve got a Facebook page for my music! Would any of you be willing to like/share the page if I tell you the @? I’m currently working on a punk inspired EP that will include dance and folk punk inspired tracks. (the ideas aren’t finalised) and it’d mean the world to grow my fan base so y'all know when the album is out and whatever!?
@draculas-sister @them0nstersinherhead @jimmy-urine @broadway-state-of-mind @trans-queer-pastel-butch @punkshitposts @dewdropkid