the world grows a little darker every day

Shapes of Things || Sirius and Gail

Gail had called a conference.  Granted, she probably looked a bit weird, pacing back and forth in front of a large collection of cats (plus one house elf), but things were about to change at the shop and she wanted everyone on the same page.  She’d explained about their new live-in guest and she’d told them that things were about to get more active…and potentially more dangerous as well.  If Death Eaters showed up the witch didn’t want anyone caught in the crossfire.  An escape plan was in place as well as a notification system.  Each cat had a designated Order member that they were to find should the shop be attacked, and Winnie, her temporary house elf, had insisted on staying to fight.

When Gail had volunteered to help the Order a little more than a year ago, she’d never thought her shop would become an impromptu headquarters.  But with Severus Snape’s betrayal everything had changed, and the safe house which resided beneath her book shop was currently one of the most secure places the Order had available.  She still wasn’t sure how she felt about having someone else around 24/7 - not when she’d been on her own for so long.  But things within the wizarding world seemed to grow darker every day, and Gail had no intention of refusing any request the Order had of her.  What little she could do to help, she would.

With a wave of her hand the woman broke up the gathering, cats smoothly slinking back to their favorite spots in the shop to nap and/or people watch.  Winnie gave her a quick nod and then disappeared with a snap of her fingers.  As a free elf, she came and went as she pleased, but because Gail had offered her a place to stay, Winnie often helped out here and there.  Glancing around the shop with an inaudible sigh, the witch wondered how and when her guest would be arriving.  Curiosity was not something she often entertained, but it was beginning to get the better of her.  Of course, she’d heard of Sirius Black.  Who hadn’t?  But the witch knew better than to put any faith in hearsay and rumors, whether good or bad.  She simply needed to meet him and form an opinion for herself.