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My country is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and we are also achieving marriage equality on the 1st of March. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our achievements as a nation than celebrating equality and human rights. Congratulations, Finland, may there be many more victories such as this and may your freedom last a thousand years!

(yes, the Finnish flag appears backwards because she’s waving it around)

I suppose one of the reasons why this whole “Dwarves don’t ever farm or grow/raise their own food” thing started is because Dwarves are mountain people, and there aren’t real mountains in Britain for reference. Growing up in Germany and first learning about agriculture as a little child, the area that had the overwhelming focus was the Alps… despite living half a country away from said Alps. I forgot most of the details but I’m sure we spent at least half a year learning about cattle and plant industry up in the mountains, and really every mountain region I know of has its own flourishing industry, the exceptions being mountain regions that just don’t have anyone living in them in the first place. So yeah, especially in a possibly volcanic region such as Erebor might be farming would be the obvious thing to do. Also goats are a thing. And livestock gets kept inside during the cold months anyway so there’d be no issue keeping them inside the mountain either. It’s been years and still this “Dwarves don’t provide their own food” makes zero sense to me

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that when Emori is talking about Murphy’s cooking skills, she says “A good Ramsay is rare”, likely referring to Gordon Ramsay? This means the Grounders somehow remember him. Someone made sure that in this post-apocalyptic world, people still know about Gordon Ramsay.


jasper jordan appreciation week » day 2 - favourite quote
˪ 2x06 - jasper’s first attempt at holding a motivational speech

What German is like

 Hey everyone! 

I know that there are a lot of stereotypes about all kinds of languages, and I thought I’d start with my own and explain a little about it. Even if you’re not aspiring to learn it, I hope this post might interest you. 

1. “German people always sound angry.” 

I don’t think this is true. German can sound angry, yes, because we have a hard pronunciation (I can’t think of a better description right now) and use a lot of nouns, which make everything sound more formal and less emotional (also known as “Beamtendeutsch” = official german). But I think the reason why people from other countries associate anger with the german language is because in the media, you probably only see german politicians in the parliament holding speeches - and, of course, 80% of them are yelling at other politicians and speaking in formal terms. 

Here are some music videos in which you’ll hear a different German: 

Sarah Connor’s “Wie schön du bist” (How beautiful you are) from her album “Muttersprache” (Mother Language);

Andreas Bourani’s “Auf anderen Wegen” (On different ways) (please also check out the english translation of the lyrics!)

Mark Forster’s “Au Revoir”

Adel Tawil’s “Lieder” (Songs) 

Of course there are tons of other German artists, feel free to browse Youtube or iTunes and I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

2. “German isn’t useful at all. “

Every language is useful! Secondly, German is among the 12 most spoken languages of the world, and it’s an official language in six countries. Almost 100 million people speak German as a first or second language. (x) It’s also a minority language in several other countries. 

Most importantly though: There are a lot of languages that are easier to learn once you speak German - Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch… I learnt Latin in school and everyone told me it was useless because literally no one speaks it. With the help of Latin, I’m now able to understand almost all Roman languages, like Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French. Learning a language always has more positive side effects than we think. Plus, German is a challenge! It’s different from English, it’s different from Roman Languages, but all in all it’s very consistent. 

3. “German is way too difficult to learn - even German people can’t speak German properly. “

Yes, it’s difficult to learn. What isn’t? We have tons of fun grammar and tenses and weird exceptions, but that’s what makes it cool. It will also improve your knowledge of grammar terms in general so you can apply it to almost any language in the world. (Worked for me that way with Latin, which has some big similarities to German.) Plus, the basic grammar you need to master daily situations isn’t all that bad. 

Well, there certainly are German people who aren’t as capable of German grammar as they should be - but I guess there are also British people who confuse affect and effect and forget to use the subjunctive. I can assure you that people whose first language is German are not bad at German. Not everyone knows the grammar rules, but we use them correctly subconsciously.

4. “I can’t pronounce most of the words.”

The wonderful ä, ö, ü, ch.. Yeah, I can see how the pronunciation can be a problem. However, rest assured that 

a) 80% of the German native speakers have equally as much trouble with the “th” in English and 

b) no one will judge you if you speak with an accent. We’re going to congratulate you on trying your very best to learn our language, and we certainly won’t mock you if you pronounce things wrong. 

Learning a second language (mostly English) is obligatory in Germany, so really everyone here can relate to having problems with foreign languages, no matter if the problem is grammar, orthography or pronunciation. I learnt three foreign languages in school. Half of my year is probably still trying to figure out how the famous english “if-sentences” work, which verbs are used with the spanish subjuntivo and what the hell a latin ablativus absolutus is. So yeah, don’t worry. We’ve all been there. 

5. “Even Germans sound so different, it’s like they don’t speak the same language!

True. We have so many dialects in Germany that I can’t even count them, and of course Austria and Switzerland probably have even more than we do. It’s said that people from Hannover speak the “best” German, but to be honest, I don’t know if that’s true. Maybe. I’ve never been to Hannover. 

The most famous dialect is probably Bavarian. Berlin and Cologne have their own dialects, as well as Sachsen, Hessen and basically every other city or region. If you wanna catch a glimpse of it, watch Peter Frankenfeld’s scene “Die Wetterkarte” (Weather Report). It’s really old and the content doesn’t apply to nowadays, but the dialects he does are really accurate and super funny - even I don’t understand everything he says tbh. Keep in mind though that most people don’t use dialects especially when they are in contact with people from all over the country and it’s necessary that they’re understood, like lawyers, doctors, teachers, professors et cetera. I don’t even really speak “my” dialect because we never used it at home. And don’t worry, most people will try to speak their best non-dialect German when they notice you’re not a native speaker! 

This turned out much longer than I thought, but I hope this was helpful in some sort of way. :) 

Any more questions? Ask me! x

message for all wlw

if you currently identify as bisexual but feel like you might actually be lesbian, that’s okay! you aren’t “tainted” by any past experiences you may have had. you’re not a prude, and even if you end up realizing you aren’t lesbian, it’s perfectly normal to be unsure of your orientation.

and on that note, if you identify as lesbian but feel like you might be bisexual, it’s also okay! sometimes it can be confusing to distinguish between compulsive heterosexuality and a legitimate attraction.
if you end up realizing you are lesbian and just suffering from compulsive heterosexuality, it doesn’t make you a prude or a fake.

all wlw are great, lesbians are great, bisexual women are great. if you’re a wlw that isn’t too sure about what to label yourself, you’re still great. and this 100% includes trans women/transfeminine people. the world is a volatile place and it can be confusing at times, but you aren’t alone.

The THR 100: Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful People in Entertainment

89 - Chris Pratt


Despite Passengers, which disappointed with a $303 million global haul, the 37-year-old star is one of the most in-demand leading men in the business, headlining the Guardians and Jurassic franchises.

BIG WIN Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 grossed $844 million worldwide, more than the original.

BIG BET Finding a project outside his comfort zone.

reblog if you think these quotes are romantic. like if you think they are platonic. i’m doing a social experiment.
  • “I love her, I always have. And she loves me,”
  • “How can you still have hope for me?” “I have hope for something 2.66 billion miles away… you have always been right here.”
  • “Your safe place is me,” “And I’m yours.” “From the day we met.”
  • “You know what happens at 5:30? You turn gold.”
  • “I was thinking about you… because I love you.”
  • “If there’s one thing I know in this life… it’s that you are my extraordinary relationship.”
  • “You’re the only person who is good enough for me,” “This we’ve always known.”
  • “Before I knew you-” “You always knew me,”
  • “If this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you.”
  • “You’re gonna save me, aren’t you?” “Yes,”
  • “The world I know wants you to be yourself, and my world, it needs you in it.”
  • “Do you still want to know me?” “Always.”
  • “I’d rather be a fool with you then to be anything without you,”
  • “I’m strong because there’s something inside me that stops me now. It knows how important you’ve been in my life and it’ll never let me do any real damage as long as I live.”
  • “That’s how important this is to me, because it’s important to her.”
  • “When I sit here, with you, I’m safe.”
  • “You’re my favourite person in the world, I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”
  • “I miss her. I love her.”
  • “Because somebody went after you.”
  • “You will always be my favourite, no matter what you are.”
🎉 | Nunchiwrites 1000 Followers | Appreciation Post | 🎉

Wow… I’m not good with words you guys, but suffice to say that I never in a million years expected to make it to one freaking thousand followers… I’m-… You guys just deserve the world, genuinely. So, without further ado, here are some (if not all?) the people I would like to personally thank. They are the ones who deserve the credit for allowing this little derp blog to come so far. I’m sorry if this is a little rushed! If I could I would spent hours on this, but I have to pack soon ;~; Just know that I could never put into words how my heart is overcome with joy whenever I interact with you all~

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A quick shoutout to my Shy, Tough, Octopus, Bunny, Clover, and Sekai Anons, as well as everyone who has ever sent me an encouraging anon message in the past!!

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I couldn’t have asked for a better stay here on tumblr thus far, and it’s my hope is to keep this blog running for as long as I have fingers to type and an active brain to think. Here’s to more jokes, memories, tears, laughs, and a butt ton of drama-filled chapters~

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I can’t imagine film without Emma Stone. And I don’t want to. As an actor, Emma is brave, devastating, hilarious, real, complex, charming and so much more. Her Oscar-winning performance in La La Land is just the latest example. But Emma takes on significant roles off-screen as well. The selfless friend. The wise psychiatrist. The fearless leader. The coolest girl at the part. (She’s even the intense soccer mom, cheering you on, not matter what, at the top of her lungs). I know that she has played all of these roles in my life. And for that I’m lucky to call her my friend. But what I really admire about Emma the person-as well as the actor-is that she is never afraid to show us the most difficult thing you can show the world: yourself. What that entails is not always pretty. But with Emma, it is real, and it is beautiful.
—  Brie Larson talking about Emma Stone in Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world.
100 Questions About A Race You've Created
  1. What is the name of your race?

  2. Where do they live?

  3. What do they look like? (get really descriptive or include a picture if you have one)

  4. Do they have a government? If so what is it?

  5. Are they religious?

  6. Does your race have any special abilities?

  7. Can they travel off planet?

  8. Can they reproduce with races other than their own?

  9. How are the different genders treated?

  10. How old is your race?

  11. How long do the people live?

  12. What is their clothing like?

  13. What do they eat?

  14. Do they have any specific weakness?

  15. How do they travel around?

  16. What kind of structures do they live in?

  17. How do they treat animals?

  18. Do they keep pets?

  19. How far along are they advanced technologically?

  20. How do they feel about technology?

  21. How do they reproduce?

  22. Do they use any weapons?

  23. How do they feel about war?

  24. Can they use magic?

  25. How do they feel about nature?

  26. Do they have a written language? How long has it been around?

  27. Do they use a money system?

  28. How do they communicate?

  29. How are they educated?

  30. Is there any sort of class system?

  31. Do they trade with anybody? If so who and what?

  32. Are there any common names?

  33. How do they feel about sex?

  34. How do they feel about marriage?

  35. At what age is a person considered an “adult”?

  36. Do they prefer to have lots of children or few?

  37. How do they feel about familial ties?

  38. When did your race start?

  39. Do they have a standing army? What size?

  40. What are the top 5 things that are valued?

  41. Do they put the person or the society as a whole first?

  42. What are their 5 biggest problems?

  43. What are the top 5 things that they are good at?

  44. Do they value the arts?

  45. How far along are the scientifically?

  46. How are people healed?

  47. Do they use drugs or alcohol at all?

  48. Who are the top 10 most important people in this race (either currently or overall)?

  49. Do they have any sacred sites?

  50. Have there ever been any major civil wars among your people?

  51. Are they related to any other races in your world? How?

  52. How do they believe the world was created?

  53. Do they cook their food?

  54. Are there any cities mainly consisting of your people? Where are they and what are the names?

  55. Are there any objects sacred to this race?

  56. How do they treat their leaders?

  57. How do they treat the poor?

  58. Is there much agriculture in their society?

  59. What do they do for entertainment?

  60. Are there any metals or jewels that are commonly used or sacred?

  61. Are there any symbols that they use a lot?

  62. Do they wear any armor? What is it made out of?

  63. How do they keep track of their history?

  64. Do you have any history written for them? (if so give a brief paragraph minimum)

  65. Where did they originate from? (aka have the moved from their homelands to where they are now)

  66. Do they have any other races that are their primary rivals?

  67. Are there any common sicknesses among your race?

  68. Do they prefer the heat, cold, or right in the middle?

  69. What is the grandest thing they have constructed?

  70. Do they ever go on vacations? Where’s a common spot?

  71. Do they have any big merchants, companies, etc?

  72. What do they believe happens when they die?

  73. Is their culture similar/based any off of a real culture?

  74. Do they prefer peace or war?

  75. How do they feel about love?

  76. How do they eat their food?

  77. What do they (or would they do) if they encountered a different race that was more advance than theirs?

  78. How do they treat their old?

  79. How do they treat their young?

  80. Are there any personality traits that are common in your race?

  81. How do they feel about intelligent people? Stupid people?

  82. What do they (or would they do) if they encountered a different races that was less advanced than theirs?

  83. What would they do if they encountered a god/goddess/deity of their own religion? Of another?

  84. How do they feel about preserving the past?

  85. How do they treat the handicapped?

  86. What kind of laws do they have in place (if any)?

  87. What kind of jewelry do they wear?

  88. Do they prefer to stay at home or travel?

  89. Is there any common stories or legends?

  90. Do they have any songs?

  91. At what age do they reach sexual maturity?

  92. What’s your favorite character from this race?

  93. How involved are parents in their child’s life?

  94. How do they feel about killing?

  95. What’s the most important discovery your race has made?

  96. Does your race believe they are superior to all other races?

  97. If your race materialistic?

  98. Does this race die out ever? How?

  99. Can your race learn to speak other languages?

  100. What’s the biggest threat to your race?

If anybody has any 100 Questions lists they’d want me to make feel free to ask!

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I'm curious - and always like your insight - do you still have reservations about Harry releasing the album before Dunkirk? I know we haven't seen Dunkirk promo yet (or even full album promo) but it seems like Dunkirk is being brought up in a nice, casual way in almost every interview he's had so far and also that he will have talked about the album a TON by the time Dunkirk promo actually starts. He's going to have a super busy year but it seems to have fit together better than I thought so far

No, I don’t. Mostly because it’s not the MASSIVE MEGA POPSTAR ARENA TOUR EVERY INTERVIEW EVERY TALK SHOW EVERY SECOND ON THE RADIO PAPPED EVERY 5 SECONDS #1 ON THE BILLBOARD HOT 100 FOR 13683779132 WEEKS WORLD DOMINATION promo that some people were hoping for expecting hyping. He does seem to be wary of overexposure. So they’re going minimal face time with maximum impact. I expect him to promo through the album release (May) and then pivot to Dunkirk promo (June/July) where he’ll talk more about it then. Maybe an interviewer will be like ‘Congrats on the album it’s great’ every so often, but that’s probably it. Then he’ll drop off for a bit to rehearse for tour, and then tour (which is very fan facey, not public facey), and then do the big special Holiday appearances (maybe), then break for the holidays, and then probably do awards season.

And, now that we know this album isn’t the MEGA POP ALBUM OF DISTRUCTION HANDCRAFTED BY SWEDISH OVERLORD MAX MARTIN, it makes sense that it’s not in Q4 of this year. Oh also Taylor’s probably gonna be back in the fall so like… good on him to avoid that mess.