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What The Signs Will Teach You

ARIES: they will teach you to stand up for yourself, even if you risk to be misunderstood

TAURUS: they will teach you to never lose your dignity, no matter how hurt you are, to always get away with grace and to never dumb yourself down for anyone

GEMINI: they will teach you to laugh when you’re not even in the mood to smile because people don’t need to see everything you feel

CANCER: they will teach you to love unconditionally, with every corner of your heart, not expecting anything in return

LEO: they will teach you to appreciate yourself, to know your own value, to accept your flaws

VIRGO: they will teach you to stay honest and pure in this dirty world full of liars

LIBRA: they will teach you to treat everyone equally, to love everyone, just because all the people are unique

SCORPIO: they will teach you to be passionate about everything you do

SAGITTARIUS: they will teach you to believe in yourself above everyone else, to fight for your dreams, not expecting help from anyone

CAPRICORN: they will teach you that loyalty pays itself off, either in love, in hard work or in waiting for something you want, that everything will always be okay in the end, as long as you don’t give up on what you really need

AQUARIUS: they will teach you to show off your imperfections since they are all that makes you who you are

PISCES: they will show you how far the human imagination can go 


‘Overwatch’ colorblind mode sucks, says a top player — and the community agrees

  • Blizzard has a good reputation for constantly making tweaks and updates, but there’s one area it seems to be dropping the ball: Accessibility options for players with disabilities.
  • In the past, Blizzard has come under fire for its lack of subtitles for hearing impaired players.
  • This time around, Overwatch’s colorblind players are asking for some much needed improvements.
  • According to one of the world’s top Bastion players, Overwatch’s colorblind mode makes everything look like a psychedelic fever dream but isn’t actually all that helpful. Read more (2/24/17 2:28 PM)

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new chapter of centripetal force, titled centrifugal force!!

I don’t typically cast curses, but when I do I usually use protective stones. Intuitively, though, I’m drawn to mirrors as protection. How would you arrange mirrors after a curse in order to protect yourself from anyone returning the spell or casting in retaliation?

I don’t really do free spell advice on demand but since it’s Curse A Cheeto Day I will make an exception. These are a few guidelines I follow:

  • Make your spell undetectable. Just eliminate the possibility of blowback altogether.
  • If they do detect it, make it so the origin point is obscured, so “return to sender” isn’t an easy thing for them.
  • Design the spell so it’s not easily logically reversed, for instance, “everything you do as the US president will make your hair fall out” is a spell that can only effect a few people in the world so if it’s reflected back on you nothing really happens.
  • Make your spell friendly to you. Why would it turn on you? You are friends and it likes you.
  • Have an entity oversee the spell that will not attack you. You don’t have to be into deities. Pick a cartoon character that would like you.
  • I’m not answering the mirrors question directly but think about what devices utilize mirrors to obscure identities, project, or otherwise cast illusions. Get flexible. Also think of what a mirror can become, symbolically, spiritually, and in fairy tales and folklore.

I have not given specific details on how to implement these but secrecy is your best defense, which is why I anonymized your ask. Always remember that being creative is the most important element here, your imagination is capable of its own unique magic no one else can replicate.

Not taking further spell questions! I got a lot of stuff left to do today.

I’m a happy muffin! ^-^

Thanks to @pink-lemonade-blueberry-dragons for sending me the most lovely care package in the world! ^-^ Including:

This super comfy t-shirt (it’s huge on me but that’s what makes it so comfortable and I love it) :D

These cool stickers!

This poster (I couldn’t take a picture of it properly because it’s pretty big and it wouldn’t stay flat lol)

These cute vinyl figures :)

A cute little keyring!

These cute candles ^-^ they smell lovely, especially the one on the right :)

Some sleepy tea :)

These cute bows ^-^

Lots of sweet treats! :D

These two pretty bags :)

A CD (was gonna be Coldplay but they didn’t have it haha) :P

This pretty bow :)

A hoodie :)

This gorgeous scarf :)

These cute socks ^-^

This wonderful fluffy pillow

An equally wonderful fluffy blanket

The cutest fluffy penguin in the universe ^-^

And a beautiful bracelet which says ‘believe on it and has a little butterfly ^-^

I love all of these things and this is definitely one of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this and I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you :3 Thank you so much!! I’m such a happy lil’ muffin! ^-^ you’re an amazing friend, love you! ❤❤❤

lycheejellie  asked:

can u write a thing about drunk draco being taken care of by harry

Draco wasn’t drunk.

He wasn’t.

He was just slightly tipsy, that’s all, a gentle buzz inside his mind which blurred the world into a more gentle thing, which made everything around him feel softer and kinder and funnier for some reason.

(Just because he couldn’t stop giggling didn’t mean he was drunk. Maybe Potter was just funny. Ha, in your face, scarhead!)

“Up you go,” Potter heaved, pulling Draco from the ground with a loud huff.

(When had he fallen down? He couldn’t remember.)

“Get off, Potter,” Draco snapped, trying to brush him off, wobbling slightly on his feet. When did Potter’s eyes become so green? “I am perfect - uh, perfectly able to help myself thanksverymuch.”

Potter raised an eyebrow. “Sure.”

“So goodbye,” Draco emphasised, waved to make a point, and turned away.

Only to fall straight to the floor again.

(Maybe that’s how he’d gotten to be on the floor in the first place. Ah. The more you know.)

“Goddamnit, Draco,” Potter scooped him up before his already painful knees could hit the floor, and he almost lifted Draco up into his arms. “How drunk are you?”

“I’m not drunk,” Draco spluttered, not nuzzling into Potter’s arms. (Alright okay maybe he did - but that was the alcohol’s fault. As was the fact that he sighed happily when Potter squeezed him tightly. Alcohol. Not him.) “I’m just -”

“Tipsy? Sure.” Potter snorted, and this time really pulled Draco up in his arms, wrapping Draco’s legs around his thighs, guiding Draco’s arms to hold onto his neck. “There you go,” he puffed, grinning at Draco’s perplexed expression. “Let’s get you home.”

Draco wasn’t drunk.

But when he had to kiss Potter softly for being so ridiculously kind to him… well. He supposed he could admit it for once. (If only to see that small smile tucking at Potter’s lips when he leaned away again. Again and again and -)

the-last-alicorn  asked:

So what do you think the deal is with the Goriders?

I think all anyone really know for sure is:

Other than that, everything else is just speculation.

My personal speculation is that because a lot of what is going on has to do with the game world invading the real world that the code for Kamen Rider gets mixed (either intentionally or accidentally) with the code for Himitsu Sentai Goranger resulting in the ultimate persuader in the battle for Justice.

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Indeed “Everyone upon the earth will perish, And there will remain the Face of your Lord, Owner of Majesty and Honor.” (Noble Qur'an 55:26-27)

Faith is what will bring the Muslim everything he seeks in this world and in the Hereafter. Faith is the key to all goodness and locks the door to all evil.

“Whoever works righteousness — whether male or female — while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islamic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter)” [al-Nahl 16:97]