the world according to keira

musical theatre auditions more like

  • no rock musicals
  • no juke box musicals
  • no sondheim, rodgers and hammerstein, cole porter, shwartz
  • no jason robert brown
  • nothing new on broadway
  • nothing depressing
  • no belting to show off
  • sing something that’s the gender of the character ur auditioning for
  • sing something in ur age range
  • sing something that compliments the character ur auditioning for
  • u literally can’t sing anything just give up become a scientist instead

the last 5 years comes out on valentines day so you could either bring a date or you could bring a lot of chocolate and tissues and sit in the back of the theatre by yourself while quietly singing along through the tears. i suggest the latter.

newsies is a super popular show in the sense that it’s fairly well known to people even outside the broadway fandom and community yet it’s been struggling to sell tickets for quite a few months now

it scares me because a popular show is now being closed for lack of sales. people just don’t care for theatre anymore and i’m nervous to see what the broadway/theatre world is going to look like in 10 years.