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The artist who made the Obama ‘Hope’ poster brings the resistance to a printer near you

  • Shepard Fairey was behind the famous “Hope” poster from President Obama’s first presidential campaign.
  • For Trump’s inauguration, Fairey has designed a new set of posters just in time for the festivities (above)
  • He also worked with a foundation to raise more than $1 million on Kickstarter to print and distribute the posters, so you can count on seeing them everywhere on Inauguration Day — for free. Read more

I am working on opening an etsy shop and getting some hedgie-related things printed for sale. Behold, my holiday card! What could be more festive than a hedgehog with Christmas light quills?! And why have I not seen it before?! The front of the card will have the lights on; the back will have the lights off.


Digging futuristic Artprints by Beeple on society6

Mike Winkelmann is currently a graphic designer living and working in Neenah, Wisconsin, USA. Beeple is the pseudonym for his personal work that includes short films, live visuals, graphic design, music and drawings. Most of his current work focuses on ways to visual music through video. His work has screened at onedotzero, Siggraph, Optronica, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Chicago Underground Film Festival, and many more. He has also released work on Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder labe.

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Society6 is up with 20%Off - EVERYTHING until Today Midnight PT + Worldwide Freeshipping


Rare Spectacular Light Show of Fireflies in the U.S. Caught By Photographer Pete Mauney

New York-based photographer Pete Mauney captures a spectacular light show of nature every year, photographing millions of fireflies swarming down on earth in a festive shower of lights for 3 weeks. 

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Place of origin:  Burma (made)

Date:  late 19th century (made)

Artist/Maker:  Unknown (production)

Materials and Techniques:  Embroidered silk and cotton, with stitch-work and appliqué with silver-gilt threads and sequins

Museum number:  IS.16-1961, Victoria Albert Museum

Description and images from the Victoria Albert Museum:  “This is a fine example of a Burmese pictorial textile hanging known as a kalaga. The owner would have used it either as a decorative wall hanging, a room partition, or as a screen hung outside the house on festive occasions.

This one is made of green silk with an appliqué design in various colours and materials. It illustrates episodes from the popular Candakinnari and Ummadanti Jatakas stories–about the Buddha’s former lives–and from the Manohari legend (see IS 2-1963). The costumes of the figures are depicted in the stylised tradition of Burmese theatre and relate to the fashions worn in the Mandalay Court of about 1880. The kalaga itself dates to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Britain had taken control of the whole of Burma by 1885. The extravagant style of kalagas appealed to Burmese and Europeans alike and their popularity soared in the middle of the 19th century. This example was collected by Sir Adam Beattie Ritchie during the time he worked with Burmah Oil at the beginning of the 20th century.”

Artemis:  This really is a fine example (details).    I’d like to see it up close. Kalaga means curtain in Burmese (written: ကန့်လန့်ာ.  :)  love that).    If you are interested in the history and technique see below for a brief wiki article.

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Just a heads up people, I’m probably not going to be posting anything on this blog for the next two weeks: I’m working on this important mural thingy for this festival and with a deadline fast approaching I just gotta sit down and channel my creative energy into designing this thing :) Catch you on the flip side!


A handful of designs I sorted to sell for our school Prom funds! We’ll be selling these as Christmas cards, along with a few other designs at a local festive fair. - Drawings done with fineliner and edited in Photoshop Elements. (December 2015)

I don’t usually invite this, but you are (usually) welcome to use my work on your blog, but I prefer for you to ask first, and then credit me fully if I agree. Thanks for being considerate to online artists! Hope everyone has a happy holiday time. xxxx

FINALLY I’ve finished this… I’ve been working on it on and off for a few weeks now (mainly because it took me forever to settle on a background).

No one ever seems to draw the normal card girls from the game, but I love a lot of their designs a lot, so I decided to draw my favorite disciplinary committee girls!! Mikoto’s actually one of my favorite normal card girls in general, but playing with all of their designs was really fun!! *v*

(I also kinda want to make this a print and/or make stickers of them, would you guys be Into That….)


Londonderry Temple David Best

Beautifully and intricately crafted, this wooden temple is the product of two years of hard work and planning. The stunning 75ft timber sculpture is the work of renowned American artist David Best, famed for his wooden temple creations set alight during Nevada’s annual Burning Man festival. Towering into the sky in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, the structure was made by Catholics and Protestants working together to honour those who died in the Troubles.

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Next week MoMA Film presents Slithering Screens: 10 Years of New Frontier at Sundance Institute, featuring a roster of works that hack the cinema space. We’ll be giving away Yung Jake-designed Google Cardboard devices at the screenings, so be sure to reserve your tickets!  

[Google Cardboard designed by Yung Jake. 2016. Photograph: Gretchen Scott]


During the darkest winter months of December and January, we need something that lights up our world. Something that gives warmth, creating attractiveness, confidence and builds pride. As a main artery Motala River is running through Norrkoping. The river in combination with light installations and various related events are what we call Norrkoping Light Festival.

This winter Norrköping will light up like never before! The festival takes place in collaboration with the highly successful Amsterdam Light Festival and will run from December 5, 2015 to January 31, 2016 and consists of many spectacular works of art from different artists around the world.

  1. Rob van Houten “Circle of Life”
  2. Angus Muir Design “Water Fun”
  3. Serge Schoemaker “Alley of Light”
  4. Vincent Olinet “Pas Encore Mon Histoire”
  5. Angela Chong “C/C”
  6. Paul van Laak och Arnout Mijer “Object O”
  7. Robin Noorda, Menno Schrap, Paul Godschalk, Margot van de Stolpe “Sneaky Serpents”
  8. Katja Galyuk “Intrepid”
  9. Federico Winqvist Estrada “In Lust We Trust” 10.Idé och konstnärlig produktion: Byn och Inwhite ljusmiljö “Stadens hjärta”

This is why i love my town Norrköping.. /MasseJasse

This is the Clock Ship, by Andy Tibbets.  It’s a steampunk land boat driven by a hubless wheel with sails made of fire.  The lesson here?  Andy wasn’t a flaming steampunk land-yacht designer.  Andy was a guy who had a good idea and pitched it to the festival and got it funded and got it built.  Andy draw pretty pictures, raise $6k on Kickstarter.  Andy have dream, make it happen.  Andy have hydraulic pump issues but that is the price Andy pay for being amazing.  Andy good.

You have dream too.  You message me, I do red tape, I give you advice from my career, I get Mutant Vehicle Permit and fill out art grant application, you do hard work. You start drawing.  You get people psyched.  You make steampunk vehicle a reality.  You Andy.

Jody Hudson-Powell and Luke Powell created a visual identity for Resonate that’s primed for change. The Resonate conference bills itself as a “forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.” 

The jumble of circles and lines comes off as a bit avant-garde (the festival’s monogram is an abstracted ‘R’ comprised of a circle and two lines), but the graphic designers, who are brothers and work at Pentagram’s London office, built the bespoke font with logic in mind.

Read more about Pentagram’s punchy, shapeshifting typeface that yakes countless forms