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Okay, fine..this? I wasn’t mugged. Alright, I was trying to help Guardian and I… If he showed up two seconds later, I would have-


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Hey! I don't know if you're still doing prompt fills or anything, but I was wondering if you could write a Sherlolly prompt based on the song, "Far Too Young to Die" by Panic! at the Disco? That's like my favorite song right now and I just kind of imagined Sherlock watching Molly walk towards him through a crowded room. Thank you!

Dear Anon, I am so sorry for making you wait years. :( Now that I have The Admirer out of the way, I can start working on these really old prompts. Please accept my sincere apologies!I can only hope that you find this story somehow. :( That said, thank you for your prompt. It’s a very beautiful and dark song and wow it could be used to tell so many stories. I decided to go with the times and so wrote a post-TFP story focusing of course on the aftermath of the ‘release code’ scene. I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve done with it. xx



Grounds  (also on

I never so adored you

I’m twisting allegories now

I want to complicate you

Don’t let me do this to myself

For two people who were rather averse to crowds, it seemed an odd choice for a meeting place. Lights of different colours, pulsing at random speeds tinted the ocean of people between them. Still, in their own paths, they walked calmly through the bubbling crowd. There were men, there were women and there were children. There were ice-creams, there was laughter, there were tears.

Molly knew exactly where she was headed, for this was a spot in the fairground she had been to since she was a child. This place had been the one exception in spite of her dislike for crowds. Even when her father had gotten ill and could no longer walk, she would push him along in his wheelchair, both of them determined not to miss their yearly tradition of ice-cream by the ferris wheel.

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I did enjoy that we got to see more of the Lions as characters in season 2, particularly Black, Red, and Green. Seeing more of the bond between the Lions and their Paladins is nice. I hope we get even more of that in the next season.

Monday Fic Recommendation:

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Author: @looking-for-my-seoulmate

Title: STRANGERS (Baekhyun ft. Yixing? Not sure since it’s ongoing)

S/OS: Series (Ongoing)

Rating: 7/5 (Ooohh You’ve never seen a 7 before!)

My Description: Baekhyun and you have been dating for nearly two years now, yet, he seems more distant than ever. As you grow too tired to deal with it any more, Baekhyun finally makes his move to tell you he still loves you. And Taeyeon.

Basically if you’re looking for a really good angst, this is the one for you. I literally cried during the second chapter and didn’t stop until the latest (maybe I’m just emotional lol). I don’t normally read Baek fics, let alone fanfiction where there’s a love triangle or square because it’s just so much drama, but @looking-for-my-seoulmate did such an exemplary job at writing it. <3

Not only is each chapter well-crafted with enticing diction and scenes, but it’s also in a style that I don’t see often. Many times, it flashes back to the past, but it’s not awkward transitions that don’t fit. In fact, each flashback segues into the next act, and it’s so amazing.

me: *has never learned a language with cases, barely knows how cases function, probably can’t memorize them all*
also me: i’m gonna learn a language with 7 cases that also has very little resources because i hate myself and love dying.

The Meaning of Lathori

@littlestartopaz is awesome and wanted to know more about the URL change so I figured I’d do a little write up.

I am a senior in college getting my BA in Linguistics and Photography. My college has us thesis for the last year of our BA degrees. For my thesis, I am creating a naturalistic constructed language. My language is called Hæla, derived from the names of two of the universe’s deities (Hæli and Hæfel, the chaos goddess and the most worshiped of my twelve deity pantheon). 

So the URL name: lathori. This is technically a transliteration of the actual word: læthori. This word means storyteller and derives from the name of the god of winter Læfernær. Læfernær is also the god of water, knowledge, sleep, dreams and stories. Storytellers are the blessed people of Læfernær, and stories are sacred in the culture I’ve created. 

Læthori is technically a dual noun, as in ‘two storytellers’. However, the culture also uses the dual for formal titles as in ‘The Storyteller’. When choosing a URL, I decided the one thing my three primary interests (writing, photography and linguistics) have in common is that I tend to trend towards narratives. So, that’s what I aim to be: The Storyteller. 

Hope I didn’t ramble too much. I’m going to start posting things about my thesis culture and language since I’m entrenched in thesis hell and the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t until May. Things will be tagged thesis and haloni (Hæloni is the name of the people of the fictional country and world the language is set in). Let me know if anyone has anything specific they want to hear about things!

I’m trying a new art programme called MediBang. I quite like it so far but I’m used to using Photoshop in College so this is very different 😅
I don’t have a drawing tablet so I hold down the left click and use a touch pen on my trackpad… professionalism!! Surprisingly it works pretty well though. Easier than using a mouse for sure, well, for me anyway.
Also I drew another terrible jacksepticeye, gosh I’m so addicted to drawing him! I find myself doodling little sketches of him all the time haha. I don’t think I’m obsessing, just that his features are really fun to draw, plus, it helps me learn how to do facial hair ^^

random stevenson facts, because i’m emotional. 

- part of the reason he got into writing was because he was always ill as a child, and he could never really go out to play like other children. he had to stay inside, often in bed, so he just made up grand stories in his head to pass the time, and when he became older, he started to write those stories down. 
- his family owned a cabinet made by deacon brodie — who, according to stevenson, was a major inspiration for the character of jekyll. he also wrote a play about brodie. i’d love to tell you more about brodie, if you’re curious! you can still see the cabinet his family owned; it’s in the writer’s museum in edinburgh. 
- he was only 44 when he died of a brain haemorrhage. reports vary, but it’s said that his last words were asking his wife, ‘does my face look strange?’ or ‘is my face changing?’ some people find this oddly ironic, considering how much that sounds like something out of jekyll & hyde. 
- he’s buried in samoa. his old house has been turned into a museum to him, too. he published a great deal of short stories set in samoa, too. 
- he thought that a heavy cane was the best weapon a man could carry, according to what he told his stepson. he said that it wasn’t as hard to get into action as a sword-cane and couldn’t misfire like a gun. incidentally, hyde commits his murder by beating a man with a cane, so. you know. stevenson’s bias in action.