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the way jinyoung stared fondly at the rest of got7 in the arrival trailer is exactly how i look at every single one of them


THE GIFTENING concludes this year later today, with my fourth and final Yuri Hell’s Kitchen recipe. I have no doubt the most complicated slice of awful has been saved for last.

We’ll be starting about 3:30 pm today (earlier if we can swing it). I’ll let you know when we’re underway.

And then later this week, I’ll have a schedule for March, what we’ll be doing and what’s coming up, AND AN EXCITING NEW ANNOUNCEMENT


HEY GUYS I’m going to be online more from now on! Because!!! I GOT A DIFFERENT JOB!! Sort of?? I switched departments in the store so I don’t have to deal with my terrible boss anymore!!

I am!!! free!!!! from her reign of terror!!!!! And not only am I free from stress at the bakery, I’ve been given more days off! And by more I mean like, twice a week. I used to not get hardly any at all! I’m so excited!! I’m finally gonna have more time to draw things!! ;u;
The Future of Not Working
As automation reduces the need for human labor, some Silicon Valley executives think a universal income will be the answer — and the beta test is happening in Kenya.
By Annie Lowrey

All across the villages of western Kenya, it was clear to me just how much aid money was wasted on unnecessary stuff. The villagers had too many jerrycans and water tanks, because a nongovernmental organization kept bringing them. There was a thriving trade in Toms canvas slip-ons: People received them free from NGO workers and then turned around and sold them in the market centers. And none of the aid groups that had visited the villages managed to help the very poorest families. …

… Moreover, cash might force aid workers and nongovernmental organizations to confront the fact that they could be doing better by doing things differently — often by doing less. “It’s easy to muster evidence that you should be giving cash instead of fertilizer,” said Justin Sandefur of the Center for Global Development. “The harder argument is: You should shut down your U.S.A.I.D. program, which is bigger than the education budget of Liberia, and give the money to Liberians. That’s the radical critique.” Faye put it more bluntly, if half-jokingly: If cash transfers flourished, “the whole aid industry would have to fire itself.”

There is something to that. One estimate, generated by Laurence Chandy and Brina Seidel of the Brookings Institution, recently calculated that the global poverty gap — meaning how much it would take to get everyone above the poverty line — was just $66 billion. That is roughly what Americans spend on lottery tickets every year, and it is about half of what the world spends on foreign aid.

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