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Love having sex with my mom It has been already 10 years of making love to my mom; everytime it’s just very exciting; usually she actually invites me to sleep with her; comming inside her more than once is not uncommon. One of the things that really turns me on, it’s to know that she doesn´t protect herself, she doesn’t take any pills neither she uses any device to protect her for geting pregnant. When I asked her if she was not worry to get pregnant (for me or another guy), she told me that even for that she was lucky, because never happend except when she did want to. We have tried many sexual positions, my favorite being when she is in top of me and she does most of the work, I feel that I get her very deep and can grab her ass, but most of all I like watching her face full of pleasure; I never met anybody  who enjoys that much being fucked. While we are making love we love a lot of tongue kissing, very wet and deep. We never kiss but when we are making love, except once. We decided to take a boat cruise and after a nice dinner, we had some wine, enough to make both of us hot; then we went to ballroom dancing and when dancing embraced we started french kissing and just couldn´t stop for a long, long time. People looked at us funny, probably thinking she was a cougar paying for everything, with her very young lover. That night she did a blow job to me for the very first time & I finished in her mouth 3 times in a row.

I pretty much found my calling as ADC recently. After geting bored with playing as the Support and that I’ve been playing League for a while now, I have never been so frustrated at this game. Most of my supports just don’t care about me or anything else happening around them. My team won’t listen or peel for me because I get one shotted by everything! It just feels really good and satisfying when I destroy my lane as Xayah, and then getting kills consistently afterwards. Only then will everyone work with me.

Artwork by  Stchi Wong 聖慈

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Lazytown wild West AU

I would be remiss if I did not plug @lazy–stars‘ patreon-exclusive Lazytown cowboy/wild west RP! It’s available to patreons $10 and up. Which, at the moment, is just me. Give them money, it’s lonely here atop my mountain.

1. Robbie’s horse’s name is Sugar Pie. He’s a big softy of a horse. He looks scary but when you give him sugar cubes he falls in love with you.

2. Horses weirdly love Stephanie like, right away. They will go past their owners and nudge her for affection. Ziggy used to be scared of horses until he saw how nice they were to Stephanie.

3. Sportacus is the sheriff in town. The previous sheriff gave him a gun before leaving. Sportacus destroyed it right after the dude left. Deputy Robbie Rotten was McFreaking horrified and yelled at Sport for a good hour afterwards. 

4. Sportacus, as it turns out, is scary good with a lasso and has demonstrated more than once that he doesn’t need a gun to be dangerous. Robbie finds this kinda hot. Don’t tell Sporty.

5. Trixie’s family works with cattle. If you walk out your door and there’s a cow pie on your welcome mat, you have made her mad somehow. Stingy’s the only one brave enough to wrap the cow pie in fabric, knock on her door, hand it to her like “I think you dropped this” and run away. 

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this is after being strung out for a month. Poured out the contents and took a picture so maybe I can soberly look back and remember the despair of being high all the time, and not get high again. Everything I’ve done in this month, reduced to
An 8 ball of meth
Six used syringes
Two empty bags
15 bucks
Key chain (with the na keytags)(also has car keys for the car I cant drive)
Meth pipe
Hair brush
Mixing spoon
two nametags to work, where i go to work high everyday which I didnt think was too bad until someone aske me if I was high at work
And how I said “yes” and he looked sad, I wish he would fix me. I care a lot more than ill act. I would love to sleep next to him. God he smells so nice, and id love being his slut all the time.but hes married. I just want to feel loved. I hurt.

I wish I had never gotten high.

I am not having fun geting high anymore.

Im punishing myself for making him leave.

It has to be the end of that. I can’t kill him like that, getting high all day. He has a family. Little boys.

I think this is the worst time around, I have distracted my self by thinking about how fucked up life is. Im doing stuff that would have been repulsive in my sobriety. How could I lie to everyone about being high all the time. How could I go into my brothers home, thatd him and his roommates so graciously opened up to me for last month while I await rehab, constantly choice to get high, in their house.

I like to think my brother cant ever imagine me being high, so his image of me isn’t getting high. Im still his sister and we went through a lot of shittt stuff together. That means something. I still remember what it felt like when he asked a person who can only be described as my partner in crime,if I was high, he said I cant lie to your brother, so he said not currently… (we ran out)

The boy who sent that to my brother was strange. I swear we stayed in this room together for like two months. I loved every second of it. I love the way he put drugs in me, such a lovely feeling, it made me feel spoiled.

We once bragged about how much of a mess we were together, we were finding an ally way by spokane.street and fifteenh street. We laughed. We had breakfast jacks. A year before my.grandma sent a gift card to me that we used to buy seven breakfast jacks.

We were normal together for so long. We were friends, we werent always planning fraud against corporations that already have millions invested in them. I love you, partner in crime, we were always so dynamic and I love how you make me feel okay.

Drugs took so much away from me but I haven’t died yet so I stil have hope.
I hate this.

Random Cryaotic Sentence Starters

But mostly Corpse Party.

  • “You open this fuckin’ button.”
  • “Can you please- [Name], baby, can you please…? Thank you I appreciate it.”
  • “Don’t ever fuckin’ do that again.”
  • “Do you want the orb?!”
  • “You’re full of shit!”
  • “She did the… tongue thing. She did the tongue thing!”
  • “Cool.”
  • “I tried to say Texas Ranger and it fucked up horribly.”
  • “They were fucking butchered!”
  • “Oh———h.”
  • “I—- don’t like you right now.”
  • “No——! I was doing so well!”
  • “Fuck you! I win!”
  • “Grab it!”
  • “Hit him with the ball!”
  • “What are you, what are you doing?! Oh my GOD!”
  • “*CACKLING* You can take their fucking head off holy shit.”
  • “This is quite a pretty place I find myself.” 
  • “That man has a nice beard.”
  • “Can’t find me now! Too slick for you!”
  • “Goddammit I was just… Fucking drunk. Sorry people make mistakes when it comes to dicks and booze!”
  • “We can’t take their stuff? I wanted to wear their clothes. Become them.”
  • “If this was any other game, you’d be dead right now.”
  • “[Name] is one of the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! And he’s not even a turtle!”
  • “This is basic baby shit, man, I know this stuff!”
  • “12 dollar parking? Fuck that.”
  • “Don’t put your dick in things that don’t got a ring attached to it.”
  • “And they’ll probably slap us. With guns. And then we’ll get knocked out. With guns.”
  • “*with a bad British accent* I think you might have forgot something there.”
  • “Oh wait. That had blood on it.”
  • “Gross.”
  • “We could just jump!”
  • “I don’t think we should jump. I mean I thought about it, but now I don’t think we should jump. It seems dangerous I don’t wanna do it.”
  • “What about you guys, haven’t talked to you in a bit.”
  • “Well, fuck you too, [name].”
  • “That is some crock of shit you have there my good sir!”
  • “I got a brick.”
  • “I’m gonna brick it. It’s kinda like how Wreck it Ralph’s gonna wreck it, I’m gonna brick it.”
  • “I don’t wanna kill you cuz you’re geting married!”
  • “Fuck, get away from me!”
  • “Get- Go to bed!”
  • “Well, I guess it’s time to open doors.”
  • “That’s not how class relationships work out in adulthood land.”
  • “You’re not dead…”
  • “I can move! Holy shit! I can move!”
  • “Your face is creepin’ me out.”
  • “Oh, so she’s one of those girls.”
  • “AKA he totally is down with that.”
  • “You also kinda look like an asshole, no offense.”
  • “So… You’re gonna be a big problem in this whole predicament.”
  • “Do they all have family issues? Jeez!”
  • “Well that’s nice there’s a pee bucket in the middle of the fuckin’ hallway.”
  • “Do I go for the booty? Or not the booty?”
  • “What? The hell is that sound? What the fuck is that sound?”
  • “Let’s open more doors.”
  • “I feel nervous.”
  • “It won’t open. Open!”
  • “I was not expecting any of this!”
  • “I really don’t think she does.”
  • “My butt is buttered up and ready for action.”
  • “Well, you’re kind of being a debby downer there, miss/mr [name]”
  • “You’re gonna die. I don’t want you to die!”
  • “No! No! No!”
  • “And now more things.”
  • “Fuckin’ hell.”
  • Ohhhhh… fffffffffu-fuck.”
  • “And now to do other stuff.”
  • “Ugh! Oh, fuck me softly!”
  • I will juke you! I will juke the fuck out of you.”
  • “Ee-oh, that did not juke very well.”
  • “Don’t care that you died anymore, you’re kind of a dick.”
  • “Oh! I’m a bad boy! I smoke cigarettes!”
  • “And now, people are going to die.”
  • “Whoah! Whoah! Whoa-ah.”
  • “… I like you.”
  • “I do believe he/she’s going super sayan.”
  • “For some reason I thought this was this and it’s not really that so it just.. eh… yep.”
  • “Wait, who died? Someone died.”
  • “Well this is [name] actually uh she’s real dead she’s uh… Pbtlht.”
  • “Wait. Somewhere along the lines someone’s gonna piss in this bucket.”
  • “I really gotta go piss in a bucket, don’t I?”
  • “[Name], fill this with piss.”
  • “Hey! Hey… why do you look loopy?”
  • “You takin’ more freaky pictures [name]? You fuckin’ weirdo!
  • “Can I pee in the bucket now?”
  • “Hey! Who the fuck are you? Dayum!”
  • “This is great! [Name] You’re with a crazy murderer person that’s great.”
  • “Fuck my curiosity!”
  • “This is indecent.”
  • “But there’s soap bubbles so it’s okay.”
  • “Kick in the fuckin’ door!”
  • “I quoted them somehow.”
  • “I really don’t like him.”
  • “Well one of them doesn’t have a head so she probably doesn’t need a tongue.”
  • “You’re not my friend actually you’re kind of just a bad person.”
  • “No, that is not being a good girl that’s being a dead girl.”
  • “I’m sorry [Name] she’s currently dead right now.”
  • “I like his hair!”
  • “I like his beanie!”

i don’t wanna lose more time
“i watched you change from an introverted and haunted man anchored down by the past into someone who found something to run to instead of run from. it started with iris.” 
(songs that have played during barry and iris scenes in the first two seaons)


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I’m still a beginner when it comes to drawing, but I’m working on it. Oh, and I am in love with angel!Merlin au.


“I don’t need a gaurdian angel,” Arthur said. He jerked his shoulder away from the angel’s hand.

The angel snorted.

“Obviously, you do. If they hadn’t assigned me to you, you’d be dead by now.”

Arthur turned, offended.



“Listen, Merlin,” Arthur snapped, “I could have handled this–” he gestured to the dead old woman on the ground, “–but then you came and destracted me.”

“She was part demon,” Merlin sighed. He was already geting tired of this prat, “and you don’t know how to defend yourself against them.”

Arthur huffed and folded his arms like a child would when they pouted. Likewise, Merlin turned and spoke to the sky.

“Kilgarrah, this is just cruel!” Merlin complained. “Couldn’t you have assigned me to someone who was less of an ass?”

Even though it’s gloomy, sunday morning is great. Somehow it’s always my favourite part of the week, all day ahead of me that i have actual desire to spent studying, Nice breakfast and grape juice help too)
Planning to finish my pathology notes and take on the surgery for a big quiz i’m having tomorrow and if i’m not completely dead, work on my paper. It’s been awhile and my experiment’s deadlines are geting closer.

Stay motivated and have a productive sunday!

literally every post i've ever seen about kavinsky
  • kavinsky fan: listen we're not saying he's perfect we're saying there are reasons we relate to him and can we not just all like what we like and let others do the same
  • kavinsky hater: oh my god you're horrible he's an actual rapist and why don't you like ronan obviously you can only like one or the other and it should be ronan that you like NOT kavinsky stop ignoring all the other characters because obviously that's what you're doing
  • kavinsky fan: so ...about that 'geting along' thing ...doesn't really work that well when you're yelling at me and twisting my argument around