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personal gemini placements call for multiple sides of the situation

gemini sun=multiple identities taking on several roles during the lifetime, the one you met yesterday is not the one you will see today 

gemini moon=multiple forces at work in the subconscious, the emotions are never the same

gemini rising=multiple ways at looking at the world, a child-like wisdom

gemini venus=multiple ways of showing affection, the butterfly that flits from one thing to the next

gemini mercury=multiple minds working in one, never silent & at odds with each other constantly 

gemini mars=multiple warriors ready to use their mercurial wit to fight for what they’re passionate about 

“Gemini’s symbol - the light, changeable breezes of early summer, here today and gone tomorrow” (Isabel Hickey)

#100studytips Who ever said studying had to be boring and laborious! There are so many ways to study, and it doesn’t have to be painful and unenjoyable. It’s about finding what works and hopefully is still enjoyable. Studying in a study group may seem like too much fun, but actually it works, because you’re forced to discuss and coach each other at speed making learning the content more natural. It also brings context and memory hooks when you need to remember the information in tests later.

There are however some rules to doing study groups effectively. Because if they aren’t managed properly, they can be a massive waste of time. Here’s some tips to get more out of your study groups:

1. Choose similarly goal oriented students within the group.​

2. No distractor-types should be in the group. I think you know who I mean. 

3. Ideal number is 4. ​Any more, and it’s a party.

4. Choose people who contribute.​ You know what I mean. 

5. Do your ‘self-study‘ first.​ Don’t be a drag to the group and be clueless. 

6. Someone should be in charge of time-keeping, and stick to it.

7. Take turns asking questions.​

8. Present to each other.​ It’s learning at speed. 

9. Have Question & Answer group sessions.​

10. Be conscious of learning styles (Visual, Auditory Kinaesthetic) and try to apply it with the type of activities you are doing. 

11. Scheduled breaks & snack-time. Don’t snack while working. You end up talking about the food inevitably. LOL. 

Hope this is helpful!! 

anonymous asked:

2/2 font on plate gate "To dream of a plate signifies your social standing in the community, and a desire to live life to the fullest." "To see an empty plate indicates a feeling of emptiness. You feel life passing you by. Alternatively, it denotes a need to reorganize your priorities."

Hello, dear anon!

The mailman has lost the first part of your letter. I fear I’m going to have to make a script for my standard mailman apology text soon - this whole thing could soon be called “the mailmangate”! If you re-sent it, he lost it again. We should really be discussing about how we could help him better do his job. An intact bag for the envelopes would be a great start, but some additional work force would work even better.

Anyway, I can’t know what you said in the first part of your ask, so I’m going to guess by the second part that you wanted to talk about the symbolism behind an empty plate. What you said in your ask is pretty much the same as what my culture perceives in an empty plate - it can mean a new beginning or the feeling of having given everything.

However, I feel somewhat reclutant to read much into the picture. It could’ve been an accident or a joke. Here’s what the anons are spn-gossip made of it.

I hope you have a lovely day, sweet anon! I really do apologize on the behalf of the mailman… I would’ve loved to receive your letter in full, but one has to make do with what one gets.

PDA police at work.
they should probably care about their own actions. tsk.


Please don’t harm my children Dreamworks



“Back off, Ren! I’m TRYING to make my daily ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!”

Kylo interrupts the General during one of Hux’s daily intercom announcements to the crew of the Finalizer.

//i’m obsessed with Hux’s daily announcements (x) hux says that only people who are acting “suspiciously” should be detained… and the stormtroopers detain him! Why was he being so suspicious ? maybe a little kylux action on the bridge? #LET HUX LIVE 2017!