the words you cannot speak

How Tater Speaks in English: I’m love you.

How Tater Speaks on Russian: The sun cannot compare to your beauty, the words I speak cannot describe the burning flame inside me. You make me twist with just one word fallen from your lips. I love you. 

How Jack Speaks in English: uh, love you.

How Jack Speaks in French: Euh, love you. 

Nyx-Chapter 1

Summary: Nyx was an ancient deity usually envisaged as the very substance of the night–a veil of dark mists drawn across the sky to obscure the light of Aither, the shining blue of the heavens. Her opposite number was Hemera (Day) who scattered the mists of night at dawn. she was doomed to walk the earth in search of her consort Erebus.

Warnings: My usual. Angst, Violence And Smut

Pairings: Bucky X Reader, Avengers x Reader, Platonic!Loki x Reader, Thor x Reader

Walking lightly, twigs and dried leaves crunching beneath your feet, the long white sundress you’re wearing morphs into a shimmering black one. A veil of stars trails behind you, the very light seems to be sucked out of the sky, throwing the world into darkness as you let your nature take over.

Skimming fingers gently over the barks of trees as you walk, wings blacker than the darkest night unfurling from your back. You let out a content sigh. It was good to let go. The stomping of boots behind you gets ignored. You knew he would follow, he always did.

The embodiment of Erebus, the man you had been seeking for millennia.

Your very heart and soul.

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Listening is a rare happening among human beings. You cannot listen to the word another is speaking if you are preoccupied with your appearance, or with impressing the other, or are trying to decide what you are going to say when the other stops talking, or are debating about whether what is being said is true or relevant or agreeable. Such matters have their place, but only after listening to the word as the word is being uttered. Listening is a primitive act of love in which a person gives himself to another’s word, making himself accessible and vulnerable to that word.
—  William Stringfellow
patronage i // yoongi x reader + jungkook x reader

patronage {part i}
yoongi x reader + jungkook x reader // pg-13 // 1495
you are an aspiring artist; you paint, you write music, you recreate life with every measly tool you have. it is a life filled with passion, but passion does not fill your needs. imagine your surprise then, when a man younger than you–but surely of a higher status—approaches you and offers his patronage.

a/n: this fic exists to make @justanemptydream suffer. but, no, really. this fic will not exist without her! i mean look, she even made a banner for me. she’s also an amazing writer and an amazing person, so do check her blog out. :’)

Part 01 // 02 // 03

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One More Night- Dirty Dane #Imagine.

“Come over here, now." 
"Seriously, Come over. I need you." 
"Alright, please get your ass over here?" 

"Dammit, Dane,” you whispered under your breath after your phone vibrated for the umpteenth time within a matter of minutes. You closed your book and swung your legs over the side of the bed, sliding on a pair of shorts underneath your over-sized shirt. You were stupid to think that he wouldn’t call you tonight. You planned on burying yourself in your new book and later enjoy a nice warm bubble bath. No matter how much you tried to convince yourself you were better off without him, you knew you weren’t. 

You are the itch that he can’t scratch. He is the illness you can’t cure. It’s a disease the both of you share, and have no idea how to get rid of it. You must have said it a million times. “I’ll only stay with you one more night.”

You arrived at his place and sighed, looking at the enormous structure of the house. It was almost midnight now. He wouldn’t like that you kept him waiting for so long. You reached for the door, but hesitated to knock. How long could you keep this up? It’s just sex, nothing but it. And it’s true. You and Dane haven’t just hung out, caught a movie, or dinner in months; let alone have a real conversation.

Groaning, you turned on your heels to head back to your car, deciding enough was enough. You couldn’t do this anymore. Of course, though, by some twist of fate, you heard the front door swing open. His lips were pressed into a hard line, lust already clouding his blue eyes.

You scoffed at his stance; his hard demeanor; trying to intimidate you. He pulled you inside by the wrist, slamming the door loud enough to be heard from the houses all around. You didn’t dare wince at the harsh action, knowing he doesn’t do it to harm you; rather to intensify the atmosphere.

You swallowed thickly, clenching your jaw as you pushed his chest away from yours, making a loud thump as he hit the wall.

“You and I go hard at each other like we’re going to war.”

You slowly stepped back, preparing yourself with whatever form of retaliation he was going to unleash upon you. He huffed out the harsh breath he had been holding in and regained his balance. He took you by the collar of your shirt and shoved you up against the door, hindering your movement. 

He gripped the fabric of your shirt, and violently ripped it down the middle and off your body, tossing it onto the floor. He cocked an eyebrow and smiled, silently asking, “What’s your move?" 

You shrugged, picking up the now tattered shirt and pushing his shoulder to make way for you to move past him. 

"That was yours, jackass." 

You heard a deep, hoarse growl escape from Dane’s throat. Before you had time to think, he had you up against the wall, the railing leading upstairs pressed against your back. 

"You know, I’m getting really sick of that little smart ass mouth of yours. I don’t know how I put up with it." 

You tilted your head and scoffed in disbelief. 

"Don’t get me that bullshit, Dane. I’ve been trying to end this thing for months, but every fucking time I leave, you beg me to stay." 

His hands were pressed up against the wall on either side of your head, his body trapping yours against his own and the hard surface behind you. Your face was just centimetres from his and you could feel both of your tempers feeding off of each other.

"You don’t think I feel stupid crawling back to you all the time? I wake up in the morning, hating myself. Satisfied, sure; but guilty as hell.”

His face softened immensely, him now realizing the truth behind his words. He sighed, hanging his head sheepishly and muttered, “I just can’t stop.”

You lifted his chin, giving him no choice but to look at you.

“Dane, don’t you see what’s becoming of us? We’re so damn dysfunctional, that we’ve started keeping score. It’s sick, the things that we do to each other.”

He looked into your eyes; the immense greed replaced with ruthful warmth.

“I put you through hell, don’t I?”

You smiled reluctantly and nodded.

“I don’t remember the last time I’ve come over and didn’t leave with bruises all over my body.”

He shakes his head, rubbing the back of his neck.

“I’m sort of running out of excuses for all the scratches from the neck down.”

You can’t help but smirk at his serious expression. He reveals a sly smile himself.

“I haven’t seen you smile in so long, Dane. What happened to us?”

“The sex. It’s just that good. I never really think about anything else,” he confessed, shrugging shyly. Your lips twitch up in a small smile at his words.

“Well, in any other situation I would take that as a compliment. But Dane, we have to stop this. It’s not healthy. I want my best friend back. I want the old Dane back.”

He nodded, wordlessly agreeing with you. Silence consumed both of you so that you could only hear his uneasy breaths. He let out a low frustrated groan and mumbled “One more night.”

His eyes turned a dark blue as they met yours. His stare made your muscles tense up as he waited for a response. You didn’t even realize you’d been biting your lip until you released it to speak.

“One more night.” You repeat his words, letting the idea sink in.

“One more time to ravish each other; to release all of our frustrations; really give it to one another.”

He nodded, watching you intently. You cocked your head to the side and raised an eyebrow.

“Well, DeHaan, you better fuck me good.”

Dane grabbed your neck, roughly pulling you to him for a passionate kiss. You quickly stripped him of his shirt and ran your fingertips along the ridges of his chest. His hands roamed over the exposed skin of your back, pulling you closer to him. His hands kneaded down into your shorts and massaged your curves as he scooped you into his arms. Wrapping your legs around his waist allowed you to feel how just how much he wanted you.

You began to question if he was going to fuck you right there on the wall until he began making his way upstairs to his bedroom. He tossed you onto the bed and hovered over you. His fingers hooked under your shorts, pulling your panties down your legs along with them. The cold air hit the warmth of your skin, making you shiver, along with his intense gaze. You leaned into him, tugging at his lip aggressively with your teeth as you shed him of his jeans.

He groaned against your mouth as he kicked them off. The way his hips ground against yours was enough to send you over the edge, but you weren’t giving in to him that easily.

You rolled on top of him quickly, straddling his waist. You groaned loudly, his cock throbbing against your heated core with a hunger only you can gratify. His teeth grazed your chest as he unclasped your bra and slid it down your shoulders slowly, taking in the sight of your full breasts. He took your nipple and tugged it between his teeth before flicking his tongue against the hardened bud. You let out a yelp as he treated the other just as harshly.

Your blood boiled in your veins, throwing all caution away. You dragged his boxers down his legs hastily, making him spring from his bounds. You gripped him tightly in your hand and gave him a dry pull, making him jolt from the friction.

His fingers clasped around your wrist tightly, restricting your movements. His jaw clenched as he lifted you off the bed and pushed you against the bedroom door roughly, pinning your arms above your head. Your eyes locked, his gaze softening for a moment. He slowly leaned in, brushing his lips against your own affectionately. You eased into him, kissing back passionately.

Dane nuzzled his nose against your cheek softly before thrusting up into you with everything he had. An earth shattering scream poured from your throat as he filled you to the hilt. His thrusts were quick and hard, but sharp. He released your hands for your hips, holding you up as he continued his assault inside you. Your fingers tangled in his hair as your other hand created small crescent shaped indentions in his skin, almost to the point of drawing blood at the pleasure you were receiving.

His legs began to tremble as they grew weaker with each thrust. He lowered both of you to the floor, allowing you to take control.

You rotated your hips slowly, making him shudder beneath you. His hands rested at your thighs, sliding up to your breasts as you began to rock against his length. His mouth gaped open as the familiar tightening of your muscles set in. He needed for you to let go first, his eyes plead with yours to make up for the words he cannot speak.

You bit your lip hard as your eyes lulled back, and you lost control around him. His hips met yours one last time before he cried out your name, quaking and trembling as his orgasm took over.

Your tired body fell on top of him, both of your breathing and rapid heartbeats synchronized. Dane pushed the hair from your face, kissing your head gently and smiling to himself.

You looked up at him, resting your chin on his chest.

“This isn’t going to be our last night together, is it?”

He shook his head and smiled innocently at you.

“Not a chance.”

*Note: This was originally a story written for someone else, but i got the permission to re-write it (and change a bit here and there) with Dane*


There’s Something You Should Know

From a young age, you never knew who your real father was. The older you get, the more it eats away. Your mother never thought to tell you who he is not even in her last moments. When she passed, you moved in with your godfather, Bruce Wayne. Bruce has always felt like a father to you from the very beginning. He was a close friend of your mother and made a promise to her that he would take care of you. 

Growing up in Wayne Manor with Bruce and Alfred as your guardians has made you feel forever grateful towards them both. They are your family now. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you feel like half of you is missing. You long to find out who your father is. Is he alive? Does he live in Gotham or does he not? There are so many unanswered questions and lately, they have been frustrating you. Bruce and Alfred have become very much aware of that fact. They have been keeping a close eye on you, monitoring everything you do. It is likely they know that you are trying to track down your father yourself. 

Bruce trained you as Robin, just like Dick Grayson and Jason Todd before you. Providing you with the skills you need in order to fight crime in Gotham. These skills should help you locate your father if he is still out there. The two of you return to the cave in the batmobile after an eventful night patrol. You are quick to remove yourself from the vehicle, ready to storm off to your room. Alfred braces himself for what is to come. The arguments between the two of you are growing more frequent. 

“Y/n, I’m not done talking to you!” Bruce calls after you, removing the cowl from his face. 

“Well, I’m done talking to you, Bruce!” You turn around on the ball of your foot and remove your green domino mask. 

“You allowed yourself to become distracted, again.” He sounds displeased by your efforts tonight. 

“I wouldn’t be if you just told me who he is already!” You march right up to him, your chest moving up and down rapidly from anger. “I know that you know something about my father. Why won’t you just tell me?” 

“Your mother didn’t want you to know.” He simply states, showing no sympathy. “I am respecting her wishes.” 

“What about mine?!” You attempt to shove him but his body doesn’t even shift. Bruce remains silent but maintains his eye contact. “No wonder Dick left.” On the outside, he doesn’t show the pain caused by your comment. You shake your head at him, turn around and walk away, your cape flowing behind you. 

As you leave the cave Bruce’s expression turns into one of concern. He has seen rage like that before, it is all too familiar. If you continue to distract yourself from the mission you will surely get yourself killed. That is what worries Bruce so much, he doesn’t want you to face the same fate as Jason did. He slumps down into his chair in front of the bat computer. 

“I know it’s not really my place to say, Sir.” Alfred stands by his side, hands behind his back. “But perhaps you should tell Miss y/n what she needs to know.” He advises. 

“What if I lose her, Alfred?” Bruce turns in his chair in order to face his closest friend. “She will hate me for lying to her all this time.” He sounds so convinced of himself. 

“There’s only one way to know for sure, Master Bruce. It is what needs to be done. Otherwise, you will surely lose her.” Alfred urges him to tell you the truth before it is too late. 

Bruce gives him a nod of understanding. “If you don’t mind, I would like some time alone to think.” 

“Very well, Master Bruce.” 

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Hi for a drabble game can you write Mark angst/fluff with something like "h-how can you do something like this to me?"

“H-how can you do something like this to me, Mark?”  Your breath caught in your throat while you try to swallow the sobs that you have been holding back since you started this difficult conversation with your best friend.

“I thought we will be friends forever?  We’ve known each other since we’re kids and.. and we promised that.. we will stay by each other at all times.  What happened?”  You looked at him but he refuse to return your gaze.  You wanted to touch him and make him look at you, but looking at how Mark is avoiding you, you are not sure if you even want to do that.

“I… I just don’t think that it is still right to be friends with you, ______.  After all… I’ve…”  He finally spoke but still has his eyes directed somewhere but you.

“You’ve what, Mark?  Tell me.   If you have done something wrong, you can always tell me, I will be happy to listen, please, let us talk about this.  Do not throw me away!”  You whined and held his arm, begging for him to at least look at you.

“It is not that easy.”  His statement came out as a broken cry and you’ve noticed that there are tears in his eyes.  You are now wondering as to why he became very emotional about this.  He doesn’t normally cry, unless it is really something serious or hurtful.

“Mark, why don’t you just tell me what the problem is?  Why are you crying all of a sudden?  You do not normally c-”

“I LOVE YOU, _________.”  Mark finally looked at you with his eyes glistening with tears.  You eyes widened at his statement and you cannot believe that he just told you what he had just said.  You have loved Mark since forever, now that you finally knew that he is feeling the same, you are extremely happy.  Now, it seemed like the world stop and you cannot even move or speak, Mark’s words keep repeating inside your head, making your heart and mind swim with happiness.

“I-I am sorry, _____.  I know that I shouldn’t have felt this way because we are friends… that is the reason why I wanted to stop being friends with you.  Shit.. I am really…-”

You pulled his arm towards you and sealed his lips in a chaste kiss.  It didn’t take long before Mark circles his arms around your waist and your arms make its way around his neck.  Words need not to be said as the two of you linger to the most passionate kiss the two of you ever experienced under the moonlight.

sorry it was…. ugh

My dearest Emma,

It’s been only five days since we returned from Camelot.

It feels like an eternity.

It’s worse than when we were sent back to the Enchanted Forest, because at least then I knew that you were happy.  I knew that you were the same woman you had always been.  I could imagine you moving on with your boy, getting the happy ending that you so richly deserve.  Now, I can imagine nothing of the sort.  I see only the pain you are causing, the evil wearing your skin.

I can’t imagine you truly happy like this–no matter how you try to convince me.

You came to me today, on my ship.  You tried to assure me that we could continue as we once had.  It was lies, all of it–lies from the evil within you.  Taunting and teasing.  I was able to see the full extent of what the Dark One has done to you.

You asked me if I love you.

I told you that I had loved you.

That’s not entirely true.

I want you to know, Emma.  I love you.  I love you.  I’ll always love you.  But I cannot bear speaking those words to the demon that stands where once you stood.  I will not let it win your soul by condoning what it has made you to be.

For just a moment–one heartbreaking moment–I thought I saw you again.  The flicker in your eyes made it seem like you would finally push through, finally explain to me what happened that has made you this way, that pushed you to erase our memories and bring us back to Storybrooke.

I won’t stop fighting for you, Emma.  That moment is enough.  It pushes me forward.  I know you are in there, my love, and I will never cease until I see you again.

But until that day, I will write you, so that you will know that not a day went by when these words were not true:

I love you.  I love you, Emma Swan.  I love you.

I Remain Yours,

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so to start off i love you a lot. anyways how about one where both calvin and you are youtubers and you share a panel at vidcon and one of your fans dares you to kiss??

Awh, you guys are so cute! ^-^ I am sorry for the wait, thank you for your patience and support. This idea is pretty cute but idk if it will be what you expected. I hope you guys enjoy!

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - VidCon Panels 

Today was the first time that you were going to be on a panel for VidCon. Sure, you had visited the event before. But you never had your own booth, signing, or panel. Everything was a bit of a blur as you started your channel and people reacted well to it, quickly. Based on your content, you didn’t expect to be invited to a panel, let alone the event itself. 

You arrived and there were a lot of happy fans waiting to see you. Several people stopped you on your way to the event and while walking to your designated area. Surprisingly enough, there was a decent line waiting for you. After about two hours of chatting with fans and taking enough pictures to make your face hurt, it was time for the panel. 

The title of the panel was “Roast vs ” Several of your friends were going to be present on the panel, as well as a few people you didn’t know. To name a couple, RiceGum, FSUATL, and LeafyIsHere. Sure, you would throw in a few shady comments every once in a while, but you didn’t think it was enough to warrant you being on the panel. If anything, you gave constructive criticism. 

Once reviewing the list, you realized they also decided to include a few people on the panel who’s channel was the opposite of a roast. There would be three people who’s specialty was roasting, three who’s specialty was empowering others, and three who were in-between. Essentially, it was going to be a highly controversial panel. On one end, you had what was considered the cancer of YouTube, and on the other there was the angels and saints. They set the room up to be least cancerous to most, leaving you sitting next to the cancer group; being that you were considered to be “in-between.” 

Fans had already started to argue with one another before the panel even started. Each fan was firing words and trying to justify their favorite YouTuber. In order to dissolve some of the problems, YouTube decided to organize a truth or dare between the fans to have the panel participate in. Each one of you was given a sheet of paper with a “truth” or “dare” printed on it. To your luck, you managed to get a truth. 

It went down the line, starting with the angels of YouTube. There were a couple questions for the truth people that were along the lines of either a relationship or if they would ever be a fan one of the cancerous channels. When it came to a couple dares, it involved a prank phone call and roasting one of the roast/cancer channels. Finally, it got to you. You were a little apprehensive as some young girl stood up and asked you, “Since you’re in-between, who’s channel, on the panel, do you like the most?” You think for a few seconds and then say, “I’d have to go with Leafy’s channel. I think he’s absolutely hilarious and it helps that he’s cute. Congrats on your recent sub goal, by the way.” Hearing this, everyone goes absolutely crazy. There are several comments being thrown your and Leafy’s way. Everyone on the panel simply laughs and moves on. 

Eventually, it reaches the end and Leafy holds the mike while opening his sheet of paper. “Fuck me.” He says under his breath. “It’s a dare.” He says, sighing. Some male fan is given the mike and stands to greet the panel. Everyone is a bit anxious to know what the dare is. Leafy is a little relieved at the site of the fan’s shirt saying “Reptilian Army.” The fan begins by saying, “Y/N and Leafy are my OTP, I dare you to kiss Y/N.” Both of your faces turn a pink tint and are surprised by his dare. Of all the things, you didn’t expect for him to say that. Everyone on the panel is laughing and the audience is going crazy and have started chanting “Kiss.” 

Leafy takes his mike and says, “Well, Y/N. I’ve never lost a dare.” You are still lost in a fit of laughter as he gets up and walks over to you. You manage to catch your breath and the audience is getting louder by the second. The other people on the panel are throwing comments to both of you. You look up to him with an expression that asks, “Are you really going to do this here, now?” Before you can process what’s happening, his lips are attached to your cheek as he plants a sweet kiss there. 

He quickly removes himself and turns to walk back to his seat. He holds the mike and says, “You didn’t actually think I would kiss Y/N on the lips in front of you guys, did you?” The audience is hollering at his comment and your actions. He smirks and looks back at you to see your face in your hands. You are a blushing mess and can’t control the smile on your face. How were you supposed to talk with anyone after this panel? You catch his eyes on you and groan at the trouble this is going to cause you. Nevertheless, you can’t but think about how the feeling of his soft, plump lips still lingers on your cheek. 

The panel quickly ends after and everyone goes into the back area. Everyone is exchanging contact information and you are stopped by Leafy who says, “Hey! I hope you don’t mind about earlier.” You chuckle and say, “It’s a dare, I know you didn’t really mean it, it’s no big deal.” He looks to you and says, “Maybe I did, what are you doing later? I’m in town for the next week, we should hang out.” You are surprised at his question and stumble on your words, and he has a small smile at how cute you look to him. 

You finally find the right words and say, “Fuck me, I cannot speak.” You chuckle before continuing with, “I’m not doing anything tonight. I was going to go to the afterparty but you want do something instead?” His face lights up at your words and his smile grows. He says, “Great! I mean, sure. Yeah, do you mind to trade numbers? Then we can coordinate later.” You chuckle at his nervousness and say, “Of course.” 

The two of you exchange numbers and crack a few jokes about what happened. Finally you both say goodbye walk away from the conversation smiling to yourselves. Who knew a little truth or dare could result in this? 

Well, I’d like you to meet the trash that is my writing, lol. Let me know if you guys enjoyed/what you think! I hope you are having a wonderful morning/afternoon! There will be more out later ^-^ Thanks again for being so amazing and supportive! <3 100 Notes and I’ll attend VidCon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oberyn x Tyrell Reader Imagine

[Imagine: Oberyn and you often team up to pick off your enemies one by one but you’re being caught. You return with your tongue cut out for spying and Oberyn swears revenge.]

You notice that Oberyn casts a much larger shadow than you as you walk by his side. They should be here, you think. 
You look at him and he smiles at you. You smile back. It’s a mischievous smile. How many times have you gone through your plan? Nothing can go wrong. Absolutely nothing.

“Even in these common clothes you still look like the damn Prince of Dorne.”, you say. 
“And your doe eyes tell everyone the story of how you’re a Tyrell from Highgarden.”, he replies jokingly. He is right, though.
It’s not the first time that you do this. How many men have Oberyn and you killed for venegance? And every single one of them deserved it.
“We should get a name.”, you propose. “The Snake and the Rose? No, the Rose and the Snake. I’m more important than you.”
Oberyn laughs out loud but it cannot be heard because of all the noises from the city. “Isn’t it embarrassing enough that your banner shows a rose?”
“Isn’t it embarrassing that you laced your left shoe…wrong?”, you ask laughing, too.

But then you get serious. “There he is.”, you whisper to Oberyn. “You see him? The bald man in the grey shirt, there.”
You grab your daggers while Oberyn grabs his spear.
Why is he walking alone among commoners?, you ask yourself.
But before you can think of an answer, you feel someone grabbing you from behind and you scream.
Oberyn turns around, shocked and then you both understand - it’s a trap.
The Prince throws his spear at the man pulling you away from him and you keep screaming. But then a dozend men get between you and you cannot see him anymore.
“OBERYN!”, you scream as loud as you can. “OBERYN, OBERYN!”
“(Y/N)!”, you hear him screaming. “(Y/N)!”
“HELP ME!”, you scream with the last bit of air in your lungs.
“(Y/N)!”, you hear him but his voice changed.
Your heart is about to burst. At least this is what it feels like.
What you cannot know is that Oberyn has no chance alone against so many. 
You don’t know that he is crying, screaming your name. You never saw him cry. In all the years - not a single time.
This time you won’t, either.

“Let me go.”, you whisper. They cuffed you and locked you into a dark room but you have no idea where you are.
The last few hours you spent trying not to cry while they punched you, kicked you, over and over again, asking you for information.
“What do you know?”, the man asks. He’s wearing a mask and you cannot see his face through it. All of the others left the room when they had enough of your screams.
“I told you I don’t know anything.”, you groan in agony.
He slaps you again. You cough blood again.
“I know who you are. I know who he is. I know what you do. So speak up, tell me everything and I will let you go.”
You laugh. “You won’t let me go.”
“You were the one who killed Amory Lorch.”, the man says.
“I was.”, you reply. “And it was more satisfying than anything else.”
This time he doesn’t slap you. He kicks you in the ribs and you scream again.
You will die here, you think.
“Wh - what is it t-that you want to - want to know.”, you ask after a few minutes.
“I want you to confess.”, he says. You stare blankly. 
“Confess that you spread the rumours about Queen Cersei and her brother Jaime. Confess it.”, he demands.
“No rumours.”, you groan. “They actually fuck.”
The last thing you see is his fist. No pain. Just darkness.

Oberyn Martell was always mad. Passionate. Some might say insane.
But over your abduction it got worse.
It’s been four days now. He sent men to get you back but they cannot find you.
He looks for you every day, waits for you.
He loves you. He never really told you he did and now he regrets it.
“It must have been the Lannisters.”, he says to his daughter Obara. “They need her silence.”
“We will kill every single lion in the realm.”, she says quietly.
“Not enough.”, Oberyn says. “We will feed them to lions. I will watch them all die. if they touched her I’m going to kill them. No mercy.”
“Father - (Y/N) is -”
“I want to know what they do to her. I’m going to do all of this to them.”
“You love her, don’t you?”, Obara whispers. Oberyn turns around to her.
It means yes. Obara knows.

You wake up. Have you died?
As you open your eyes you realize where you are: In the desert. Where the snakes are. They brought you here to die.
You scream.
It’s pain. Pain and something else. You can’t feel your tongue. You try to touch it with your fingers but it isn’t there.
The immense pain is caused by the wound, the hole in your mouth.
They cut out your tongue.
Blood everywhere. 
You start to cry hysterically, you cannot breathe. And you pass out again.

You wake up again and you’re sure you’re dead. You lie in a soft blanket, in a light room, you hear the ocean.
“(Y/N)?” It’s him. Oberyn. His voice, saying your name.
You open your mouth to speak but you cannot say a word. Nothing.
They cut out your tongue.
“Love, you’re safe now.”, he whispers and takes your hand.
You cry again. You cannot speak, you cannot say a single word, nothing.
“I will kill them all.”, Oberyn says, kissing your forehead. “I will rip them apart, every single one of them. I will kill everyone who had something to do with that. I promise. I will avenge you.”
He cries.
Oberyn Martell cries.

do not long to be turned into art,
celebrate the fact you are art already.

You cannot be turned into poetry,
when the words you speak
tell a thousand stories.

The glitter under your eyes is a
reflection of your spirit,
your personality;

Do not long to be immortalised as
a piece of artwork,
only to be critiqued and judged.
Recognise that you are already art
and celebrate it.”

- s.o.c

Belgian Gothic
  • It’s a Sunday afternoon. The streets are empty but for an old man sitting in a lawn chair by his front door. He shouts at a passerby cat. The cat glares at him knowingly. Not long now.
  • Everyone is from somewhere. No one is from a place you have heard of. You are not from a place you have heard of. You never visit your parents. 
  • Every town is a ghost town, with menacing movements around corners that you do not care to investigate. Still the towns are more alive than the cities. Do not go to the cities.
  • People who shape their vowels differently are your arch enemies. You live 10 km apart but the distance is insurmountable. Somewhere, someone laughs bitterly. They have blended in.
  • You go on holiday to the seaside. You want to order a drink, but the people don’t understand you. You don’t understand the people; their language sounds familiar yet you cannot make out any words. What do they speak? You feel uneasy. 
  • You go on holiday to the mountains. There are no mountains. You still do not understand the people although you feel like you do speak their language. The words refuse to leave your mouth.
  • A festival is held. Suddenly there are crowds, but the people seem to be in some kind of trance. The repetitive music reaches the ears of the unwilling; they seem to remember the melodies from some horrible past. The crowd chants in unison.  
  • Someone is talking about fries. You crave fries. You eat fries, but somehow the fries are not satisfying. They never are satisfying, never quite how you remembered them. Someone is dreaming about fries. 
  • A lonely car rushes past. The music it blasts has a strange rhythm that reminds you of a heartbeat. You think it is your heartbeat, but surely that is impossible?

Hi Jesse!

Thank you for the too kind words.  I cannot speak for any of the other artists at Disney as they are in a league of their own, but maybe I can try to talk about what I’m trying to do when I make a drawing, and really a lot of what I know, I learned from them.

For this drawing of Marty McFly on a hoverboard, I started out by looking up reference because I don’t skateboard myself, and I just wanted to get something that looked different, and authentic.  I think I went to pinterest and literally just searched skateboard.

In the sketch, my intent is to capture how the movement of the gesture feels.  The arc of the back, the slight twist of the torso, I tried to capture how his screen right arm is counterbalancing but I don’t think I quite got it.  I’m also trying to capture how one shape/form flows into another , so that your eye is lead in a pleasing way down the pose, that rhythm that you were talking about! I’m looking for ways to streamline and simplify the silhouette. I’m trying to push how perspective can give more shape variety, like with his foot coming forward, and the shape of the board and how that can give  a feeling of going back in space. I was also trying to capture the elasticity in his face, and more of the feeling of the expression, how his jaw is pushed forward, how his brows affect his eye shape, although now I look at it, it seems like I could’ve pushed further.

The third panel,  Here I am more concerned about shapes, while trying to keep the kinetic energy of the sketch.  I’m trying to give the shapes a feeling a movement but focusing on keeping them solid and respect anatomy.  (Thats a key thing at Disney right now is solid drawing, so I’m trying to get better at that.)  I’m also trying to be conscious of the balance of simple vs. complex side of a shape, screen right arm for example.  I think overall, I’m trying to get a feeling of sprezzatura ( I just learned that word : studied nonchalance :  perfect conduct or performance of something (as an artistic endeavor) without apparent effort), because the photo looks effortless and second-nature, I’m also trying to make the drawing feel like it was done effortlessly, even though we know it took some work and time to figure out ;)

Anyway, I didnt want to make this too artsy , I don’t think anyone thinks about all of these things when doing it, and this is isn’t by any means a masterpiece.  Just go for whats appealing to you and analyze later, or analyze the work of someone better like I do! =)  


Hey, @worshippedlove , I don’t know what you’re so scared of that you felt the need to block me (is it the inconvenient truth, perhaps?) but I’ve got a few words for you :)

I cannot speak for these “hets” you speak of, for I am queer, but I can guarantee you that I’ve only seen people happy about how great his outfit looked, nails included.

The only people obsessing over him liking to get his nails done are nut jobs like you, who somehow - in the 21st century, two thousand and sixteen - still think that applying a varnish to your nails is an indicative of the wearer’s sexuality.

Sincerely, shove your bigotry up your arse.