the words of cthulhu

@bizarre-trader friend Yeen’s wares have safely landed in the cold land far away!

the container was covered with feathers and had some blood on it, so i think it’s safe to assume it hit a seagull (or some other similar bird) on its way and thus it was a bit postponed.

your wares are exquisite and they made me a very happy girl today! hoping friend Yeen good business for years to come c:

i’ve been playing Metroid Prime 1 & 2 first time in forever & i love how i keep noticing new details & paying more attention to all the logs & scans

like, space pirates actually get paid?? they keep pets?? & apparently some are so popular they’re actually named?? they complain abt their bosses & dick around @ work??

idk i just love all these tidbits of info that i missed for some reason when playing before

Overwatch is so great & weird in many ways

before i started playing OW i had like one friend on - now i have 48

i have gotten to know some nice & great new people & i also have gotten a bit closer to some friends i knew from before

like honestly, it’s just such a nice way to spend time with others and i get to talk with peeps & stuff, i just wish i could play w more ppl @ a time

the game has given me so many hours of fun & laughs, tho there has been some salt too ofc.

it’s so much fun to do silly things in-game or create a custom game that’s purposefully chaotic & fun

the fandom is generally nice & understanding, tho ofc there are the occasional man-baby whiners which every big fandom has. i mean like, the fandom isn’t perfect ofc but the content that is created is so beautiful & great

tl;dr: i love Overwatch

My home in Terraria. I know Tumblr resizes the image (pieced together from four screenshots as you might see), but I think you can get the basic idea x)

Been planning of making two copper towers for a while now, and you can see the beginning of them in the picture. At some point I’ll decorate the glass tower with statues and banners, and move the chests up there. I also should arrange the contents of the chests, now it’s kind of a mess.


tired almost-6-am-selfies

omg I can’t decide on faves I love so many cards these were just ones my tired brain decided on

ok Shaman of Spring is my #1 card artwise, that much I’m certain of