the word should have more people like him

monster el should have been connor kent/aka superboy and here’s a few reasons why 

1.) connor kent is a clone of superman so kara would have seen him as a brother, and would’ve been able to help him, like a mentor. we don’t see many women mentoring men. 

2.) one word SUPERMARTIAN!!! they were so great in young justice. we need more couples that are generally great and love and support each other 

3.) speaking of young justice: they are bringing it back. what better way to get people to watch it, than have a version of supermartian on tv? they will get excited and watch the show and it will do well. 

4.) kara being a mentor for connor would have been better and a better storyline than her being guilt tripped into liking a douche 

5.) we could see more of tyler as superman and see how he’d react to a clone. 

6.) kara could have found a new part of herself. which is what the writers seem to want her to do when she broke it off with james. 

7.) james could have taken connor under his wing, because he is so close with clark he could have seen him as a little brother/friend. 

8.) connor is a clone, and was cloned for the soul purpose to take over superman’s place, but with kara’s messages of hope and basically “you choose your own destney” he would learn to let go of this and become his own person

9.) lena lurthor and connor would have to meet and since connor’s human donor for his DNA is lex, it would be cool to see lena take him in, and treat him as a brother/nephew since she hasn’t always felt like taht in her family 

10.) connor is a 1000000000% more interesting and a better character than monster el. 

I can taste the words I haven’t said to him. I can feel it in my insides.
All i’m saying is that i love him more than i should and it makes me queasy but it makes me happy like one of those rides you tried for the first time and you were scared at first and in between but when you were done and remembered the feeling you get a weird sense of nostalgia about the world spinning and the hurt didn’t matter. I just feel like a lot of people have said they love me and i’ve said the same because i always anticipate it’s departure and it’s not just 3 am loneliness this time because it wasn’t till he said he missed me at 3 pm when he was busy with other people, or we’re laughing and catch each others eyes or when he packed me a bag of junk food for Christmas that i realized love is less about the words and more about the actions of the dark when you’re both quiet and honest and it’s funny and sad because this is your person in this life but of course something’s gonna f**k it up . I wonder what it must have felt like for the first people who fell in love. What i’m saying is that love feels different from the inside. It’s radiating. Like i had no idea how people could be poetry and he showed up like an entire book.
—  Vivian
Dylan Strome #5

Requested by Anon:  hi!! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you go to his family’s house for the holidays and its your first time meeting them? maybe Mitch Marner, Auston Matthews, Connor Mcdavid or Dylan Strome? either one is cool:)

*Hii!! I chose Dylan Strome, I hope you don’t mind. I was supposed to post another Stromer drabble and then realized that I still have one more holiday drabble to put up – this! So this goes first, naturally. :) Enjoy!


Word count: 871

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Ryan Strome was watching you eat. Now, on any given day, it would be weird and you’d have already called him out on it but today is not a normal day. Today, you’re meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time and part of that family is Ryan Strome – so he’s one of the people you should start sucking up to if you want them to like you – and if he wants to watch you eat, he can stare for as long as he wants.

To your left, Dylan Strome was watching Ryan watch you. Your boyfriend of four months, you jumped at the opportunity to meet his family when he invited you to their holiday dinner two weeks ago.

Suddenly, Dylan leaned on the table and called his mom, “mom, Ryan is being weird.”

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As a harrie and someone who loves the other boys too and wants the best for all of them I can see that most people are not against harry (most because some can be really nasty to him) more like against biased journalism! Still doesn't excuse some harries' behavior! Damn there are nasties everywhere!


I loooooove Harry. And I want him to do well, and I’m excited for him album too. And, okay, maybe some of us Niall stans took that Sirius quote thing to heart/“the wrong way” – but perhaps they should have worded themselves better, just saying – but…now some Harries are turning around and attacking who Niall is and accusing him of not being genuinely grateful because it’s all “fan service”..? Like- In one breath they’re getting defensive over that quote and saying that nobody is making it into a competition or anything and then in another breath they’re the ones making into a sort of competition by making accusations against who Niall is as a person. Fuck that noise.

Seasons of Love

Anonymous said:  Hello! I was wondering you you could write one where the reader and Dean are married and Dean like to watch her doing normal everyday things and every time he sees the rings he just smiles and kisses her hand??

A/N: Okay, so I am aware that I’ve got the “Untitled” stuff to work on as well as this other thing, but for right now have some fluff that I couldn’t get out of my head at 3 AM. (I also want to do more little snaps continuing this so it’s not over.)

Word count: 1,385

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: none.

Spring (Part II) Summer (Part III) Autumn (Part IV) Winter (Part V)


People say that being in love doesn’t normally last much, or so had Dean heard before. For him, love had always been like a poisonous word. A swear that should never leave his lips unless he wanted to damn himself to the pain that always came along with it. Love was dangerous, and it could weaken someone to their lowest point.

But then you had stepped into his life, a damaged soul just like his, and yet there had been something about you, a certain pureness that you held onto along with your fierce touch, that had caught his attention. You had made sure to hold on to it for more than just a little while. Dean learned that love could not only be a weakness, but it could also be a strength, a drive, to push himself to be a better person.

And the once-forbidden word wasn’t poison anymore. Now it was transformed into a sweeter thing, more calming and warm than scary. He wasn’t afraid to love, and he wasn’t afraid to mention the word anymore. So his lips found themselves moving almost automatically to form those syllables whenever he saw you. Dean remembered how at one point you had teased about the word losing its meaning if he said it so often, but Dean knew that it never would. Not with you.

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Brava for your PSA. I honestly don't understand why fans feel the need to judge Sam for his choices or the women for their pasts. Sam will have his reasons for his choices in women and it only matters what he sees in them. He told us on the Christmas IG pic what that is and there is probably more. That should be enough. He didn't ask his fans to like her, but to actually show some respect and common curtesy.

Thanks for your kind words anon!

I agree with you–it is Sam’s choice with whom he chooses to spend time. If we respect him, we should respect the people in his life.

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Do I Call This Criticism? | Accepting

What I Like:

–  “Oh Lady of Luminosity, you have a charming face. Its edges retain the softness of youth.”

–  “That bright attitude of yours can, at times, be quite infectious.”

–  “Stay true to your magic. It’s the beautiful heartbeat of your soul.”

What I Dislike:

–  “Less patriotism please. You of all people should know your country isn’t all that wonderful.”

–  “Talk less. The more senseless words you spew, the more you solidify yourself as a dizzy dunce.”

–  “Do you dare see the beauty of a tragedy once in a while? Those endlessly optimistic smiles of yours make my face hurt.”

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Ohhhhhh. Oh, stars. Sideous poisoning the trapped ghosts and memories of Order 66 and the Jedi as they were before it. Maybe on purpose, maybe not. Oh, stars. You're right, that is horrific. I did not need to be thinking of that after dark. Holy cow. Arrgg, Sideous, haven't you done enough? They're already dead and gone. When you think it can't get worse, it does. Man, that parallels nicely with him erasing them form history and changing public opinion of the Jedi. He's warping even what's left.

You know, this is now my headcanon for what happened to the Jedi Temple during Sideous’ occupation. It’s too horrific to do otherwise.

And yet, I feel like I should be more than kind of sorry for having inflicted this headcanon on people at… hm. 12.30am my time XD

‘too horrific to do otherwise’… anon, you’ve basically put into words how about 20% of my plots stick :D
Well. @lilyrose225writes would gladly inflate the number, but - tbh, my latest adventure with OC backstory went exactly like that. 

Emotional Arguments

First: you are amazing!!!!!! Second, I’d like to make a request. You know that reid hates shaking hands and having to touch people in general. So he is like explaining this to the reader and she starts arguing with him about the lack of contact between humans and that she thinks that people should be more affectionate, so to prove her point, she takes spencer hands and then hugs him or something idk really cute, give him a kiss on his cheek. Do what you do best cuz i know you won’t disappoint me.

Oh my word, you are so incredibly kind.  Thank you so very much!  And I can most certainly do this prompt for you.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“It’s just that more germs are passed through a handshake, so if anything, you should kiss someone when you meet them because you are less likely to get them, or yourself, sick,” he finishes.

“Unless they are already sick, in which case it doesn’t matter whether or not you shake their hand, you’re still gonna get ill.  But that doesn’t mean that you should lose out on needed physical contact with another human being just because your scared of having 1,000 germs passed between the two of you versus 2,000,” you counter.

“Actually, only 80 million germs are passed via a kiss versus a handshake which passes close to 150 million,” Spencer corrects.

Blinking at him as you huff, you realize the team has gathered around you to watch you take on the verbal fighting champion.

“Spencer, in this technological day and age, people are slowly immersing themselves in their phones and computers, making it harder for people to understand the true need and importance of physical connections with people,” you say, your hand inching out to his as he steps back.

“Well, it’s a good thing I don’t engage in technology for that exact fact,” he retorts.

“So you don’t connect through technology, and you don’t connect through human touch.  So, how do you connect?” you ask, your eyes finding his as he stares as you, his jaw slightly slack as Morgan smirks out of the corner of your eye.

“I think that people should be more affectionate towards each other,” you say, taking a step towards him as his eyes dart around, “It’s how we show appreciation, or camaraderie, or admiration…”

Reaching out to take his hand, you slowly slide your fingers across his as you envelope his hand in yours, bringing his hand up to your lips as you kiss it lightly.

“For some…it’s even how they show love,” you murmur.

As the teams eyes widen and dart between one another, your eyes slowly raise back up to Spencer’s wild gaze, his hand trembling as you slowly drop it back to his side.

“Why in the world would anyone want to deprive themselves of the warmth another person can give simply by hugging them?”

Stepping close and wrapping your arms around Spencer, you pull him close with Rossi gives him two thumbs up over your shoulder in the background as Hotch elbows Rossi in the rib-cage.

“Why in the world would you ever not want someone this close?” you whisper, pressing a light kiss just in front of his ear.

Feeling him tremble within your arms, his tense figure finally gives in as his arms slowly wrapping around you, pulling you close to him as his face presses in to your neck

Slowly but surely, you lay your cheek on the side of his head as you nuzzle in to him, taking in his scent as you bring your hand up to run your fingers through his mangled hair.

“Don’t deprive yourself of something so beautiful just because a study shows that germs happen,” you whisper to him, feeling him sigh into the crook of your neck as his body begins to regain composure.

“You have been alone for so long,” you breathe, letting go of him and pulling him out in front of you, “And you don’t have to be any more.”

“Let me in,” you whisper, your eyes pleading with him as you grasp his upper arms, willing his eyes to look up at you.

And as his gaze slowly drifts back up to yours, his eyes glossed over as the bones in his legs begin to evaporate, he gives you a light nod as he sits back on his desk, letting out the breath he was holding before pulling you back in to another long, warm, necessary hug.

“Thank you,” he chokes out, his hands shaking on your lower back as he buries his face in to your neck, “Thank you so much,” he whispers.

This moment is so important. We finally don’t have to look for tiny moments in chapters/episodes to find tsukkiyama moments. And I don’t mean romantically, I mean them as a team. People finally can’t say that tsukishima doesn’t care about yamaguchi or anything like that. We can finally see clearly that tsukishima only opens up to yamaguchi and no one else, that yamaguchi’s words affect him and that he can help him. We finally have their relationship as it should be, with actual long, meaningful scenes that show us how developed their relationship is and how much they care for each other, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Judge Thomas new the misshapen girl he’d been saddled with all those years previously would soon come in use to him. It had been a mistake for him to have murdered her mother, but he suspected her of witchcraft. All gypsies were guilty of such crimes to his mind. Them, and the Druids. All of them were Heathens. He had repented for his crime by raising the infant as if she were his own, growing to like her a little more than he should have done by the time she was reaching adulthood.

She obeyed him, listening to his every word and believing in all he said. She was a monster, an unholy demon and she grew to know that more and more every day. Imprisoning her in this mansion was for her own good. If she so much as set foot in the real world, people would know of her existence and, therefore, his crime. He falsely lead her into believing it was for her own good and, for the most part, it seemed to be working.

Why do we act like romantic love is so strong and passionate and intense and that everyone should want it. We romanticise romance. Why do little kids feel the need to have boyfriends and girlfriends so young. Why dont talk about friendship more. I want a movie about some people who think that theyre in love but realize that they are so much happier as friends. I want a book about a boy who feels lost and alone and I want him to meet a girl who changes his world for the better and I want there to be a scene where they openly talk about there feelings and they feel comfortable and happy together. They dont fall in love. I have found a boy who I love more than anyone in this whole world. he has been my bestfriend for years and years and has helped me through so much. If our lives were a movie, hollywood would write us as childhood lovers. our love is strong and passionate and intense. It is not romantic. Platonic love can be everything romantic love is. I’m writing this mainly for my own benefit. I find that writing things down helps me make sense of my thoughts. I’m posting this here off a whim, in the hopes that some kid somewhere will read this and understand.

I was talking to my dad the other day while walking. I had just finished a rant about Donald Trump. “He’s a bigoted, sexist, idiot. He wants to ban tampons, he wants to mark middle eastern people like Hitler did the Jews. He wants to build a wall to keep people out of America, even though America should be about letting everyone in. He wants to “politely” deport people.“

Once I was finished my dad calmly asked why I cared. I was grasping for words to explain why I cared.
"He’s disgusting, we can’t have someone like that for president, he makes us look bad”
And my dad just said, “I think it makes you upset because there are people who agree with him. He is just one person who has stupid thoughts, but I think you’re upset because there are people putters who have no issue with that. I think you’re more disappointed in the people than him.”

And that was that. And he’s right. I’m not mad that Trump has his opinions, (although they irritate and offend me) I’m mad because there’s enough people who agree with him to make the threat of him being president real.