the word live

Sometimes we create problems out of simple circumstances. We allow for our minds to draw up exaggerated conclusions. We fear things that may or may not actually exist. Try not to be scared. Try not to worry. Try not to allow life’s dips and curves to stun your inner warrior.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Nah, I really don’t care if anyone gives me a second look. I don’t even look at other women anymore because I’m so disappointed that they aren’t you. I can see prettiness but since I’ve met you.. that’s what I compare beauty to. You.. and that’s the only place I can find beauty like that, is you..
—  Eue - Something I said to Skeeter with a sentence or two added on. I love you so much!!
Your mindset can make or break you. If you believe something to be bad, then it will simply be bad. However, if you make a point of looking for the light amidst the darkness, it can turn your whole world into one filled with beauty.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Note to self: stop rushing forward. You are right where He wants you to be. Whatever or whoever it is that you’re waiting for right now in this moment? Trust Him. Trust His timing. Trust His plan. Because He’s got this, love. He’s got this, and He’s got you, and you are right where you are meant to be. Now, lean into Him and enjoy where you’re at today.

Try to pay special attention to taking care of yourself. If you’re hungry, feed yourself. If you’re tired, take a nap. When you’re ready to take on the world each day, get out there and shine your light! Create positive affirmations for yourself, and say them at the beginning of each and every day; things like;

Today will be an amazing day!
Today I am filled with energy and love!
Today I will give it my all and go to bed leaving the world a better place!

It’s astounding how things as simple as words can impact our beliefs. Please try to make moment to do this; whether it’s in the shower, on your way to work, or before bed. Even if you don’t believe what you’re saying, you must continue, for sometimes it takes a while to alter one’s attitude and state of mind.

When you have the need to look for me in other people, please remember that I will not be found. Instead, try looking for me in any form of words that makes you feel like it is poetry. That is where you will find me. I will be waiting.
—  Lukas W. // I live in words