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why are you buying art commissions while begging for money on gofundme?

Hello Anon !

This is a completely legitimate question and the only thing I’m disagreeing on is the way you speak of me as begging for money. I am asking for help, which is already a very complicated thing for me, and do whatever is possible on my side to make possible the purchase of that AC.

But let’s return to the legitimate question, you are wondering why I am using money for something which is a luxury while I should be keeping it for what is a necessity ?
The truth is I hardly ever buy art :
- I do trades (maybe you know about it but I do gif and screenshot edit commissions).
- I do gils commissions (I hardly ever use my gils for anything else).
- I put myself in a waiting list for buying art from specific artists I’m in love with (@thornedembers art is a good example, I was in their waiting list since November) and ask to pay in 2 or 3 times.
- I am as well the Patron of @raelcsart since several months which is the reason why you see so many arts of her for me.
- And sometimes - and I know it’s a completely crazy thing, even for me it’s super crazy - people just draw for me without I ask anything OAO !

I hope this answered your question Anon, I am sorry if my gofundme or the arts I receive irritated you in any way and I hope my answer eased some of your concerns.

So @i-will-not-be-caged commented on another post, saying among other things:

the current Captain Marvel book isn’t disappointing because “sjw issues,” it’s disappointing because pretty much anything was gonna be a bit of a step down after Kelly Sue Deconnick left. And also because Civil War II completely fucked up the character.

This is all true! But I think also brings up a really important point that deserves discussing.

Captain Marvel was not popular just because everyone fell in love with Captain Marvel, but because KSD made it a priority to actively engage with her audience (an audience Marvel does not normally particularly work to engage with), to the point of spending her own money on it. That audience engaged back many times over.

And then KSD left the book and there was no engagement and Marvel is still sitting there saying “Wait, we thought people liked Captain Marvel?” without ever stopping to understand how much of that engagement came from being engaged to begin with.

They greenlit a Captain Marvel movie because they saw the fan passion for Captain Marvel and now they don’t understand why her book isn’t performing as well as it used to and are panicking, because they never understood why it was getting such strong positive reactions in the first place.

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even also knows that there isn't a lot he can do about isak's insomnia, but he can help him be less stressed (bc they both know he's less likely to sleep if he's stressed) so he makes isak talk through things with him. school stuff? they talk through a plan on how to get it all finished. money issues? they talk about even working some overtime and isak getting money from his dad. "if there's something bothering you, talk to me about it so we can work it out" and they talk through his anxieties

yes! i love this! i was just talking to @isisisak about it in fact, and she suggested that even would want isak to talk, isak would be against it at first because it’s uncomfortable to say out loud what’s bothering him, it always feels stupid and inconsequential, especially because even’s probably got more important things to think about.

eventually though, even will sit down in front of isak, take his hands and hold them tight, and tell him “talk to me, i’m here.” at first isak will say “it’s nothing, don’t worry” but even will keep trying, not pushing too hard but gently encouraging him, perhaps using things he’s learnt in his therapy sessions and saying “just say what comes to mind for five minutes, and thats it” and eventually the words will come flowing out of isak, and even will be there listening and holding his hands tight through all of it.

where he can give suggestions, he does, and where he can’t he just listens, but isak feels so so comforted by even’s presence, and his listening, and it ends up with isak crawling forward into even’s lap, and curling up, and even will rub his back and kiss his hair to calm him down because what he just said took a lot out of him, but now he’s said it all, it’s all out in the open, and he’s drained, but what he really needs is sleep, which comes easier now, and then when he wakes up again everything will seem a lot better

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Low-key headcannon that craw is like worshipped for Goodluck by Jon's henchmen, like they leave her fruits and seed so she blesses them with spooky success

Headcannon accepted, that is really cute~!

Imagine that the henchmen like to feed and sometimes spoil (against Jonathan’s wishes) the crows. They share their food and protect each other. If there’s ever a turf war between the rogue, you can expect a murder of crows to descend upon the opposing henchmen.

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so I guess I'm just a bit confused but can you just help clarify some stuff for me: the LGBT+ community is for everyone that's not 'straight,' or rather for everyone that doesn't identify as both heterosexual and heteromantic, for example, heteromantic but bisexual, and these people are welcome in the LGBT+ community. These people are heteromantic but not heterosexual. Asexuality can work the same way; heteromantic, not heterosexual. What exactly makes them not part of the LGBT+ community, then?

im not sure if the overall tone of this ask is mocking or serious but im going to answer it as politely as i can bc i actually have the patience this morning

the lgbt community isnt for “everyone that’s not ‘straight’“. the lgbt community is for those who are either same gender attracted (sga), trans, or both. sga ppl who are cisgender are lgbt, and straight ppl who are trans are also lgbt. so yes, some straight ppl are still lgbt, because they’re trans.

being asexual doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack sexual attraction. being aromantic doesnt inherently make you lgbt; it just means you lack romantic attraction. a lack of attraction does not make you lgbt. like i said before, being sga and/or trans makes you lgbt.

there are ace ppl who are romantically sga, and aro ppl who are sexually sga, but ace/aro ppl who are neither are not lgbt unless theyre also trans.

i hope this cleared things up a bit

Title: You do the Honors
Pairing: Null ARC Cpt. N-11 - Ordo / RC-8015 - Fi
Fandom: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Rating: PG
Word Count: 770~
Prompt: #25 - do it right the first time
Summary: Everyone needs a place to catch their breath.
Expect: Fluff. Mostly fluff. Lots of introspection. 

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I bet either Nightmare or Craw have learnt how to make batman's voice and that's led to so many startles. Like Jon's peacefully working in his lab with Nightmare snoozing by his shoulder and on the other side of the room Craw's like *batman voice* "CRANE" and poor Jon just WHIPS AROUND LIKE HOW THE FUCK DID HE GET IN HERE

Oh gosh, that’s hilarious. I could honestly see that happening too, because crows are really good at mimicking different vocal tones. Poor Jonathan, he puts up with a lot for the sake of his corvid companions.

Oooh! Imagine Riddler teaching one of the crows to say “Riddle me this!”
Jonathan haaaates it, eventually he teaches his crows to stop mimicking Edward through behavioral training (and this just pisses off Edward even more so, because the crows simply ignore him)

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Thyme, darling, I'm so sorry you're having trouble with anons. You're doing a really generous thing giving free readings; how dare they try to take advantage of that!! 😡😡😡

Thank you for being so sympathetic! Admittedly, I may have acted a bit rashly but I thought that “criticism” I received was worded in an extremely rude and uncalled for manner. 

All of you should know I love constructive criticism and discussing where people think my readings went wrong, just be polite. For a free service I don’t understand why someone would even bother sending such a spiteful message and then expect me to respond pleasantly! 😣😣😣

happiness lives
in a little room in my heart
and some days it
prefers the curtains drawn shut

(and i’ve learned that’s okay).

—  by shelby leigh
Your mindset can make or break you. If you believe something to be bad, then it will simply be bad. However, if you make a point of looking for the light amidst the darkness, it can turn your whole world into one filled with beauty.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

I went off on twitter. This was mostly about sexuality, but it fucking applies to gender too, Melissa.


“Why are there new terms for sexualities? They sound made up.“ 


This isn’t the 40s, Bob; I’m not a hep cat homophile, I’m a tired lesbian who wants you to leave the nice demi/pan/aro/ace/etc queers ALONE.

All they wanna do… is have a nice succinct name… and a nice little flag… AND WALK IN THE PRIDE PARADE LIKE THE REST OF US, MIKAELA.

I’ll put it this way: 

 "If thou dost protest thine word’s natural evolutions, mayhaps THOUST GET THEE TO AN INN FOR THINE ELDERY, HORATIO.”

Perhaps… have some empathy & maybe think about how people are different from you & that doesn’t invalidate either of your feelings, Chad.

“Everyone has to make an emotional connection before they’re sexually attracted to someone.“ 

 No, Lucy, I’d bang hot total strangers.


We make up new words b/c we need a new word. That’s how you know that an "app” is the word for the application on your microcomputer, Lou.

So I’m sorry if you’re lazy/new words scare/threaten you in your  old age. But these are my queer sisters/bros/NB kin & they’re REAL & VALID


Hey there, take a seat, think a thought.
Being toxic towards someone isn’t going to make things better. Making someone upset about their creation isn’t going to make the day brighter.
This is no holy war, nothing to win here.

There’s always a way to protect yourself from the content you don’t want to see.
There’s always a choice to walk away and let the person be.
There’s always a way to protect yourself from the hate that’s coming onto you.

Keep that in mind, sunshine, we all are awesome. And there’s a list long enough, full of things we can be upset about. Don’t add hateful attitude and being toxic into it.

Take life at a pace that feels right to you. No one said that you need to rush to get to the very end destination. There are no rules to see how fast one can live their life. Life is just simply meant to be lived. So take it slow, or take is a bit faster. Either way, make sure that it feels comfortable to you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin