the word alie

"I like you" & "I love you" German Vocabulary list
  • Ich liebe dich. – I love you (for your boyfriend/girlfriend)
  • Ich hab dich lieb. – I love you (for your family & friends)
  • Ich mag dich. – I like you
  • Du bist mir wichtig. – You’re important to me
  • Ich bin in dich verliebt. – I’m in love with you
  • Du gefällst mir. – I like you
  • Liebst du mich? – Do you love me?
  • Magst du mich? – Do you like me?
  • Du bist süss. – You’re sweet/cute.
  • verliebt - in love
  • niedlich - cute
  • hübsch - pretty/handsome
  • wichtig - important

  • mit jemandem ausgehen, jemanden daten - to date someone
  • jemandem ein Kompliment machen - to compliment sb.
  • jemanden mögen - to like sb.
  • jemanden lieben - to love sb.
  • die Beziehung - relationship
  • der Freund - boyfriend
  • die Freundin - girlfriend

I naturally prefer the form of the book. We’ve loved it for centuries, and no wonder: Look at it; its always-opening-to-something, its two wings, its two sides making one form, its act of opening us as we open it — you can’t “open” a screen like you can literally open a book. And a book always holds the reminder of the organic world, the trees that went to make it — and the word “spine” was originally used for the spine of the book because of the spine of the creatures whose skins were once used to bind books, the place where the skin folded over the creature’s own spine. That’s how close to the process of life, death, time, growth and oxygen the form of the book is.

Ali Smith, in an interview with The New York Times


NYC taxi passengers rip off Sikh driver’s turban and assault him

  • The New York Police Department is investigating a possible hate crime against a Sikh cab driver who was allegedly assaulted by passengers, the New York Daily News reports
  • On Sunday, Harkirat Singh, 25, was driving a woman and three men in their early 20s from near Madison Square Garden to the Bronx, when the drunk passengers began to physically assault him and rip off his turban.
  • The incident began when Singh took them to their requested destination, but was then told it was the wrong location. 
  • The passengers then started shouting racial slurs and banging on the plastic window separating them from Singh.
  • “They’re using bad words, also. They said, ‘Ali Baba, f–k you,’” Singh told the New York Daily News.
  • Singh then pulled the cab over and told the belligerent passengers to pay their fare — $41.76 — and find another cab to take them to their final destination. 
  • At first they refused, but after threatening to call the police, the female passenger paid for the cab.
  • Then one of the male passengers got back inside the cab, according to Singh, and tried to smash the meter and then punched Singh in the arm. 
  • The passenger also tried to rip off Singh’s turban — a sign of disrespect for Sikhs — and steal his phone. Read more (4/18/18 12 PM)

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anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite poems or stories? Like the name of them or something lol, I'm very curious 😂

I actually happen to have a list of my fave poems in my drafts so I can read them whenever I want, so here ya go: 

Slow Dance by Matthew Dickman
One Last Poem for Richard by Sandra Cisneros
A Litany in Which Certain Things are Crossed Out by Richard Siken
Mayakovsky’s Revolver by Matthew Dickman
Other Lives and Dimensions and Finally a Love Poem by Bob Hicok
Dedication by Franz Wright
Phantom Limbs by Anne Michaels
Pittsburgh by Ali Shapiro
Missing Words by Peter Boyle
There Are Birds Here by Jamaal May
What the Living Do by Marie Howe
Small Hands by Lucy Tiven
Elegy Owed by Bob Hicok
Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell by Marty McConnell
So I Locked Myself Inside a Star for Twenty Years by Jeremy Radin
Love by Matthew Dickman
Snow and Dirty Rain by Richard Siken
Commencement Speech Delivered to an Audience of One by Matthew Olzmann
Untitled (Blue, Green, & Brown): oil on canvas: Mark Rothko: 1952 by Ocean Vuong
Kingdom Animalia by Aracelis Girmay
So I Know by Bob Hicok

“You know what is in my heart, and You are aware of what I need. You know my mind and are not unaware of my future and of my present; of what I want to begin my speech with, of the request I would utter, and of the hopes I have in regard to my ultimate lot.

My Lord, whatever You have destined for me up to the end of my life, whether concerning the open aspect of my life or the hidden aspect of it, is bound to come. What is to my advantage and what is to my disadvantage; all my losses and gains are in Your hand, not in the hand of anybody else.

My Lord, if You deprive me, who else will provide me; and if You let me down, who else will help me?”

[Imam Ali (as), Munajat Shabaaniyyah]

Live amongst people in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you are alive they crave for your company.

O God,

You are my only trust
in every calamity,

You are my only hope 
in every hardship.

You are the only promise 
in anxiety and distress; 

in which the hearts become weak
and human actions become feeble,

in which one is deserted
and forsaken
by his friends.

But art and love are a matter of mouths open in cinnabar, of blackness and redness turned to velvet by assiduous grinding, of understanding the colours that benefit from being rubbed softly one into the other: the least that the practice will make you is skilful: beyond which there’s originality itself, which is what practice is really about in the end.

Ali Smith, from How To Be Both